why you gotta bring that shit up

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  1. okay first of all FIRST and second that is weird even if it isnt your biological brother ps rose is a big whore that is all

  2. Ooooooo different four panels then the usual also even though English is my first language that is why I hate it

  3. I think ROse needs to get smacked a little, just for the principle of the thing. And then I’d smack her a little, if you know what I mean.

  4. Rose really can’t stand not having sex for an extended period of time? She really has no control over herself, nor respect for that matter.

  5. Rose just needed a tune-up. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. You would be right if it wasn’t her frend’s brother.

  6. Shitting dick-nipples, she recovers from ‘heartbreak’ fast. Guess screwing up her final chance to be with Nate wasn’t that big a deal, if she was able to recover so quickly. So Rose, I take this to mean that he didn’t mean all that much to you, huh?

    1. I would like to concur with all of that and add that Nate deserves better. Maybe Tracy will end up not being such a bad thing for him.

      1. I agree that he deserves better, Tracy being it though? Doubtful.

      2. Unless she’s hiding a soul under all that a-grade bitch-style she’s got going.

        (sorry, double-comment)

        1. You sir, win the prize for the MOST adorable avatar EVAR!

        2. I second this

    2. Now, now. Just you listen here. She was… um… Oh, damnit you’re right. but then again, it could just be “hey, look I dont care that you did what you did, I’m fine” kind of sex.

      1. But with that line of thinking, she’s also saying “I don’t care about what I did to YOU.” Let’s face it, as angry as we all were that Nate didn’t hook up with Rose, her recent actions have now got us thinking that he already saw something like this happening, and got out while he could. I mean, if she’s doing this so soon after a breakup, if it qualifies as that, with little to no remorse, and reasoning that she had done it simply because it had been several months since she had “fun”?
        Oh, let’s not forget that she’s proven to be a hypocrite time and again. Most recently, after the kiss with Trevor in front of Nate, she confessed that she was being immature. Now this? Sorry, I just have no sympathy for stupidity and hypocrisy and the people who embody them.

        1. i would argue that she didn’t get over her heartbreak fast since as far as i can see thats why she’s behaving in this way. not particularly helpful but people are not always rational, especially when they feel hurt.

        2. “Let’s face it, as angry as we all were that Nate didn’t hook up with Rose, […]”

          Um, speak for yourself. You think Nate should be a rapist? Because that’s how the law sees it, even if the underage girl is sexually active and completely willing. And there is some amount of good point in this, as Rose is clearly unable to approach even the matter of casual sex with the amount of maturity it deserves.

        3. OK, first and foremost, I do not think that, nor did I allude to that. Dating does not require sex. Please think before you post something like that.
          Secondly, I actually continued reading this strip to see how the relationship progressed, and to see if they finally did get together in the end. I can only assume that other people did so for, more or less, the same reason. You included.
          Thirdly, if you read through my second comment again, carefully, you’ll see that I actually agreed with Nate’s decision to back off when he did.

  7. not only has she screwed things up with nate but now shes gonna push aya away she already didn’t like rose being a slut but to have her walk in on rose and ayas brother was a little much

    1. Um, you may want to go back and re-read some of the early comics. Aya was encouraging Rose to get her naughty on where attempting to seduce Nate was concerned. The reason she’s been pissed about it recently is a) it’s her dickweed brother, b) she was honestly trying to get things working between Rose and Nate and having Rose shit all over that kinda sucks for her.

      1. This implying Nate was not a relative… And Rose is now fucking her step-brother which is basically as awkward as things can get between friends.

  8. 7 whole months! somebody get the girl a medal! alas, must be nice to have a pretty face that can end a dry spell whenever you need that “itch” scratched. too bad that is an awesome way to coin yourself as an easy-like-sunday-morning-slut
    Hey! Whats the difference between a “SLUT” and a “BITCH?” Sluts f**k everyone, bitches f**k you BY f**king everyone!
    To the Author:
    Bravo, my good man. you have created that which stirs the strongest emotions from people. art

    1. A slut sleeps with anyone.
      A bitch sleeps with anyone but you.
      A whore makes you pay for her being a bitch.

      Which, means, I guess, that Nate’s the bitch…bitch. πŸ˜‰

      1. XD True

        Btw, Tucker = funny as hell *points to your avatar*

  9. Wow. A frustrated kid does something stupid and people are responding like she’d killed Nate’s childhood best friend or something.

    1. It’s a normal response when a character a fan really likes does something that really, really pisses them off.

  10. Whose robe is that?

    1. Nice catch, I was also wondering that.

      1. honestly i bet you its rose’s, seeing as how aya isn’t freaking out about it

        1. I assume it’s Aya’s. I think Aya would freak out if it were Trevor’s, and, really…if it were Rose’s own robe, that would show signs of forethought. In ROSE.

  11. Jeez, what’s with all the hate? If anyone should be pissed it’s Aya. Now she’s gonna have a mental image of her step-sibling getting sweaty with her best friend whenever she sits on the couch.

    1. “The hate” comes from the fact that the better part of this strip has been a build up of the clumsy but amusing relationship between Rose and Nate… Nate being the “everyman”, which appeals to the common reader and allows them identify with the comic more directly.

      By getting over Nate so quickly (when his biggest request was that she mature and grow up a little), Rose has more or less expressed the great depths that those months with Nate meant to her. Essentially, that they were all a long waste of time in which she could’ve had random sex with dickweeds like Trevor (that’s the author’s description of him, not mine). Never mind that if she hadn’t been acting like a horrible teen drama and trying to make Nate jealous, she might’ve been making up with him like Aya planned a few days previously.

