The night may be over, but the ramifications are just starting to be felt.

33 thoughts on “Post-Mortem

  1. Sometimes the wrong thing to do is oh-so-delicious, though…

    …but yeah, Nate made the right move, I think. My question is whether Rose’s mom is still there. ^_^

    1. For real, I was kinda hoping to see Rose’s mom come out in a video game t-shirt and offer Nate some advice

  2. Sad. I feel so sorry for him 🙁

    1. What the hell do you feel sorry for him for? He’s the one who decided to be an asshole about the whole thing, and treat it like Chris Hansen was hiding in the fucking bush every time Rose was around.

      If anything you should be angry at him.

      1. I don’t think we should be angry at him for his paranoia, but the way he casually talked about dumping her was rude. We are allowed to feel sorry for both of them. Moreso Rose though, since she seems more hurt whereas he’s merely frustrated.

  3. Where can I get that shirt?

    1. Nowhere, as yet! I pieced it together myself… I’ll have to see if I would be able to sell them.

    2. i loved that game as a kid. that shirt is awesome!

      1. You, me and Bryan Lee O’Malley!

  4. River City Ransom, right?

    That was a funny little game. I heard Code Monkeys based their character design on them. I miss Code Monkeys.

  5. I feel like Steve is staring at us in the last panel. Like what he’s saying is spoken to me. Like he’s gazing into my soul as he impart great wisdom. But then I remembered it was Steve.

    1. So it’s not just me! Like I realize logically he’s averting his eyes but it seems at first like breaking the fourth wall.

  6. So is Steve going to go after Rose? Maybe get her in a mother-daughter threesome?

  7. Of course you screwed up big time. Fail whale, thy name is Nate.

  8. Rub it in Steve, rub it in.

    (Also why do I have a feeling that Rose’s mom is somewhere in the apartment?)


    How in the hell was that the right thing to do?
    You lead a girl on, you lie, you misinterpret bullshit to cover your ass, you treat her like dirt and act like a moron, and you say it was the right thing to do?

    And you do this all to a great person who goes out of her way to accommodate you and put up with your neurosis.

    You are a goddamn idiot.

    1. But… he didn’t lie to her. Where did he lie to her?
      He said he liked her, and he does. The biggest mistake he made was his last comment to her about her age.

  10. The next morning (actually late afternoon).

    Heh, love that.

  11. Well, now that Rose is off the hook, this comic might go from mostly SFW to mostly NSFW.

    Awwwrighttttt 😀

  12. SFW…NSFW…who cares/// I have a privacy filter on my monitor. You have to be at the exact angle and height of my head to see the vaguest shape of what is on my screen. Now, if you wuld just stop hitting the firewall that informs me that the comic I am attempting to view is pornographic or sexual with 100% probability, I may even survive the corporate WebNazi.

  13. Please make a comic that makes me stop hating Nate for Friday’s comic some time soon.

  14. Nate, you’re an idiot. You have a great girl who’s willing to love you, who was willing to wait for you(even though she got a little impatient)… in the words of Red Foreman… “dumbass”

  15. Right thing to do!? Nate must be a mad man, and yeah, soooo waiting to see if Rose’s mom is still there make her come outta Derek’s room to really fuck with ppl lol, and what happened to Rose’s friend, Ayna was it? she still drunk and in Derek’s room too 😀

  16. And the seeds for regret are planted. What could have been.

    The ‘right thing’ is safe. But after playing it safe all your life you eventually stop and ask… when did I live?

    And really should Steve be walking? After Rose’s mom was done with him he should need a wheelchair.

  17. I want that shirt so bad. River City Ransom was my life as a child!

    Also, I hope Nate realizes what a mistake he’s made soon before its too late…

  18. Steve, you’re a jerkhole. And I say that *being* a Steve, so you can imagine how serious I must be. 😛

  19. Just as I get really into this comic it ends, and here I was hoping for a long one after the first one being done in 03.

    Awesome comic mate, loving it. Now get back to work and draw more!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, and glad you like it! There are plenty more on the way every M-W-F.

  20. Power_ranger_skull


  21. Me thinks Steve hasnt gotten any in a LONG time, hence him nagging Nate about breaking up with Rose. He just liked having some eye candy around.

  22. well frankly taking of a stupid little girl like that is kinda wrong so why not

    responsibility FTW

    1. I don’t think she is stupid. I think it is prejudicial to come to conclusions like that, especially throwing around phrases in a mean-spirited pejorative fashion like ‘little girl’.

      Furthermore, it wouldn’t be taking advantage in an abusive manner considering she’s clearly experienced, informed and willing.

      Who are you to say what or whom Nate ‘should’ be “doing”?

  23. Man, thirty seconds on wikipedia would obviate every conflict in this entire thing.

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