Pitchforks and Torches

31 thoughts on “Pitchforks and Torches

  1. Well, at least he’s smart enough to know when something’s dangerous, even if it is a little pussy.

  2. I think Purvous could probably beat Les in a fight.

    1. Heem yeah I’d have to agree ^^

      1. Call it Pervous Invictus if they fight. LoL

    2. I think I need to see this.

    3. i can picture les going on and doing the big “speech of evil” thing, proclaiming his superiority over the human race, at which point pervous would hear ‘superior race’ and go all ape shit on him (hopefully curb stomping those fangs out) and nate’s manager would procede to take bets, pissing off the glasses girl

      1. Damnit pervus! You need Garlic! Garlic!

        1. Which is conveniently located in the Vegetable aisle. (Or the Spice aisle if you want garlic powder or garlic salt.)

      2. Val Kilmer Batman

        This. And then Les is in the hospital, trying to bribe interns for some blood. Or possibly siphoning from the IV.

        HE IS REBORN!!

  3. I believe the proper course of action for purvous is to shoot Les’ balls off with a silver shotgun soaked in garlic extract and holy water.

  4. Ah lol Pervous…. even on my most unbearably boring days he has the power to make me laugh to tears XD

  5. Evil courses through his vampuric body…so much so that even handy capped can feel his demonic presents!

    1. Val Kilmer Batman

      Ooh! Demonic presents are the BEST presents!

      1. Sonofabitch…

        I was tired…also, I can’t speel…

  6. it’s official, purvous is now my favorite male character in this strip

  7. Purvous just show up dressed like Blade. Or maybe Sling Blade? The possibilities seem endless.

    1. “Sling Blade”?

      I see what you did there…

      …and I LOVE it! 😀

  8. HAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, my sides!!! Seriously, I laughed so hard at Purvous I think I gave myself a hernia. Oh, god!

    I proclaim that this is the funniest strip involving Purvous EVER. Thank you!

    (of course the one with him and Rose was pretty epic too…)

  9. I like how purvous is holding two place before order signs. Also I kinda love detail so I’m just checking if it’s on purpose that purvous has a employee tag but Nate doesn’t? Sorry if I’m being to pedantic. Also LOVE the fact purvous is back from ‘the home’ *shudder*

    1. Good eye! Most people don’t actually wear their nametags in the store. If they do, they’re generally either suck-ups or a special case.

      1. Aaaaahhhh so purvous is a “special case” final thing do you use the same shapes for Nate and “damn i forgot his name” (the blond video game ones.) heads? They look simaler except for colour and moustache. Maybe I’m just insane?

        1. Not really. The jawlines are much different, when I’m on the ball that is!

    2. Whenever he appears and I read his lines, I hear Ollie Williams from Family Guy in my head. Just the first instinct.

      1. OMG! I do the same thing!

  10. I like Aya. She seems to be the one in usual friend group dynamics known as the “level headed one”. I can dig.

  11. I’m not sure if this has been answered before, but what state is this happening in? Because in a majority of the states, age of consent is 16 or 17. There’s only 12 states where 18 is the AOC.

  12. I remember hearing somewhere that in North Carolina there can be a 4 year difference in a couples age for legality when one is under 18

  13. XD
    I hear the same voice as

    1. I hear “It’s gonna rain!”

  14. Purvis = surprisingly observant.

  15. Retards: no matter how much you try to detest them, they invariably do something that makes you laugh. Hard.

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