It's comic number 1-8-7! Sorry, no references to murder or undercover cops.

82 thoughts on “Echelon

  1. “Thinking with my clit” First time I’ve heard that one. Chicks should say it more often.

    1. Oh sweet I was first!

      1. The Negro Guy says now women can’t give us shit when we think with our dicks.

        1. We shall become enlightened beings by putting our thinking parts together as often as possible.

        2. The Negro Guy says no to this, because The Negro Guy is a giver.

        3. That is possibly the single most utterly goddamned awesome comment I’ve ever seen made in regards to a risque webcomic.

        4. The Negro Guy agrees, cuz The Negro Guy can.

        5. the bookninja agrees with both The Negro Guy and ryuu798.

        6. NO, bad bookninja…no talking in the 3rd person for you! Damn ppl need to find their own thing…lame..

          Oh and yeah awesome line their “thinking with my clit”..lolz

        7. i just wanted to stack another comment here since it looks pretty.

        8. Agreeing with some guy is the way i do.

        9. I cant even reply to the other guy now. good going

    2. Clits are people too.

      1. The Negro Guy says yes they are. Hard as hell to find if you don’t do it right, yet easy to entertain!

        1. reynard61 is ROFLing hysterically.

        2. The Negro Guy has done that once in a library. Not the smartest way to get attention.

        3. I’m curious as to why The Negro Guy finds clits hard to…find? They are right there!

        4. It was a joke.

  2. “I was afraid you’d catch his stupid!”

    XD Sorry, my MST3K impulse kicked in. It does that.

    1. The Negro Guy wonders if it’s possible to catch stupidity through sex…

      1. Technically, if any resulting children are as dumb as either parent. (XD That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it.)

        1. The Negro Guy agrees.

        2. Also, STDs are the disease of the stupid, caught through sex.

      2. Only the possible offspring would catch it.

  3. thinking with your CLIT? I’ve never heard that one before. I don’t even think it’s a true parallel to thinking with your cock.

    1. The Negro Guy says when a girl is really into it, she don’t think straight.

    2. I’m fairly sure it works as a parallel. At least metaphorically. Though maybe not physically…so you might be right XD

      1. Oh, The Negro Guy knows The Negro Guy is right.

    3. Nope it’s right physically. Look into the biological development of a fetus, and what becomes a penis when it gets male hormones will become a clit when it doesn’t (saying it roughly.)
      Awesome line – my fave 🙂

      1. Thank you, fellow cliterati.

  4. It’s possible that Rose has a sex addiction…

    1. The Negro Guy asks are you just figuring this out?

    2. It’s also possible that she’s a horny teenager.

      1. I just had to comment, I love Blip, nice pic XD

      2. The Negro Guy asks who isn’t a horny teenager these days?

        1. Me. I’m a horny twenty-something.

  5. The Negro Guy always wondered how Aya’s brother was in the sack.

    1. I’m thinking The Negro Guy needs to be made the mascot/hero of the comments page.

      I salute you man.

      1. The Negro Guy is very appreciative by your kind words. However, we all deserve a pat on the back for continuing to be fans of this web comic.

        1. That sounds kinda bad, TNG.

        2. Sorry, kinda tired. The Negro Guy has no idea what The Negro Guy is saying anymore.

  6. Definitely gotta remember that one…

    “Things you shouldn’t say in bed, but you really want to”

    1. The Negro Guy wonders what people would say during pillow talk if they could?

      1. model S knows what model S say at orgasm.


        … the third person thing doesn’t work with model S’ name. model S is saddened by this.

        1. ‘Tis a sad day for Model S. The Negro Guy sheds The Negro Guys one tear for this moment of silence.

  7. Is it just me, or does anyone get a feeling that an STD bombshell is about to be dropped here.

    Also, first time commenting, love the comic

    1. The Negro Guy gets the feeling.

      1. Like I said Monday, Aya is a lesbian…. or at the very least, more into Rose then she is into guys.

        1. The Negro Guy Doesn’t believe she’s lesbian, just that she spends most of her time dealing with Rose’s problems. She doesn’t make time for herself because she feels like she has to be their for Rose.

