Nate's best week ever?

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  1. Cheek Kiss! OMG the dude bombed afterall!

    1. Oh come on, after all crap he has been through, can’t Nate have a sweet and innocent moment in his life

      Dating a girl doesn’t just have to be trying to get in her pants all the time
      (just most of the time)

      1. The Negro Guy approves!!

    2. Cheek kiss with boob action, unless I am misreading the 2 dimensional image.

      1. Appears to be a lil chest to boob rub, regardless can’t help but smile at the “innocent nature” of the moment….considering Rose is probably being railed behind the corn dog vendor.

        Sadly I can see this ending poorly for Nate…the USS Tracy looms in the distance, with cock-block missiles at ready and torpedo tits of doom.

        1. torpedo tits. first i was like O_o and then i lol’d

        2. I lol’d at them too, reminded me of what my friends and I came up with at work when we were talking about spongebob O_o (yeah…we watch spongebob)….”Barnicle Tits”

        3. …The Negro Guy approves!! Even though it sounds weird.

        4. Nate has no hope. The Heat Seeking Fetish Missile will end him for sure…

    3. It’s a good ending to a first date.

  2. If awesome had a weight, it would be 10000 pounds.

    That is how awesome this comic is.

    1. sooo… pretty much over 9000?


    1. That was so snap, it broke the comment barrier and is rapidly accelerating to the archival menu (which is one line and several simultaneously, defying all current webcomic physics)!


        1. FTW!!!!!!!

        2. Anyone ever notice that FTW is just WTF backwards?

        3. …Yes…

        4. but, do you approve?

  4. IT’S SO FLUFFY! 😉

    1. I died 😀

      1. Quick!!! Pour cement over the casket!! We don’t want a zombie invasion!

  5. Damn, things are looking up for him at last.

    All he needs to do is keep himself from fucking Tracey and he’ll be set.

    1. too late, see where this is headed.

    2. Once you fuck Tracey, she fills your brain with rules and regulations on how you must worship the over-heated orifice called her pussy. (AKA: The Creator)

  6. Oh now she wants it to be more than friends

    1. When a woman is faced with the possible chance of being one-upped by another woman who is/has/had the man who she’s been hanging/dating/fuckings center of attention, said woman will do anything to drag said mans attention back to her. It’s simple common sense.

      1. Pecking him on the cheek is more of a thank you kiss, not like she threw her bra in his face like Tracey lol…thatd be cool too though

        1. Thats right im commenting on my own comment, got a problem? Come at me bro!

          Anyways, One more thing. Nates life isnt that shitty damnit! Hes fucking Tracey, hes got a chance with this chick and Rose is a possibility too, he just doesnt want her cause shes a skank (lol) and underaged. His job sucks (food mart, I lol at you) but w.e …. I forgot what I was saying

  7. I am still waiting for that bus, that very big very heavy, double decker bus.

    1. yeah … me too. I’m still not sure who’ll be hit – doesn’t necessarily be Nate to hurt him.

  8. Don’t worry, I’m sure Nate WILL find a way to F*** himself over. It’s practically karma

  9. Awwwwwww 🙂

  10. Good job, Nate. Progress in the right direction.

    Now let’s see how he fucks this up at work.

  11. …Come on Blue shell…HIT HIS ASS.

    Also, Crowning moment of Heartwarming?

  12. Cheek kisses are sweet, girls love to get them from guys… It’s a sign that you like the person, it might become more, but it’s not a full on mouth kiss that could come on too strong…

    And I hope that things are looking up for Nate, he deserves something nice to happen in his life… Go Nate!!

  13. It’s nice to see Nate have a moment that didn’t totally suck. However I almost feel like we might need Admiral Ackbar going “It’s a trap” things are going way too well.

    1. Watch she has a kid he don’t know about.

  14. You know, when Congress passes the Internet Blacklist Bill and the FCC can censor the web, we will look back at this particular strip fondly as the only thing Nick can get away with in his strip……Oh wait, scratch that…..there are cleavage lines on her shirt. Oh well, been a good run.

    1. All cause of the damn Liberals

      1. Are you high Tyler, or are you just stupid?

        1. We have to choose? He might be Libertarian!

      2. No, it’s the Repubs who don’t want boobs and things in comics… and I love this little moment in time… he’s been a good guy, and now he gets the cheek kiss and tit rub.

      3. You do know why Republicans refer to themselves as conservatives right?

    2. It’s just a matter of time before Morality in Media and Focus on Family are all over web comics. It’s just a matter of time before these people take away everything from us that is fun to read and watch and do.

      1. … a wild Snorlax appears.