      These actions are part of Rose now. She’ll never change that about herself. She may grow to be a different person some day, but right now she’s a person who has meaningless sex with dickweeds. There’s a book and website dedicated to idiot girls like this called “Hot Chicks with Douchebags”. Yup, that’s who Rose is stating to the world she is.

      1. Well that the best “The Reason You Suck Speech” I ever heard in my life.

        1. Agreed, and I’ll go a step further. I nearly left back when this downward spiral revealed itself as more than a standard valley. I gave it a chance and it has let me down repeatedly. This is practically an abuse of power on the part of the author. I’m ducking out here.

      2. And if Nate is supposed to be the everyman; this is basically a reaffirmation that nice guys finish last. He may be rough, but he also had principles he tried to hold on to despite the easy path Rose kept giving him. Who knows what will happen for Nate in the future aside from Nick, but for now; he got screwed out of a date with a nice girl his age by a manipulative authority figure (and even if he does the principled thing, she can still fuck up his life as he doesn’t want to lose that job), and the girl he cared for, rebounded fast and is literally fucking the first cock to present itself.

        It is a testament to the author that people feel so protective and empathetic toward the main character. But to put him in such a potentially painful situation with 3 women (1 possibly positive, and 2 negative), makes the reader, at least on some level, fear for the future in terms of the comic. Nobody wants to see themselves, or their segregates in this case, be completely crushed by life.

        1. Yeah, Nick is pretty good at that huh? He has the skills to actually produce a damn good webcomic…Just don’t tell him I said that, least if get into his head. >.>”

          And Nate should learn to toughen up a little…Just a little, maybe a outburst here and there. I’m not saying he should punch a hole into somebody and spend ten years as a assassin but just show a little backbone.

        2. Nice EOC refernece

        3. *reference

        4. Segregates? You’re splitting them into groups?

      3. Sooo…vicarious living through the protagonist then. Gotcha. And so, everyone is feeling hurt by proxy because she moved on quickly showing that getting dumped did not leave her an inconsolable wreck. Great. You did remember about the warning about this aspect of her character back when she was introduced, right? This was already a “part of her”, she just spent six months going after the one guy who happened to be having none of it.

        1. It’s far from a new development that readers will experience association with a character when reading a story or watching a movie or television show – or in this case, a webcomic. Isn’t it said that part of art is to provoke an emotional reaction out of those who are exposed to it? And when that reaction is pain, it’s perfectly normal if a person experiencing pain reacts negatively to the source of that feeling. Even if it’s only emotional. I don’t belittle those people who do feel hurt by the events happening to Nate.

          In this same vein, if it’s the author’s choice to continue to encourage this negative reaction from his readers through the events he’s putting Nate through, it’s again a natural and understandable reaction if the people who are feeling hurt vicariously through these experiences will seek to remove themselves from the environment that causes these feelings.

          In short, if you make your readers feel really bad, the readers will stop coming around. It’s basic psychology. Don’t blame the readers for their reaction. If the comic was written in a way that made people laugh and happy, do you congratulate the reader? No, you congratulate the author. This association is still valid when the way the readers feel is negative because of how the comic is written.

        2. That (the “not reading anymore”) is not what I have a problem with. My problem is with the PERSONAL dislike being aimed at Rose. There was a break-up. Nate got into another relationship, and Rose instead had casual sex. The response has seemed more akin to what I would expect if she did this while they were still in a relationship , or Nate was still broken up over her. Hell, the only concrete motive we have for his response to her and Trevor is that he was called down by Aya to talk it over after the fact. If I was put in the same situation I would be pissed too, because it would seem like I had been tricked to waste my time.

  12. come on folks, lighten up, she’s 18. thinking back that far is a challenge for me, but if I remember right, at that age I’d fuck just about anything with 2 tits a hole and a heartbeat. I’m pretty sure everyone has had a break up and went out and banged , well anything available at least once

    1. Let’s take Trevor out of the equation. If Rose was fucking some random guy, would everyone still be chastising her, calling her slut/whore/bitch and all that?

      Those who did, would you be this judgmental if she was a guy?

      And here I thought we were past this stupid double standard…

      1. My thoughts exactly. It’s incredible how a woman with perfectly normal sexual desires is still being called a “slut” today whenever she gets what SHE wants, while a guy under the same circumstances would probably be seen as “behaving normally.”

        Seven months with a potential lover, and nothing happened. It’s no wonder Rose went for Trevor. I can’t stand going dry with someone new for more than two weeks!

        1. I have never resorted to rebound sex. However, i have often been the ‘friend’ that these idiots turn to when their rebound sex only made them more miserable then they were about the break-up. I have to tell you, I am not amused. Honestly, I am not all that fussed about Rose & Nate. They made their choices, and from where I am sitting it was the right one. What I cannot abide is the constant attitude of self-gratification at all costs, and damned be the victims.

          And one other thought, I ain’t sitting on that couch. As a person who caught a “Critters” form of VD during a dry spell from sitting on the wrong couch, I am *NOT* going there again. Dammit, if I am going to catch something, i want to enjoy it!

        2. ” rebound sex only made them more miserable ”

          No, not understanding this concept.

        3. Because most people who were actually miserable after the breakup who do this, will go for the rebound sex to try to feel like they are loved in order to try to…. idk, pretend they have that feeling of being loved by someone again, but afterword, they are usually more miserable now because of the fact that they just fucked some random person.

