Unfamiliar Ceiling

Wannabe grammar nerds will cry that I have misspelled "desserts." True grammar nerds will know that I did not.

48 thoughts on “Unfamiliar Ceiling

  1. Well, as long as she’s not being a bitch about it.

    And I just had a massive nostalgia flashback realising he’s wearing Digimon pyjamas.

  2. Ahhh, digimon…


    1. Someone didn’t have a good childhood.

      1. Who you been talking to?

        Also, I just couldn’t get into it.

        It felt like a rip off of pokemon/transformers/yu-gi-oh/beastwars.

        I’ll stick to those and gi Joe(also he man)

  3. The first season or two was good but then it went down hill fast

    1. The first two seasons were awesome, but to be honest, I didn’t even bother watching any others after that.

      1. I didn’t like season 2 as much, but season one and three were pretty good. Can’t decide if I liked Tamers or the original better though.

        1. You people watched Digimon?

        2. I was like, 9 or 10 when the first season aired in the US on Fox. I didn’t have very many TV channels and I liked it better than Pokemon.

        3. That Jewish Dude

          You have to remember that a majority of people reading this comic are in the 15-17 years old age range. Perfect age to enjoy Digimon when it first came out.


        4. My Opinion I liked Tamers better. The characters were more relatable then your season 1 and 2’s stereotypes. Also they didn’t leave huge plot holes and unfinished plots. Seriously why place the dark ocean, mention a king, and place deamon in there if you’re never going to see that place again? Also tamers had bio-merging. Coolest method of evolving ever.

        5. That Jewish Dude

          Yeah. Tamers was the best. But I also liked the one where the digidestened actually BECAME their Digimon. Probably because it allowed the humans to fight instead of just yelling at their Digimon from the sidelines.

          Which one was that?


  4. I liked the season where the kids became Legendary Digimon…very Dragonball Z-esque.

    Oh, and Derek is my least favorite character. Just saying. =D

    1. that’s season 4 if I’m not mistaken. most of the seasons not sure about the 5th season haven’t watched it yet. and dragonball z had an annoying american intro when i think back on it

  5. I freakin’ want Derek’s pajamas. I used to LOVE Digimon.

  6. Is Derek slowly growing a mullet?

    1. Too lazy to get a haircut.

  7. Val Kilmer Batman

    Wow, did he stay up all night playing GoW, or did he just not get any sleep on the couch, because this are some pretty serious bags under the eyes. The kind that make me think he slept with his face pressed against the TV.

    1. I think the awkwardness was a mixture of it being Derek, his pajamas, and the fact that he was kicking her out of his bed rather than being a descent person and letting her sleep while he took the couch.

      1. VKB was on the right track – he stayed up all night playing video games. It’s already morning by the time this happened. I probably could have made that more deliberate.

        1. Maybe you could have slipped in an alarm clock in there somewhere.
          One of those projection baseballs shining the time on the wall or ceiling while making an annoying racket. The annoying racket would explain why its on the floor and out of frame. >_>

        2. Or, you know, drawn a window. #lazy

        3. You’re too lazy to draw a window, Nick, but you’re fine drawing an incredibly detailed wall hanging or poster? *chuckles*

          Anyway, excellent work on the comic, love it! And, extra bonus credit; learned a new use of the word “desert” today. Awesome!

  8. I want those pajamas. 😀

  9. I recognize that wall-scroll…

  10. Surely anyone who thought that people could expect their just puddings would dismiss the correct version as a typo. Then again, mentioning this prevents it from effecting the reaction it might otherwise have…

  11. Not sure if it’s meant to be but the title of this is another anime reference from Neon Genesis Evangelion. And I agree early digimon was good but seemed to go downhill as it went on.

    1. That is an Eva reference! I didn’t notice it the first time, poor Shinji.

  12. An NGE reference and an Ai Yori Aoshi wall scroll? You, sir, ROCK! I will agree that Derek is a royal asshole for not sleeping on the couch and letting Rose’s friend go back to sleep(or at least sleeping on the floor, which, while it is uncomfortable, is better than sliding into bed with her). Also love the Digimon pj’s… and GoW. Third season was kind of okay(Digimon), but I kind of lost interest after that.

  13. Dude, you’ll never believe this, but theres this customer that came into the place I work at the other day, and he is a dead ringer for Purvous. He’s got the same hair, the same stache, eyes at the exact same angle! I was sooo expecting him to say “whatchoo cookin’ today?!!” but instead he was a very calm and normal customer.

    1. I actually based Purvous almost completely on a bagger I worked with at a Food Lion once. Everything he has ever said was actually first uttered by that guy!

      1. The best ideas/characters come from real life

      2. That is just great man. I sometimes wish I worked at somewhere like a supermarket so that I could get to interact with all kinds of fun and/or crazy coworkers and customers, but then I realize my job pays fairly well and I actually enjoy it, which is two things I probably wouldn’t have at a job like that. Alas, my daydream wish is ruined!

        1. Yeah, I put in my time out there, and work a significantly better job myself these days. Now I share that experience with the world!

        2. Which is awesome, I gotta say I love the comic. I rode over here via a link on The Space Between (damn Tracy pic got my attention, then “about sex and supermarkets” sold me!) and have been thoroughly pleased ever since.

          Keep up the good work and I will keep on enjoying said good work!

        3. Thanks, ‘munk! Glad to have you here!

  14. Having gone back to look at the comic just now (I know, I know, it’s MWF now, but really, I just check eveyr day for something new) I’ve realised a couple of things about this strip.

    1) I don’t really get this one. What’s the weird bit that she alludes to? The pyjamas he’s wearing look sorta strange I guess, but its in character that he wears them, so I’m not sure what the surprise/joke is.

    2) People have talked a lot about digimon in this thread. Is that what the things on his PJs are? I must be too old to get it 🙂

    3) I really like that she has bedhead. It’s a small thing, but the mussed hair is teh attention to detail that I dig sometimes.

    4) I used to think myself a grammar nerd, but I don’t get why deserts is right in this case?

    Yeah, yeah, complain. That’s me 🙂

    1. 1: It’s almost certainly weird to wake up, not in your own bed, with a grown man wearing kids pyjamas glaring at you.

      2: yes

      3: I’m sorry, your answer must be in the form of a question 😛

      4: It looks to be a play on words in some ways. “Deserts” – Abandons.

      1. “Desert” in this context means “that which one deserves.”


        1. Well, I _could_ have googled it I suppose. And after your response, I did google it anyway.

          How interesting! You sneaky perfectionist, you 🙂

        2. I do endeavor to immunize myself against grammar nerds!

  15. Derek and Aya…I think I’d like to see that happen…

  16. Lol, i had to read this twice to notice the word ‘Derek’, then i noticed he had Digimon P.J.s on, how cute is he? ^^

  17. heh heh… digimon pajamas…

  18. Fuck. Yes! Digimon pajamas.

    Derek has suddenly become cool. Disappointed by the 02 and Savers/Data Squad Digimon being more prominent, but they’re goddamn Digimon pajamas!

  19. Hate to be a dick, but grammar has nothing to do with spelling. So, despite having spelled it properly for that saying, neither wannabe nor true grammar nerds should have anything to say about it.

    1. I think my thought process was that both are valid words, so it’s not a spelling concern so much as it is a usage one.

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