116 thoughts on “Typecast

  1. THIRD!

    Me too!

    1. …hrm. Figured that would get a faster response from the Treading Groundlings…

      1. Val Kilmer Batman

        >Mfw third is first.

  2. That facial expression is gold.

    1. The Negro Guy says gold isn’t worth as much as it used to be worth. Try platinum. Good stuff.

  3. I had been wondering about this myself, actually XD

    1. The Negro Guy says that a lot of people were.

  4. “If it hadn’t been Trevor, it might have been you.”
    This I have to see.

    1. The Negro Guy is searching for his giggity coin…

    2. She totally should have held out for Aya.

      1. The Negro Guy says she would have got nothing in return, and it probably would have messed up there friendship.

        1. eh, i’m sure rose could’ve convinced her…at least to “experiment”…XD

        2. It probably would have gone nowhere.

        3. but it would have been AWESOME

    3. Can anyone say “dream scene”?

      1. no. no one can say that.

  5. Better name than yours

    Random side story of what if! lol. The facial expression in number 2 is awesome, but by number three it looks like she went from shock to anger, but still kinda shock. Shanger maybe?

    1. The Negro Guy thinks you should coin the word before “Corporate America” does…wait a minute…

  6. The Negro Guy Was RIGHT!!!!! She wasn’t a lesbian at all!! Eat it and weep lolli-pop guild!!

    1. Yes, but would we have gotten this strip from Nick if I had not been so adamant in my opinion that Aya prefers take-out?

      1. …The Negro Guy says no we wouldn’t have. The Negro Guy says thank you for being a stereotypical male.

      2. This is something I’ve been planning on addressing for a LONG time, but I do appreciate your shipping of the concept. 🙂

        1. I noticed some people have ruined vocabularies here.

        2. If you’re referring to my use of “shipping,” you can blame RotSman for introducing me to it.

        3. Thank you Dr Wiki

  7. Funny story about logo.. Used to work for a cable company (surprise surprise) and heard a coworker, on several occasions, tell customers that Logo channel is there “because we had to give the damn gays their own damn channel”..
    I always wanted to say, “Yeah! Next thing you know, the wimmens and blacks will be wantin channels of their own! And trying to vote, or drive!”

    1. The Negro Guy surprisingly doesn’t watch BET.

      1. BET hasn’t been good since at least the early 90s…

        1. The Negro Guy says ain’t that the truth. The Negro Guy is to busy listening to Killswitch Engage to care.

        2. It should also be noted that Viacom actually owns BET. 😉

          Love the comic, btw. ^_^

    2. Did Logo come before Spike then?

      1. The Negro Guy thinks so.

        1. unfortunate implications… 🙁

      2. i friend(female) would cick your ass if she read what you wrote

  8. *Tries to think of someone who’s both straight AND watched Buffy…*

    Nope, she’s gay (or at least bi)

    1. The Negro Guy watched Buffy. It was good.

      1. So did the author. And the author’s wife. And his father-in-law!

        1. The Negro Guy says Lokitsu-san might have offended Nick-sama.

        2. Thank you Nick. I hoped folks realized I was joking.

        3. Was always a bigger fan of spike. Angel was a tool.

        4. My favourite Spike moment was when he was sniffing underwear. For the scent, you know! Hunting!

          Funny guy, that Joss Whedon. But I didn’t much care for his drama.

        5. I’ve seen every Twilight movie, and plan on seeing the last two (because why the fuck not make one book into two movies? Harry Potter did it…), entirely because I’m hoping one of these directors has the balls to have Spike come in and beat the shit out of Edward.

      2. so did the bookninja. and he isn’t.

  9. Oh please… we all watch LOGO….Right? o__o;;

    1. The Negro Guy does sometimes. It’s not that bad, until you get to bride-zilla. Then you never wanna get married.

      1. I thought Bridezilla was on TLC.
        And Logo’s comedy specials rock.

        1. The Negro Guy says Logo had Bride-Zilla. It just didn’t last very long.

    2. Before today, I’d never even heard of Logo. Thank you, Time Warner Cable!

      1. I’m with you, Minty- never heard of Logo. the enticement of Buffy Marathon’s does not attract me to it. Although, now that I Know Anthony Head from Repo:The Genetic Opera is in it, I have to admit to a certain degree of temptation.

        1. I have some Zydrate on E-bay, y’know, if your interested.

  10. hahahahahaha they did this same joke in Spinnerette. it was funny then and it’s funny now lol

    1. I actually don’t read that one, but somebody informed me on Twitter that they had mentioned T&S. I guess it’s becoming a trope!

      1. “The Tegan and Sara” – female character who can be tom-boyish in nature, and is assumed by at least one other character to be lesbian. However the Tegan and Sara is not a lesbian and this confusion can lead to a lot of… too lazy to finish it…
        but it sounds good so far. XD

  11. Okay, “Buffy” is a tad suspicious, but once you discover the complete “Xena” collection, it’s all too obvious.

    1. the Negro Guy says Xena was awesome back in her day. Butch as all hell, but fuckin’ badass!

      1. Dude, “Xena” was my #1 romodel as a kid. (And still is.) High five!

        1. The Negro Guy high fives BunnyRemix!

        2. I actually just got the complete Xena collection. Good times. If I was a girl, I’d probably just have people thinking funny things about me too. Lucky for me, they just think I’m creepy instead. 😛

        3. The King wants to say, likeing Xena does not make you creepy, it shows you have some good taste in shows.

          and yes The King will talk in third person now, because The Negro Guy made it contagious.

