Look Back In Anger, Part Four

Oh shit, son.

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  1. Hmm, it’s good to see she got the job on her own merits.

    Fucking an older guy is a merit, right?

    1. eww! eww! eww! eww! eww! eww! eww! eww! eww! eww! eww!

    2. Yeah, no-one succeeds without sucking a little cock now and then.

      1. Too true, too true.

        1. Oh, so that’s why I only have a few thousand readers over at LWI.

          So who do I suck?

        2. Line starts here;):P I’ll totally read your comic, I swear:P

      2. @Muddy, That just makes me wonder about Bill Gates.

  2. Oh hell yes!!! The only way to the top is to sleep your way there. Completely true to character, I say.

    Love it 🙂

  3. wow why the fuck would you sleep with some old ass mother fucker for a shitty job

    1. It’s not uncommon, even for a job like that. I have a term for those who do that.



        She-man and the masters of the Food Baron, rated Y17…lol

  4. Time to insert foot into ass

  5. F***ing harlot! Good on you! XD

    1. Now we can see why Nate would often call Tracy a harlot.

  6. Wow. Honestly didn’t see that coming. No wonder he despises her.

    1. I know right? That was way out of left field! Well…THAAAAAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!!

  7. well at least we know he was talking from experience and not just anger when he called her a harlot.

  8. Soooo, according to the rules of contamination… Nate hasn’t just been sleeping with Tracy, he’s also been sleeping with their boss. And yet she’s the only one who gets a promotion. Now I ask you: is that fair?

    1. hmm…well i don’t think the boss rolls that way to begin with, so he probably wouldn’t have given Nate the promotion even if he asked him to touch his ass

  9. Hmm. There is still a chance, a small chance, ok may be just a tiny chance that Tracy actually hasn’t slept with the boss. Some flirting, perhaps? And now something bordering sexual harassment. Tracy might just be too shocked to not slap the guy’s face. Or too elated about her promotion to care. Or too inexperienced to know an appropriate reaction.

    Granted, it doesn’t look good. But let’s hear Tracy’s story before we jump into conclusions. We do understand Nate’s take on this better now. I predict that Nate won’t stick around long enough to hear the full story.

    1. Actually notice Tracy’s expression in the last panel. Doesn’t that tell you something?

      1. Of course! It tells me that the wonderful artist uses facial expressions!

        1. Take a look at the manager’s face… what does THAT tell you?

        2. that currently, tracy is grabbing his genitals, also tracy looks like she just won. pure win, of the wicked kind.

    2. Actually couple their expressions with the statement “I know FIRSTHAND you’ll do a good job”, yeah, she’s totally banging the boss.

  10. And now you know… the rest of the story.

    1. thank you paul harvey 😀

  11. How many people called this? Huh? Raise your hands!

    It was basically predicted that she cheated. But it never occurred to me she might have done so just to move up in the world. That is some messed up. It’s not wonder Nate despises her if that’s the case.

    Cheating is one thing. A horrible but but one thing. Cheating to gain something? Worse… much worse

    1. Isn’t cheating _always_ done to to gain something? Even if that something is just self gratification or a few minutes of pleasure? I mean, it sounds like you’re saying that cheating just because you have no respect for your current partner, or because you just feel like getting laid, is somehow better than doing the same thing but with the hopes of some other reward. And I’m not sure I can draw any kind of distinction there.

      1. OK, you said it better than I did. I do draw a distinction, and though both are totally indefensible, I’d say the former is more hurtful etc. than the latter.

    2. So it’s worse if it’s not personal?

      1. Yes. It shows how low you are on the list of the other’s priorities.

      2. Plus she did it to get the job that was probably going to be his otherwise.

  12. Well… That puts things together now dosn’t it.
    And ceating on youre man is bad, ceating on youre man to get ahead of others is worse, cheating on youre man with his boss so that you can get ahead on others and him and doing it infront of him. Honny you are one stone cold S.L.U.T.!
    So aperent ly this is way better than the lottery.

    1. Yeah. This way works.

  13. Be that as it may, it only further proves how desperate and pathetic Nate really is, because he still went back to get milk when he knew the cow’s milk was rancid.

    1. Well, it’s not so pathetic if he just went for a “ride”, without any serious intent…
      I believe in casual sex if it’s intended just like it from the start to both (or more) people involved…

      1. I actually think that was more of a grudge fuck than casual sex.

    2. Dickweed the Elder

      And let us not forget the wore his glove when he milked that tainted udder.

