They're gonna go watch Judge Dredd.

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  1. Is there something about adultery in there?

    And I love the bestiality comment.

    1. Oh God, I only just realised he could mean ‘legal age.’ God damn I’m an idiot.

      1. Was wondering where you were going with the adultery thing.

        As far as I know, there hasn’t been any of that confirmed in the comic yet!

        1. In some states you can still be charged for cheating on your significant other. Was wondering if you could get charged if it was just your girlfriend.

        2. Probably wouldn’t hold up in court, though. ‘Cause honestly, do you really want your tax money to be spent on investigators finding out if someone really cheated on their spouse?

        3. Considering that American district attorneys are elected and not appointed, it would not be beneath them to go after some poor slob in order to score a few “law and justice” brownie points for the next election.

        4. I actually checked out Bestiality, not much of a difference…

        5. If it were your fiancee, it could be considered ‘Breach of Promise.’ I don’t think anyone has bee prosecuted for that sine the end of the first world war.
          Politicians really don’t want the idea of ‘Breach of Promise’ as an actionable offense entering the public psyche.

  2. oh shit! oh shit! oh shit! I’ve been waiting for this ^_^_^_^_^_^_^

  3. Holy shit. Don’t tell me she was legal this whole time. Insert anime-esque falling over sequence… now.

  4. Is that picture in the last bit… from Jason X?

    1. It is. Nick provides a lot of animation for ThatScifiGuy. The Jason X segment was absolutely hilarious.

      Dr Wiki FTW!!!

      1. Thanks, Pinky!

        Typically I’ll give Leo the finished art components, and he’ll animate them. It’s always a nice surprise when I get to see the final product.

  5. Val Kilmer Batman

    >Mfw it looks like Arne is giving Steve a thumbs up.

    Check that banner. Now tell me I’m wrong.

    1. OK… You’re wrong.

      granted that Arne is behind the rest of the pack, but follow the eyes. He is clearly giving the thumbs up to Tracy’s ass

  6. As a fellow Nate who has been in a similar situation he’d better pick the Latina. He won’t regret it.

    1. I kinda agree, but me, being a black man, I would pick rose. Cuz the carpet matches the fuckin’ drapes my friend, the carpet matches the fuckin’ drapes.

      1. Waitaminute….

        Negro Guy is ***BLACK*** !@?!?!?!! Who knew?

  7. If Rose has been legal in the state since her her 17th birthday I’m going to laugh my ass off again.
    [I originally did it when I read the beastiality comment directed towards Nate’s mother.]

    1. I read it as the law being relevant to Nate’s mother.


  8. Ah, Steve, how I’ve missed you. And been wondering what your stance on all this is.

    I’m thinking the bestiality statutes would also probably pertain to Tracy in some form or other…

  9. Wait wait wait… Is Steve going to reveal one of the most confusing love-rhombuses ever?

    1. Gotta remember, Steve fucked Roses mom. I wonder if he actually filled her, or if it was like sticking a pen into a toilet paper role.

      1. Roll, sorry.

      2. I’d like to think it’s more like, as Xander Crews would put it, “A hotdog in a… town”

  10. In Czech Republic both person involved in sex must be at least 15 🙂 *THUMB UP*

    1. In Soviet Russia, thumb sticks up YOU.

      1. In Soviet Russia, horse rides YOU!!!

        1. ScreamingFalcon

          In Soviet Russia, road forks YOU!!!

    2. Just to avoid geographical misunderstation: We were never part of Soviet union. And that number is true. There was even idea to lower it to 14, but did not pass through Parliament.

      1. Just a joke. Couldn’t resist a Yakov Smirnoff opportunity, even if it was only tangentially connected. 🙂

  11. That wall scroll in the second frame, is it anyone specific? I have an idea of who it might be but I just wanna know for sure.

    1. It’s Aoi from Ai Yori Aoshi. You can see the full pic at my underutilized DeviantArt page.

  12. I must say, holy hell I am surprised by how many people decided to look into the laws of relationships and sex.

    Epic internet nerd people. Epic.

    1. Because in order to break the law, you have to KNOW the law. *^_~*

      1. I don’t know the laws and yet I still break them…

      2. No the idea to behind studing the law is to not break it.
        Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to the law.

    2. I didn’t. I heard what I said from a friend a couple years back.

  13. I was wondering about this. Where does this comic take place? Because in most of America, the legal age of consent is 16, meaning that Rose/Nate would be A-OK

    1. I believe it takes place in Georgia. The age of consent there, as I’m sure Steve just learned, is 16. So yes, they could have been go at it like bonobos for the past year.

  14. If Nate could’ve been legally “hitting that” for a year I’m bracing for the loudest, most epic bout of scream swearing since that time my Uncle Jimmy nailed his foot with a sledgehammer.

  15. All that focus on Rose and it Could actually be along the lines of him being able to sue Tracy and win due to her being his superior at work

  16. I read this comic, the first thing I noticed was Aoi from Ai Yori Aioshi in the background in frame two.

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