          Rose however, does not seem to be a part of this class of women who actually regrets this kind of decision, where as this is why I don’t like her.

        4. i disagree. i’m a guy, and i have no problem keeping it in my pants. my friends sometimes talk about how they’re sad that their girlfriend broke up with them, but they still go find a quick fuck, and i just give them a “what the fuck is wrong with you, you asshole” look. if rose was that upset over nate, she should have gone over to his house (or work) and talked about it with him. instead, she fucks a douche-nugget (don’t ask what a douche-nugget is, i couldn’t tell you). it wasn’t cheating, but it was still stupid. at this point in the story, if nate nails a chick BEFORE he finds out that rose was with trevor, then he’s a douchebag. if, however, he bangs tracy or the other one AFTER he finds out, good for him, vengeance is always nice.

          tl;dr man or woman, a slut is a slut.

      2. My ex did this after the gf he had after me, with a total bitch he had no business even talking to, if he cared about some of his guy friends.

        I didn’t take it lightly then, either.

        And yes, he tried the whole ‘I’m a guy, I can’t control myself’ thing, Didn’t buy it.

        What you’re saying is, women should be allowed behave more like sh*tty men? Forgive me if I’m putting words in your mouth, but that’s what it sounds like.

        Honestly, I see this attitude even sh*ttier than the people who restrict the acceptability of this kind of behavior to men. Sure, it’s not fair, but then only half the population get away with this kind of crap, and we all suffer less. It’s not a ‘since men can do it, why can’t I?’ thing, it’s a ‘no one should do that and that shouldn’t be acceptable’ thing.

        And sure, it’s Rose’s right to sleep with whoever she wants. It’s also Aya’s right to not to be friends with a bitch who puts a quick f*ck over her best friends’s well-being and relationship with her brother. Oh, she didn’t take that into consideration? That excuse ends when you get eight candles on your cake.

        1. Your entire argument fell apart when you said “ex” … that person is your ex, you don’t have control over their sexuality anymore no matter how much you may or may not like it. Nate and Rose are no longer together, and there is nothing wrong with her moving on, just like Nate did.

        2. We’re good friends. Our opinions matter to each other. I know this is a foreign concept for most people, but I like to stay friends with my exes because I actually like them as people, even without sex involved.

          Also, so what? I don’t see how that applies to anything, even if it were relevant.

        3. You’re the one who mentioned it as a preface to your argument, but whatever …

        4. I’m gonna have to agree with toaster here just because they are an ex doesnt mean you stop carring for their well being and try ti desuaded them from making poor life choices especialy if the two of you are really good friends I see it as a testaments to toasters humanity that she was able to maintain a working and friendly realtionship with her ex’s. its a sad day that we as a speices can be soo vandictive that we would rather see a loved one wallow in pain an suffer rather then see them happy all cause they hurt us, but on the subject of Rose and her obvious lapse of sanity what can i say that hanst been said already was it a shit thing to do yes are her moral sensablitiesand motives for being with Nate suspect to scrutiny oh my god yes does this make her a bad person compaired to mulitiude of super shitty people in the entire histroy of shitty people no shes actual a saint the fact that she remained celibate and sex free for one man for seven months speaks volumes to her character and what kinda of person she is capable of becomeing if she finds the right people to surround herself with shes reaching a cross roads in her life and she has a very difficult choice a head of her whether she will grow as a human being andbecome some one she and aya can be proud of (or in this case as a charater) or is she going to regress and become some one she and aya would be disappointed in ,im going to venture a guess and say that while with Nate rose woke up inthe morning happier and was able to smile and lookher self in the eye every morning, i dont think once it sinks in what she has done she willregret her actions even more but this could have the reverse effect i for see and send her in a down ward spiral that she’ll have trouble pulling out of

        5. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be kind and stay friends with your ex(s). In fact, that’s awesome. But that is still not the point. Having sex with Trevor doesn’t make Rose a bad person, and if Nate has sex with Tracy that doesn’t make him a bad person either. They are free agents. But everyone seems to be hating on Rose because she has sex with someone … so what? That’s the only point I wanted to make.

          It’s fun to see everyone so passionate about it, though. However, using punctuation can really increase your effective communication skills – just a thought. πŸ˜€

        6. True enough i and i realize and know of my horrid grammar and punctuation, and i thiought i did a fair job of being on rose’s side i wasnt condeming her in anyway, just was sayng for some one whom was rather pissed at her idiocy for ruinning off the one guy she truely cared for other then as an object for sex, she has failed to see she’s made and uber dick move, and as she is human she is welcome to make as many and stupid choices she wishes and the same goes for Nate i do recall voiceing my warning agasint getting involved with a woman like tracy where rose isnt jaded and devoid of hope tracy is fairly cynical and beyond any help she is, bitch to her very core and any one who cant see that hasnt lived with true bitchery, and i envy you all.

          but yes it is very nice to see people so passionate about some one that doesnt exist in this plane of reality out side on a sheet of paper or as bits of data floating about the minutre univisre man has created that we all enjoy and loved most commonly knowen as the internet, yet its kinda sad to think that we care more fore a semi-qausi fictional charater then actual events in our troubled world then again this maybe the only outliet for those whom feel that their opinion matters not, well im done ranting for now.

          Also do realize I am acutely aware of how atrocious my grammer and punctuation are so there isnt really any further need to bring it up and so long as my message, my views and feelings felt some what then Im happy.

