Look Back In Anger, Part Three

If you're wondering what Steve's shirt is about, allow me to shed some light.

In other news, there's a new short video up over at That SciFi Guy with some reflections on the upcoming Green Lantern movie, and the internet's reaction to it.

29 thoughts on “Look Back In Anger, Part Three

  1. Yeah, i can be a little “Fuck work” sometimes. Can’t wait until I can do comics full time.

    1. Same here.

      1. Wow mad props for supporting the wow crack. Kalelkainalu on Nathrezim 😀 <3 Druids!!!

    2. I don’t get like that, I LIKE my job!
      I understand how people get like that though, not all jobs are fun.

      1. You’re one of the lucky ones. In my experience, most people work a job they either hate or tolerate.

  2. Of course he like turtles…turtles are FUCKEN AWESOME.

    1. YES! That they are …

      1. Don’t forget their awesome sumo slamin’ Panda Pal Kahn.

        1. No ne asked for it, but you were thinking it (c’mon, admit it)…:


  3. If there was a backing music track to this strip, it would have to be the theme music from the Guild, yes?

  4. lol. wow crack….the bane of us all. its the one thing me and my girl have in common. we raid stormwind as date material

  5. Wow, I feel like an idiot. I had to go actually check if The Burning Crusade was out three years ago. Didn’t realize that it’s been that long already.

  6. Hello I’ve been following the comic for a while now and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it, keep up the good work. Sorry it’s taken so long to finally comment on one of these apparently I can procrastinate at anything :).

    1. I hear that.. (that explains the gaps in the archive). Welcome aboard!

  7. Love that t-shirt. Took me a second to get it. At first I thought Zombie kid was Master Shake with no straw.

  8. Hey quest items are important dang it

  9. Holy crap someone from Natherzim reads this? Prob horde though 😛

  10. It wouldn’t suprise me if Steve’s main was LEEEEEROOOOYYYY JEEEEEEENKIIIINNNS. He seems the type to intentionally destroy a raid for the lulz.

    1. I wondered for so long who Leroy was, I only recently learned that he’s famous for what he actualy did. I always asumed he did somthing epicly awesome, not epicly crazy.

  11. I was wondering how long it would take for a wow reference to make it in here. Former WOW addict with way too many 80’s. Thanks for the good comics and damn good story.

  12. His shirt seems odly straight to be tucked under his arm. *raises eyebrow* Jokes Good one liking the story plot so far :D.

    1. Good call, it looked like he had a coat hanger stuck in there. I meant to fix it, but you reminded me. Done now!

  13. Love it. I just stumbled across your comic from a link on Menage-a-3 … read a few, then clicked first and have spent the last hour or two reading the lot (and many of the comments).

    I’m a fan of QC – but and I see parallels in TG, but frankly, I think you have an edge here that QC used to have but has lost lately. Stay on the edge!

    1. Thanks, Simon!

      To be fair, TG is a lot more compressed as a story… I don’t have 1800 strips or whatever Jeph is up to these days, and I’m not planning on milking it forever. It’s easier to tell a story when you know you have a set beginning, middle and end.

  14. Nice. I like this comic. I have enough hate for each of the characters to be able to laugh at their fail relationships without becoming stomach twisting sick like I would if a character I LIKED acted like Rose.

    I love this comic because I hate everyone in it. It’s a complicated relationship.

  15. Don’t look back in anger…
    I havent heardyou say…

  16. I hope that someday I will get a promotion that I am excited about. I have literally never had that. I got a “promotion” last week that basically consisted of a fancier title, three times the responsibility/stress, and exactly the same pay. I was like…..uhh…..woooo….I guess…

    1. yeah but’ll lead to better things….
      god i wish i was the bookkeeper of my store! :'(

  17. Thank god, at least they’re horde.

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