Crimson Fever

That's what all vampires do, right?


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  1. Sounds like a chick in my other comic, Gemini Storm. Except she only uses fresh blood.

    Look at that Nick, we both came up with the same creepy fetish. Weird.

    1. Remember, he has eyes everywhere.

      1. Or he bought a copy and thought “Well, David’s super fucking awesome, so obviously any idea he has is good.”

        1. That is so not cool 😛
          But I like the character type. Makes me think of all the “goth’s” in my town.
          They are not real goth’s, they are the kind of people running around in dark clothes, makeup and listening to dark music.

        2. Wait – “not real goths”? I thought ‘running around in dark clothes, makeup and listening to dark music’ *WAS* the definition of ‘goth’, unless you’re referring to Dark Age German barbarians?

        3. Goth is a style of dress, not an attitude. You’re thinking of emo. I’ve met plenty of goth’s that were perky and upbeat.

        4. You can buy comics? Like, to hold in your hand?

        5. Yep. And you know those pdf files with text on them? You can get those on paper as well. Apparently they’re called ‘books.’

          What an age we live in.

        6. That’s just a myth spread by old people to scare us into eatng our veggies.

  2. I hate ex-girlfriends that want to start shit at the workplace. I thought she was going to be cool, but now I just want to see Rose kick her ass.

    1. Uh huh. How many of -your- exes did you bite on the neck to the point that it left indelible scars?

  3. the guys’ faces mirror my thoughts: “C-c-couldn’t you have lied to us and said he just drank the shit? Gawddammit… Now I need to find somebody who sells those blackout drugs… roofies, or whatever…”

    1. Wait, wait… I just topped myself:

      “Different strokes for different folks”
      (Warning! Some are more different than others!)

  4. Oddly that really doesn’t surprise me. Well maybe a little with that last bit.

  5. I like how that last part was very nonchalant and it’s even funnier if you imagine that it had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation whatsoever

  6. So is anybody still wondering why they are no longer together?

    1. otohemineurasthenia

      Not at all.

  7. I’m just going to say no comment.
    There is just too much to make witty comments about.
    It’s too hard to choose.

  8. Exactly… this is why she USED to date him… I mean, what was there left for HER to do??

    1. Maybe, according to the hot/crazy/smart theorem there is a 33% chance he dumped her because of something retarded.

      Have to admit, I didn’t see that particular activity. Though smearing yourself with blood is rather high-risk (infection-wise) as well. One popped pimple, papercut, or other skin break and you might as well be drinking the stuff.

      1. Actually, since this is cow blood and not human blood, there’s virtually no risk of any kind of viral infection due to genetic immunity. Your cat can’t catch your cold and visa versa.

        Now bacteria might be a concern, especially if he goes to sleep like that. He wakes up and there are flys and mosquitoes all over him, laying eggs, etc.

        But yeah, oddly enough, not quite as unhygenic as you might think at first… not that I recommend it either. 😛

  9. … well thats what I do with cow’s blood

  10. Well, I sure didn’t expect that. I’d ask why, but it’s probably best left unsaid.

    But am I the only one wondering how she even met him?

    1. Vampire: the Masquerade LARP game? Tanith Lee convention? Supermarket? Speed-dating session? Goth bar? *shrugs*

  11. Hmmm, could pitch the idea to the Twilight people and see if the include it in the next book. The rubbing blood on your naked body and the stalking thing seems to go hand in hand.
    Am a bit curious as to how he got the blood before this job.

    1. Butchers dump blood by the gallon. That, and there are plenty of stray animals that nobody cares about.

  12. There are some things best left secret. I wonder if cults think he’s too radical?

    1. Oddly enough, I don’t get a ‘cultist’ vibe from Les. I see him more as a man firmly entrenched in his own world. He seems to be happy in there, I doubt he needs others to feel vindicated.

  13. Riiigghhht… Thats pretty effed up right there.

  14. The “Ritual of Sanguine Nocturne Ejaculatoria” is sacred to my people. I belong to a sect of gamer called a “Black Tee Shirt Fatty” and we hold our beliefs in high opinion. My knowledge of Babylon 5 makes me smarter than any of you.