  14. Nate just sensed Char!

    1. I dunno. I can’t really see Nate screaming ‘Sieg Zeon’ and trying to drop an O’Neil cylinder on the Earth. Or are you speaking of another Char? ^^

    2. IS Nate in the Gundam or Nu Gundam?

      1. Nah, he’s Amuro from the beginning of Char’s Counterattack and is the RGZ-91 ReGZ.

  15. Why do I hear the sound of shattering glass right now?

  16. Well, I didn’t ever guess the termo “firsthand” could have such a wide spread of meanings…

    I’m starting to ask myself if we’re going to ever see a non-slutty female carachter (see? well spelled, many thanx to all the people who made me notice it last time!) in this comic…

    1. Aya, Miranda, Lilith… just about any other extra or one-shot character that has shown up…

      1. “any other extra or one-shot character”

        …so, we are focusing on sluts? Yeah, right. Much funnier (if you are on the right side of the bed, so to speak)…


  17. How old is Tracy here?

  18. Sexing your superiors is a good strategy to climb the corporate ladder.

    Although I don’t know about doing it for a better grocery store position.

    hehe… grocery store position…

  19. I think now I understand Nate’s problem with using sex as means to get something, no wonder why he got that mad at Rose.

    1. It definitely makes a hell of a lot more sense now. I’d hate the idea too if my girlfriend fucked a nasty old guy for such a cheap position too.

  20. OOOOOOOO snap, now we know why he has an issue with her, she used her femine wilds to get that job. That had to hurt, poor guy

  21. The looks on both the faces of Tracy and the manager tell volumes. It reminds me of a question that my uncle asked me when I was 15. “What is the difference between a prostittute and a whore? The prostitute has sex with men because she needs the money and can’t make it any other way. A whore has sex for money because she’s getting paid to get laid.” i.e. a whore does her job because SHE LIKES IT. I think we all know which catagory of the two types of women Tracy falls into here.

  22. “Bookkeeper” has two “k”s…

    1. Thanks for catching that. Photoshop’s text tool seems to hate entering the same letter twice.

      Alternately, maybe she got promoted to Boo-keeper, the store’s ghost chaser. *rimshot*

      1. Clearly your going to require a “boo-keeper store ghost chaser” sub plot bonus story, for next Halloween Nick. Might I suggest Les, Tracy, Aya and Purvous. The line has been drawn! >=o

        *sets the clock and begins to wait*

  23. In Tracy’s defense, Nate didn’t even want the position. So she apparently rode or blew or whatever Nick may later reveal she did for the old guy was, she wanted that position and found she had the means to assure she could attain it. It was how many years ago? And it didn’t stop Nate from banging her after hours at work, so he can get over it.

    1. Ah, so it’s alright to have sex with your superiors to get a promotion when one person doesn’t want the job. =|

      1. I’m just saying that he must not be too offended by it if he still lets her on his junk. So she’s “grab ’em by the balls” kind of girl. That’s her personality. It’s not like she’s real so I don’t see the point getting all twisted up about it. Nick wrote her that way, just go with it and enjoy in the pages that follow.

  24. So, what happend to Bill? Did he retire?

  25. C’mon guys maybe he coaches football. Shall we not go to the gutter so quickly?

  26. the gutter we shall go , he never entered the back door

    1. …and we know the manager dropped his pants to the the floor (Didn’t think I post huh?)

  27. i kinda looks to me like she is looking back to see if nate seen the ass grabbery, and not looking to the boss dude. So maybe she is just giving the boss some false hope just to ensure her job?

    1. Actually if you notice nate’s face, coupled with the shattering background, its clearly a “world has shattered” moment for nate. and that is generally referred to as a soliloquy moment, so nate’s reaction is for him and the audience. only.

  28. he is just jealous that it is his promotion that she got.
    I jest of course.

  29. Smiling Bob of Enzyte was the store manager at the time? It all makes sense now.

  30. Remember guys, she had to taste powdered sperm and disappointment to get that job. Let’s cut her some slack knowing that she had to do and see somethings that can’t be unseen or undone.

    1. That expression on her face doesn’t seem to shine too much ‘regret’ on her part, or is it that I’m just not seeing her bothered by it?

      1. Not many show it. It takes training or spite.

  31. “I know firsthand you’ll do a fantastic job.”

    Hand? Blow? Rim?

  32. ….implying that sheslept with her boss…
    …for a BOOKKEEPER job…
    …in a GROCERY STORE…
    … effectively dumping her boyfriend at the same time who was applying for the role as well….

    That is possibly the most depressingly pathetic thing iveseen in my life

  33. I think there shoul be a character called Druffy

    By your friend Druffy

  34. Beware the green eyed monster Nate! (Jealousy.) Although hard to avoid at times, anger, jealousy, and hate only hurt the user, not the “target”.

  35. OMG… she’s almost like a female Bill Clinton crossed with a female Bill Gates.


    that thought alone sickens me back into the bout of Flu I just overcame not 24 hours ago.

  36. I’m slightly disgusted with Tracy. But then again I lack respect for those who get what they want through underhanded means. And yes, I believe fucking your way to the top is rather underhanded.

  37. That must suck.

  38. And Lo! So it was that the name of purported harlot became clear. Damn Tracy.

  39. Alexander Malyshev

    It’s those who do the little extra. THOSE are the ones who get head I mean get ahead.

    Bonus points to whomever gets the reference.

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