        2. I do believe you are quite possabliy one of the most enlightened people I have run across in my many years on this earth TNG, you are subtly informitive yet enigmaticly entertaining at the same time, and I most heartily agree with your assesment of Aya while she maybe Bi curious I feel she suffers heavily from a form of samaritan syndrome as she feels she must help any of her firends who art in some sort of bad situation as she herself just stated

        3. The Negro Guy says years of loneliness will do that to a person.

        4. Also thank you. Sorry about the partially depressing comment. Life is kinda shoving it’s foot up my ass at the moment.

        5. “Its”
          Yes, I had to. 🙂

          “Sorry about life and its foot and your ass. But your ass could always move, you know. A moving ass target is always harder to hit.”

          — Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy

      2. Wow. First time anyone on the internet has ever agreed with me on this kind of thing.

        1. The Negro Guy also says welcome to TG.

        2. If it makes you feel more comfortable, we could all point and laugh at you. Because you know that just laughing isn’t really significant unless you also point.

    2. I just get the feeling that Aya is going to say something along the lines of “You know his mom had HIV right?”

  8. Aya’s expressions are very well drawn, they match her speech perfectly…
    which is a nice change of pace from some other comics i’ve been reading…

    1. The Negro Guy knows what you mean.

  9. “I was thinking with my clit” Good one, never heard it before XD

  10. “Thinking with my clit” – obvious title of spinoff webstrip

  11. In my experience, the warm fuzzies you feel when you realize you’ve got a truly good friend are quickly crushed when you start wondering why aforementioned loyal friend ever bothered with someone like you to begin with.

    1. Because said, loyal friend knows that you will turn around and see things their way.

      1. The Negro Guy says not always. Some friends just will not get it until it’s to late. And then once shit hits the fan, and she’s/he’s got cum leaking out of hers/his ass, they come running to you to help; and all you can tell them was I gave you advice, I tried to tell you, Or the world favorite, I told you so.

  12. Wet…t-shirt…?

    I am intrigued.

    1. It’s a callback.

      In my more shameless days I offered an image of the event as a donation gift.

      1. How many 15 or 16 year olds get invited to bachelorette parties?

        1. You don’t have to be invited to get banned.

  13. Hello from Germany. I really like this Comic so I thaught about some things I could say. After all this Song “Tool” expresses my opinion the best:

  14. meh, thinking with her dick is a perfectly viable expression for a chick, as well as having balls or a “girl-boner”.

    1. The Negro Guy thinks that a girl boner would reach to the clouds, then you could climb it like it was a magical bean plant.

  15. The Grizz thinks another wonderful band name/t shirt is born “Thinking with my cl*t”

    Or something

    BTW, Grizz thinks the Negro Guy is the funniest commenter here–you go, man

    1. The Negro Guy says thank you. Also, The Negro Guy thinks the picture for the shirt should be a giant clitoris monster from japan that fires pleasure lasers of death!

      1. Cuz’ all the weirdest shit comes from japan, says The Negro Guy.

        1. All the weirdest shit comes from Japan, or The Negro Guy…

          Did you ever notice that the word “weird” is a weird break from the rule of “i before e, except after c”?

  16. Small disconnect in the dialogue: Rose is apologizing for not considering Aya’s feelings, regarding the Trevor situation. And Aya says
    “It wasn’t Trevor I was worried about.”
    Should really have been
    “It wasn’t ME I was worried about.”
    That, or have Rose apologize for not considering Trevor’s feelings.
    But come on: not caring about Trevor should be a given, not accidental.

    1. Yeah, this is a little less clear than I wanted it to be, but it gets explained in subsequent strips.

      What I can tell you is that Rose’s implication is that Aya might not appreciate her banging her brother (rather than banging a generic non-Aya’s-brother person.) Aya’s pointing out that the brotherliness is not the defining factor Rose thinks it is.

      I also always have to find a balance between perfect dialogue and things people would actually say. It might not wrap things up in the most efficient way, but it at least sounds natural.

      1. Don’t worry. I got it. Probably mostly because I’ve used this one before (though I don’t have issues with my whorish friends banging my siblings).

  17. I can’t stand these fools taking my bro’s schtick, yall betta back off , yo!

    1. Not even The Negro Guy would have said that.

  18. Grizz says imitation is the sincerest form of….imitation. or not

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