What happens in the HBA Room does not necessarily stay in the HBA Room.

213 thoughts on “Air

  1. Wow…just…wow!!!

    1. you forgot the 3rd person.

      1. That’s how “wow…just…wow!!!” it is. Nate sacking up and admitting it overpowered even The Negro Guy.

        1. The Negro Guy says being the voice of reason sucks sometimes.

        2. So do Tracy….

        3. Voice of reason? You’re the most annoying and boring voice ever. o.O My voice of reason can tell jokes!

        4. The Negro Guy is not going to challenge you over something as petty as giving advice.

        5. I love you, Negro Guy. I wanna be your bro.

        6. …The Negro Guy says sure, just never tell him you love him ever again. Unless you mean it. lol

  2. FIRST!

    1. nevermind

      1. The Negro Guy beat you to it! haha

        1. The Negro Guy makes me cry.

        2. The Negro Guy would offer you a hug, but The Negro Guy kinda has wood right now, and it would just get really awkward.

        3. that would be awkward….wait people admitting their affairs gives you wood? or is it the tears?

        4. The Negro Guy says neither. The Negro Guy is just thinking about how he’s gonna get laid tomorrow!!!

        5. amen to that

        6. I’m being serious here. I’ma get laid!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

        7. good for you man!

        8. Ghost says The Negro Guy forgot to use third person again.

        9. The Negro Guy doesn’t have to use third person when talking about getting laid.

        10. Ghost says fair enough

        11. While getting laid, sometimes it’s fun to be in the third person.

        12. That One Mexican

          TOM thinks that the reason The Negro Guy forgot to use 3rd person was becuase the blood was rushing to his head anddraining from his brain.

        13. First and FOREMOST – DON’T admit to having sex with Tracy! (Got a hunch it’ll reall screw up your odds!)

        14. Better to admit it than for that bitch to get vengeful and use it against you

        15. No one who claims first around here ever ends up being first. It’s like my commenting system has a moral opposition to the Firsters. Or maybe it just likes The Negro Guy.

        16. All things white, including racists, like The Negro Guy!!! It’s a blessing and a curse.

        17. but i was so close…NEW LIFE GOAL OBTAINED! i am going to say first every update until i am first

        18. The Negro Guy says good luck with that.

        19. thank you kind sir.

        20. The Negro Guy says welcome. Sir.

        21. i wish that one day i can be as true a gentleman as you The Negro Guy

        22. The Negro Guy says it’s not that hard. Just gotta use common sense.

        23. i know im not being serious. i am quite a gent.

        24. The Negro Guy says good man. being a gentleman gives you great points toward get your girl. Remember, knowing is half the battle! lol

        25. yeah. i honestly cant understand people who think acting like a prick will get them a girl

        26. That never made sense to me either. And what’s worse is that hardly any of the girls pay attention to the nice guy.

        27. i swear this is the reason i dont have a girlfriend right now =/ but hey what can i do.

        28. Don’t worry man. The Negro Guy says the right one will come around. Just gotta let things happen. Can’t force life.

        29. i know man. im in no hurry i know things always work out in the end. lets me focus on school and work more anyway

        30. “yeah. i honestly cant understand people who think acting like a prick will get them a girl”

          It’s because sometimes it does.

          Women are weird, and they make men weird too.

        31. The reason that the nice guy rarely gets the girl is because assholes are confident and self assured. Women don’t really like assholes they just like a man who is confident and controlled.

          Now if the nice guys could figure out how to show that they are confident and controlled they would get as many if not more women then the assholes.

        32. Girls like the assholes. Women do choose the nice guy. Nice women do. I did.

          And as offputting as it is to hear the guy you like say that he’s been banging someone else, I’m definitely the kind of woman who would say “Okay. Is this something you want to keep doing? We aren’t together yet, but if you want to be, a choice has to happen now.” And because he put it out there right away, I’d be more inclined to take him at his word if he said he wanted to be with me.

        33. Yeah, I actually chose a nice guy too. Been with him 20 years now.

        34. He who would be first, shall be LAST!

  3. Will honesty end up being the best policy?

    1. Let’s hope so.

      1. Maybe he’ll get pity sex for sticking it in that cooch.

        1. The Negro Guy says you do remember she’s a girl right? That and she’s not the Tracy brand of whore.

        2. Not to mention, would a decent girl really want to bang someone who let Tracy lead them around by their man leash?

  4. why? WHY??!?!

    1. Because Nate did battle with the oral orifice known as Tracy’s mouth and lost. The
      Negro Guy thought that was obvious.

