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  1. Wow I knew she would do somrthing like this eventually

  2. Snappppppppp

  3. You want to make my day, reveal that Aya is 18 and digs slackers. You’ve done a pretty thorough job of making me dislike Rose and her entire family! ^_^

  4. And I can mark October 15th at 1:20am as the time I lost all respect for Rose. *scribbles that down*

    We just can’t have nice things anymore! >=o

    1. Not really, she’s doing what a lot of people do around their exes and try to show that they’re fine without them, they don’t care. That way, the ex feels worse about the break up.

      1. I have actually had this done to me before. And considering the stripping incident, I’m not shocked at all that Rose would do this. Just sad.

        Good job setting up how much of a douche Trevor is leading up to this though.

        1. I agree with kevink. My respect for her has been strained but maintained ont he basis that she is going through some tough shit. this is just outright childish. as for “a lot of people do around their exes” that means there are more people who don’t deserve respect. not less reason to lose respect for the ones who do. if 90% of the population were rapists, would that make it okay?

        2. Pretty much anything that 90% of a population does is okay by that population’s standards. That’s why most people think that it’s okay for us to keep animals in prison during their whole lives. A lot of those animals are killed and eaten, while some are only kept for fun. And I think that’s pretty much okay.

          That said, I don’t think that enough people behave like Rose around their exes for it to be considered ‘okay’. And shame on Aya for agreeing to set up Nate this way just so Rose could get the last word. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I second this a thousand times over – First she strips in front of Nate’s friends for his attention, and now she intentionally does this the moment he shows up with a complete douchebag. I don’t know if she’s just retarded, or this is how girls work, but if she, by the slightest inkling, wanted Nate back, this is a very bad way of doing it, because any guy who, like Nate, wants a relationship of respect, is going to see this as a complete and utter red flag and not bother with her again.

      At first I was irritated that Rose would do something like strip in front of other guys for the attention of one… That bugged me enough. Now she intentionally does this? Well shit… Very, very well played Nick, you have again exceeded my expectations of a writer and made a main character in which I truly hate, and have absolutely no respect for any longer. Well done sir ๐Ÿ™‚

      On the note regarding Rose… she better have one hell of an apology ready if she wants Nate not to walk out again. And I feel sorry for Aya, she asked him to come here and now that Rose is doing this, it’s going to make Aya look just as bad. If anything, Rose is going to lose a lot of respect from one of her best friends now…. maybe, just maybe losing Aya will make her learn something.

      1. Yeah, this was a stupid thing for her to do…but wasn’t he pretty horrible to her to begin with, which was why they ‘took a break’? That whole thing was Nate’s idea. No matter how badly he wants her back it isn’t going to be easy. And if he treated her like crap she’s going to do the same. She stands up for herself (even in silly ways). She’s just getting her own back for him being a dick.

        1. “….but wasnโ€™t he pretty horrible to her to begin with….”

          Sorry, can’t back you there. Nate was distant, standoffish, maybe (and it’s a stretch) a bit rude, but for a easily understandable reason.

          But being a “dick” and treating her “like crap”? Not even close. If anything he’s treated her with more dignity and respect that she has shown herself (e.g. the stripping scene).

          Aya convinced Nate that maybe Rose had more maturity and really cared for him. But now Rose is showing her age, just another “young, dumb, punk kid”.

        2. I don’t know…I’m a girl, so maybe I can only see this from Rose’s point of view. To be honest I took it more like Aya and I genuinely couldn’t understand Nate’s behaviour. It was the whole conversation he had with Rose when he told her they could take a break that got me riled up, I didn’t understand why anyone would break up with someone like that, it was just…cruel (yes I get way too into these comics).
          But yeah, you have a point. He does carry himself with more dignity, and I’m not backing up either of them on how they’re behaving. And I was pretty angry when I wrote that, so forgive me. ๐Ÿ˜€

        3. Dumping a girl on her birthday, AT THE FREAKING PARTY doesn’t qualify as “being a dick and treating her like crap”?

          No way you’re dating MY sister, buddy!


          Wait a minute, I don’t HAVE a sister! Never mind, carry on! ;p

        4. I don’t think he had any intention of dumping her at any point, let alone at HER birthday party… UNTIL she did what she did. Waiting a few hours to tell her just so you’re not doing it at her birthday party is just a lame game of semantics. Whether you do it on the spot or the next day, it all stems from the same place, what happened at her party, which, by the way, she brought on all by herself. Either way her memory of the party will be the same feelings of regret and rejection.

          Granted her behaviour is not suprising and shouldn’t be held against her, at least insofar as she should be judged as a some cheap slut for the rest of her life, I mean considering all the factors of her age and upbringing, but actions always have consequences, no matter the mitigating circumstances. That’s the only way we learn what’s right and wrong. And the consequence for her actions at her party are what happened.

          No matter how douchey anybody wants to portray Nate’s actions, he has legitimate reasons for taking them that go beyond any possible moral imperative to treat others with kindness and respect and not hurt someones feelings. Except the “Girls my own age” comment. That WAS douchey and he readily admits it in this sequence.

