Fun fact: Trevor, Aya and Rose are some of the first characters I ever created. When I still wanted to do the next Ranma 1/2, Trevor was supposed to be my male lead.

How fucked up would that have been?

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    sorry for the caps but i’m just that excited ^_^

    1. Him crying like a little bitch does seem like an amusing sight.

      1. While it would be satisfying in the extreme to see dickweed cry like a bitch, it might also make Nate seem like an even bigger dickweed and give Rose a reason to actually want to comfort young master dickweed.
        Whatever happens will be great I’m sure.

        1. i would do the arm twist behind the back thing and walk him to the trash can he through up in and trash can the little fucker head first

        2. or just a good solid punch to the adams apple

        3. thats a pretty big difference there, dump him in trash, or kill him,lol…

    2. I agree with Lando


    3. Nate should just bitchslap the kid and tell him to go back to his mommy. that’s what i’d do to anyone who says stuff like that

      1. Shouldering arm bar and make him French kiss the ground, “really? then avoiding that should have been easy.”

        1. Yeah. But I think that the young master’s high. Look at his eyes in the third panel. He looks so F***ING HIGH.


    4. I can see Trevor now “My throat hurts from the corndog rape, and I got my ass kicked by talking above my skill level. Man, I hate the carnival.”

  2. Lol Trevor as Ranma? Something tells me he’d be making a ton of porn.

  3. Aw, hell…


  4. I predict there will be punching, followed by Rose raping Nate right then and there.

    1. That’s….actually somewhat disturbing. Unless Aya joins in.

      1. And Miranda, since she’s handy. MFFF tiem!

  5. Please! Please, Nate! Punch him in his stupid face!

  6. I love how in the last frame Nate just looks resigned. Like “Really? I really have to level this kid? Sigh.”

    1. hahaha he does look like that :] I wonder if Rose is going to deny that she’s his girl then Trevor say something extremely stupid and sexual (personal) so she knocks him out then leaves…fun times

  7. Am I the only one who kinda wishes the Nate from the “End of Compliance” story line was here? =p

    *Punch* + *Shattered Skull* = Lets get some cotton candy while the medics arrive =D

  8. I’m betting it’s one of the two women that kicks his ass. I love the embarrassment on Rose’s face in the first panel!

  9. Bitch slap! Oh snap! Punk motherfucker ain’t worth a cap!

  10. I predict; ROSE has an epiphany, sees the tick-turd Trevor for what he’s worth, and
    ‘Jap-slaps’ the little shit into next week!

    Last time I’d seen him wanting sex from her, she had a “look” like – it was becoming a chore! …I’d say she’s about HAD it with him!

  11. Yeeees. Yes. Of this I do approve. Maybe I’m reading too far into it but I think her face in the second panel says “I wish I was here with you instead”. Then again, its kind of a given since she’s there with Captain McTardo.

    1. I totally agree. And in the third panel, Captain McTardo looks like he’s high, doesn’t he? Seriously. He looks high. Check it out!


  12. Hah. Just twist his ear and casually walk away. Gets ’em every time.

  13. So, I just read through the entire series today (okay… it’s 1am, but still!). I’m digging it so far. Just thought I’d share that.

    Also, I’m planning on buying a t-shirt as soon as I finish recovering from the holiday season (and after I buy a Questionable Content shirt…. Sorry, Jeph got ahold of me first. Haha!).

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  14. Please, please let Rose disavow him of that notion soon. Please!

    And if that doesn’t work, then Nate can deck him the jaw.

    On another note, I kinda like Rose’s metaphor. Her storm of raging hormones made her pick the closest port for relief from the rough weather lest she drown in it.

    1. Glad someone noticed that. 🙂

      1. She couldn’t have just binged on chocolate, instead? 😉

        1. No, that’s her sister’s game…(cues rimshot)

          Thank you very much, I’ll be here all week!