  5. TOM has one thing to ………DAAAAAAAAAANNNNMMMMMM

    1. The Negro Guy says you forgot the word “say” and you misspelled damn.

      1. TOM says thats how fucked up Nate is that TOM lost track of what he was saying…. And TOMs enlish isnt that good so that explains the miss spell

  6. The Negro Guy sees Miranda as the clingy type.

    1. Me thinks you like to comment.

      1. The Negro Guy says obvious man saves the day!!!

        1. Day-saving is fun.

    2. Tyler (Lord Omikron)

      I like somewhat clingy girls, if they are clingy, you know they wont leave you, and if you’re happy with them, that makes it better

      1. The Negro Guy’s girl is a little clingy and even she doesn’t know it.

        1. That One Mexican

          TOM’s girl isnt clingy at all, shes very independent but loves when This One Mexican holds her close.

  7. Shave your head, Nate…I’m banishing you to the monastery. >_<

    1. The Negro Guy says even the high monk would beat him up for saying something like that.

      1. The monk would have to be high to beat him up for saying that. It needed saying.

        And now, the consequences of honesty, as displayed in a life lesson by our good author. Let’s root for the good guys, whomever they are!

  8. Nate is a major idiot. -.-‘

    Sex hypocrite fits him well…..

    1. The Negro Guy says we have to remember that he’s not thinking clearly. The Negro Guy asks would you be thinking clearly after getting your dick sucked?

      1. I’m guessing that having Arne watch didn’t help any either.

        1. The Negro Guy says exactly. Nate was probably thinking that Arne would pull him out too. Great friend Arne is.

        2. IF Nate neeed Arne to pull him out, Nate’s in the wrong business. Tracy too for that matter.

        3. The Negro Guy says anyone could have done it. Doesn’t matter.

  9. And out of left field comes Nate with a blinding comment.

    Who the hell saw that coming?

    1. No one did, says The Negro Guy.

      1. really?… This One believes deep down , we know this going to happen. there was no way this going to end on a high note, there was too much buildup. and to anyone who says others, this one says bully on you

  10. Oh dear…

    The Aussie Bloke does not see this ending well for *anyone*.

    1. The Negro Guy agrees. Miranda and Tracy either duke it out, or Miranda shoots down any chance of dating Nate.

      1. Why not both?

        1. The Negro Guy says because if both happen then one would negate the other.

  11. I am so glad I was not drinking something while I read this. I would be looking for a new computer. Why did he tell her?!

    1. The Negro Guy says because he is overly shocked about not being able to break the sexual hold Tracy has over him.

    2. Think back to before the blowjob….(if *ANYONE* can do that) The “Sleepless Night” scene following his first date with Miranda. Clearly, this is Nate blindly following the script he wrote that night for getting his life back on track. The fact that no one else if following the script is quite irrelevant. He is going to continue to bluster on until he get s to the part he desires, which is the reunion with Rose. Anyone care to lay odds on how well that pact of his script will work out?

      1. TOM would but he dosnt have the time to sit and just type a bunch of zeroes to so he will just put 0.00000-1 and let ya’ll fill it in from there

  12. Well that was a swerve, didn’t think you’d go there. How did Nate suddenly get some sort of moral code

    1. The Negro Guy says he probably doesn’t give to much of a shit anymore.

    2. MORAL CODE?! Fuck that; Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad would all slap Nate upside the head for this – it helps no one, and just hurts Miranda.

      The ONLY reason I can see him blurting this out is he’s overwhelmed with having to keep this secret, Arne getting ensnared in Tracy’s web made things worse on Nate’s psyche, and the post-orgasm rush doesn’t have him thinking too clearly.

      But forget the monastery, this guy is just cursed to suffer and there’s no hiding from it. (blame Nick for that 😉 )

  13. Not the First, thank God


    1. CLICHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh snap, come Tuesday will be a hurricane among hurricanes. Yet, maybe this is a good thing. Imagine if he didn’t tell her though, it would become much worse and eventually eat at him.

    But this must be said, Nick is a literary genius and a easily one of the most creative, talented, gifted and brilliant web comic writers I have ever read from. Your talented Nick, every week seems to be greater and greater. I feel honored to read each and every comic each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Great work Nick, it truly is fun to read this comic.

    I wonder what will happen Wednesday?

    1. “one of the most creative, talented, gifted and brilliant web comic writers”i assume you dont read homestuck or any thing mspa related do you?

      1. I personally suspect it may be a troll in disguise.

        1. me or him? and nick do you read homestuck?

