I hope everybody had a fun holiday. I certainly did, but all this travel time has killed my buffer!

Consequently, I'd like to do a guest week at some point soon. This is a great opportunity particularly if you run a webcomic and want to get a bit more exposure. If you're interested, hit me up at nick at treadingground dot com and include a link to your comic / art site / whatever for more details.

30 thoughts on “Oasis

  1. This is getting too close to my personal life for comfort… ^_^

  2. I notice he decided to go with a comparison that was also wet.

  3. canteen? CANTEEN?

  4. Wow… Canteen? There was a mental image I did not need, especially having personally once had a boss who was a psycho-tramp named Tracy…

    But I laughed anyway. =D

  5. I think I’m going to use ‘canteen’ as a euphemism for vagina from now on.

  6. You seem to have a gift for euphemisms Nick.

  7. To go there, or not to go there, that is the question…..

  8. (sigh ) when school comes around this is one of the webcomics i cant read while am in class but oh well i be wanting to go home all day

  9. I like how they move to completely different parts of the store with each sentence.

    1. Not really – that’s all up in the office. Notice Jimi using the same computer in panels 1 and 2?

  10. This guy is like a Bagger Vance for pussy-getting.

  11. Yeah, I think we ALL know how Nate’s going to be “breaking it off ASAP” with Tracy…

    …or should that be “breaking it off” IN Tracy? ;รพ

  12. This plot is heading back to Rose isn’t it? I think I’m starting to see it.
    Tracy = sex w/o love, Miranda = love w/o sex, but only Rose = both.

    1. Soo, Tracy/Miranda/Rose = nirvana, if I’m reading your math right.

      1. For the readers, certainly.

    2. yeah, Rose is both alright, No love and no sex.

  13. ‘water in the desert’
    ‘cant take lips off that canteen’

    More wonderful metaphors from the people at Treading ground!


    1. Yeah, Jimi’s really got it covered.

      …just like his hat!

      1. Speaking of which….what is under his hat? ‘_’

        It’s like double-d!

  14. Dood, stop following me around! You’re describing my EXACT situation right now…

    1. Don’t you just ‘love’ that?

  15. Count me in on the guest strip thing… I’ve already got one started! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Excuse the cross-comic post, but I really enojoyed what I’ve read so far of Times Like This. I’ve gotten through the first 40 thus far, but had to get back to work. Catching up on TG was more time than I should have spent surfing.

  16. I’ve been reading this strip since before the long break and just found out you were back on while cleaning out my favorites folder! Been loving it even more, keep up the great work.

    My only request is that if you ever show Tracy in civilian gear she should rock a “Laser Guided Fetish Bomb” t-shirt.

  17. Why does it seem to me that that guy will be eating Tracy out based on hat his friend said? lol Yea I can’t remember their names and I’m too lazy to check my memory banks for them. lol

      1. Two things about that lineup: 1, I never knew Aya was short for something else. 2, awesome picture choice for Rose’s mom.

  18. I would read the shit out of a comic that was just Jimi giving relationship advice.

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