        2. @ Bmeph:

          I’m trying hard not to think of that as clever…and It’s not working.

    BEE! -HIS!- ASS! (hits seat cushion with each syllable)

    then make sure to CALL AMBER LAMPS

    1. Well played Chrysalis, well played use of amber lamps.

  16. slow reactions, a need to impress the ladies and “martial arts” most likely learned from the movies he got his dialogue off. This cannot end well.

    1. Yes, truly: this boy must be a high master of Dumbass Fu.

  17. xD I wonder what the ‘and shit’ part is that he knows.

    1. Monkey style: Fecal toss!

      1. I predict the ‘and shit’ will be in his pants when Nate is done with him….

  18. I say i do believe we are about to experience some dapper fisticuffs if i am not mistaken o_p

    1. * Manacle ! *

  19. even if nate kicks his ass(which he will), there will be no victory for him, for he will have beaten an underage weak, lame,loser

    1. He won’t do it. If he refuses to f@!& rose, then he clearly respects the laws concerning minors and adults, so unless he actually feels threatened, which I doubt would result from young Master Dickweed’s “martial arts and shit”, then the only one here who could kick his ass and get away with it would be Rose. There is my prediction.

      1. I second your prediction, either that or he will try to attack Nate and Nate will simply move out of the way letting the little dickweed fall flat on his face. At which point it would be a great time for Rose to walk on him as she’s walking away from him.

  20. I think Nate sees the same thing I thought when Trevor started his, “I’m a Kung-Fu Master” BS. ‘If I kick his ass, is he worth going to jail for assaultiong a minor?’

  21. Trevor is not even worth a groan and a sigh. That said, it looks like he’s gonna trip himself up any second. Martial arts and shit? Looks more like a drunk Egyptian.

    1. Try to “Walk like an Egyptian”… and fail miserably!

      1. :3 He looks like a mentally handicapped monk that dropped out before he learned his kung-fu

  22. NO, don’t hit him. Isn’t he a freakin’ minor? I’m sure he’ll clean out the gene pool all by himself, sooner or later.

    1. With Dickweed’s level of intelligence, I’m suprised that he hasn’t done that already.


      1. That is a bit surprising…

  23. -face palm- nuff said

  24. Well, since the storm has subsided and repairs have been made, it’s time to set some damn sails again. Because that port is a dump and it smells funny.

  25. Dickweed the Elder

    “young Master Dickweed”

    Dickweed FTW!!!!

  26. I think you should have the Vampire vanquish that dickhead.

  27. Possible future dialogue…

    Rose: Fair’s fair – you broke him, you replace him.

    Nate: Hey, he swung at me, I dodged, he tripped.

    Miranda: Same result. We go halves, Rose?

    Rose: Sure. Whose room?

    Nate: Hey, get your hands off me! Help! Abduction! Rape!

    1. +1.

      but i don’t know if miranda is so free when it comes to sex as rose is

  28. Why should Nate react at all.
    It’s not like Rose is worth fighting for and the little kid she’s with isn’t worth beating on.

  29. With Nate being as worried about age differences and going to jail over something fun like sex, I doubt he’s the kind of guy who’d beat up a minor, since he’s more likely to go to jail for that.

    Nate’s probably gonna just try to dismiss him, like he already did with the “80’s villain” line. If any punching happens, it’ll be Trevor punching Nate.

  30. For some reason, I think it’ll be funnier if Wednesday’s comic has Nate sporting a shiner, because,
    1) Dickweed really does know kung fu;
    2) Nate’s world is that Crapsack.

  31. Nate is not amused. or frightened.

  32. Considering the guy only wants to go to the movies to see a Segal film, I’m betting he tries to break Nate’s neck and fails miserably.

  33. As Nate respects the laws about Minors and shit, he won’t fight Young Master Dickweed. However, if he did, heres how it would go.

