Melting Point

This is possible, but you probably want to turn off the fans while you're in there.

You may have seen Christopher advertising on the left from time to time lately. It's a diary comic that's cute and sweet, so it's pretty much the antithesis of TG, but it's still quite funny and totally worth taking a look at.

Also, I'm currently running a poll. I don't have any changes planned, but I did want to put some feelers out there. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to vote!

46 thoughts on “Melting Point

  1. Hope she wasn’t using it at a toy. It might have gotten stuck.

    1. Hmm… most freezers aren’t THAT cold (usually only a few degrees below 0 C), and her body heat should have been enough to prevent that (after all the tongue on the metal thing is where the tongue is out in the open), but you do raise an interesting concern.

      I work in a hospital, and extracting people from things they shouldn’t have put in themselves, or put bits of themselves in, is a disturbingly frequent issue for EMTs and in the ER.

      1. I dont know about the freezers here, but the big one in the wal-mart I worked out was really really damn cold, I had to wear a jacket in it,lol

  2. Just don’t purchase any “open box specials” any time soon… buuuuhhhhhh

  3. “never looking at a popsical the same way again” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    1. -throws Popsicle away- im not hungry anymore

  4. Lemme guess Nick, you’d just heard the song California girls and the part about ‘melting your Popsicle’ stuck in your head? =p

  5. They must be in an awful lot of heat to be able to have sex in the freezer.

    1. I know! I used to work in a processing plant, and the freezers there ran from mildly chilly to put-on-a-parka-or-your-manhood-falls-off cold. Yeah, freezers ain’t the best place to have EWB sex, no matter how hot ‘n’ steamy it is.

      1. I agree, hats off to Nate for being able to pull that off

        1. “hats off to Nate”

          Well, as long as the “jimmy hat” stayed on… 😉

      2. You have a parka for your manhood? Where can I get one of those?

      3. Oh yeah, some meat freezers in a processor would be stupid cold.

      4. What’s EWB stand for?

        1. Enemies With Benefits?

        2. OHHHHHHHHHH O_O 😀 good one!

  6. Common man, you were so scared of doing it with Rose because she’s under age (Though she puts uot well enough so I don’t think the cops are tracking her.), and you want to end it with Tracy now because youre scared that you’ll get caught. Seriosly man you are missing out on a lot of good opertunatys. Grow a set!
    And as fare as the popsical is conserned I’m not shoure if that was a shot at him, or if she did try all 32 flavers out down there, but if it is the latter all i can say is delicious! (And watch out for frostbight.)

    1. Tracy may never look at a popsicle the same way; I’ll never think of “blue balls” the same way again

  7. Was this the meat freezer? Not the weirdest place to pork it.

    (See what I did there?)

  8. The basic theme of TG is that Nate is a wuss…really, Tracy seems cool* with it, so what’s his problem? Cripes, it’s like he’s got some kind of psychological block that prevents him from enjoying a trip around the bases with hot chicks!

    *…get it? ^_^

    1. Well, either she’s cool with it, or she’s frigid. Either way, it’s good for a laugh. 😉

      Anyway, I’d guess his psychological block is called “Murphy is the Big Dog, and Nate is Murphy’s bitch chew toy.

    2. Odds are he still feels slightly guilty and angry about fucking the woman who slept with their boss to steal his promotion and then told him he could stick around as a booty call.

  9. aside: it’s not so much that colors are pretty, but please don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. if you can keep the quality up, go ahead & make the leap to full-time strips.

    1. That’s a concern. I just kept thinking that if I were able to produce lineart more regularly, I’d get better quicker. But since the color is a big part of that quality in my opinion, I’m leaning toward keeping it as is.

      1. how about a compromise, M/W/F colored, T/H black and white.

        also CUMSICLE!!!!

  10. Meh…there is nothing wrong with having some standards (As Rose is slowly learning) What ticks me off about Nate is that he knows he is better then that, but keeps thinking with the wrong head. Since nate holds tracy in the utmost contempt, he really ought to be doing a better job of keeping it in his pants. Besides, what better way to hack off Tracy then forming a respectful (and publicly affectionate) relationship with Melinda?

    1. With who?

  11. Damn, Tracy’s one kinky tramp. Wouldn’t want to get emotionally attached but rest would be fun.

  12. Why do the readers seem to think she means a real popcicle? *sigh*
    I’ve had sex outside on a cold winter day, long story that I’m not getting into, it’s much more difficult than most people would think.

  13. well, she did say he had endurance issues. a freezer would probably help with that. Also, for a racist chick she’s pretty hilarious

    1. Actually cooler balls = more spooge our boys a external for a reason 🙂

  14. Nothing puts me in the mood for lovin’ like freezer burn and mild hypothermia. *^_^*

    1. Hey, wasn’t that a Barry White song?

  15. I read through the archive a few weeks ack and currently a regular reader, love the comic!

    I won’t reveal my vote for the poll, but if say if you were to go back to black and white, would you do the odd color one here and there as and when you have the time?

    1. Just do what the newspaper comic strippers do, Mon-Sat B+W and a longer, full colour strip on Sundays.

  16. I’d love to see the reaction of the person who bought that ice lolly….

  17. Glad to see that over 70% support keeping the color. I have no problem with waiting a little in between strips, because the quality of the work is great. Keep up the awesome work!

  18. Nathan’s got a point. And it’s the same problem I had with Rose screwing Aya’s step bro on the couch.

    If they were both smart, they meet somewhere private. They’re just asking for trouble having all that sex at work.

    Part of me actually hopes they do get caught. I will be most satisfied.

  19. So now Rose seems to be realizing that the sex she wasn’t having was more the finishing touch on the cake rather than main ingredient whilst Nate is still oblivious to his navy-blue balls leading him into the clutches of the truly frigid.

    Man, this comic touches on so many deep concepts at such a shallow and entertaining level.

  20. Coment on the poll: Moar TG! Gief moar TG!

    Seriously though, I’d say do what’s best for the comic as a whole. If you feel you want to get though the plot faster, to get it off your mind while it’s still fresh or something, do go black and white. On the other hand, the art style is quite good now, and if you don’t feel the urge to speed up the storytelling, I’d say to keep it as it is.

  21. Tracy really knows how to rub it in, doesn’t she? Bitch. Oh, and colors are pretty! 😉

  22. Watch out for produce as well. Saw an EMT account of a woman who got some stuck in here while she and her lover where messing around in the grocery store she worked at. used several different produce and they didn’t catch the store in time before some of it had been sold. WASH EVERYTHING .

  23. OUCH. Like, seriously. Do not try this at home, kids, it will hurt like nobody’s business!

  24. Can’t believe no one made a bad pun about Tracy Winters.

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