        4. The Negro Guy spreads his wisdom like syphilis!!!


        6. frthju 6t



        8. lol why is your laughter leaving the boxes?

        9. Because The Negro Guys laughter is so powerful that it destroy’s the text box. Like a monster cock destroys an Asian vagina!!!

  12. So close to having a bonding moment… yet so far from it.

    And even further from the lesbian sex I’d bet money half the readers are crossing their fingers for.

  13. I agree, I watched a Daria marathon on LOGO and I’m straight as an arrow.

    1. wait they have Daria on LOGO ?

  14. Here’s hoping that “shanger” leads to experimental experiences!

    1. That Jewish Dude completely agrees. YU-RI!! YU-RI!! And what’s the deal with Logo? That Jewish Dude had never even heard of that channel.


      1. I thought EVERYONE knew about Logo.

        I mean, the whole world watches RuPaul’s Drag Race…don’t they? >_>;

        1. The Negro Guy want’s to watch, but The Negro Guy doesn’t know when it’s on.

        2. Hail to the King

          my mom LOVES THAT SHOW. I watch with her periodically. it better than most reality shows, that and Pawn Stars

        3. Alchemist's Apprentice

          Pawn Stars is highly addicting for some reason. Is there a way History can send crack out via light waves? Because that would explain about 90% of my television viewing.

  15. The Negro Guy is still proposing a black roommate. They’re fun and eco-friendly! Except when they’re given Malt Liquor.

  16. What’s Time warner? Sorry no cable, or satalite, cone to think of it, We don’t get broadcast either. The town has access to a T1 line so we DO have internet.

    1. The Negro Guy says you should be fine with just internet.

      1. or Hulu (All Glory to HULU)

    2. I’m just imagining an entire town sharing a single 1.5 Mbps T1 connection. I know that’s probably not what you mean, but I still find it amusing.

      1. geez, try a step down first, I have to share one with an entire dorm building of 150-200 people, and it’s still pretty rough trying to play PC games or downloading stuff. Can’t imagine an entire town, they would be better off without it and just use carrier pigeons like they do in Africa. XD

  17. Come on, Rose, can you at least TRY to be a little less predictable? Look how well the surprise move worked for Derek.

  18. Darn, and it’s getting so close to my birthday, too…always thought Aya had to be more open minded.

    The onlt responsible answer now is a 3way.

  19. The King likes this, The king was also expecting some witty comebacks.

    The King also wants to say The Negro Guy’s 3rd person talk is contagious.

    1. damn now i got to change my screen name …. maybe i should go with General Zod,,, yes Zod… Kneel before Zod

      1. Go with Pissboy

        1. Hail to the King

          Naw I’m sticking with Hail to the King for the the eventually duke nukem jokes and occasionally highlander references

          *there can only be one*

  20. Will shanger lead to shlesbians? I think it would be nie >.<

  21. Hey just wanted to pop in
    I seriously have been reading your webcomic for like danm near 7 years not exactly sure about the first time i found it i think it was sometime in 2004
    then i poped back in 2007 and noticed you had some more strips
    and i poped back in about 2-3 months ago to see your at it again
    Keep it up i say i like the direction the story is going in and i truly hope you keep doing your work
    Thanks much for the entertainment

    1. Thanks for coming back, Ryan! And guest strips aside, I’m in this thing till the end.

  22. Maybe i have made a mistake with my dates
    did you start in 2007?
    cuz i could have sworn that i read like your first 30 comics when i was still in highschool
    please correct me if i am wrong

    1. You’re not wrong. TG first premiered on Keenspace way back on October 13, 2003.

  23. Nick, I know the odds of Rose and Aya ‘getting together’ in the comic are slim, but you HAVE done side comics……

    Would it help if I got on my knees and begged for a strip like that Nick?

    1. Lord Omikron, previously known as Tyler, agrees with this idea

    2. The Negro Guy says POSSIBLY!!!!!!!!

  24. Grizz says that there is a women named Lucy lawless on “Spartacus, Gods of the Arena” – is this Xena? Never saw the show but heard the name

    1. Yup, that’s her. She’s a nice lady. I met her once.

  25. Pfft. Next you’ll try to tell me straight people watch “Reno 911!”

    1. The Negro Guy says they do. Where the hell have you been, asks The Negro Guy?

  26. hmmm….i approve this idea.

  27. The Negro Guy has an avatar!!!!!!!

    1. Never mind

      1. The Negro Guy says wait, there it is! Fuck Yeah!

        1. The Negro Guy says haha very funny…although…

        2. The Negro Guy has new AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. The Negro Guy says thank you SirBounceAlot!

        4. No Problem my fine fellow.

  28. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I was younger… I actually liked it(and yes, The Overlord is straight). I also watched Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi as well… just because it’s made for girls(like Sailor Moon or Buffy) doesn’t mean everybody can enjoy it.

    1. I would never have thought to compare Buffy to Sailor Moon. Of course, I wasn’t originally aware there were any stigmas associated with Buffy, though I did assume that your typical male action viewer might not be as keen on a strong female lead character.

      1. I was surprised to find out that my wife liked watching Charmed.
        Strong female leads cannot detract (or distract) from thin shirts and chilly sets….

  29. …unless it’s a post high school Willow heavy episode other than the season finally were she goes UBER evil

  30. Nothing wrong with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tegan & Sara suck, but Buffy is where it’s at.

  31. I’m a Joss Whedon fan, and an Alyson Hannigan fan.
    Heck, I even liked the movie, which was campier than Yellowstone!

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