  5. why am i not surprised?

  6. Aya is now ahead of Nate and Rose by 1 awesome expression.

  7. Dat FACE!!! sorry had to do it ๐Ÿ™‚

    seriously greatest reaction face to date.

    Congratulations Nick Wright!!!!

  8. So tell me when I can stop being sick please?

  9. I had a feeling that Trevor would somehow become involved with Rose.
    Rose, you’re making yourself possibly the most HATED character in the comic, right now.
    And now, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  10. I think I’m checking out. When one of the main characters becomes utterly impossible to relate to, or shows themselves to be that…stupid, my respect check out. I dunno. I’ll see where it goes next comic

  11. Val Kilmer Batman

    I knew tree was a reason for him to be there! I have been pistol-whipped by Chekov’s Gun.

    And I think that Rose broke Aya. Seriously. Mind-shattered. Vegetative state. Coma. Diet consisting solely of cheese and peanut butter.

    1. Aaaaand… radioactive ice cream for dessert?


  12. Just an honest question to you Nick, is this a depiction of a relationship you had that just recently ended and you want to show how naive you used to be …. because it almost feels like a moment most geeky guys have gone through … you know that moment of denial, when you just think that “This is the worst moment in the world”, but you still convince yourself that “I don’t really like her anymore, but at least I can get some ass out of it eventually and it is still better than nothing” and eventually are proven wrong.

    1. Obviously I’ve been in weird relationships before, and I understand the geeky guy perspective, but this isn’t directly based on any of my experiences.

      1. Rose reminds me of an ex-girlfriend. Jaded/mature enough to cut through several superficial layers of romantic BS and dive straight into a different superficial layer of romantic BS.

  13. Love Aya’s facial expression, very epic. Can’t imagine Nate will react any differently from the stripping thing. Or not! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  14. JUST when Nate gets his head and his ass separated by 3 feet, SHE sticks HERS up HER ass!

    I’d laff like hell if Nate ‘picks up on’ Aya, just to further piss Rose off! – Then, tells Trevor what like of a “slut” she was … (THAT should get Trev FULLY interested!)

    See how she’d back herself out of THAT corner!

  15. Dear God, its turning into a cross between a soap opera and a reality TV show in here… I will SLAUGHTER you if you tell anyone how much Im loving this…:P

  16. Girls do f**ked up things sometimes. But while guys can’t figure out why, the girl generally has a reason that is so simple it goes over the guy’s head. If Nate can realize that she is doing it because she really wants him, the stripping and the douche-kissing is no worse than what she’s done in the past with guys, i.e. the field sex. I think she wants to show him what she’d be like without him. She needs to be loved, and substitutes attention in its absence. What Nate should read from this is that she wants to be with him. She’s willing to be faithful to him and come off her crazy ways, if he’ll just accept her for who she is and not stress about age or her past. The “legal age” argument is just Nate’s copout, afraid to commit to her because he can’t accept her.

    You can’t hold someone’s past against them. You have to get over what they’ve done and forgive and forget, or move on. Don’t string them along if you can’t do that. If I let my wife’s past get to me, we wouldn’t be together today. Nate should trust Rose and give their relationship a chance.

    That said, it is just a comic, but a damn awesome one at that, and very true to life. Bravo. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

    1. Well that’s true enough but Most guys these days (myself included) are so sick of mind games that the very fact we KNOW she does it because she wants us just makes it that much more of a reason to not pursue it. I’ve been in Nate’s shoes and I’m willing to bet that as of right now he’ll shake his head and wonder why he even bothered. The age isnt the issue, or at least not the all encompassing one, no the real reason he won’t commit is rose’s level of maturity. Nate is probably looking at this attention craving behavior and connecting that once things get tough just how much is she willing to put Nate through just to make herself feel better ( ie cheating after they had a fight) Nate isnt so much sefish as self-preserving, and Rose is the same, albeit to a worse extreme. I really relate to Nate because I’ve dated the Roses of the world, and not everyone of them “just wanna be loved” most “Just want what they want” and are wiling to do anything to achieve that goal.

      P.S. amazing comic, and bonus on the real characters that learn they way we all did, by pass and fail ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Amaud, I like what you said. That is what went through my head but I couldn’t get it down “on paper” so to say.
        *thumbs up*

    2. Well, deep thing there. Only a problem though: She just bursted the bubble some had about her being mature as that is one of the least mature things you can do.
      Also, nothing in this strip untill now makes sense with your comment ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Yes, he is using her age as an excuse to not get too close (probably fear of failure).
      He has acted like an ass (age comment).
      She has behaved immature from the beginning, with a few moments of “hmm, maybe she IS mature” followed by a “Nope, not a chance”.
      Nate is not too mature himself, but still he behaves more like his age (which isn’t a very mature age in itself).
      Also, he isn’t chickening out cause he can’t accept her (look at earlier statement).
      She doesn’t seem deep enough to know that she substitutes anything for something else, also, that is a realization that most people above 30 haven’t come to.
      She hasn’t shown anywhere she is willing to be faithful, this strip really shows that.
      And if Nate would be able to read anything else then how immature she is from this, then he is a God, and I believe he is not.

