The Sanguinarian

Even in his feeble attempt at going incognito, Les can't bear to part with his color scheme of choice.

31 thoughts on “The Sanguinarian

  1. That’s Nate’s outfit from EOC. Or at least, looks like it.

    1. Nah, he never had a hat, and his coat was blue. And Les would have the collar up no matter what.

      1. Do you think people with popped collars ever realise they look stupid?

        1. Not generally, no. And the popped collar does ork as a style in certain very specific situations.

          Like when you are wearing a trench coat, and it is freezing cold, or you are trying to look conspicuously inconspicuous.

  2. I like how Les’s hair seems to match his pants. 😛

  3. Now I wanna know what he does with it. Does he bathe in it Elizabeth Bathory style? Does he use it for perverse sexual practices?
    And is Lilith going to play any major roles in the future?

  4. Makes one wonder what he really does do with the it, but then again, I am not sure it should be known.

    Great comic Nick,fantastic detail and coloring this time as well.

  5. I just realized something… That girl’s name is lilith XDDD

  6. Hmm… wonder what’s next in this story… and what does Les do with that blood, anyway?

  7. Did anyone notice that Lilith has brown and green contacts?

    1. it could be natural heterochromia. i know a guy with one brown eye one blue eye, and yuna from FFX/X-2 has one blue one green. so you never know it could be heterochromia.

      1. Yep. Not entirely related to heterochromia, but my family on my mom’s dad’s mom’s side has unusual eyes (skipped my granddad, picked up in my mom, and then in my sister and I.) My right eye is dark brown, almost black, my left is more of an amber color Not usually noticeable until you look closely or they’re in the right lighting. Mom’s are mixtures of multiple different colors primarily green but with an amber/gold ring around the pupil and spots of brown and blue scattered through, and my sister’s and great grandmother’s were both striated black and white, with a blue appearance until magnified that got paler as they got older. Pretty cool actually, our optimologist flipped out the first time he took a look at my sister’s XD

        1. My mom and I both have central heterochromia, hazel eyes with a dark brown ring in the center. My grandfather had complete heterochromia like Lilith, but his eyes were brown and blue. I’d rather have two different colored eyes, but I’m stuck with what I’ve got unless I invest in colored contacts.

  8. And now when I see Les, I’m going to be thinking of the song, ‘Transfusion’ by Nervous Norvus.

    Yes, I am that old.

    1. Pass the juice to me Bruce.

  9. I wish I had heterochromia…

  10. xD the first panel made me laugh so hard.

    “Really? I love that guy!”

    I don’t know why, but its minor things like that…that crack me up.

    Also, is that a futurama reference?

    1. Not consciously! 🙂

  11. “He would have died of salmonella by now.”

    Along with other diseases you can get from drinking blood straight from a freshly killed animal.

    1. Isn’t drinking the animal blood (and being seen by a customer) the reason he got kicked out of the meat department?

  12. Deep, deep down. Les knows he’s just another bullshitter. I love that guy.

  13. “I just realized something… That girl’s name is Lilith…”

    That, or Nate thought it would be funny to call her that. If so, you have to admit, he has a point.

  14. Even in disguise, Les looks like a complete tool- just a different one. My guess for the blood? Using it as material for some pretentious avant-garde art.

    1. Myguess was “blood sausage”, like black pudding, it specializes in being off-putting without being unhealthy.

  15. Oh shit I just realized that the vaginoid has heterochromia.

    That, or she wears contacts.



  16. He’s so stupid; vampires cannot get salmonella.

  17. lol, her name is Lilith. Dam goths and their monster names, luv em tho =P

  18. It’s not like he needs someone to slip it to him. You can actually buy blood at a lot of meat departments. You usually have to ask for it, though. There’s a lot of great recipes that call for blood in them… but maybe I’ve said too much.

    1. Les has been banned from the meat department, and let’s just say he’s worn out his welcome at the other local sources.

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