    YMD: HIYAAAA!!! TWOAAAAAAA!!! OOOAAAHHHHHH!!! *Various Kung-Fu noises and poses*

    Nate: *Facepunch*

    Nate then goes back to his place and nails Rose and Miranda and the chick from food baron whose name escapes me. With his roommates watching. Because Nate is a badass.

  34. Nick, if you have any sketches of Trevor as girl Ranma, you must post them to achieve maximum hilarity.

    1. I Know it’s a good joke line, but I just meant akin to Ranma 1/2 in the martial arts romantic teen comedy aspect. Trevor never fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl. 😉

      1. Damn, and here I thought that Rose was Trevor’s girl form.

        In my mind, everyone’s girl form is a redhead.

      2. Of course not, he fell into the Spring of Drowned Dumb Jerk. Although, why he fell into that one, I don’t know. There were already 2 other bodies floating in that one.

  35. I love this scenario, and can actually think of 4 different things that could possibly happen.

    1. Nate punches the douche in the face. Master dilweed cries like a girl, rose comforts him, and Miranda leaves since he bullies little kids, and he goes back to work the next day bitching about how nothing is going his way, and Tracy finding that as an ample reason for angry sex.
    2. Rose stops the douche from punching Nate, and leads him away like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. He complains that she should have let him beat the crap out of the idiot making a move on his girl, and she will probably tell him he’d get his ass handed to him. He has a wounded pride and becomes possessive of Rose, and Rose wonders why the hell it had to be him she hooked up with.

    The next 2 are similar but different. The douche tries to hit him….
    3. and connects. We find out Nate has a hard time taking a hit, and that Rose can kick some ass. She drags him off of Nate and either punches him in the stomach or kicks his nuts. They break up, because of ass and douche combination being to much for her.
    4. and misses/doesnt hit him, but tries to do some karate moves. Nate makes fun of the idiot, and Rose takes him away in shame, feeling embarrassed for being with the twerp, while the master dilweed sees no problem with this and acts as if he fought off, and won, against Nate.

    I cant really see much of anything else happening, but look forward to seeing what happens next. Honestly this is the most excited ive been for the comic in a long time.

    1. Nr. 4 I’d say seems the most likely of all your predictions. For some reason I think it would be outright cruel to let Nate be floored by this sad excuse for a human being. However, I’m not quite sure that Rose would actually drag Master Dickweed away. Should he actually miss, for some reason I believe the whole situation and the level of stupidity that Trace displays would cause Nate and Miranda to leave, with Rose quickly going by their example and leaving the sorry sod at the Carnival.

      Then again, maybe not XP

  36. Reminds me of Showgirls: “Everybody got AIDS an shit!”

  37. Just ignore Young Master Dickweed; I have an ex-gf who is EXACTLY like this, and fisticuffs are definitely not worth it. Walk away, Nate, and show who’s the bigger man(and nail Miranda eventually, okay?)

  38. “Any port in a storm”. That’s our Rose, the Maritime Mattress. *^_~*

    I’m betting Trevor doesn’t actually know martial arts…he probably just knows some quotes from martial arts movies. Here’s one for him. “Put him in a body bag, Nate!” *^_^*

  39. Will Nate and Rose ever get together? He seemed kinda cold towards her.

  40. I it wrong that I would not only watch/read the hell out of that Ranma remake, but that I would pay money for it?

    On a side note, I would punch a puppy if I saw Ryoga wondering around lost in the background….

  41. Just one swift kick in the balls, that’s all that would be needed.

    1. or just barly tap them it hurts more i think

  42. I can't enjoy your coffee

    Truth to be told, Ifind this one of the most enjoyable webcomics on ze internetz,
    having a large ROFLMAO factor.


    Go on dapperly

  43. Technically speaking… Wouldn’t Rose be the “port”?

    1. “Any port in the storm” is the metaphor in question here. Not as directly sexual as usual, I’ll admit.

    2. Not the way Rose sails.

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