        1. I throw a pokeball at it!

        2. I’ll throw a snack for him (there are no girl Snorlaxi)

        3. I just imagined Snorlax sex. O.o

        4. You strange strange person….

          Anywho, I’m happy in knowing that my government’s idea’s of internet censorship is to make sure we don’t articles about how our previous prime minister got a lap dance when in the states 😛

          For those of you wondering, I’m Australian.

        5. heh, and just look how well that worked! I <3 Australian censorship – Don't ever change!

        6. Hehehe I know right! <3

  15. You smell……………..of glasses………

  16. DONT FUCK IT UP by getting caught having sex!

  17. And what exactly will she see. Considering one customer decided to apply for work due to seeing breasts pressed up against the glass

    1. Good thing guest strips don’t count as canon. A lot goes on in that store, but they would totally have been fired for that. And possibly arrested.

      1. Still totally worth it.

  18. I’m sure this goes without saying, but I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. *^_^* Enjoy your drink before the war, Nate!

  19. HEY..
    Feast or Famine. The way it is..

  20. We r really going to see how far the rabbit hole goes…

    1. …GIGGITY!!!!!!

  21. Finally caught up, starting reading from the beginning yesterday. :p

    Is it just me, or does this series have a lot of recurring readers (I find it difficult to call them fans) who ardently hate every main character in the comic as well as the plot arc itself? It reminds me of “Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun”, where nearly every page has a box of comments about how much the art sucks compared to the artist of two years ago. That’s many months spent very dedicatedly hating. <.<

    1. The readers are vocal. It shows they’re invested. 🙂 The straight up vitriol seemed to hit a crescendo when Rose got with Trevor, but it’s leveled off.

      As far as JC goes, the new artist is actually quite good, but there’s only one Ethan Nicolle.

      1. I don’t hate Nate, or anyone…I find them too fun to hate.

        1. The only one I hate is Tracy… and well maybe the jack-hole that Rose is with now… but he’s just a young douche… maybe he will grow out of it so no real need to hate him.

        2. I seriously agree though, this is quickly becoming one of my favourite comics due to the witty lines and interesting story. While nice art is appreciated, it’s not a must.

  22. Now that’s a sweet ending. Everyone’s good.

    Which, considering Nate’s luck, means it’ll go downhill from here…

  23. I can see a trainwreck on the horizon. But seriously, I started reading yesterday as well, and for some reason, feel like shit for rose, it’s odd. maybe I just liked the idea of her and nate, you know? this comic, sure does make it seem like they’ll end up as friends or something in the future, though. but anything’s better than their current position. Also, I love nate’s face, he looks half surprised, and half happy. Nick, your comic is excellent, and you are by far my favorite author/artist. applause to you, good sir.

  24. Cue cosmic cockpunch.

  25. Wait… that panda… I see your Ranma 1/2 phase isn’t fully over.

  26. Yesterday was a busy day so I didn’t get to check the strip until today. As I said on the last strip, Nate impressed her. Sometimes I hate being right about this stuff.

  27. i can just see an awkward moment coming up at the store, like what happened to rose, getting caught in the act.

    Or she goes and talks to the black guy with the beanie dew rag hat (im tired cant remember many names right now XD) and he goes, “oh hi there, wondering were nate is, hes in the back tappin the boss’s ass”

  28. I like commenting on here! I don’t have to pretend to be an emo or a 14 year old girl to get attention!

  29. Omg! i squee’d

    It was so cute… now let’s see how he fucks it up

  30. I like the fact that everyone is hoping that he fucks up big. Shows the true intentions of human beings. That being said, I bet 5 bucks he get’s caught on top of the break room table, by Miranda, whilst fucking the brains out of Tracey.

    1. I dont want him to fuck up, but it’s probably gonna happen anyway lol

      and i’ll rage

  31. So, I saw this movie the other day, called Sleepstalker. The two main characters reminded me of this comic. Here is screen cap: http://content.internetvideoarchive.com/content/photos/128/00540041_.jpg

  32. Here’s a nasty thought: Nate’s been bangin’ LGFM like a screen door in a hurricane.
    I think it’s safe to assume that she probably wants him back. So in order to deep six Nate’s chances with Miranda, I’d lay even money that LGFM is gonna kiss and tell…

  33. Miranda seems awesome: as well as sweet, she’s smart enough to make fun of herself too- which is depressingly rare with female characters. I hope she ends up becoming a character in her own right.

  34. *inserts Mortal Kombat music.

    Winner will be decided by who uses the bags of ice first.

  35. All Hail Innocent Maiden!

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