Life can sneak up on you sometimes.

103 thoughts on “Blindside

  1. THE FUCK?! Man, THAT came out of god-damned left field!

    1. The Negro Guy agrees…most suspicious.

      1. FWATANG approves of Negro Guy’s suspicions and third person speech patterns.

    2. Also, just noticed that he’s not protesting the “Milf hunter” jab.

      1. he’s been established as a MILF hunter, it’s a fact.
        he doesn’t want to believe that he is something that society views as wrong, which is why he is denying the Homophobe thing. It’s the greater of two evils.

        1. also, due to the bro code, he isn’t allowed to say anything:

  2. good for you fat balls!

    1. Anyone can find love, so long as their fat balls don’t get in the way of the passion.

  3. He had a girlfriend? Him? $10 says he met her online.

    1. The Negro Guy bets $15 bucks that she’s cracking a whip on his ass.

      1. Elston bets their limit is picking the nubblies off eachothers “his and hers” flannel jammies!

      2. I bet $25 he paid $25.

    2. I have a $20 that told me they’ll onyt cameo from now on.

  4. Holy balls she looks like Tracy.

    1. The Negro Guy agrees, but asks is it in the way of she’s hot enough to bang but not date, or okay to date but no plow-age?

      1. wtf is with this “The Negro Guy says x” bs?

        1. dont question the Negro Guy’s methods.

    2. Agreed the bookworm older sister version.

    3. That is the exact same thing that went through my mind here. Tracy’s younger sister, maybe?

      She could also inadvertently tell Tracy some juicy tidbits of information about Nate that he doesn’t want to get out if thats the case.

      Watch out Nate. You could have a spy!

      1. It’s a Trap!

    4. You know that was the first i notice

  5. There is hope for us all!

    …and Nate is being a major peckerhead!

  6. Rejoice! More boobs have been delivered unto us!

    1. The author said “Let there be boobs” and lo there were boobs, and all was good.

      1. and the dawn and the dusk were the 184th comic

        1. and there was much rejoicing


  8. This won’t end well. He’ll be back…. right?

    Someone needs to be the oblivious one in the apartment. XD

    1. The Negro Guy says get a black guy! They easily fill the void in every way possible. How does The Negro Guy know, you ask? The Negro Guy is one!

      1. No way…Negro guy is a black guy? WTF?

  9. Hmmm….her boobs appear to be big. BBW, perchance?

    1. I did try to draw her a little on the more to love side.

      1. The Negro Guy has the strange urge to eat cereal out of the dimples in her ass.

        1. Khaos knows that you stole that from Family guy. Khaos also thinks that The Negro Guy needs to stop referring to himself in the third person. It’s getting a bit annoying.


        2. The Negro Guy says The Negro Guy will keep referring to The Negro Guy’s self in third person, because The Negro Guy can and will. Also, The Negro Guy can quote whoever The Negro Guy wants to quote. If you have a problem with the way The Negro Guy operates, then you are shit out of luck.

          -The Negro Guy

          p.s. Haha You did the same thing.

        3. I actually have no problem with stealing lined from anything.


        4. FWATANG says The Negro Guy has every right to remain the way he is.

        5. Captain Obvious

          wow. that was straight out of left field. not that it matters much, Fatballs isn’t really a major character anyhow. just phase that bastard out.

          oh and Negro Guy? STFU. referring to yourself in the third person? really?
          this isn’t the 90’s. The Rock did it for wrestling and it was mildly entertaining at the time. Amane Misa did it in Death Note and it was straight up annoying.

          but this obviously forced-meme faggotry has gotta stop. No one gives a shit. we have plenty of nigga jokes on the internet without some retarded “The Negro Guy says X” making its way into the already clogged up arteries of the internet’s collective conscious of overused and REALLY forced memes.

          FWATANG GTFO you sockpuppet.

        6. Has anyone ever seen Nergo Guy and FWATANG in the same room at the same time?

          I’m just sayin’…..

        7. Another Negro Guy

          As a fellow Negro Guy I must say you need to stop sipping on that haterade and let The Negro Guy be.

        8. it’s … over nine thousaaaaAAAAAAND!!!
          no that has nothing to do with anything.

          but yea. straight out of left feild.

      2. Looks like you got the ‘little’ part right – She’s definitely not Rose thin here but still very well done, made her pretty cute for a drawn character :]

        Could be my thing for glasses on a girl though… hmm.

        1. C”mon, say it with me:
          “Please, Sir, can we have some moe?” πŸ˜‰

        2. Yeah… Whadayawant?

    2. I’d hit it.

      1. The Negro Guy would, but The Negro Guy doesn’t want paper cuts.

    3. I think that bondage needs to be explored in some way,

      leathery latex hijinks Batman!!

    (also, that is the part steve is worried about?)

    1. Muddy McMilfhunter

      Whats wrong with being called scottish?

      1. But…he was..It was a stab at…
        Well played, Muddy McMilfhunter, well played…
        HOWEVER! “Mc” comes from a Gaelic word meaning “Son of”. Gaelic is Irish and originated from Spanish Germanians who discovered the island early in the first Millennia A.D.
        Therefore it is safer to say he is being called Irish, not Scottish.
        So, ENGARDE! MOTHERF*CKER! (pun intended.)

  11. Hey Rose said it best he’s a big teddy bear, some girls like that and if she likes anime then they do have stuff to talk about. It dose happen believe it or not ^^.

  12. The Negro Guy is hoping there will be some detail on how these two met, and hopefully it will be violent. Oh, and The Negro Guy thinks a black guy should replace Derek.