        7. Rose having sex with a stranger is not a big deal.
          Rose having sex with the brother of her closest friend, whose relationship with him is strained, to say the least, makes her a bad person.

          Our actions don’t only affect ourselves, we have to take what they do to others into consideration. Like I said, not doing so became inexcusable around third grade. Or if you have autism.

        8. *applauds* someone should give you a medal XD

        9. You’re sort of right, but I’m appalled that people don’t understand the moral ‘wrong’ here that Rose is pulling.

          Basically – Nate is in the ‘right’ by trying to have a sensible relationship with Miranda. True, Tracy is pulling a sort of advanced bitch move on him, but his actions are yet to be decided.

          Rose on the other hand, is literally fucking the first cock she sees, completely abandoning the ‘moral’ concept of friendship, and relationship by just fucking for fun, and doing it with her best friend’s relative.

          If you cannot see what Rose is doing as very wrong, then you really, really need to sit back and take a better, different angled look at this situation for a few minutes. And don’t forget to go look up ‘Moral’ in the dictionary first so you can understand what you need to be looking for(or a lack there of)

      3. Agreed.

        When I was 18/19/20 I was relaxed about this sort of thing (or as relaxed as I could be – being a bit of a Nate in the getting laid stakes) – one nighters – done it. Fuck freinds – done it.

      4. Thomas O, to answer your questions, yes and yes. Even if you take up the previous Bill’s point, about hormones raging and stuff, Rose has a skewed view of sex. She looked back on her whole relationship with Nate as not fun because there was no sex. Her family’s whole situation doesn’t help out, and she’s ignoring when people try to help her. You want to know what I’d dealt with by the time I was 17? My dad had been divorced twice (my mom and a later wife) because of his physical abuse, dealt with a situation where my oldest half-sister on my mom’s side divorced her husband because he molested his daughter, and that’s the stuff I remember. By the time your 17 you’ve started to settle into the pattern of your life.

        Rose may not have had to go through some of the stuff I had, but by 17 you’ve had to do some growing up emotionally. If she doesn’t get her head metaphorically out of her butt, she’s going to wind up just as bad as her mom, hopping into whatever bed she can find, stuck forever as trailer park trash.

    2. Wow, bill, you were pretty picky, what with needing a heartbeat and all.

      1. well, that or a reasonably warm corpse

  13. Hrm…girls react differently to such things than guys do. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aya and Rose weren’t friends for much longer.

  14. What Rose did was pretty fucked up. Not because of her ‘thang’ with Nate. For better or for worse, that ship has sailed for her and she’s a free agent, at liberty to bang any cock that floats her way. The thing is, she didn’t pick just *any* cock; she picked the cock of her best friends brother just for shits and giggles. So what happens when she’s tired of him and kicks him to the curb (I cannot imagine he’s entertaining enough in the sack to keep her interest) and he becomes a whinny emo bitch and/or a violent, jealous possessive ass about Rose. Aya has to *LIVE* with that shit, which will make her family life just fracking dandy. It makes Aya’s life complicated, dragging her, whether she wanted or not, into Rose’s train wreck of a life as a mangled passenger rather than just merely a horrified bystander watching the carnage. It’s just damned selfish and I wouldn’t blame Aya for telling her to fuck off. You don’t bring your shit into someone else house, dump it into the middle of their floor cause you were too lazy to take it somewhere else and then even *pretend* you respect them or even yourself.
    Rose majorly dissed Aya and I think she needs a little time in the corner to get her shit together before anyone will play with her anymore.

  15. Rose…I tried to like you. I honestly, TRIED. But…you’ve ceased giving me a reason to. All hope is abandoned for you from this point on. You are shameless. Maybe your upbringing is to blame, but that doesn’t excuse what you did just now. This was just…oh, my God. If Aya abandons your sorry ass, I have no pity for you. You’ve dug your own grave and you’ll need to make a pretty big leap to climb back out of it. I stand by what I said a while back; you have no right to call your sister a skank when you are clearly just as bad (if not worse) than her. Your life revolves around sex, which is just pathetic, especially for someone your age. You are on a road to nowhere at this rate. You may not realize it, but your sex addiction is gonna cost you so many great experiences. Nothing’s wrong with a little casual sex; I don’t condemn those who sleep around freely. But the way you go about it, you make it as though it’s all you have to look forward to. Clearly you need help before this bites you in the ass. You can’t let sex be the only thing in your life. Boinking a guy can’t be your only goal. Get a non-sexual hobbey. Or therapy. It’s not too late to save the rest of your life while you’re still young. The now is lost, but your future can be helped. Your sex addiction has clouded your judgement and made you selfish. It’s tiem to put your panties back on and start thinking with your brain, not your reproductive system.

    Look at me, I’m so mad, I’m lecturing a fictional character who can’t hear me! Maybe i should stop staying up so late…

    1. Oh, no I LIKE it when people get upset like this, It allowed me to see other people true reaction. Man, hadn’t have a fan backlash this hard since Zii screw that Milf in Menage’ 3

      1. :3 Oh, okay then. Cool.

      2. The backlash, compared to other work from the same author (like things he did in Eerie Cuties), was really not that big. You got to look at the size of the fan base as well. 1% of 100 is 1, but of 10k, it’s a 100.

        1. True, but it the only time I seen a thread had to be LOCKED on that site because of how upset people were and how worse the arguments were.
          To tell you the truth…It was wonderful.

