Service Provider

20 thoughts on “Service Provider

  1. You can always count on friends to be douches to you when you’re conflicted.

  2. Nate a bluetooth man? Buh?

    1. They’re easier to draw. Plus you can get them for like $15 on Woot sometimes.

      1. ..But isn’t this supposed to happen around 2001-2003??

  3. Ok, what is with the big fancy words?! Did you get Word-of-the-day toilet paper recently?

    1. I’d totally buy that if I could. And wouldn’t it be word-of-the-crap instead of by day?

      1. Elucidate – to make something clear. Not that hard mate XD.

    2. What, elucidate?

      1. Yes, please elucidate. ^_^

      2. Don’t you love when you have to explain the big words Nick? hehehe.

  4. *prays to various gods that Nate is not about to go over to Rose’s and catch her with that whiny little douchebag*


    *the OTHER whiny little douchebag*

    1. Wait wouldn’t that be a good thing, in a round about way?
      You know removal of the source of conflict and what not?

    2. Guess what. YOUR RIGHT!!!! you are a magic wizard who can predict the future!

  5. Karmic balance? Yes plox.

  6. Steve Adams, Wal-Mart employee & amateur psychologist.

  7. Don’t you hate it when the douchbag is right?

  8. It’s important to have friends like that- who poke fun at you when you go to them for advice.

  9. If there were people walking by, they’d probably think Nate is crazy and talking to himself.

    Or going to a sci-fi convention. Or both.

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