Networked (NSFW)

No, I have not adopted an "every other comic is NSFW" policy.


90 thoughts on “Networked (NSFW)

  1. Didn’t see that coming.

  2. The Negro Guy says awesomes!!!

    1. I cannot disagree, sometimes it’s a good thing the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. FIRST!

    1. never mind

      1. HA-HA!

        btw, would it be so bad if every other day were NSFW day?

        1. Indeed.
          Bring on the boobs.

        2. Don’t you mean *every* day? XD

        3. The Negro Guy says you gotta put the story somewhere.

    2. You’re going to have a Greek tragedy written about you one day, Wyatt.

      1. well i’ma perservere until i get first. its my life goal ;D

        1. go wyatt go!!

        2. This is my quest, to follow the star,
          No matter how hopeless, no matter how far… 🙂

        3. One Manic Ninja

          The star on her left boob?

        4. giggity

    3. Fuck First – I wanna be Last

      1. All Biblical and Stuff

        The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

        1. for the times, they are a’changin’?

  4. Hooray for family fun.

    But will that result in partner swapping or a four-some?

    1. No, since Rose’s sister (the one with the star tat on her tit) is a negrophile. If it isn’t black, she’s not interested.

      1. Maybe just a mother daughter threesome then. Good old fashioned family fun.

  5. Anyone else amazed at her Nina’s ability to make her tattoo magically disappear?

    1. It’ll magically reappear when I fix my file.

      Where would we be without internet smartasses?

      1. Heh at least people tell you about your mistakes. In 200+ strips I’m sure there at least 25+ errors that I see when I go back through them… Then I forget which ones were broken and give up.

        1. I think people are ignoring the mistakes in some of my earlier comics… when you get to a certain level of crappiness, nitpicking is pointless.

        2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Some of my favorite webcomics started off with FAR crappier art than your earlier strips.
          Also, since I only read comics at home, feel free to be gratuitous with the boobies.

      2. I just noticed I said “her Nina’s.” Weird. Somehow I feel like my poor sentence structure added to the overall trolliness.

        1. though Nina’s could be a new term for boobies. just like jugs, hooters, sweater puppies, etc.

      3. Is her Tittytat on the wrong Tit?

    2. Dammit man you beat me to it!

    3. Okay. Now there is a significantly lesser amount of unobscured boob to look upon. Thank Minty-Phresh, folks!

      (Seriously, thanks man. Stupid mistake on my part!)

      1. no prob.

  6. Anyone else think that Mom looks like she’s about to chuck her cookies?

    1. Looks like a Cat Smile to me.

      1. i’d say thats a cat smile alright(probably hints to what they did AFTER the pic was taken if ya know what i mean)

  7. That’s the most fun family ever.

  8. Well tits rank pretty high in my book Nick and if I could I’d shake your hand for it. :]

    1. WARNING: after reading this you should not shake his hand, it might be “used”

  9. The way Jimmy was talking before, I figured this was just a one-night stand. Guess he found something in Nina he liked.

    “in Nina” see what i did there?

    1. He likes every bone in her body…especially his…

  10. Security guard to Nina: “What would your mother think?”

  11. I don’t think very many readers of this would be too hurt if you did adopt that policy.

    Or if you were subjected to the “NSFW everyday” clause.

    1. Second(ed)!

    2. Or even a NSFW Friday would be nice.

  12. Seriously, sometimes the comments are almost as funny the comic.

    But if there was a diologe in that comic, I think it might go like this.

    Steve: Dude!
    Jimmy: I know.
    Steve: Just thought of this, couldn’t we get in trouble for public indecency?
    Jimmy: …Hmm, you’ve got a point there man. But since there aren’t any camera’s anywhere it’s chill.

    Rose’s mom: Something tells me I shouldn’t have had that drink before coming here.

    Maybe not, but hey, it could happen.

