Yes, stick to the shadows, Les. You may not be a real vampire, but you don't tan well.

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  1. I would love to read a buddy comic featuring Aya and Les. Not even kidding about that. ^_^

    ALSO: Aya in that first panel…whoa. But she loves CTC too?! Is she the perfect girl? Why isn’t Nate going after HER?!

    1. Maybe they could have Steve be their wacky neighbour.

    2. The Negro Guy says Nate doesn’t go after her for two reasons. One: He doesn’t know her that well. Two: His own thoughts on dating under-aged girls.

      1. I whole heartedly agree withyou TNG and would also add that he doesnt want to get stabed in the back a third time as it has been in my experiance that guys dont take kindly to overly cuntish acts like the ones to be perpetuated by Rose and girls like it even less when a guy does an act of great douchery like sya her mom is a total uninhibited booze hound of a whore even if it is true

  2. Nobody cares about poor Les

  3. Better name than yours

    Dare I say first? First time posting, love the comic been reading it for a while now. One of my fav web comics. You also happen to be one of the most updating web comics I read aside from SMBC. Great work, keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying it!

      1. Better name than yours

        I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy the fact that you update 3 times a week, I read alot of webcomics at night when I got nothing better to do and I get bored. Alot of em update once a week, which is lame cause often I find myself going to the site and looking for an update anyways lol. I’m Also impressed with how the artwork has upgraded over time, I’ve seen that in a few of the comics I read, Hijinks ensues being one of them. Again, all in all, great story, nice work and color, and great praise for keeping up such a fast pace to keep us readers going.

        1. I’d be updating 5 days a week if I could (which would certainly help the art mature even more.) M-W-F is about as good as I can do with a 40 hour a week day job and side projects, though.

          Thanks again!

  4. Better name than yours

    3rd, drat 😛

  5. Dang, sniped for first by surprisingly many places. Loving the deep conversations happening on both sides, here. Also, Aya in panties is a yes. She’s due for a little action of her own, isn’t she? She’s intelligent and practical; it’d be interesting the effect on Rose is SHE and Nate hooked up.

    1. Comments seemed to hit in a wave tonight.

  6. Great. Now I have a craving for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I haven’t had that stuff in years.

    BTW, excellent string of comics you’ve got going here. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! It’s my favorite story arc in some time.

  7. PGA?? I fear who that may be XD

    1. Are you my evil twin, and am I?

  8. You know, I was listening to the oldies at work today and a song on the radio reminded me of TG. It’s called Young Girl by Gary Puckett, I wonder what Nate’s reaction would be if he heart it. I could totally picture him sniffling and thinking, “I feel ya man, I feel ya.”

  9. Val Kilmer Batman

    I’m Batman, and I approve of this comic.

    1. Heath Ledger Joker

      Then you’re just a freak…like me! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

      1. Jim Carrey The Riddler

        Does anybody else feel like a fried egg?

    2. haha I know you batman, your a regular poster at housepets webcomic, what’re doin in this neck of the woods! Small world I spose, and yes I agree, much approval on this comic

      1. Val Kilmer Batman

        Hey there! I was reading Between Failures and found a link over to here, and now it’s one of my more regular webcomics.

        Small world indeed.

  10. Aya still in panties, this pleases me.

    Awesome how that this is my first post here,and that’s what I come up with. Huge fan sir, Favorite plot so far! Haven’t seen Les in a while, his wannabe-vampire-ism is quite funny.

    1. Thanks!

      Things are a lot more plot-driven these days instead of the gag-a-day comics where Les thrives, but he’s still a blast to write.

  11. That One Mexican finds Aya hot, and is still finding the voices he gives the TG characters hilarios

    1. dammit, we don’t need any more ethnicities talking in the third person. One is quite enogh.

      1. I was saying that last comic, but the person being imitated in question seemed put off by my comment. I dunno. it’s whatever.

      2. That Jewish Dude disagrees.

        -That Jewish Dude.

    2. Hilarios? Are those like Cheerios?

    3. FInd your own running gag lol but jokes aside Aya is probably going to get someone eventually….*not Nate probably*

  12. Nick, I have to say you draw Aya the best of all of your characters. Looking back over the last months I’ve been reading, you always seem to get the way she looks paired up perfectly with what she’s saying.

    Many props to you, I look forward to Monday, as always, only for this comic 😀

    1. Monday will blow minds. Minds, I say!

      1. what happens if no one has minds to blow then what could possibly happen

        and also great comic

        1. They will be magically given a mind so that it may blow a few seconds later

  13. Fairly long time reader, first time poster (I think O_o). Love the comic man, eagerly awaiting each update. Great job so far, keep it up! 😀

  14. *blinks at the last couple comics*
    Well, my, Aya is cute as all get out in that outfit (or lack there of). Though I think she may need to put her foot up Rose’s rear here soon, and hard, I am quite impressed with her maturity. She reminds me of myself, in school I always felt alone with all the kids my age being so immature.