    1. Hi, my name is Kim, and I approve of this message.

  15. Aww man, I’d totally use this for my novel if I could only think of some way to justify using this joke.

    1. What kind of novel are you writing?

      1. Vampire erotica, of course.

        1. *shrug* Just have a newbie, solo vampire try to feed gently, then go insane when he or she gets a taste of blood, end up slathered in the stuff and too aroused to hold it in. Add in some tears to the tune of ‘Oh, I am so alone, corpse I tore apart, boo hoo, woe is me’, and it’s a Laurell K. Hamilton novel.
          If you want it to be a quality book, you’ll have to try harder, though.

        2. Aw, SNAP!

          (Right on the mark, tho)

      2. Just standard high-fantasy. Screw you Dan. :p

        1. I can think of lots of different ways, depending on the plot and context. But the most air-droppable trope is a prankster vampire elder who likes to fuck with “childer” (either his own or ones he can bullshit) with ridiculous rites, rituals, and assorted bullshit.

          Have one wake up and claim that vampires are like frogs and consume by osmosis, or that most water vapor in the air is holy water and covering yourself in blood makes you immune to it.

          Alternatively, perhaps vampires are like crackheads, pathetic junkies who are made retard strong but totally pathetic/dependent on their dealers, the humans.

          Also, I believe there was a vampiric mask in Jo-jo’s bizarre adventure that consumed blood through osmosis, but I never actually finished that show.

        2. Brian Lumley’s Wamphyri could do something like that. They didn’t use osmosis, but a Wamphyr who was motivated to do so could widen his or her pores into little mouths. One of them had a nice lie-down in a tub while a floor above him, a duped kid was crushed beneath tons of rock, effectively squeezed so the blood would rain down on the Wamphyr master. Repulsive.

  16. …Okay, I did NOT see that coming.

    1. I doubt any of us did, and be a little worried for those who might have.

      The truly frightening thought is that there are those who might want to, though.

      1. …actually, I was expecting something similar. Real-life vampire-wannabes turn out to be a fair bit like ‘Les’.

  17. What the deus?

  18. I don’t mind telling you all that I got cold shudders when I read about what Les does with the blood. o_o And no, they were not pleasant in any way, shape or form.

    1. Nice to know I can still shock people. 🙂

      1. What ever made you doubt that the power was still yours?

  19. Lol chest splatter looks exactly like the siloette on the cover of Dragon Age: Awakening

  20. I thought in blood play there was supposed to be more pain???

    1. Yeah, there is; I imagine Les is something of a pussy though.

  21. This comic has had some very f’d up story arcs, but this one takes the prize hands down.

  22. Now boarding for flight 000 bound for the TMI Zone!!!!

    Ok, guys, time now to place your bets, will the guy on the right or the guy on the left hit on her first?

  23. Honestly though, I’m kind of thinking maybe she’s just fucking with them and that in reality he uses it for some other not-so-creepy purpose.

    1. Hmm. Non-creepy uses for blood. I can’t think of any. Can you?

      (Yes, I know you said not-so-creepy but it’s all a matter of degree…)

  24. Wait, if he wacks off, and his hands are bloody…
    OH GOD!

  25. So would that be worthy of the Red Badge of Courage award? I mean, they’re bloody and all… Know what? Nevermind…

    1. Tito would approve of this message.

    2. No, no it doesn’t. ‘Les’ is far too self-involved to ever be considered for that award.

      “A real man loves her ALL MONTH LONG.” Period.

  26. You should totally have Les flip out and beat some dude’s ass at some point. He looks like a pussy and he acts like a fag but he’s a fucking black belt.

  27. Perverse sexual practices. I was right.

  28. huh, you know, that girls a malkavian. i never noticed that before. nice touch there.

  29. Just noticed Lilith has heterochromia!

  30. Well I can tell you, Nick. Not quite what I wanted to read just before hitting the sack but anyway.
    Love the comic though.

  31. Has anybody else noticed how she’s got two different colored eyes? Awesome.

  32. Don’t knock it till you tried it

  33. Huh, I just noticed she has two different colored eyes. Interesting.

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