        2. Wow, I came late to that party; there was a backlash?

          Because, really, Vinny’s mom is a hottie! I wouldn’t mind Zii “turning the screw (If You Know What I Mean…;)” and giving repeat performances, then making sure the kid knows why she’s there.
          Kind of like Bruiser in The Guild.

    2. And let’s not forget, he has to convey all of this in 3-4 panels. This ain’t Doonesbury. There’s no room for massive amounts of internalization and soliloquy. There may well be more depth to Rose then can be conveyed in the space provided. Don’t forget that Nate’s date with Miranda was set up completely off-panel.

      Then again, she could be just another vapid psycho hose beast.

  16. Hey Nick.

    Nice to see that you chose one of my blurb out of more than 250 to respond to on twitter, even though it was only to attempt to make fun of it. I hope you also read the rest of the comment.

    Here, I wanted to recommend something to you. “Understanding Comics The Invisible Art” from Scott McCloud. This isn’t a jab, it’s a far better book most people would guess only by looking at it. +, if you went to University in either Art, Writing, Design or anything similar, you most likely already have a copy.

    I wanted to recommend chapter 7 in particular, albeit there isn’t anything wrong with the rest of it, and it’s only 10 short chapters. You don’t even have to tell a soul you read it. Honestly, pick it up at your library if you don’t have it or something. You’ll be glad you did. Is he the final authority on comics or any other subject or am I? No, of course not. It’s all quite subjective.

    But losing fans only helps you if you’re doing the comic to express an idea you think deserves to be out there or to get noticed. Apart from that, it only harms you. Can the stats go up after a big flame? Sure! They usually do. They also die down afterward, leaving some people burned in a way they won’t come back.

    Here’s the thing. I have not researched you in the least because I don’t want my opinion of you and your comic to be colored by facts like age or life situation. If that’s your excuse or reason for anything you do, then great, but those will be forgotten as you grow older anyway. However, people can still fall on other excellent comics, like a trash pile wielding gun as a mercenary or eternal moral questions painted by daily events in a surreal reality or a satirical of life pointing out its absurdities. You want those links, I’ll be glad to give them to you, but I don’t want to use your blog as a publicity platform.

    Still, people falling on those archives and reading up to now, whether old or not will most likely enjoy it (or not) through and through, rather than like here, having a love/hate relationship with the comic where fans are forced to pick loyalties. Which, by the way, is stupid. I’d never argue for a second against your right to do anything to anything on your site and no onlooker should have to feel whatever either. They do or they don’t, they stay or they go, that’s that. Anyone getting religious about this comic is beyond useful.

    But still, if you got a minute, go check that chapter. If nothing else, a pleasant reading. Hopefully, a source of insights, even if they end up contradicting everything I said. No matter, we’re both netizens anyway and the biggest dick here doesn’t mean, well, dick.

    So good luck and may you find a way to bring back to this comic what made people ENJOY it before. Or at least something new to ENJOY.

    1. I’m not going to say, that what you wrote isn’t good advice… but do you really need the fans who’ll jump ship the instant they read something they don’t like?

      I’ve often found with some comics, books, and even movies… you need a little faith to see where the writer is going. Sometimes it’s ho-hum, sometimes it’s not worth the ride… and sometimes it’ll knock your socks off.

      I think some of the strong reactions from people are coming from how real this situation could be. It burns when an ex moves on a lot faster. Heck in life somethings never, ever come along so nicely that they just tie up every loose end… nice and neat.

      I’ve been reading this comic for years, and I at least owe it to myself to see where Nick is going with it.

      1. Never said they should jump ship at the first sign of trouble. Never said anyone should do anything. Pretty much said the contrary, in fact, do as you feel you should. But that’s the thing. Being “a real fan” is basically just turning it into a religion. It means you waver any criticism or else you suddenly no longer are a “fan”. What about those who were already annoyed, for whatever reason? What about those who had Rose as a favorite character and for some reason no longer identify with her?

        If the artist gave you something, whether it be a feeling, introspection, good times, whatever, it is up to you to decide if and how much you “owe” to him and/or his comic. I know there’s just way too many comics out there to follow them all. I keep a list of about a hundred, of which I check maybe 50 daily or bi-daily. The others I either check weekly or monthly.

        If one of those comic suddenly stopped interesting me, I might stick around for a while (which I am doing here, btw), or just delete the link right away, thinking I might fall back on it a year or two later.

        In the end, Nick can do whatever he wants and so can every reader. There’s no absolute right or wrong, may it be staying or leaving. But the agitation on the blog shows that at least a part of his current reader base has enough unease in front of the direction that the comic is taking that they voice it. That means something, since the least resistance path is to not write anything. And taking lessons from other comics, blog, whatever, we can see a spike in readership followed by a crash if the cage is rattled enough.

        Now, maybe Nike has a vision and wants to fulfill it. Fine. Then he doesn’t care about me, you or any reader, but about his art. That is fine. Maybe he wants popularity. Then he should at the very least take heed to the warnings, even if he disregards them in the end. At least he’ll do so consciously. Maybe his goals are others. Who know. As long as HE meets them, then HE is getting out of this comic what HE wants. As long as that’s the case, no reader will budge him unless he’s bullied, and that would be of pretty abysmal taste. But if the readers aren’t part of the equation, the comic CAN finish with a low reader base or lower than it is now and that’s normal.

  17. What really makes me furious is the fact that she fucked an Ayn Rand fan!!!!

  18. C’mon people, yeah she messed up big, but its part of the story – deal with it. If you are going to stop reading because of this, then you truly are not a fan of this comic.

