What, you're not going to agree to go out on a date with Miranda and Tracy at the same time and then have to run back and forth hilariously all night?

Man, Nate. Way to spoil the party.

36 thoughts on “Reassessment

  1. At least she’s not my first gf who couldn’t make up her mind.

    And I guess she thought they were being just friends.

  2. This seems familiar somehow…

    1. Exactly what I was thinking…

      1. …and as long as I’m digging through the archive…

        Is Tracy the “ex” that’s into yaoi?

        1. I worry we may be looking too deeply into this.

        2. That’s what she said!



          …I got nothin’.

  3. Awwww…Rejected.

  4. Happened to me. Asked this girl for her number, then crap just started to brew in my life. She asks me why I haven’t called, I explain myself, promise her I’ll take her on a date soon.

    She looks right at me and goes “Who the hell said anything about dating? I just wanted an excuse to get out of the house!”

    Fuck my life…

    1. Just be thanksful dude,
      At least she wasn’t a man.

      1. …I question this statement…

  5. Oh sure, she want to ‘just hang out” and next she she asked what his views on friends becoming more then friends and next:


    Moar Bullshit and three way tie between Rose, tracey and Miranda. Also, I wnt more COLORS.

    1. Hey, who’s complaining about a three way between Rose, Tracey and Miranda? 😉

      1. knowing them they would end up having a sexy romp party at Nate’s place, a very awkward party…

  6. She just wants his jock. She’s legal! (pun not intended) Play ball!

  7. As least she’s sensible, oh yeah, and not a slut.

    1. That we know of anyways

      1. Give it a week.

        1. That or until her green card expires.

        2. Then she can just renew it O_O No need for a man for that.

        3. I’m pretty sure that Miranda is a citizen, so no green card required. And please, don’ty let her be a slut (like Rose) or a bitch (like Tracy). Is a nice, normal girl too much to ask for?

        4. We are talking about America, right?

          Land of the Free, home of the Bitch?

          Sorry, being a high school guy, that 1 in 100 is THAT hard to find, and must be worse in Nate’s situation.

        5. normal would be roses friend

  8. ME thinks some more NFSW comics are gunna be poppin up soon if you know what i meann

    1. Brownchickenbrowncooooow.

      1. …I see what you did there.

  9. Pump the brakes, Nate! Not every girl has an agenda. *^_~* This just gives more credence to my theory that men love to complain how women are always too serious and women are straining at the leash to get into committed relationships and blah blah blah etc., when really it’s MEN who are full of estrogen and feelings and act like “traditional women”. *^_~*

    1. Does the term “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” ring any bells m’lady?

      1. Unfortunately yes, that is a scenario I am all too familiar with! *^_~*

  10. I asked a girl after we ‘hung out’ a couple times if this was leading somewhere or if we were hanging out (the signals were a tad mixed), she said hanging out. I was a little disappointed, but I could live with it and said so, but she started to avoid me after that. Weird.

    Hopefully Nate won’t face the same problem here.

    1. Maybe she preferred to hang out with someone who just wanted to hang out, rather than just hang out with someone who apparently wanted more? By avoiding you there’s no question about which signals she’d be sending, and she wouldn’t have to worry about inadvertently encouraging you. So I wouldn’t call that weird.

      Not that I know anything about girls. Or people. Maybe she didn’t know what she wanted at first, but then decided that she didn’t want you, and just wanted to move on? Without necessarily explaining or admitting to anything? That would also not be weird.

      1. Weird, that second comment describes what happened to me a bit ago…..then again, I think there is another reason

  11. Itr’s a short & slippery slope from “let’s hang out” to “let’s pick out curtains”. 😉 But seriously, Nate should dump Tracy and go out with Miranda, if only to regain his self-respect.

  12. She just told Nate his Miranda rights. 😉

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