Caveat Emptor

Jimi knows not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Yeah. you can go wherever you want to with that one.

32 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor

  1. Can’t say I blame the guy. show me someone who says no, and I’ll show you a gay guy πŸ™‚

    1. …or someone who knows the family and is afraid of getting an STD.

      1. Or someone who doesn’t want to have sex with a MINOR. Honestly, I’m disappointed in Jimi.

        1. How odd. I keep thinking of Nina as the younger sister… Well, thanks for clearing that up.


          Hmm, other reasons not to want to date Nina… She seems a little ‘off’.

        2. I like your choice of adjective there.
          She’s not just legal. She’s _perfectly_ legal.

          Is it possible to be imperfectly legal? I also wonder, if you get a lung transplant from someone who is completely _un_legal, and you smoke a cigarette, are you breaking any laws?

        3. sexy women age hierarchy it goes as follow

          The Jailbait
          The Barely Legal
          The Perfectly Legal
          Everyone Else
          The MILFs
          The Cougar
          The GMILF

    2. By that logic geoff, an 80 year old could get a penis transplant from a 15 year old and it would be “ok” for him to hook up with kids:P lol…
      (I know you where just joking,lol)

  2. Hey, a lay is a lay. Unless it’s done standing up. Don’t know what it’s called then.

    1. Well, if it’s a singular event, then it’d be a one-night _stand_.

      Ba doom tish.

    2. Ess Tee Dee!

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me, but for some reason when I see Nina speaking, the voice in my head is the crazy female bus driver in South Park.
    …am I crazy?

    1. I hear her as closer to that chick from “My Name is Earl.”

      Jimi sounds like Frylock from ATHF.

  4. Jimi has his priorities straight. Might I suggest doing the outline of the boob-tat in the same color as the rest? Sometimes she looks like she’s smuggling a Patrick Star toy…which might actually be funnier…forget I said anything. ^_^

    1. Thought about it, but tats like that are usually outlined in dark ink.

      1. That’s a tattoo? O_O All this time, I thought it was an extra-large pastie!

        1. Sometimes reading the comments are as much fun as the comic itself. 0_o

  5. Yeah, that joke is WAAAAY too obvious to make. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  6. I predict Nate may for at least half a panel wonder if he’s over thinking things when it comes to girls in general. However pleas for the love of good grace and puppies let that pore man were a rubber >.> at least play it a little safe.

  7. Shouldn’t it be don’t look a gift WHORE in the mouth? *ba dum TISH!*

    1. I don’t think Jimi is thinking of ONLY her mouth!

      (But, given the WOMEN in that family, it might not be such a bad idea! … Remember Mom at the party? — Hummmmm?)

  8. ‘so i can tell her you are not interested?’ ‘Hell no im down’

    bet bit ever

    1. It’s got my vote. πŸ˜‰

  9. Hey, she’s experienced, knows what she wants, so long as she passes an STD test, go for it!

  10. Every time I see that titty-tat on Nina it makes me cringe…

  11. Low standards are the hallmark of an oft-satisfied man. Also: Chlamydia.

  12. God bless the man (or woman) who knows what (s)he wants.

  13. The pupils!!!

  14. Not trying to be racist but that is soooooo what I would do if I was black! Oh and btw that star tatoo is creepy I always imagine what a naked boob with that on looks like… It just looks weird!!!

  15. It looks to me like she is a carls jr (or hardees) fan…and star guy is angry…

  16. “Negrophile”-awesome word. Also fucking awesome comic, keep it up.

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