  19. Holy lol there are a lot of bitter virgins commenting on all this.

    1. What’s wrong with being a virgin?

  20. Tristan Darkthunder

    What really sucks is we will hafta wait until next week to see what else will happen.
    Also, what is wrong with Ayn Rand??? I loved her books.

    1. Which ones? I got through Atlas Shrugged, but only because I hate to start a book and then not finish it. The characters were wooden, their “rationale” for doing whatever the hell they wanted (cheating on their spouse, destroying a company to ruin the backers, etc) was based upon their financial successes (i.e “I am wealthy and successful, and that is what makes it ok for me to have no morals. Were I poor, the story would be different.”) , and their philosophy was flawed in many easily discerned ways.

      1. Then you might need to reread it. Atlas Shrugged wasn’t about Dagby Taggart and her list of lovers. It was about the rampant socialism and the dangers it propels. The basic situation was that rich people who wanted to help out the “downtrodden” ended up passing laws that drove the country into the ditch, and their solution was to throw more of the same at the problem, trying to guarantee equality of outcome. John Galt’s society of an amoral capitalism wasn’t all that great either, because of how corrupt the people got. Yeah, the leechs were bad, but the producers had flaws of their own.

      2. Tristan Darkthunder

        Read Atlas Shrugged, We the Few, and Anthem.
        Have not gotten to The Fountainhead yet but have seen the movie.

        Atlas Shrugged was tedious to read, but I liked the premise due to being Prophetic to todays time.

    2. What’s wrong with Ayn Rand? She’s creepy, that’s what. Did you somehow miss the part in Atlas Shrugged where a freight train hits a passenger train and the Hero leaps into action to save… the steel. Or the part where a trainful of people the author doesn’t like get suffocated in a subterranean chamber? Please note, this book was written after Auschwitz.

      Atlas Shrugged is bad Golden Age SF, where steel-jawed captains of industry are all mechanical geniuses and whatever they do is just gushingly praiseworthy. Imagine if John Campbell’s taste never left the “Black Star” to encourage things like “Nightfall”. The political commentary is so hamfisted that I (and many others to judge from Ayn’s denials) was convinced it was an acid-penned parody of communist propaganda.

      Essentially, Atlas Shrugged is Ayn’s love note to Howard Hughes. It parallels Hughes’ troubles not too poorly. Hughes was not a bad hand at engineering nor at organizing either, so he, unlike just about any of our modern CEOs, somewhat resembles the characters in Atlas Shrugged. Of course Howard had his own issues, but Ayn isn’t about character flaws, she’s about literary flaws, which in her case run to about 800 pages at a go.

      1. “Anthem” is her best stuff, IMHO. The rest is too tedious.

  21. I’m kind of irritated at Rose right now, but at the same time Nate is also moving on with one(or two) other girls at the moment so this is kind of a tit-for-tat situation depending on how Nate takes things. Rose is fucking another guy already to ‘scratch an itch’ while Nate may be getting his game on with his CSM during this exact moment(sort of). However I think Nate might, in a cliche way, pull a white-knight move here and reject Tracy, which will kind of suck because it will be a cliche I’d love not to see in TG since it has held strong to breaking such cliche’s.

    As pissed as I am that Rose is a skank… this is honestly what I’ve been hoping for. I wanted for a very long time a comic I could read that broke the cookie-cutter mold of just another comic with a similar plot and different faces; I wanted main characters I could actually dislike for realistic reasons, and not just have characters people “Love to hate” because of some retarded reason or another, and TG has provided that. Rose is an easy to get village bicycle, it’s completely obvious now that she really actually did jump on the first cock that presented itself, especially when you look at her rationale, he’s not Aya’s biological brother, but none the less she has to live with him as such, and that awkwardness fucking sucks – Hell I can relate in a half-assed way to this, my own brother drunk-fucked a girl I liked and I have never once treated him the same since.

    For the people that rage – Just consider what I said earlier, yeah Rose is a slut, but did you honestly expect her to change? She even said it, going without ‘fun’ as she put it wasn’t normal for her, pointing out that this kind of action was normal for her in the past. Why would she stick to the way she was with Nate when it didn’t work out? Fucking random guys works for her, actually showing maturity and self-control doesn’t… obviously she’s going to choose the latter when you consider it.

    For those who try to justify this for her as if she’s not doing anything wrong – I really don’t know what to say… You’re basically promoting girls to be sexually immature and that’s kind of irresponsible in itself if you don’t try to correct it. You can argue but I know not doing something about a problem is only helping it. Girls can be just as mature/self controlling of their emotions as Nate is with his, but they just choose not to. I for one will not support or help a girl like that, I’ll just look down at them and say “Well you F@#$ed up… now how do you feel?”

    Eh whatever, internet arguments are old, lol, this is a comic after all, I shouldn’t be arguing ‘morals’ in a place like this. You can take what I say or just let it pass in one ear and out the other, it doesn’t bother me, I’ll just be sitting here patiently waiting for Monday now πŸ˜€

    1. My thinking is more on the build of the storyline for Nate… I wasn’t thinking in the sense of “Is Rose going to change?” Which is another arguement of mine – people don’t change. Change is random. People grow, they mature. Rose hasn’t matured since the beginning of this comic.

      But, as I way saying, Nate is the main character of this story. It’s focused on him. Rose was presented early on as his romantic interest. That’s been the focus of the story for some time now. But now she’s acted in such a way that as readers, many of us wouldn’t necessarily like to see her get back together with Nate. Because to her, a random roll in the hay is more important than all of the things they had in common and bonded over.

