Rose is subconsciously paraphrasing Pulp Fiction here, but not any of the cool characters.

41 thoughts on “Interruptus

  1. So… sad and lonely “Oh, I see you’ve moved on” and she leaves or will there be wacky consequences with some boob flashing?

    I think I know what we all want.

    1. Hrrrmn, characters behaving like rational adults…or wacky hijinks involving some boob?

      …yeah, it’s a pretty obvious choice xP

      1. maturity!!! go rational adults! šŸ˜€ lol

    2. Consequences! Consequences! Consequences! šŸ˜€

  2. AWKWARD!!!! dun dun dun! lol

  3. Oh, I think this is about to move beyond awkward.

  4. I know iā€™m a sappy guy but seeing this hurts i wish they would just get back together sex or not. and if any of you feel like makin fun of me for that remember this you are what you eat. that makes Derek a dick, Nate an ass and me a pussy, AND EVERYONE ELSE IS FUNNEL CAKE!!!

    1. I dunno, I’d like to see Rose be on the outside looking in for a while. Might make her a little more rational (as much as she can be at her age) about how she treats Nate. I don’t really think Nate’s an ass, he’s just caught in a big miscommunication.

  5. I smell a threesome… and it smells GLORIOUS!

    1. Dunno what you are smelling, but from here i think rose needs some air-freshener, or at least some Tarter Sauce

      “Plug it in, plug it in”

  6. Oh noes! Now how will they get their funnel cakes?!

  7. The funny part is that she’s not talking to him. She’s talking to her. I can just see it.

    1. I can totally see that too, I have a feeling THEY have some history…

    2. Hmmm, I agree. It’s totally in character for the date girl to address the girl her date is standing with first. It establishes alpha-chick dominance, or something like that, while addressing the man first is more pathetic, as in “Hi. Who is this hot chick you are talking to?”

  8. It appears that somebody broke Rose’s concentration.

  9. If Rose has learned anything, she will make quick but polite farewells and get her ass out of there fast. This would probably A) show some maturity and probably some genuine remorse. B) Surprise Nate and get him thinking about her again.

  10. “You done fucked up, son.”

    1. The man spoke wisdom, and it just keeps being true.

  11. I forsee a “But she’s not even who I’m having sex with!”

  12. Egads! Might both Rose and Nate be growing up?

    Also, all this needs for more awkwardness is for Tracy to stop by with Steve all over her.

    1. Nah, with Tracy it’s never just mindless sex. Tracy always has an agenda.

      …and that gets me thinking….we know what Tracy screwed Bill, but why did she go back to Nate? he certainly cannot further her career… I am left with two conclusions:

      a) She just wants to be an uber-bitch and mess with his chances with deli-girl. Always a possability.

      b) It is possible (albeit unlikely) that she feels genuine remorse herself over her treatment of Nate years ago, and actually wanted to help him when he was all messed up over Rose.

      nah…. who am I kidding, she is an uber-bitch.

      1. and she did say bill was bad in bed… but she didn’t say the same thing about nate.

        1. It was actually Richard she slept with. He was the Store Manager at the time, and Bill got promoted to CSM (Tracy’s current job.)

          There is no evidence Bill has ever slept with anyone. šŸ™‚

        2. Nick, as a Bill, i hate that last line of yours with the intensity of a thousand suns.

        3. Get laid more and maybe you’ll hate it less?

        4. Pics or it didn’t happen!

  13. he and rose just need to get back i dont like the old rose so plez nick nip the single life thing in the bud but outher then that love the stuff

  14. Well, I’m surprised by how mature Rose is handling herself when she saw Nate… mayhaps my ex and I might see eye to eye in the near future(probably not, but you never know).

  15. InteruptingLatinoSaysWhat?

  16. Rose, meet Collateral Damage–I mean, Miranda.

    I can just tell NO ONE is going to be able to enjoy their funnel cake.

    1. Sweet funnel cake with a side of Dispair.

      Hadn’t have that cake since I saw End of Evangelion.

      1. Let’s just hope against Instrumentality happening anytime soon.

  17. Ah, I see Nate has the same problems with timing as I do. Not in what he (or I) does, but that if there is a bad time for someone else to show up or do something, that is when they will do it.

    “You couldn’t have waited two minutes? Oh no, of course not.”

  18. I foresee Tracy showing up as well. Why stick with akward threesome when you can make it four?

  19. He he, maybe now Rose can see how to do that “make em jealous move” done right.

  20. Now I just feel bad for Miranda. “Collateral Damage” is about right. That said, keep up the engaging storytelling, Nick. It’s rare that I get so involved in a webcomic that I actually read it every day it posts rather than catching up in big chunks every month or so (and this is the case with many of my favorites, no disparagement meant to my “catch-up” comics).

  21. I see a Manage du Tois coming on

  22. There are indicators of some kind of either temsion or cooperation between the two girls, notice where the hands are? šŸ˜‰

  23. Wow, then i got to the last part the song Requiem the fifth started to play on the radio XD dunh dunh DUNNH!

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