        2. The Negro Guy says he’s probably reading it right now.

        3. maybe =p or sleeping like a normal person

        4. I’m working on Friday’s comic, actually. Like an insane person!

        5. well then i guess we were both wrong. but im still curious whether you read homestuck or not

        6. Insanity is fun!!

        7. Ghost agrees. That’s why she’s Ghost.

        8. Fan. I’m flattered of course, but I keep wondering if they’re trying to catch me slipping. You know, in a “You’re awesome!” “Thanks!” “JUST KIDDING YOU SUCK” kind of way.

          To answer your question, I don’t read Homestuck/MSPA, though I’ve passed through before and thought it was would probably be pretty good if I had the time. Totally different than what I’m trying to do here though.

        9. yeah i realize comparing the 2 is like comparing apples and oranges so im sorry if i came off sounding stupid. i do enjoy your comic and feel you are really good with conveying certain emotions and if you ever do have the time i strongly recommend it and its massive archive

        10. No worries, and thanks. 🙂

        11. your welcome. i also really enjoy your art style. definitely has improved by leaps since the beginning.

      2. not trying to insult nick. andrew is just an amazing writer and in my opinion the way he does comics is better than most and makes you put more emphasis on little details the writing etc.

  15. Well, honesty is an admirable trait. I’ll give him that.

  16. I think this was a bad move for the purposes of having a relationship with Miranda, but a good move for Nate’s mental health.

    1. The Negro Guy thinks Nate’s mental status is on overload from the look in panels two through four.

  17. $5 says she really meant it when she wanted to be just friends. With her likely saying “ew” or “tmi.”

    1. The Negro Guy says she might say that while in front of him, but when she’s alone she’ll show that she did have feelings for him.

      1. I suspect this as well. Think its true of many girls IRL also.

        1. The Negro Guy says it’s kinda sad, ‘cuz guys and girls think they have to play hard to get with the ones they’re attracted to. But once the one they’re attracted to starts to put his/her attention elsewhere, they act like nothings wrong and bottle up there emotions.

        2. it’s a crapsack world afterall.

        3. The Negro Guy agrees.

  18. Forgive my TOTAL stupidity, but never having worked in a grocery store, what IS an HBA Room?

    1. I keep failing to address this because it’s been answered in the comments a couple of times already, but it’s Health & Beauty Aids. In the Food Baron it’s a locked room where they keep all the medicines, high-priced cosmetics items, etc.

      1. Cosmetics and medicines are the most likely items to be shop-lifted in a grocery store. Stores figure that if something’s likely to be stolen by customers, then its doubly likely that employees will pilfer it.

      2. Don’t let Nick fool ya it stands for Hoes (Tracy) Bitches (Nate) and Assholes (Arne)

        1. The Negro Guy finds this to be funny.

        2. Alternately, Handjobs Blowjobs and Anal.

        3. I’d go along with that one Nick, given the current veign of the strip!

        4. Oh sensai-san! You are most wise!

        5. Nick gets a mixture of two honorifics now, does he?

        6. What, you’d prefer “Oh sensai-san sama!” ?

      3. Well, that makes sense. Hell, at least the CONDOMS should be handy in there, seeing as how much they’re needed! (Who would want this group to BREED anyway? Can you say…IDIOCRACY?)

  19. oooooo >_>
    That could have gone smoother.

  20. Wow, ya know I like his honesty but seriously he probably should have just kept that a secret.

    1. The Negro Guy says if he had it the problem would have grown out of proportion. That and he’s not thinking clearly.

      1. I say since he wasn’t in a commited monogomous relationship and it was just empty sex, he didn’t and shouldn’t have to say anything.

        should he start a sexual relationship of any kind with another, than it should be mentioned, unless of course it stopped prior to the second relationship.

        also get that shit checked. not saying anything, just better to be safe.

        1. Gotta look at it from all sides of the situation, says The Negro Guy.

        2. I’m a big believer in ”ignorance is bliss” and ”let sleeping dogs lie” At worst, it’ll start a shit storm. At best it’ll start a shit storm thats causes him to chnage his life-style. Which he could do without the shit storm, saving others the pain of enduring his personal misery. Course, I’m not writing the story. could be a case of Earn Your Happy Ending.

        3. The Negro Guy says to true.

        4. One other factor everyone is forgetting. Tracy’s latest slut attack only started after Nate showed interest in Miranda. Empty sex or not, he’s still two-timing her in my book.