      Which makes one wonder, who else in the comic is a viable romantic interest? Tracy, who just threw a bra at him? Probably not – just because someone offers you sex you don’t suddenly like them. Miranda? Maybe – she’s only appeared in two strips now, and to suddenly work her in as a new romantic interest is a bit like when you see a new actress sign on to an already running television series, you know she’s going to immediately be written in for the expressed sake of being a target for flirtation, even if no other depth to her personality is explored. Since Rose’s recent couch bouncing, of the established characters who match Nate for maturity, Aya is perhaps the closest. I’m not talking about any of Rose’s family for the sake of brevity and common sense.

      The author shouldn’t treat the reader as though they’re unaware that they’re reading a story. Meta-thinking happens. If he didn’t want the readers to become upset when he suddenly shook up the entire established theme of the comic, then a change-up like this should have happened far sooner. It’s like the old show “Moonlighting”… everyone enjoyed it when it was a slightly oddball crime drama with heavy comedic elements. Then after a few seasons it became a soap opera drama, and surprise! The fans left. The author risks that very thing here, now.

      1. Your last paragraph is great. I’ve tried to say it in various way, all poorly worded. Like Funzy jumping the shark. It’s one thing to make a character do something. It’s another to assassinate the character or placate it to a 1-dimension role.

      2. you don’t suppose he’ll have Nate hooking up with Aya? It’s obvious she respects Nate, and thinks Rose is a twit (substitute another vowel if you so choose) for treating him as she has. I suppose Aya will still be too young for Nate, but those two have a lot in common at the moment, and they are both very upset at the same target.

    2. Rejecting Tracy wouldn’t be a white knight move. It would be self defense. He’s being sexually harassed by a work supervisor.

      As for Rose, backsliding is to be expected of people who’ve found their efforts frustrated. It happens in every discipline and treatment program, even with people making excellent progress. Rose stumbled badly here, but it’s rather early to write her off. As steps toward moving past obsession with getting what she’s wanted from one guy for 3% of her life go toward possibly understanding what a healthy relationship can be go, people recover from worse.

      Let’s also recall that Nate wasn’t offering or considering that sort of relationship when he thought she was older. If he’s advanced since then, good for him. He’s still mostly just treading water in the rest of his life. Maybe he’s got to move beyond Rose, but moving beyond a job he hates should be a higher priority. I’d rather he didn’t create a cycle bringing us back to the first strip.

  22. Why… thank you. πŸ™‚

  23. I canΒ΄t help but think that AyaxNate would make a quite good couple. Just so that i can see Rose face when she meets them on a date. XD
    And then the Cat fight. πŸ˜€

  24. Nick, you must be secretly recording my life right now(I’ve got an ex-gf who stabbed me in the back because of this EXACT situation)… bravo, man, bravo. Sluts never change, and people can and will stab you in the back.

  25. Ive had the link her for quite some time but was too lazy to read yet. Started reading yesterday, finished with the last comic at about 4 a.m. and read all the comments up to there only to discover that comic has almost 300 comments πŸ™

    Anyway, i like the comic, i wanna be in dickweeds place right now, and im gonna build me a shelter in this comics section where i can sit and wait for the next comic

  26. you know i can already see aya pointing to rose out that this could easly end any relation she could or couldave fixt with nate and then long silence with rose saying …..shit (i probly read to many webcomics to be able to make that predection)

  27. So, uh, I write. Don’t do comics because I can’t draw and am not confident in my dialogue skills, but yeah, I write. The minute you start writing to/for your audience, you lose a lot more than a few followers – it feels contrived and pedantic and no one wants that. Fan service is not always (or usually, or EVER) the best way to go . . . that’s what fanfic is for.

    I don’t like the choices Rose is making any more than most people. i don’t think they’re healthy, or good for anyone involved (including Aya’s dickweed step-brother). However, I do understand that this is a comic, and someone else’s vision. I don’t want the writer/artist to cater to me – It’s not MY COMIC. I just happen to be enjoying something that someone else chose to share with me.

  28. Wow, the comments have really started coming in lately. I guess when things start to get naughty people start having something to say

  29. After reading all these comments I feel forced to write something a little more positive.
    Sure, what Rose did no one would like to experience (as Nate), but that there is so little understanding worries me (understanding, not excusing). As far as we know from the comic, it seems obvious that Rose has some issues, either regarding sex or, more likely, ones she tries to resolve with sex (if she knows that herself is another question, we don’t know about them yet [if they are really there]).
    The question is: Do we let everybody fall who has problems, or do we try to help some of those who obviously can’t help themselves?
    To me Rose seems as she doesn’t at all like what happened, but just because of that she defends her decision all the more. She would possibly also do the same again, just because she felt like it at the moment.
    Well what do I want to get at…
    Summed up it comes to this for me:
    I do not think Rose is a bad person, with no regards to feelings of others, but a lost one – and there is still hope for her. Its just a question if she is left on her own or someone puts her on a better track again (and quite possible not only once). I also think that this would be a long and trying road for anyone trying to do that.
    But the way I think, one thats worth it.

  30. look, if your friend’s brother is hot and interested, and right here right now, then go for it. Aya will forgive Rose in time, and then they can have slumber parties again.

    I will make a big stink if Rose tries to make it up to Aya by screwing her, but mainly because all the guys would be commenting that they loved it, after they cleaned up their keyboards. πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve holding out for a foursome with Nate and Purvous!

