Was going to go with John Goodman, but depending on the year, he could be either a positive or negative example.

37 thoughts on “Reconnaissance

  1. Ah Nick. The ever present segue into heartache. I would be angry but unlike many of your readers I actually paid attention to what you said. This is not an ongoing story. It is going some where and is finite in it’s run. I am waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel where Nate is with Rose permanently.

    1. I hate you, you spoiled the ending.

        1. Link not working.

          Either way, though I know that this has a definite ending, something tells me that there’s going to be quite a few more times were Rose and/or Nate are going to make me want to throttle their necks.

          Ah well. Good comic, as always.

        2. The news story is now dead, but you can see it on the You Tubes.

        3. OH GOD! Everything makes sense now!

  2. I’d love to see how he would hit on a girl.

  3. Will Nate finally get laid? Or will he get cock blocked by Rose trying to get him back or something?

  4. I like her already!

    My expectation is that the last strip will return to greyscale and feature a grave scene.

  5. Aww, John Goodman is my favourite fat guy of all time – after me, that it.

    1. If I had to be a fat guy (well, a fatter guy,) 2010 John Goodman isn’t a bad choice. 2008 John Goodman on the other hand….

      1. Early 90s John goodman, a la Roseanne. Thats how he always looks in my head when I think of him.

        1. Couldn’t resist the opportunity to share the love. and since i am one @ 257 pounds, no one can accuse me of hating

  6. Nate isn’t funny enough to be a Jack Black fat guy. Actually, I’m not sure what kind of fat guy Nate would be.. he’d just be a fat Nate, I guess. Who knew?

    Also, I’m enjoying the new woman. I only hope that Nate will be enjoying her much more.

  7. I love your comic, man. When I saw yesterday that it updated three times a week, I thanked jesus, buddha, allah, and jewish god. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Here’s how I understand the Jesus thing:
      -Catholics worship his Mother
      -Jews worship his “Father”
      -Christians worship him directly. But also believe that him, his “Father”, and a 3rd entitry that only seems to get mentioned when they’re telling people which God they believe in, are all the same entity

      1. We don’t worship his mother, we worship the same God that any other christian worships. She’s just very glorified by our faith. Common and easily forgiven misconception though ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. We don’t worship his mother.. we believe his mother is a saint. Saints are people catholics believe have made the cut and are in heaven with God. So sometimes catholics ask saints, including Mary, to intercede on their behalf with God.

        (which we believe is the same God referenced in Jewish and other christian faith.)

        1. So (and this has long bugged me) why doesn’t she have the title ‘Saint’?

          … As for fat guys, how about Meat Loaf?

      3. Reading is fun, it helps with that whole “learning” thing that people are always talking about…The holy spirit is mentioned often in the bible, here’s a wikipedia article on it.

        The more you knoooooow *rainbow*

        1. Wow I’m sorry I started a religious argument, the comment I made was meant to be lighthearted humor. O_o

        2. So, what have we learned?
          That religion and humor mix like oil and fire.

          “Knowing is Half the Battle…
          …the other half, is VIOLENCE!”

  8. Did anyone else but me get a little tingly when she said “Suit up”?

    1. Yes.

      Oh god yes.

  9. “Cyclops” John Goodman, and “possesed by a demon” John Goodman are my favorites.

  10. If I had to be a fat guy (well, a fatter guy,) 2010 John Goodman isnโ€™t a bad choice. 2008 John Goodman on the other handโ€ฆ.

    Bah, nothing beats the ‘Walter Sobchack’ John Goodman.

    ‘I told that kraut a fucking thousand times that I don’t roll on Shabbos!’

  11. You can tell you’re in a webcomic when all the girls are hot, single, and kinda like you.

    1. Not necessarily. We’re just not paying attention to the ones that aren’t.

      Just like in real life.

      1. Lolll amen to that

  12. I half expected him to get it on with Tracy instead of seeing a new character.
    Always assumed that she and Nate shared some sort of history.

    1. If this were Facebook, I would click “Like” so hard that Zuckerberg would have a bloody nose.

      1. Look up, and a little to your left. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. *slaps forehead* Rebound, anyone? Like that ever ends well.

  14. SPOILER ALERT!! people get into relationships

  15. Why does she suddenly wear a hat on the last panel!?

    1. Note the “suit up” line. You have to wear something to keep hair out of the food when you’re serving it. Technically she should be wearing one of those plastic hairnets.

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