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  1. Have you noticed that the two main characters treat their respective friends like garbage?

    1. How so?

      1. Well, Nate is constantly talking down to at least one of his roomies, and Rose schtups Aya’s step-brother…

        1. Come on, you know that insult ratio is like 80/20 in Steve’s favor.

        2. wouldnt it be easier to say 4/1? :/

        3. Not when you’re thinking in percentages. Not everyone can easily simplify fractions.

        4. Furthermore, 80:20 and 80/20 are not the same number. That’s a difference of 5%.

          80% = .8, 20% = .2
          4/1 = 400% 4:1 = 300%+ odds, and more half-assed math. If ye don’t get the 4:1, you need to take a trig class or go to vegas.

        5. Argh, Difference of 4X, not 5%. XD

        6. People say “eighty-twenty” in conversation more.

          Also, no one gives a shit.

        7. I guess, but you aren’t taking into account level of insult. Steve has the quick wit that gets the one or two base hits and the occasional home run, whereas Nate saves all his up for one massive grand slam.

          Like here.

    2. What’s a bit of name calling between friends?? I don’t think it necessarily rates as treating like garbage. In Australia – “bastard” is generally considered a term of endearment, and insulting each other respectable pastime 🙂

      1. and it is the only place where you can start a perfectly serious sentance with the word ‘Fucking’, and everything else you say for that matter too…

        1. And we like it like that.

        2. …which is what your mom and sister said – ZING!

      2. It’s called “Ball-busting”. And in my Italian-American in-law family it is a treasured past time. If I didn’t give as good as I got, I’d get no respect. Luckily, my friendships had prepared me for the rigors of this experience. 😀

    3. i’ll tell you somethin man, you cant be friends sometimes if all you do is step on eggshells. the douchebag ends up having more lasting friendships when he is just joking around. besides, who wants a friendship with no conflict at all!

  2. Wow, Nate. Way to be a dick. I guess that means Steve hit the nail on the head.

    1. Though it makes me wonder, if he’s so worried about being with a girl who’s experienced, why wasn’t he afraid of Tracey?

      1. Not afraid of Tracy? He skipped town for two years to get over her ass.

        1. and jumped right into having sex with her when given the chance…..

        2. It’s kinda sad when Nate get’s more plows the The Negro Guy Does. Makes The Negro Guy wanna cry, until The Negro Guy remembers he’s dating a white girl.

        3. Could be the fact that he’s already been with her – There’s a difference between being with A: an ex who you know/used to like, and are ‘familiar’ with. and B: A new girl who is pretty much just as bad, but you don’t know her nearly as well.

          Been in both situations – I kind of think, maybe (long shot here) that might be what it is. He was with Tracy, and dating/fucking the hell out of her, so going back isn’t as awkward as starting up with a girl who is pretty much just as ‘active.’

        4. It’s also true that you’re more cautious with the people who actually mean something to you. Nobody cares if they fuck things up with the village whore, but if you lose the person you really like (even if that person is also kind of a whore) then that really sucks.

  3. Ah, the McMilfunters. Such an old, high-class Scottish family.

    1. Actually, “Mac” is for Scottish and “Mc” is for Irish in most cases.

      1. Hey, McFly!

      2. That is actually a fallacy. Mac and Mc are interchangeable as english translations of the gallic “Son of” not to be confused with son-of-a-bitch, an ancient dog greeting!

    2. The Negro Guy says you spelled McMilfhunters wrong.

      1. Khaos thinks that The Negro Guy should stop referring to himself in the third person. It’s funny sometimes, but it gets annoying after a while.


  4. Remember, when you assume you make an ass of your face.

  5. McMilfhunter… that is now going to become a permanent word in my vocabulary

  6. The McMilfhunters sound like a very cool family.

  7. I used to be a McMilfhunter. Then we took her name.

  8. Like I said last year. This is Chasing Fucking Amy all over again. Man please for the love of above and below..just let the guy nail Rose.

    1. Chasing Fucking Amy?

      Someone is talented!

      1. Sounds like a porn parody. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one.

        “Just say it, you’re a tracer.”
        “Yep, and in two minutes I’m going to trace your mom.”

        1. Unfortunately, if we follow the movie, that would mean Rose is actually a lesbian whose past experience with guys involved being “fingercuffed.”

          And who is fucking Mr. Weatherbee again? 🙂

        2. Okay okay I get it hehehe. It was a moment of frustration. I am a loyal fan of the web comic but even I have blue balls for this guy at this point. Though fucking his ex slut girlfriend doesn’t count.

    2. It’s funny (to me anyhow) that I’d never drawn that conclusion despite constantly waiting for Purvous to return and have some sort of Silent Bob moment.

  9. Personally, it came off as Nate just not wanting to get sexually involved with someone who’s still technically a kid. (I recall him mentioning he had hoped she’d get bored of him over time during the “wait” and move on.)

    Also, I agree with Nate here. Steve’s in no position to judge.

  10. McDreamy, McSteamy, McMilfhunter.

    I think we know who the winner is

  11. I think that however this ends up, there will be an exchange of bodily fluids and someone’s feelings being very hurt.

    1. Well more than likely Miranda when she finds out Nat has been fucking Tracey. Then when Nate and Rose finally try to start a relationship, I betcha Tracey would try to do sabbatage.

      1. I was about to argue the point, but then remembered it was Tracy who kicked Rose out of the shop after Purvous became overstimulated…….

      2. How did Nate become such a hot ticket in the first place!?


  12. That’s what Steve gets for trying to be helpful, I guess. No good deed goes unpunished!

    1. I’m sure he had only the best intentions and didn’t want to fuck with Nate at all.

      1. On the contrary, Steve Loves fucking with Nate.

        Almost as much as he loves fucking with Nate’s mom!
        …or Rose’s rather. ;þ

  13. Dr. McMilfunter or Dr. Phil…hmmm, tough choice. 😉

    1. Dr. McMilfhunter FTW! It’s not easy being a MILF hunter, but someone has to do it… 😀

  14. I love what he called him! heh heh… his face makes it priceless!

  15. Heh, poor Nate…

    Love this comic! But your RSS feed seems to be broken…

    1. Looks fine from here. Maybe it was a temporary glitch?


  16. in caseanyone want’s to know for there state:


    hawaii and idaho have it the youngest 14 but for the rest it’s mostly 16

  17. Are Dr. McMilfhunter and Dr. McNinja related? Hmmm…

    SEE ALSO – http://drmcninja.com/newreaders.php

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