  13. I really hope you show what happened after he broke the big news

    1. You’ll find out Friday.

  14. Just occurred to me… what does Nate mean by “everybody”? Were people aware before he blurted it out?

    1. Jimmy was, hence the picture of the four of them.

    2. Yeah, go back to the “This is the only Jimi hat that belongs in the freezer” comic.

  15. That brofist is awesome. It is more awesome than Broseidon, king off the brocean

  16. Milf Tits. I agree with this comic.

  17. Is that a head in mom’s lap?

    1. No, I believe that’s her shirt. The daughter pulled hers up, the mother pulled down.
      Of course, as an avid amusement park fan, I can tell you that there is NO way they’d be allowed to purchase that souvenir… Now, the park employee working the photo booth as a screener for just this sort of situation? They’re not _supposed_ to keep the images, but then, people aren’t supposed to do allllll sorts of things. That end up on the internet. Or a grand jury.

      1. Mujaki’s right, hence no indication Steve actually has possession of this photo.

  18. It’s a world of laughter, it’s a world of tears…

  19. o_o What really startles me is that Nina is far enough gone that she’d flash alongside her mom. Most girls wouldn’t, right? As for Nina and Rose’s mom… Meh, I bet she was sloshed already, she has that ‘dulled’ look.

    So… Steve and Rose’s mom are a semi-item right now? Or at least sex buddies?

    1. I was wondering about that, too. What happened at/after Rose’s B-daysuit party felt more like a one-time thing, if you ask me. May be both of them are out of options?

  20. I would have loved to have been there when this picture came up on the preview screen for all to see. XD

  21. Is it sad to think that Beth has a sexy smile? Then again I like all Milf(s)
    or Mits as it were my good man.


      1. Hello? Text? *Headdesks* Shouldn’t use hypertext notation in comments…

        Supposed to have read: *Stands and Applauds Nick’s titty drawing skills*

  22. You know, it occurs to me, that if Jimi told Steve, Nina or her mother could have over heard, and I’m betting Nina would tell Rose. I wonder how Rose reacts to Nate fucking Tracy.

    1. Mind find out within the next few comics

  23. LAST!!!

  24. This reminds That Jewish Dude of the time that he flipped off the cameras on this one roller coaster. That Jewish wish that he could have kept the picture.


    1. Jewish Dude really wishes Security would let him back into the park again after said picture was taken….

  25. Laster!!!1!!!!One!!!!1!!!!

    1. Winning!!

      1. I’m a warlock genius Adonis from mars…

  26. Last!!! (I can do this all night)

    1. Ah but can you do it all day too?

  27. Last!!!

    This is going to get real annoying, real F’ing fast

  28. The Negro Guy says Just to annoy you further Pink Freud, last.

  29. Laster!!!1!!!!One!!!!1!!!!
    Lokitsu: Winning!!
    Pink Freud: Last!!!
    The Negro Guy: Third person exposition as to why anyone else is not last.
    Oberon: Last!

  30. I refuse to let anyone win such a ridiculous contest.

  31. I to find this a ridiculous contest but will still comment to make people mad

  32. Contest, what contest? >:)

  33. The contest to be last.

  34. It’s not so much a contest as a pillory.

    I’m poking gentle fun at those who insist of trying to be first. Naturally, the only way *ANYONE* will ever be last is if Nick quits the strip and takes down the archive as well… I think we all know *THAT* ain’t gonna happen anytime soon…

  35. So: As I was saying:


  36. Not quite, for I am nothing if not persistent, or would it be consistent?
    A bit of both, I think.

  37. I taught I taw a titty tat!

  38. (Over a month later) LAST DAMMIT!!!!

  39. I like how everyone comments on the characters and such like they’re “real people”…xD of course that also says that I like to think of them like real people. 😀 I ussually weird people out when refferring to characters as separate entities in games but I never actually roleplay or anything often.
    Btw-how long did you have to study/redraw the feminine figure to get as good as you are?
    /I personally am terrible when it comes to female figures unless it’s sticklike and I can has bad times with big bossoms+hips+booty areas D:/

    1. Thanks! I’ve only drawn sporadically before TG. Over the past year, it has kept me practicing for a longer period of consecutive time than I’ve ever done before. I think the best advice I can give is to draw every day and use references. Yes, you have artistic license to look at porn!

  40. three months later and I’m still determined to be last, dammit!

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