  15. If there ever was a reason to disown a brother, it is for stealing Cinnamon Toast Crunch, amirite? (hint: Iamrite)

  16. Exceptional comic Nick, truly one of the best in a long time. There is a reason that Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the greatest days of the week and that is because I get to reading Treading Ground.

    There are millions of web comics, but yours is easily the greatest and best written and drawn out of all of them. Especially the artwork, it’s exceptionally well drawn like a masterpiece of art.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. That’s crazy high praise that I don’t even come close to living up to, but thanks anyway.

      1. is it possible you mite try to get this published? tht would be amazing and i would totally buy it even though i’ve already read everything there is so far.

        1. My current plan is to put a book together once the comic is complete. There’s going to be a lot of editing and smooshing of comics to make them fit with any consistency, of course…

  17. Alternate tagline for PGA-guy in the last panel: “That’s nice…. how’s that working out so far?”

  18. Hurrah, Les returns! Remember, Les, people only ask you about your day because they want to tell you about their day.

  19. And then, they kiss…..or something. Rose is shaping up about where I thought she would, and it’s believable. A flower growing in a bed of manure.

  20. and, I mean, really Aya in less than panties……jussayin’.

  21. Does rose’s hips appear to be wider than usual?

    Or is she carrying.. *gasp* a BABY DOUCHEBAG?!?

    1. Not really.

      If anything, she’s slimmer here.

    2. What a tweest!

      Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuuun!

  22. As a long time lurker, I just wan to say awesome comic. Also the theft of my Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be immediate grounds for my return to my days as an only child and my brothers unrelated disappearance.

    1. /sister, but otherwise, total agreement. and i’ve never even had Cinnamon Toast Crunch

      1. EFK is implying that if he were in Aya’s position, Trevor would vanish under “mysterious” circumstances.

        1. Which, let’s face it, now that his job of showing Rose that there is more to a relationship than the physical side, him disappearing would benefit all of society. XD

          (unless he becomes some doctor that releases the cure for cancer or something…but i doubt that would happen)

        2. *more to a relationship than the physical side is done*
          i need to proof read…

        3. Somehow I don’t think she’ll stop loving sex. Much to the betterment of future relationships. 😉

  23. Nick, yours is the ONLY comic I read that doesn’t cop-out on fridays. (particularly THIS Friday) Nice job man.

    Have you considered doing commissioned work, like I got mine when he was doing them for just $20 ea. (and got $10 worth of art, but whatever…it was a good idea.)

    1. I’ve considered it, and might do it one day when I’m deciding if I can live off this thing.

      Part of the reason I haven’t yet is because I don’t think my art is that great on its own. I do comics because my art works best as a conduit for jokes and stories. There are many people out there to choose from with more raw artistic talent than me who do commissioned work.

  24. In just wanna say how amazing this story is. The art’s great. Particularly the gracious amount of Aya-Panties in the last few pages. The story is amazing as well. It’s all very grounded and real, while at the same time offering the more implausible characters like Les and Pervous for humor. I like that Nate and Rose are growing as people and beginning to question their own choices. It was these last few pages that really made me realize how much I really care about the characters. These days I find myself wondering what Nate is going to do and how he and Rose are going to fix all this. lol Believe it or not, nowadays I’ve noticed myself wondering, “Is today a Treading Ground Day?” Then actually getting sadder when I remember it’s a Menage a 3 day instead.

    1. i follow too many online comics to count (including menage a 3; rlly nice) but this is the only one where i wish there could be more updates in the week as long as it wouldnt dramatically affect the art or storyline.

      1. Thanks guys! That’s exactly what I’m going for here.

  25. My secret desire is to someday do exactly as Les has just done and answer that question entirely honestly. Doing so would probably get me fired, though.

  26. Okay, after reading a while, why the hell doesn’t Nate start looking at Aya? She’s intelligent, she’s hot, and she’s not a complete or even partial skank. You should have never drawn her that well, as she is obviously one to be looked into by the Natemeister.

  27. As stated on an earlier comic, from this point on all serious conversations should feature at least ONE female lacking pants.

  28. Another deep and important conversation, where one side happens to be wearing no pants.

  29. After re-reading Rose’s last comment, I find myself remembering Meat Loaf’s song “More Than You Deserve.”

  30. That Jewish Dude (Formerly Khaos) approves of the sight of Aya in panties and a kick-ass shirt (Thought he kinda wishes that it had been a kick-ass tank-top). ANd He thinks that someone should bitch-slap Les and tell him to stop trying to be a vampire! Or, He did, before he noticed that Les is SO F***ING FUNNY!!!!

    -That Jewish Dude

  31. The Aussie Bloke wants to see Aya slap some sense into Rose. That is all.

  32. Mr. Wright, I love your comic. For the record, I feel that I must say that Rose is a childish slut. I’ve hated her guts since she first appeared, and hate her more every time she appears. I don’t hate your portrayal of her, I hate her as a “person”. The fact that you can provoke that sort of emotional response from me is a testament to your skill.

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