  17. I don’t know but if I walked in on this, I’d turn around and walk right back out.

    1. I agree. Rose isn’t reading from the “How to build a relationship” manual. Admittedly, Nate wasn’t reading from the manual either, but that’s because he saw Rose as someone who wasn’t ready for a relationship, and with her reaction here, she obviously isn’t.

  18. Last panels face expressions are awesome funny! XD

    Guess Nate will play it off cool next strip since heยดs the *adult* and sheยดs the *child* in his eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Well maybe if she would stop acting like a stuck up child, Nate wouldn’t notice the difference between them so much.

  19. And Aya’s plans just got FUBAR’d

  20. *whistles*

    Well, I haven’t lost any respect for her but damn, that was stupid. But she’s always kinda been this way. Thinking about herself a lot. He’s been trying to be patient and wait but she wants to just jump in. No doubt prompting the break…

    Rose has a ways to go. This will not bode well.

  21. if this is her playing a mind game, hopefully the next page will show all women the backfire and hopefully all women will stop the stupid mind games, personally i think that most of the women species mind games are retarted, especialy the relationship one, such as this one, seriously, who the hell would think, “oh she kissing that guy so she wants me back?” especialy after she stripped infront of his friends,

    only message i get from her is that shes a young slut, and nate should find some 1 else, cause shes acting to childesh, and immature, and would be to much of a handful.

    1. You should refer yourself back to the old comics, and remember she was notorious as the neighborhood slut.

      1. yeah but it doesnt hurt to hope she changed a lil =P

  22. I think Aya just had an aneurysm

  23. My forecast for the future… someone is getting slapped friggin’ hard either verbally or physically. Maybe both.

  24. I don’t have a huge problem with this. She’s hurt, she’s feeling like she couldn’t get her man. Most folks I’ve seen in’n’out of relationships have rebounds after a strong relationship. Drama, for certain, but not that huge a deal. ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. but this is not a rebound, she was about to get him back, shes purposefully acting like this, and she knew she was about to get him back shes doing this hoping itl hurt him even after hes done nothing wrong when it was all her fault he called it quits.

  25. You know what, once she’s done kissing him she will no doubt try and say some smart ass shit to Nate and I would really like Nate to just look at her and tell her to “grow up, thats just pathetic.” and walk out the door.

    I have read through all the arguments and honestly Rose has not a care in the world for what Nate wants. All she seeโ€™s is what she isnโ€™t getting and thatโ€™s it. But this is a comic about these two being together so I highly doubt things wont work themselves out one way or anotherโ€ฆ.

    Wait I bet that ass wipe is going to throw rose off his lap! Or call her a slut or something to that regard.

    1. He’s a teenage boy. I doubt he would. Most teenage boys don’t care where they get their action.

  26. The Image description needs more O’s.

  27. Well, at least both sides of this potential relationship are being stupid now.

  28. Wow…dig this strip!

    Having said that, I hate what Rose is doing…

    Having said that, I’ve seen women do it before. Yeah, it’s a bitch move…but it’s accurate…and I’m here for the drama, anyway!

    Congratulations, Mr. Wright–great strip! On my favorites bar.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  29. =p I did kinda hope we’d be given more time before Rose conflict 2.0 tho Nick! (set clock; 2 comics ago – in comments)

    1. I thought that was your way of calling it!

  30. Now is Nate’s chance to retaliate by pounding Aya! And by pounding, I hope most of you know what I mean.

  31. Ugh. Some of these comments are foolish. Pounding Aya? Sheesh, Nate doesn’t appear the type for that. Only Nick knows what will happen. Or does he? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great work Nick. Keep it up, thoroughly enjoying the comic and madly refreshing to see if there’s a new post up! (You generally upload a new comic while I’m at work, so I see it pretty quick. w00t!)

    1. Apparently someone doesn’t have an eye for crude humor! Looks like there’s a black sheep within our midst. . I jest! Of course the thought wouldn’t even pass Nate’s train of thought. But if you see Nate trying to take Aya home in the next comic, you know who owes you an ‘I told you so.’

      1. Oh I have an eye for crude humour alright, but maybe I’m too much of a realist ๐Ÿ˜›
        The “I told you so” will be worn on the chin should the situation present itself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. >__<

    Well, I hope that won't be the last we see of our favourite redhead, and that they'll be back together someday!

  33. I know I’m late to the party, but honestly? You guys are getting upset about ROSE?


    Why shouldn’t she be angry about it? Have we forgotten the ‘date our own age’ line?

    This is EXACTLY what he asked for.

    1. Yeah, not even close dude. Except for the “date our own age” line. That whole scene at the party is HER doing. She had it coming. This is just more of the same.

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