New Whorizons

Excuse me, sir, I do not feel like you're appreciating my business very much right now.

27 thoughts on “New Whorizons

  1. Love the title!

  2. That cock blocker! I don’t care if he’s feeling shitty, you do not block a dude’s cock, no matter how much of a whore the other chick is.

    You know, unless she has an STD or something.

    1. Yeah, that’s a serious Bro Code violation…funny, though. ^_^

      1. Being that the girl is Rose’s sister I think Nate did a good job covering his bros back.

        1. Seconded, thirded, fourthed… What the heck, infinity’ed. Especially after that scene where she was in the bushes with what’shisface.

    2. Nate has been in their garbage dump of a trailer, where empty food containers have piled up high enough to count as furniture, where cleaning up the cat poop is accomplished by sweeping the floor, and where Rose is the celibate nun of the family.

      That is where new STDs are BORN!

  3. Nice!

    That is all 🙂 I laughed. Don’t really have anything “deep” to share.

  4. LOL! Squirt bottle was a nice touch xD

    1. I thought so, too, but…needs actual spray coming out! 😀

  5. Hm, Agent Kockblker spray.

    It works on all whores, skanks and tramps.

  6. I totally agree with him being done with Rose. She’s kind of an idiot and has definitely been showing WHY Nate should’ve kept his distance!

  7. Nate doesn’t even want to think about Rose? Something tells me that’s going to become a pink elephant scenario.

    1. There’s a difference between not wanting to think and managing not to…

  8. First of all, hello there Nick Wright*. As a new reader, I must comment on how much I like your comic. The humour sits completely right with me, smart, snarky and disrespectful, and the storyline and characters are interesting and engaging. Good job! Have an appreciative pat on the shoulder!

    As for the recent comics, I can still realte to Rose. She’s in a new situation and clearly acting irrationally and impulsively. I’m not saying that she’s excused or that Nate should just just brush it off, but I still like her as a character.

    * You played the Ace Attorney games, right? Tell me you did.

    1. He may have played the Ace Attorney games, but I think Will Wright beat him to it. By like 20 something years.

      1. I haven’t, actually. I’m sure they’re lovely, but I’m not automatically interested in things because they share my last name. 🙂

  9. That may have been a violation of the bro code, but I think it really depends of who you’re blocking, too.

    And I would definitely bet on that girl having an STD.

    1. Just one? Are you sure she only has ONE?

  10. Hmmm. Who wants to bet Nina will blame this little event on Rose ‘dumping’ Nate once she finds out what’s been happening… and tries to get them back together so she can make her own play? o_o That’d be all kinds of horrible, with much opportunity for backfire.

    I think Nate and Rose both need to do a little more growing up before they have a shot at a more involved relationship.

  11. I’m shocked she didn’t hiss or scratch at the guy.


    I really needed to laugh this morning.

  12. Bet said bottle’s loaded with Febreeze. Works on all Kinds of animals

  13. Don’t you mean “skank” or “snake hunter”?

  14. i demand you make another one immediately XD, i want to know what happens next lmao!!

    this all seems to be building up to awesomeness, cant wait lol, your doing an excellent job =D

  15. was i the only one thinking in the last pannel “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

    1. You WERE.

  16. Skunks, skanks, whatever spray works. ;-0

  17. Is it just me or does that star tattoo on her breast possibly look like the Canadian maple leaf?

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