Breaking Point

Alcohol delays your reaction time, kids. IT'S SCIENCE.

25 thoughts on “Breaking Point

  1. Looks like I am first again. I assure you I have a life folks,I just also happen to have insomnia and it’s after midnight heh. Okay so the new strip. I understand her frustration. The moral and legal ramifications aside she is angry now because she has dated older men before without rancor or reprisal from her mother,that much goes without saying given the above bombed scantily clad mom. Hehehe. Now that is logic and impressive arguments out of the way. She is pissed and wants her man and she knows he wants her badly and is tired of being denied what she wants. So I say go for it my man! Awesome start of the week strip dude. Again..I am a bigtime fan and obviously avid commentator. Nice work.

  2. Drunk mom says:never wear condoms kids, they just…*throw up*

    G.I joeeeeeeee


    Also, great strip. The last bit made me crack up.

    1. I was really tempted to put a “THE MORE YOU KNOWWWWW” after the blog entry for this one. 🙂

  3. Oh so it’s a contract on AT&T? You can only re-negotiate every 2 years?

  4. This guy reminds me of the guy in ‘Clerks’. SO much. Toss in hot female #2 at him and you got it!

    1. Actually, damn good point, I have been trying since I started reading this to figure out who the hell he reminds me of, and you hit the proverbial nail on the effin head… he looks just like dante, but 20 pounds lighter, and a comic book character…

      1. Glad I could help. I mean I was the first to make that comment hehe. Which surprised the hell out of me but Nick got it immediately and said comment of the day LOL. Yeah I mean….as soon as I began reading this I was like ” The fuck? Dude that’s Dante Hicks!” That cynical “everything sucks” kind of way about him. Yet edgy and chicks dig him mojo working for him. Nate just gives off that Dante vibe.

  5. The logical solution is time travel of course.

  6. Mom! Not helping!

    I can just see it, after all the build up, waiting, agonizing, and…. “That’s it? Two minutes and you fall asleep? You. Are. Dead.”

  7. I’m sorry, If Nate doesn’t hit that soon, Rose might just run off and find one of her sister’s friends to scratch the itch. I know I would have by now, I mean FUCK! She’s waited a year already, why make the bitch stick around for another?? I’m gonna laugh if she sticks it out for another year and then finds out Nate has micropenis or some other equally depressing condition that causes sex to not be worth it.

  8. I don’t understand the problem Nate has here. At least where I live in NB, Canada, being the age of consent is more to keep dirty older men from trying to bribe or trick younger girls who “don’t know any better” into sexual relationships . If they’re fairly close in age, like Rose and Nate are, no court ever would ever try to prosecute someone for having sex with the other. Its understood that differences in age happen in relationships.

    tl;dr version: Just accept it Nate and hook up with her!

  9. Nate, do i need to get a sign for you, to match the canlander, do her right there on that spot there until she passes out and forgot how she got there (100) points to anyone who can guess what song i took that line
    also, funny/fucked up manga, kiss x sis, read it

  10. New fan. Love this strip. And That song is Guilty Conscience by Dr Dre and Eminem. That was Eminem’s verse

  11. I rescognize the last panel as Beth’s picture from the cast section. It looked like she was completely topless in the cropped version. Though considering how drunk she’s getting, that still might happen.

  12. God damn him for making Rose respect herself.

  13. So, Rose’s mom went from Goldschlager to Hennessy? Classy.

    1. I dunno, It looked like a bottle of Goldschläger to me.. 0_~

  14. Dude, when her mom said “Kiss the Girl”, all I could think of was that song from The Little Mermaid.

    1. that was the first thing i thought of when I saw that line too

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