Oh Snap

Just what the hell is going on here?

21 thoughts on “Oh Snap

  1. O_O Now the wait begins to see just how far the bastarditude goes!

  2. Oh shit!

  3. So, will he tell her not to do it? And will her mother walk up and flash everyone?

  4. So she’s trying to make Nate jealous by flashing his roommates? Not sure that’s going to work…

  5. His expression says it all.

  6. I know my Clerks references are getting old here but from the look on his face I think he is going to pull a Randall Graves and do the whole ” You became Persona Non Nookie to me…etc etc”. That he can’t see her as a chick because he is hell bent on getting his buddy to nail her. That and it would fuck up his friendship.

  7. I have been reading for a while and I have to agree this comic is very Clerks-esqe. I think thats the whole appeal though. Jonathan is right though, this is a moment where this will look like its going bad but end up in a kind of disappointing Randall Graves speech.

  8. “Steve may be a Bastard, but he’s not a Fucking Bastard.”
    – word of god

    Yeah, but he getting there.

  9. why do i get the feeling that we are going to see how decent of a person that he is? he already passed up the chance to go jigglypuff on a ho…

  10. I think this is a mistake for her.
    NOw her mother I could completely see doing this, Hell who’m I kidding her mother would be running around in the buff.

  11. Don’t do it bro!

  12. Oh me oh my, what will he do, will he touch the tits, will he remember that she is his friends girl (kinda) is rose drunk or just disappointed, only time will tell…..

  13. I can see him looking at them happily. Although I’m reminded of a line from ‘A League of Their Own’

    “You think there are men in this country who ain’t seen your bosoms?”

    Of course if Rose whips ’em, out, I’m sure Mom will happily do so. Wouldn’t want to be outdone.

    “Hey! Who wants to see my tits!?”

  14. This will either turn out really good or really bad. And I’m hoping for the good turn, honestly. This comic has much too light of a tone to pull something so dramatically brutal (speaking in relation to the comedic tones of the story, of course). My only hope is that this chance is used to capitalize on a very obvious yet powerful joke. It’s been speculated on already, but I’d still like to see it come to fruition.

  15. The speculation continues! πŸ˜›

    I personally think its going to end with him giving in to temptation, after all he is a guy. But saved at the last minute by a moment-ruiner such as the mum drunk flashing or intervening.

    >resumes reading crystal ball<

  16. It’s a trap! Moobs do not count!

  17. Looks to me like her chest is nearing its expiration date and she has to release them for freshness. πŸ˜€

  18. Yo, nick, ive read through ur comic a few times, does the story take place in NC? ive noted several references, and i should know, i live right northwest of charlotte.

    1. Your nickname is my usual response to this! It’ll come out in the comic eventually.

  19. Told Ya! She’s horny and ready for some birthday action! Bring on the boys! WOOO!

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