Cleanup Crew

Only the finest hospitality for guests of the house.

19 thoughts on “Cleanup Crew

  1. I assume Steve’s not going to be a douche and lie next to her and pretend they did it?

    1. How could he NOT do that?

  2. Well, he may not be a Jigglypuff, but his bastarditude comes in small, subtle jabs, often not realized until minutes, hours, or even DAYS LATER.

    wait, how did the end of that sentence go with the beginning of that sentence?

    I think I may have gotten sidetracked somewhere…

    Probably by Donkey Kong…

    1. Also, the end of that sentence may be wrong.

      1. You read Between Failures, don’t you

        1. Val Kilmer Batman

          Yeah. It’s actually what brought me over here.

        2. Same here

        3. Me too! I had temporarily forgotten that that Donkey Kong stuff was from there and not here, though ;-).

  3. I think him pretending he took advantage of a underage girl(who isn’t even drunk) is a bit too far.

    1. you have no sense of humor XDd

  4. …Well, Derek just got owned.

  5. Nate’s probably going to whack off, so he’ll have plenty of practice at it when she gets tired of his shit and dumps him.

  6. No mollestation of the passed out girl! That will *definitely* put you in line for a room mate called Bubba the Love Sponge.

    1. Steve may be a Bastard, but he’s not a Fucking Bastard.

      1. Val Kilmer Batman

        I see what you did there…

      2. Good to hear.

        Not to mention that kind of bastardry is potentially very stupid as well.

        And guys, its a movie reference. Although the word play may have been intentional as well.

  7. all this occured over the course of a single minute…

  8. At first I thought in the last panel it said “Heyo!” That would have been awesome too.

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