Second Opinion

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23 thoughts on “Second Opinion

  1. Yep, there’s lots of things. Like play strip poker, followed by masturbation in front of each other. Nate should watch where he aims though.

  2. Hmm, I think Nate has some frustrations he needs to work out. That, and he needs to update his list of things you can do in the company of a girl; so far, all he seems to be able to come up with are ‘veg around’ and ‘have sex’. He could take her to a movie, or dinner, or an amusement park or something. If money’s an issue, he can suggest sharing the costs, or something. Sheesh.

    1. Movie? Dinner? Amusement park?

      Nah, he’d never think of that.

      1. Wow. Your art’s really improved since your earliest comics.

        1. Thanks. It’s been less evident since I put the prologue (2007) before the beginning (2003).

      2. Dear me. I’d completely forgotten about that stuff, although… Taco bell? Does that really count as having dinner with someone? ^^;

        1. It does when you work at a grocery store. Nate can’t exactly afford Olive Garden…

  3. Which goes back to what I’ve been saying. Nate only cares about Nate. He’s not a mature guy at all. All he’s looking for is a good time, and the only reason he didn’t jump on the opportunity to be with Rose is because he’s also a pussy about the law.

    1. You don’t F, the law. The Law F’s you!

    2. Find your lack of concern toward the law amusing.

      You know considering your mommy and daddy arranged your muslim marriage when you were born.

      1. You are mistaken sir, for I am not a Muslim. Nor am I Arabic, which would have been a far more appropriate term to use. It’s merely a pseudonym.

        1. That’s too bad. I’d hoped I was expanding my audience.

        2. I don’t think they necessarily have the same phenotype ideas that we do, so it doesn’t translate to them the way it does for us. An Arabian man would most definitely not get L’estat Tepes (either of the references or what exactly Les does).

          Still I’ll try it out on the people I know from that area, and see how they respond. I promise nothing! Except for monkey knife fights. Never bet on a one-eyed chimp. Unless he’s fighting a no-eyed chimp.

        3. So your initials aren’t really AAA? Hmmm… Makes sense why you never showed with the jumper cables.

        4. If you’re going to start with the diabolically bad jokes, why not ask whether he’s a particularly confused Canadian.

    3. They’re both pretty immature.

      He seems to have slightly wider interest than just a one-night-stand, but he still lets his dick do the front-seat driving. Meanwhile Rose’s main drive for demanding romance instead of friendship lies with the fact that he turned her down. It’s less, “I love you” and more, “I love myself so much my ego can’t accept the rejection.”

      But the more I see of human relationships the more selfishness and pessimism I see in them. Probably a bad sign, really…

    4. In soviet Russia the law is a pussy about you!

  4. LoL, that last frame reminded me of 0:52 on.

  5. not sure why i noticed but the word “to” is in nates second speech bubble twice.
    … yea thats pretty much the only comment i can think of right now

    1. Good call, I’ll get that fixed ASAP. Thanks!

  6. As much as Nate has a point about his principles, Rose also has her point as well. Makes me curious what Rose’s friend’s idea is… blast you, Wednesday, why can’t you come sooner?!

  7. You know what I’ve just realised? I don’t think I like Nate as much as I thought I did. Not into frottage? Dude. I’m sad.

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