Oh No You Di’n’t

63 thoughts on “Oh No You Di’n’t

  1. awRIIIIIIGHT. GIGGEDY! (That last panel should be on a T-shirt, BTW.)

    1. I’ll second that! 😀

    2. thirded

      1. Fourth’d

      2. Fifth’d!

        1. sixth’d!

        2. If I don’t get at least six people buying that shirt, I’m going to question the sincerity of internet commenters!

        3. SonicUndergroun


    3. I 7th that motion and raise you 20

      1. Four Score And Twentied.

  2. Bam! Called it. And why is he upset, he just nailed a hot chick. One who is at least twenty years older than him, sure, but hey, take what you can get.

    1. Age ain’t a big deal, she’s still hot, and she knows what she wants and isn’t gonna waste time playing all the stupid games of younger women because she’s learned how pointless that is.

      1. Been down that road and can tell you just because a woman’s older doesn’t make her any more decisive or concise.

        1. …Or disease free…

        2. BURN!

        3. only when he pees.

      2. I don’t see why you make this point MA, it’s not as if her daughter has been playing games.

  3. Hahah! Love it! He’s been a bad dog 🙂

    Actually, what strikes me most is how in the third panel i thought he was wearing the blender on his head. I was wondering if it was being used like a lightbulb, except instead of having an idea, he was upset. Then I realised i was over thinking things 🙂

    1. hahaha I thought that, too 😉 But I just put it down to not having had my morning coffee yet.

      1. You guys make me want to draw less detailed backgrounds. 🙂

        1. Nooooo. Think of it like a Where’s Wally book (well, he’s called Wally in Australia. Where’s Waldo for the americans…), or like an easter egg on a dvd. Find the extra background detail. Turn each strip into its own seek-n-find game.

          Man, my imaginings just ran away with me just then (in a good way)…i need to think about this some more 🙂

        2. I found Waldo. But it was too late. He was already one of THEM.

        3. In Germany we call him Walter.

        4. He’s Wally in England. In France, I believe he’s Charlie for some strange reason.

  4. He got the crabs.

  5. Something says she did some weird stuff to him…butt stuff…

    1. he WISHES!

  6. SOMEbody found themselves an MILF!!!
    {Dirty boy! – DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY!}

    No matter HOW ya ‘cut it’ – THESE guys AIN’T got rid of Rose YET! – For some reason, I see her back there in a VERY “disturbed mood”, and SOON.

  7. Val Kilmer Batman

    I love Nate’s face in the last panel. Awesome.

    Steve’s face is just priceless.

    1. I found Steve’s face rather disturbing, I hope it’s one of those smiles to mask pain because I thought he cared about Rose Crowley more than to be able to smirk so quickly afterward.

  8. I knew someday you would bust out a new expression for Nate. Nice job on this one Nick.

    1. Ha! Annoyed is pretty much his default state, isn’t it? Getting an opportunity to laugh at Steve like this is a rare and precious gift.

  9. Someone was thinking with the right Head lol. By head i me penis lol Nat is a Nad.

  10. Nate’s face in the last panel just sums it all up

  11. Jaaaackpot!

  12. FINALLY somebody got laid! and Steve looks disturbed by Rose’s mom, he should be happy, he just scored a MILF!!! thats 100 points in the perv club!

  13. HA! Great stuff! And Nate actually got a smile out… surprised it didn’t cause him to suffer a mischief!

  14. Yikes! Watch those bananas, ladies!

    I love panel three; his rigid pose, plus the placement of the blender, makes it look like he’s balancing it on his head.

  15. When I met my wife she was definately in MILF territory for my age. You kids don’t know what you are missing.

    1. Hellz yeah… MILF’s are FANTASTIC fun. Especially the ones you can actually carry during… umm, gonna be quiet >.>

    2. Oh I know….believe me…I know

      1. Unfortunately, a past pregnancy and being carriable tend to be contraindicated.

  16. Hmmm. For all that the *cough* lady is a hard drinker, she doesn’t seem to suffer from hangovers much. Or, y’know, liver failure.

    1. Yeah, I thought she looked remarkably good for first thing in the morning after a party. Although she didn’t seem that drunk when she decided to ‘party’ with Steve, so that may have helped.

      1. Nah they probably just couldn’t afford the massive amount of alcohol it would take to actually effect her, most hardcore drinkers I know can pound away for a while (or a couple hundred dollars) before actually getting drunk. That is one reason I quit drinking at that point, it got too expensive.

        Also Nick, love the comic, and the fact that there is not a single good character in it. Every character is human and flawed, and not kinda flawed, but normal human neurotic behavior that no one actually admits to in their daily life, flawed.

        1. Yeah, I’m one of those that can belt the stuff down too. It affects me differently depending on the liquor, but even in my early drinking days, I rarely suffered ill effects afters.

  17. In the third panel, she just pinched his tush, didn’t she? And say what you will about him, he’s still getting more action than Nate.

  18. Man, the expressions on the last panel are -PRICELESS-!

  19. Hah, I just realized that Steve is pulling the shocker on the site’s banner (yeah, I’m slow :P)

    He should definitely look happier, you don’t score with an ultra-hot MILF like that every day.

    1. I’m slow too, didn’t notice until I read this.

  20. Ye Olde’ “Point And Go =D”

  21. I saw that one coming a mile away.

    1. thats what SHE said…

      1. She must have pretty good eyesight.

  22. That last panel really is the greatest thing ever. That facial expression is perfect.

  23. The shirt in the last panel says Steve’s face in the third

    1. -cue honk noise-

  24. The look on Nate’s face in panel 3 is priceless.

  25. Is that dean and Jerry off of codemonkeys on nates shirt???

    1. Not quite, but I’m pretty sure they were inspired by those characters.


  26. Does anyone find it a bit funny that she is grabbing a banana after she most likely gave Steve head? ‘Cause I do.


  27. I love Nate’s expression in panel 4.

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