Hey now, this is dangerously close to wholesome. Quick, somebody show some tits!

So apparently this is that dead week between Christmas and New Years, and if I had thought about that in the first place, I'd probably have been running those guest strips THIS week. C'est la vie!

In lieu of that, we'll have a Quick Comic on Friday. Happy New Year!

34 thoughts on “Viscosity

  1. I am proud to say I have never gotten sick on a roller coaster. This caused a few people to hate me when we went on one together and they did.

    1. Same here. My brother tends to resemble Nate in his proclivity to spit-up, though.

  2. You don’t even KNOW how bad I want Tracy to show up and start pulling some straight Wile E. Coyote shit on these two. XD

    1. Let’s just hope she osen’t bring any ACME proucts, I swear they sold me a bad speed tonic.

  3. Never thrown up on a roller coaster before. Those closest I’ve come was nausea after riding a Gravitron. Ugh…

    Also, RotSman: You mean trying to trap them/ruin their date just to have the intended results happen to her instead?

    1. Something like that…she gimmicks the Duck Hunt rifle to backfire, but it works great for Nate. Then she checks it out…TRACY SEASON! BLAM!

      I don’t know what it is about this particular installment, but I’m feeling a “Looney Tunes” vibe is the way to proceed….

    2. I’ve been on one of them, the Vortex at dreamworld I had no reaction to it and everyone else was sick lol

  4. “Whirled Wide Web”. Normally, I hate puns, but that was both a new one and damn amusing.

    On another note, I’m actually expecting Rose and the dick to show up. The possibility is too great.

  5. Man… nate… such a weak stomach man.

    I’m proud to say no roller coaster has ever made my iron-clad stomach even flinch since I was…. well, over 12 years at least. Most any ever do to me now is give me a headache in which I’ll just ride one such as this to cool my head.

    And as others state, I can’t wait to see Rose and Douchebag here; it’s semi-cliche but all too perfect for so many things to go right and wrong.

  6. No vomiting and no nausea on any roller coaster I’ve ever ridden to date! I am awesome!

    It’s funny how Nate is trying to grip his pride so. I wonder what will happen next now?

  7. she got what she asked for

  8. Dramamine Nate, Dramamine.

  9. OMG, Nate, you are such a fracking wuss! I’ve been on rollercoasters, and they don’t affect me in the slightest. Can’t wait to see what happens next. 😀

  10. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Miranda kinda looks like an older Aya?

    1. It’s like how Nate and Arne look eerily similar.

  11. “Quick, somebody show some tits!”


    (looking for Rose…)

    1. “Hey now, this is dangerously close to wholesome. Quick, somebody show some tits!”

      Miranda seems to have a nice pair. Just a suggestion, you understand…

      On stomach integrity. It seems that it’s something you either have or do not have. There is no try. I’ve never had motion sickness of any kind. Riding roller coasters or any ride at all, reading while in the car, and even on a sailboat my uncle who owned the sailboat got nauseous once and I’ve never minded the pitch and sway of the deck or the hard tack when the wind is strong. If I weren’t well past the age, I might want to be an astronaut when I grow up!

  12. I love amusement parks and county fairs, but it never fails to scare me when I realize that all those rides can be disassembed in an afternoon and reassembled in the parking lot of a parochial grammar school across town that very evening.

    1. Yeah, tell me about it. I once rode something called the cork screw at Knots Berry farm when I was a kid, then my mom told me later that they had to shut it down a week later when one of the cars flew off the tracks and killed a bunch of people.

      1. That’s a common “urban legend” at practically every park. Coaster accident that killed people this way, that way or whatever. Yes, there have been fatal accidents but they are very rare. A significant number of coaster fatalities were caused by the riders deliberately disabling the restraints to increase the thrill.

  13. @Ginger: and if they run out of nuts and bolts, they attach the frames together with used cotter pins and paper clips! I was trapped on a rattling ferris wheel put together that way in a shopping center parking lot when the operator walked away to run another ride and scarf down a sandwich. That’s fear! Roller coasters? Love ’em.

  14. ( o )( o )

    Crisis Averted.

    1. Here you go, ( o ) ( o ) Boobies!

      1. Or I should have said, MORE boobies.

  15. We called it the “tilt-a-hurl” in my honor. I do okay on light to moderate rollercoasters, but I can’t say I really enjoy them, just indulge my emotionally juvenile friends when they insist I join them. Interestingly, I have been on boats and ships since I was quite young, and I’ve never been seasick.

    1. I read that quotation as “tit-a-hurl”. I then proceeded to throw up. Not on my tits, though.

  16. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the gryroscope like torture device that they strap you into and spin you all around. Yeah, that is way more vomit-inducing than any roller coaster I’ve been on. Just thinking about it makes me queasy.

    1. The Gravitron, yeah. Back when I wanted to write an action comic, I thought it would be awesome to have a fight scene inside one of those things.

      1. No no, not the Gravitron. I’ve been in that no problem. I’m talking about the one with several rings inside of one another, connected via interlocking pins. They fasten your hands and feet to the innermost ring spread-eagle style, and then the rings spin around in different directions, causing your body to go up, down, sideways. It’s like spinning around on a swivel chair for a minute and then stopping suddenly, only a million times worse.

        Found it, the Orbitron. Or the Human Gyroscope.

        BTW, I want to see that fight scene in the Gravitron. Rose vs. Miranda. I don’t care how you work it in, do it.

        1. Heh, wow, that does sound unpleasant.

        2. Is it wrong that when I saw that name, that I immediately thought of someone getting in it, putting on some dark sun glasses, and saying,
          “Now it’s the ROY Orbitron!”


  17. m the guy that sits at the frount and chilles he whole ride when the rest are screaming there heads off

  18. I never got sick on any of that stuff as a kid, but as an adult I found that I was motion sick the first time I went on a boat. If it wasn’t for the Dramamine I would have seriously blew chunks and fed the fish we were trying to catch.

  19. A lame attempt at covering up is much worse than just admitting you couldn’t handle it. At least say something about your lunch not sitting well and the ride was enough to tip the balance.

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