The Messenger

Jimi may have taken his cap off, but let's hope he remembered to wear his hat.

I'm personally rather disappointed that more of you weren't pervy enough to zoom in on Wednesday's comic and notice that Nina's "titty-tat," as it was affectionately nicknamed, was not in fact covering the areola. Nina's hardcore, but that shit would hurt!

38 thoughts on “The Messenger

  1. Her underwear is a different colour! Just how much time has passed since the last strip?

    1. Let’s just say they had a long night.

      1. A “long” night. So it’s true what they say about once you go black… šŸ™‚

        1. …you become a social outcast and your family disowns you. Super true story, bro.

        2. aha! +1 intrewebs for you! ah, if only that stopped them from doing it.

        3. You want your dignity back.

        4. I’m not sure if I should be offended by those comments as a black man, or impressed as a nerd in the foamy references.

        5. Be impressed, photoman, be impressed šŸ™‚

        6. … Your baby’s on crack šŸ˜€

  2. Well, at least Nate didn’t cause too many problems and Jimi won’t have a blocked cock.

    1. Won’t? By the looks of this strip I’m assuming it’s more of a ‘Didn’t’ than a ‘Won’t’

    2. If I were Jimi, I wouldn’t worry about a cock that was “blocked” … I’d worry about one the was running 24/7 like Niagara Falls!

  3. :sigh: Nate, you truly are an idiot… you have a really great girl, who is kind of stupid but loves you anyway, and you throw that away? Hopefully Rose and Nate both get their heads out of their respective asses and realize what they have.

  4. I hope Rose says no. I would stab a person for using my room for their nasty, nasty shit.

    1. Agreed; this happened to me once and I all but literally threw my brother out of our place for it.

      1. You could always still do it and just not tell them… >=D

  5. “Not pervy enough”… now thats at first I’ve heard that one XD

  6. More like shitty monitors šŸ˜€ didn’t notice it on the laptop. Clear as day on the desktop.

    Also, I’m very curious, why do people respond to the comic like the characters are listening?

    Love the comic, hate the days between the updates šŸ™

    1. It shows they’re engaged, which hopefully means I’m doing a good job. šŸ™‚

      1. So we’re engaged now? You’d better come through with a nice ring if you expect me to put out…

        1. I think it’s clear who puts out in this relationship.

        2. Ba-Dun Tish!

  7. Wow, her room is a wreck…. i wonder how that happened

  8. ‘photoman86 says:
    October 29, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Iā€™m not sure if I should be offended by those comments as a black man, or impressed as a nerd in the foamy references.’

    Well, ya know what they say:

    Once you go white, a trailer’s in sight. ^_^

    1. And the love for Foamy and his card cult have cleared my mind of all misgivings. ^_^… Now I kinda want to see a cross-over of illwillpress and TG, but I think Foamys head would explode from all the stupid; That or he would get a high powered gun in the second panel.

  9. Not pervy enough? I’m sure it’s purely because of the subject.

  10. My only question about the tatoo is why would she ruin a perfectly good breast like that?

  11. Is it just me, or should her “titty-tat” still be sticking out of her bra?

    1. I considered that, but ironically most of her shirts are lower-cut than this sports bra.

  12. Is it just ME, or shouldn’t that “titty-tat” be CENTERED around her areola? (Yes, I went back and zooned in.) It looks to be a bit too far over to the right.

    And BTW, I have seen women with tattooed areolas (esp. entries from the Suicide Girls website), so it is doable. Granted, I dunno if THEY just bucked up and took the pain or screamed their heads off getting it done, so…

    1. and some even enjoy it…I had a friend that got off on it, everytime she got a new tattoo…she got allot of tattoos…strangely, allot of free tattoos…hehehe

  13. Just a n***a who loves titties

    Looks centered to me. Have you ever seen a real breast before?

  14. I have been reading this comic and it’s comments for a while now and I really need to say something now.
    I did actually see that the aureola wasn’t tattooed… But I didn’t want you guys to think I’m a nitpicker…

    And OMG is that a sports bra? I thought it was her tank top rolled up to have some air for her hot, smoking body šŸ˜›

    – – – – Yes, I am a girl actually and not even a lesbian

    1. “Yes, I am a girl actually and not even a lesbian”

      Well hello there… XD

    2. *orders you 2 more drinks*

  15. Just all kinds of horny I’m sry but Roses sisters vag is dangerous on soooo many levels understand a brotha gettin hios but omg NOOOO!!!

    1. She should be legally required to have a Bio Hazard tattoo on her inner thigh and right ass cheek.

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