  31. …Oh, maybe they just wanted to get it on after all. XD I’m not even sure why I thought they might like each other to begin with. Poor Aya, is all I have to say. Having Rose as a best friend must be…tiring.

  32. Ok first off sex is great no arguments there but what rose did to aya uncool Personally i think Rose is nothing but trouble she was trying so hard to get Nate and then she pulls this little dandy of a stunt and is acting like its all natural and trying to lecture Aya about trevor not being her real brother is just……….sad

    on a side note i think Nate should get with Aya =3

  33. Rose is such a slut D:

  34. I missed the actual incident so I am just posting it here.

    I’m done with this. Thanks Nick for catching my attention so well, but there’s nothing to hold my interest here now, I don’t care about any of the characters any more. Be wary: I am not saying it needs to be fan service, but you can only present readers with so many catastrophes of this nature before they give up altogether.

    1. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    2. Have fun going back to your cliche and boring repetitive comics where the two main characters always fall in love without any problems and live happily ever after. Those of us here who want something more than just some boring manga-like comic will stay here and enjoy something bold and outsanding.

    3. Chris K and Jeri… I like pistachio ice cream. Not everyone does. My boss joked I was a weirdo the other day when I brought a pint into my job. Some people like pistachio, but others are more of a rocky road fan. The point is, not every person shares the same taste in all things. That doesn’t make them wrong, or a proper subject for ridicule.

      Some people don’t like dramatic fair. Some people like more bizarrely humorous stories. That doesn’t make them wrong. And if the story has changed in such a way that it’s taken on a “flavor” they don’t care for anymore… well, that’s their choice. And there isn’t anything wrong with that.

      But making insulting comments because their tastes aren’t exactly the way that yours are? Should we all be the same, now? No personal choice? You’re either with me or against me? Your statements stand for themselves.

      1. Amen to that.
        I don’t enjoy pistachio ice cream. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. πŸ™‚

  35. i think she is trying to be the mother type then ayna is going to yell back some ubsenity

    1. shut up u fucking slut

  36. “I thought you said he *wasn’t* your brother.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA ROTFLOL…now cut to Nate & Tracy, and make it snappy–the fallout from this night of debauchery should be awesome. πŸ˜‰

  37. I have read all of “Treading Ground” and I will remain a reader. I don’t like what Rose just did with Trevor, but I think it’s a well written webcomic. Mostly, I dislike what she just did to Aya by screwing her stepbrother. I don’t know if I want Aya to start an affair with Nate, but that wouldn’t end my readership either. This webcomic has been very funny, and I don’t see why it won’t continue to be so.

    1. Woot! Been waiting on someone to make a proper page.

      Not sure about the associations at the bottom though. Purvous isn’t mentally ill, he’s mentally challenged. And all the characters are “nasty or flawed in some way,” not just the women. Flaws make characters human.

      1. *sigh*

        I need to start taking lesson on character development from you.

      2. Mmm, it was the closest I could find for Purvous. Other more savvy tropers should feel free to make appropriate edits.

  38. awww i was hopin for some more NSFW goodness πŸ™

  39. I don’t know, I thought this was great.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong. I winced when I saw the last strip, and I kind of grimaced this time. I may have muttered “Dammit, Rose…”

    But I think the storyline’s really interesting. Maybe it’s because I only started reading TG a little while back, so I’ve just gotten to know the characters in one big chunk followed by a month or so of updates.

    Look, the thing is, Rose is barely over seventeen. I don’t know how many people out there reading this are Nate’s age and up (I’ve got about ten years on him, myself) but shit, when I was seventeen, I did some really stupid shit. Shit I’m still pissed at myself about later. Didn’t make me a bad person, though. I was just being seventeen.

    Your opinion may differ. The thing is, though, it’s only been about a month since Nick told us he was working toward an ending for TG, and that “the characters will undoubtedly say and do things you’re not going to like.” I mean, people, this is par for the course. If everything was going to work out smooth for everyone involved, Rose and Nate would’ve had hot monkey sex for the first three weeks of the comic, drifted apart, and that would’ve been the end.

    1. Indeed. Well spoken.

  40. Last I checked with the strip was Nate and Rose hadn’t done anything past the first comic when they met and ran off for a shag. It wasn’t morality that prevented Nate from tapping Rose, it was her age. Nate isn’t some white knight, he just didn’t want to risk jail. Nick, this is a great comic and had given lots of laughs. Please keep to your guns and I am eagerly awaiting the next update.

    1. “It wasn’t morality that prevented Nate from tapping Rose, it was her age.”

      I didn’t get that. But perhaps I misunderstood. I didn’t think that it was only fear of jail that kept Nate from having sex with Rose. If it was, I’d have to question it. I mean, it’s been made very clear that Rose has been and is sexually active, so Nate had little to fear from her. And also clearly little to fear from her mother, or sister. Really, it was as close to a completely safe situation as it could have been made, and he still refrained. That’s either morality, or an utter cowardice that I don’t think is fair to paint on Nate .

  41. I just want everyone to know that Nate also went for the first pair of legs that opened to him. Rose went for the first cock to penetrate her. All’s fair in love and war.

    I agree though, banging Aya’s brother wasn’t a great idea, had it been some other able member that wasn’t related to her best friends I’d have no problem but damn… You just don’t bang your friends siblings, it never ends well without drama.

  42. I quite like Aya’s shirt.

    I want one.

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