Is it sad that I just couldn’t bring myself to draw normal freaking salt & pepper shakers?

Also, if you’re wondering what Nate and Tracy are up to right now, you’re not alone. JS Staedtler has an idea…

52 thoughts on “Mess

  1. It’s a HOT mess, though…but I’m going to have to concur with Aya’s assessment. ALSO: Rose needs to have that thing dry cleaned, not just laundered.

    1. I’d do the right thing and just buy her a new one.

      1. Rose is dirt poor, though…if Aya lets her keep that robe, it will be the second-nicest thing that she owns (Nate’s old computer being the first).

        1. huh…that thought actually made me a little sad for her.

        2. your forgetting her dignity…oh wait…nevermind…

  2. Wait, what happened to her other clothes then?

    1. She obviously goes around naked to indicate she’s ready for “fun” as soon as possible.

  3. Why is the salt happy, and the pepper sad? I demand a explanation, Nick. This is an injustice to pepper shakers everywhere.

    1. True, pepper only makes you sad if you get a noseful of it. Maybe I should have made salt sad, because of the whole “contributing to cardiovascular disease” thing.

      1. Clearly we need to get these into the store =p

        1. I would totally want to own those, if I actually used a salt or pepper shaker. Which I don’t. Even so, they’re pretty nice.

      2. It also contributes to death, if you don’t get any sodium, your brain and organs will shut down and you die… however, its highly toxic in large amounts…

        1. everything is highly toxic in large amounts

        2. – In fact, nothing is highly fatal in large amounts.

        3. Val Kilmer Batman

          Nothing is “highly fatal”. It’s either going to kill you or it’s not.

          I think.

          Did anybody else like Aya’s shirt?

        4. Heh, I see what you did there.

        5. Oxygen isnt…unless it gets ignited… and a fatal dose of salt, can be as little as 30-300g of table salt or 168- 1500ml of soy sauce,if it is consumed all at once, in a few hours you will throw up, get diarrhea, dry mouth, head ache, fever, convoluted tubule necrosis, disorder of the kidney, brain edema, lung edema and then cause breathing to stop.

          Salt is deadly yet essential to life, that cant be said for most things… potassium is one, Protein,water, sugar, various trace minerals… not allot of stuff in the grand scheme of things, certainly less than 1% of the things commonly consumed by much of society these days.

        6. Oxygen is toxic in large amounts and will kill you 🙂
          Oxygen Toxicity when under pressure, and I believe there is a study proving that reintroducing O2 in large amounts after ressucitation can be hella harmful 🙂
          (and yes LOX, or Liquid Oxygen, its VERY bad if ignited…considering it expands 860times its volume at 21 degrees C…and doesnt like POL[oil based] things at all)
          this UFI brought to you by:
          Broketoon~keeper of UFI

      3. Wait… I would’ve made the “tears are salty” connection. Besides, not enough salt in your body is bad, especially since most salt is iodized, and a lack of iodine can lead to a goiter.

    2. The salt shaker is that ‘Dramatic Face of Comedy’ and the pepper shaker is the is the ‘Dramatic Face of Tragedy’. They do not necessarily mean ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’.


  4. Totally on Aya’s side right now. I’m sure she wanted to be supportive of her friend, but Rose is just making impossible to do. You can only keep your patience for so long!

    …is it strange that I suddenly want an underwear fight now?

    1. absolutely not!! underwear fights are perfectly normal. and i totally have to agree on the aya/rose situation. rose really doesnt kno how to handle ANYTHING does she?

  5. Josh Phillips?! Awesome! Glad to know he’s still drawing cartoons!
    Josh, if you read this…”Avalon” got me reading webcomics. Thank you sir! It also got me talking on forums.

    1. Avalon got me drawing webcomics! 🙂 Oh, the horrible fanart I’d draw and post in his forum…

      1. I’ve been mentally describing this webcomic to myself as “White Trash Avalon,” so I am now awarding myself 1000 points for perspicacity.

        1. That is effing brilliant. 🙂

        2. I approve, too. I think that means you win, Ray.

      2. Oh, but it was all so much FUN…terrible, guilty FUN…

  6. “Can’t be helped now”

    Bullsh!t, get up, go see him, and explain, Aya, you too, chop-chop XD

  7. Aya has quickly become the most sympathetic character in this series.

    1. It’s nice with a voice of reason, isn’t it? 😀

  8. I got to say I am enjoying this comic a lot. There have been some great twists in the story and the art is good to. Keep up the good work. I wont be quitting this comic any time soon. 😛

  9. I love this comic, it’s nice to have a laugh/plot twist/slightly NSFW stuff waiting for me after PT in the mornings. Hooah.

  10. I like the underwear fight theory, but who buys underwear in a grocery store?

    1. Show me a grocery store that sells underwear and I would be that man, good sir. (And Target doesn’t count.) ^_^

      1. Then sir, let me introduce you to Loblaws.

        1. Don’t forget Fortinos and now Metro (Formerly A&P) and who knows what else a grocery store will carry to separate you from your money?

        2. For those wondering, Loblaws, Metro, et al, are Canadian Stores, for those to the south who are reading this.

        3. “super” walmarts have a full grocery store in them…
          Price Chopper (some)

        4. You can also buy them at Kroger’s/Dillons around here.

        5. Only a fellow Canadian would know about Loblaws. I salute you! 😀

    2. Tesco, Asda (A subsidiary of WALMART), Marks and Spencer’s and a variety of others in the UK all sell underware and other clothing. Heck, they have their own clothing ranges such as “George”

      1. Tesco and Asda are supermarkets, so they’ll try to sell anything; M&S is more of a clothes store that sells groceries as a major sideline…

  11. *snrrk* Underwear fight. Who hasn’t been THERE?

    I am actually really enjoying the character development, because in the beginning, I sort of found Aya annoying. Now I am loving her punch lines and think she’s got the patience of a saint. Go, Aya. Knock that common sense into people!

    Which of course makes me wonder what Steve’s thoughts on all this are (other than him waving one of those foam hands and a pennant, cheering on the sex.) *^_^*

  12. the bamd you’ve never heard of!!!!

  13. Well I’m sure we all saw this coming once aya last words sink into rose’s head shes gong to have a break down lost the only guy she could have a real raltionship hates her and now her best friend is no long her best friend and hates her as well, its going to be a long day for rose for sure.

  14. i think rose was just deprived of all the right social actions and reactions that make people who they are as an adult

  15. yup rose fooked up big time but what are you gonna do sadly i dont feel any remorse for her actions she made her bed and now she has to lay in it figurativly and well….you know xD

  16. Aya is my favourite person ever. XD I wondered why most of the girls in this were sort of scary and a bit sexualized all the time, but then she appeared! And I was glad. I hope we find out more of her back story. 😀

  17. This is coming from a guy with a job surrounded by college students.

    I would buy a “BAND you’ve never heard of” Shirt in a heart beat.

    1. Oops never mind

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