The Emissary

"Does that mean we'd have to hire another old person to balance it out? Fuck, I hate the smell of mothballs!"

33 thoughts on “The Emissary

  1. Les is his own category. That has to be worth bonus points.

  2. Hmm, maybe list as retarded just in case. You can never be sure.

  3. My ideal retail hire would be a black woman with military service who speaks spanish and vietnamese and would work for $8 an hour. Barring that, anybody who speaks english and is willing to work for $8 an hour is a good find!

  4. xD

    The answer is yes.

  5. I work for 7.65$…….

    1. Yeah… but, do you speak English?


      1. English, Spanish, Japanese, and some Mandarian…

        1. then you are pretty crazy, cause a simple languages degree with a major in ASL would make you a minimum of 72k a year… even in this economy… even just an ASL degree can make you that much starting…

        2. No money for ESL Education courses. Tis a vicious cycle. I’m unemployed ATM anyway.

    2. At last count, I’m making about $20/hr. But I work very hard for it!

  6. Just hire a half-inuit half-african single parent lesbian in a wheelchair, and be done with it.

  7. Is that a DS9 reference because she’s .. uh, sort of the same color as Sisko?

    1. I mean emissary by the dictionary definition here, not the messenger of the Prophets to the people of Bajor.

      And Aya’s quite a few shades away from Sisko.

      1. I wouldn’t call It a DS9 thing….

        Oh! and TNG PWNS DS9.

  8. Les has already been severely discriminated against. They removed him from a job suited to his disability for acting on his disability:

    “The law requires an employer to provide reasonable accommodation to an employee or job applicant with a disability, unless doing so would cause significant difficulty or expense for the employer (“undue hardship”).”

    He needs blood, less sunlight, and The Cure playing nonstop.

    1. let me guess, your his twin brother?lol…

  9. Les? Maybe a bit disturbed and certainly emotionally immature, but definitely not retarded.

    1. could be, not retarded , but by definition mentally disabled, its not uncommon for some with high functioning autism to well, obsess over something till it basically consumes them…

  10. I think he’s either ADHD or OCD

    1. Val Kilmer Batman

      Do you know ANYTHING about those? He’s OBVIOUSLY not ADHD, because he’s not spastic and he doesn’t talk constantly. ADHD pretty much rules out any possibility of being “dark” and “brooding”. And I HAVE ADHD, so you can’t say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      And most forms of OCD are about cleanliness, or at least surface cleanliness. How exactly is he OCD, in your thinking?

      1. Uhm…Sorry to say this VKB, but you apparently don’t know much about them yourself, but still you’re right that Les doesn’t have ADHD. I myself have ADHD, but because of how my life has been I am calm (on the outside), doesn’t talk much unless I have to, and I was “dark and brooding” a few years ago, and that was for a few years.
        OCD can be about anything, cleanliness is just one most seen and heard of because anyone sees someone who need to bring their own fork to the restaurant (anyone know which movie?).
        I also have an OCD like problem, making me tap twice at the thing infront of me before I take the money from the clerk when shopping.
        OCD is just something you have to do, and if you don’t do whatever you need to do you will feel like hell untill you have done it.

        1. There are multiple symptoms of adult adhd, of which any and/or all may be exhibited. The big symptom I used to council was self-reporting social or mental problems through bizarre behavior or dress. I seriously gave council to this vampire girl named Annie who held her entire school band at bay with a nail file after they gave her shit for her coffin-shaped purse/lunchbox. Incidentally, she had a cool cape.

        2. Fellow counselor, Cool:) Also to others on this particular subject, I have Adult ADHD and OCD, have had both since early childhood, and although its perfectly possible for him to have one or the other or both, none of his behavior is indicative of him having either, he is a character in a comic, and even then, there isnt enough information about “him” to reach a definitive conclusion on what may or may not be wrong with him… other than the fact he is hilariously crazy…

          (PS-wes, I cant even count how many goth/vampire wannabes I counseled, they tended to be some of the most interesting/difficult cases I would get too, some just wanted acceptance, and those where easier, and on the other end, where the ones which had to be referred to psychiatrists, some ending up institutionalized…those ones where the most difficult, in more than one way…:(

        3. movie is “As good as it gets”! I can has cookie now? :3

  11. My new favorite comic. Please keep ’em coming!

    1. Thanks, Andrew. I will!

      1. I cannot help but notice your lack of Native Americans in this comic. As a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, American of Anglo-Saxon descent, I am personally offended that you have failed to show significant diversity. I demand you introduce a minority that is not a filthy fucking retard, you insensitive dildo.

        1. Rage/Troll much? The comic’s perfectly fine as is and I’m willing to state openly for it; if you would go as far as to demand it, then write a comic of your own with corrections you see fit, otherwise, stop reading, or keep your critiques legitimately constructive and respectful.

          At least Nick is providing us with a comic of, in my opinion and seemingly the vast majority of the rest of the reviewing crowd, epic quality. I don’t see you posting much better material, now do I?

        2. Thanks, but I’m pretty sure Wes was just being cute. Given his earlier comment, I’d say the sarcasm is laid on pretty thick.

  12. Yup. I’m pretty sure Les is retarded. :3

  13. Couldn’t he label Les as “Special needs” and it be a very accurate statement that still qualifies as “Equal Opportunity”?

  14. Maybe a religious minority?

  15. last panel = win XD

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