    1. Negro guy. Will you marry me? Haha

      1. Sorry, but The Negro Guy is taken. haha

        1. Dickweed the Elder

          Clearly, Negro Guy is mostly taken with himself…..

  13. Derek leaves, and maybe Rose moves in?

    Naah! Too easy! πŸ™‚

    1. The Negro Guy says easy but hilarious.

      1. FWATANG says tracy should try to assert herself into the apartment now…

        1. The Negro Guy says her vagina would probably take up most of the room.

        2. ROFL that is how im sharing this comic on Facebook..

    2. The Oberon guy is rooting *GAH*EAR*WORM* I’m rooting for Miranda moving in. And Derek’s GF looks a little like her, too. Except with glasses and shorter hair.

  14. And then they all wake up.

    1. The Negro Guy says that would be funny. All that has just happened was all a dream Nate had, and he wakes up next to Rose. Then the cops bust in and take him away. Just throwing that out there for anyone to use…

  15. I’m not sure what’s creepier here:

    The fact that Derek has a girlfriend.


    The fact that, in the last panel, the two of them happen to look identical to myself and an ex. Like, so eerily similar, that I’m afraid to look at it again.

    She even has the same curves… It scares me.

    1. The Negro Guy says your past has come back to haunt you! WOOOOOOOO, and all that crap.

      1. don’t you mean WOOOoOoOoO?

        1. No, The Negro Guy says WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  16. He takes rather shocking offense to bigotry accusations, considering the depths of his bastarditude. Is it me or does Fatballs look like he’s actually shed a couple of pounds?

    1. I don’t think it’s just you… hmm….

  17. That One Mexican aggrees with The Negro Guy, and finds it funny that The Negro Guy has the same voice when I read his comments as when I read what Purvis says

    1. The Negro Guy tried to use his own voice for Purvis, but that didn’t go to well. So The Negro Guy ended up using Eddy Murphy’s voice from Harlem Night’s. Works a hell of a lot better.

  18. God that mustache is ugly he needs to shave.

    oh and I like the look of his girl friend

  19. I hope I’m wrong here….

    But the past week or so kinda has “Wrap up the loose ends” written all over it. Nick, please tell me you are not winding up for a finale here. You told us once you had an overall plan, and I am seeing it slowly reaching fruition. If the final timer has been activated, tell us how long we have left to enjoy TG, and what’s next on your docket.

    1. I honestly can’t tell you how much longer it’s going to be. I have everything planned out, but until I turn that into scripts, I won’t be able to give a reasonably accurate estimation.

      I will say that I have a lot to keep me busy after TG finishes its run and plan to jump immediately (or VERY shortly thereafter) into a new webcomic I’m really excited about.

  20. Everyone say it with me, “You have a girlfriend?”

  21. Hah! That reminds me of a friend of mine in high school. We all jabbed that he was gay because he never talked about dating. Come to find out our senior year he was dating a girl that graduated a year ahead of us…and she was pregnant! They got married and are still together as far as I know, lol.

    1. Ha! He sure showed you

  22. If this comic is called Blindside, is the part of Tracy Winters being played by Sandra Bullock?

  23. GIRLFRIEND!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!? HOW DOES HE GET A GIRLFRIEND AND WE DON’T HEAR ABOUT IT UNTIL NOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? She does have a nice rack though.

  24. The fact that Derek has proved himself to be completely functional while the rest of the cast is halfway to China and still throwing dirt in the air is HYSTERICAL. Thank you, Nick, for having a sense of PLOT, something that is so tragically absent in so many stories today!

  25. Is it just me or does she look like Aya and Tracy got thrown in a blender?

    1. No, that would be a disgusting mess and a waste of two good looking women. She looks much better than that.

      πŸ˜‰ j/k

  26. …would DEFINATELY like more NSFW

  27. Do you guys even remember what Tracy looks like? Look past the glasses.

  28. That has to be Tracy’s twin.

  29. I think i can imagine their eyes just falling out of their sockets πŸ˜€

  30. Here’s what’s going on in my brain:
    “I bet they will both sleep in single beds”.
    “Does she wear Pokemon PJs too, or is she a Yu-Gi-Oh girl?”
    “Sadly, I think they will go the distance”.

    1. Derek wear Digimon PJs….and yes there ‘is’ a difference

  31. Black hair…glasses…and more to love!
    win-Win-WIN situation!

  32. OK, she’s Tracy’s sister. (But that’s my final offer. Take it or leave it.) πŸ˜‰

  33. I think this sudden twist of Derek having a girlfriend and moving out with her was pretty well-played. I mean, think about it; we barely saw what he was doing on his own time. For all we know he and her were fucking like bunnies, while the rest of the cast was busy…fucking like bunnies!

    1. Yes, but were they fucking like remixed bunnies?

      1. XD I walked myself that without even realizing it…wow, I’m a ditz. LOL

        1. “into that”. “walked myself INTO that”. I cannot type correctly right now. ^^;

  34. -record scratch-

  35. I feel that saying she is Tracy’s sister is going to far, and that the similarities are based more in Nick’s drawing style than in actual character design. For example, Derek, Change his hair to brown, and sag his eyes a little, add a “door knocker” and you have Nate with his hair slicked back

    1. or if you want a simpler example. Tracy, widen eyes, color hair red= Rose with long hair.

  36. okay i didn’t miss any comics this chick is defiantly outta left field

    1. Now, now, I’m sure she’s not here solely to defy the readers… πŸ˜‰

  37. a thought just occurred to me: how the fuck did they not see tracy jr standing and if they did , why didn’t they asked who she was and why was she standing there

    1. Derek’s opening the door for her. She was outside when Nate and Steve walked up.


  39. Hey, it’s Tracy’s good twin!

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