        5. Hail to the King

          how do you two time someone you’re not in a relationship with? the whole definition of cheating is that you’re sleeping with people other than your significant other. as far as it go, Nate and Miranda agreed to go somewhere but (Disclaimer: as far as we know) Nate was the only one thought they be dating (as far as we know). that right there lone disqualify Nate being accused of being a cheater

        6. The Negro Guy says that in the women’s eyes you are always wrong, even if you’re right.

        7. Hail to the King

          I can’t believe i forgot the golden rule

        8. Most men do. Fuckin’ hate that rule.

        9. I agree. I don’t know where everyone got the impression that they were supposed to be exclusive. That being said, I think that Miranda could be the type to be offended by his extra curricular activities. Or she could just say: Yeah, I know..

        10. Her wide eyes in the last panel indicate that no, she didn’t know.

        11. Well, maybe not ‘cheating’ in the classical sense of the word, but certainly not completely above board either. Back when I still played the field, I always believed in full-disclosure if I was dating more then one girl. I found that it saved me a lot of grief if everyone knew the score and agreed to the rules of the game ahead of time. Of course, it was also part of my personal code that if things progressed to the point of sleeping with someone, that relationship automatically became exclusive for the duration. I never expected anyone else to hold themselves to my standards, and have been cheated upon numerous times by the girls I was with, but that was their choice.

        12. I find that you and I have a similar modus operandi. When dating, if it got to the point where I was interested in exclusivity, I’d say something like “I really like dating you and I’m not interested in dating anyone else. I’d like to know if you felt the same way?”

          Despite being not a great communicator as many men can sympathize, I always got good feedback on reaching out in this manner, regardless of whether the response was positive or negative.

  21. Well, he looks just a tad shell-shocked.

    1. You would too if you just had your dick sucked by a girl who you’re trying to break up with, while one of your friends watches you instead of pulling you out of the situation.

    2. I’m thinking he’s not the only one.

  22. i forsee the next comic either being a slap to the face ala rose slap, or miranda stepping back and totally shruging it off like “i wasn’t expecting this to get serious” but secretly being hurt once she walks away.

    1. The Negro Guy agrees with the latter.

  23. Love it. I’m not saying ‘what?’. Soon as I read it it felt right.

  24. The Negro Guy says damn. Ninety-plus comments early in the morning? This is a really good comic.

    1. with an equally good ”Forum”

      1. The Negro Guy agrees. Munch

        1. ON NOM NOM NOM!

        2. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!!!!!!!!!

    2. You’re a major part of that, TNG, and it’s appreciated!

      1. One might even say mostly the reason.

        1. Hooray for TNG! And hooray for Nick, for not only creating webcomic awesome, but having comments postable too! 🙂

      2. The Negro Guy was way to tired trying to keep up with the commenting.

  25. I see an opening for Uncle Chueh to come into the picture!
    Probably brandishing a shotgun and mumbling something about “Get ready for marriage or death”.

    1. The Negro Guy says that would be funny.

  26. Wonder what Arne and Tracy are up too. No good, knowing them.

    1. The Negro Guy says Arne’s probably watching her dress and Tracy is probably erasing those photo’s…being the voice of reason sucks sometimes.

      1. Did you say “sucks”?

        Just checking!

  27. Huh. Hi five, Nate. Also, TWIST!

    1. The Negro Guy thinks Nate’s brain is still rebooting.

  28. How much you wanna bet Jimi’s voice saying “You done fucked up son.” is echoing in nate’s head, that is, when his trauma wears a bit.

    Also, Remember a few weeks ago we were talking about a shitstorm? Yeah, I see forbodeing clouds in the distance.

    1. The Negro Guy says leave it to the black guy to always be the voice of reason. Ugh…

  29. Well at least he’s honest 😀

    1. Honesty is highly overrated; true, in some cases it’s not just admirable, it’s necessary. Then again, if one is brutally honest with everyone that a person meets, with “you’re shit ugly”, “obesity shortens your lifespan” and “that was a stupid thing to do”, one ends up DEAD pretty quick. Much of civilized society involves withholding the honest truth.

      In Other Words, Nate “done goofed”…

      1. There’s a difference between honesty about own own failings and honesty about the failings of others.

        I’m not saying that this won’t backfire, but keeping it secret would have been more selfish than tactless.

    2. Honesty is probably best here, but he really could have handled that better.

  30. WOO! GO NATE! Better than her finding out on her own…

  31. As someone said….. WOW.

    I just did not see that coming.

    From the expression on Miranda’s face, that was either a serious mistake or a ‘good move’ on his part.

    1. you just covered like any possibility

  32. The Russian Comrade

    The Russian Comrade says that this happen all time in Russia. But as opposed to American Supermarket, people in Russian Supermarket don’t care and would probably ask if she is still back there for sloppy seconds. Even your own girlfriend would ask.

    1. In Soviet Russia, seconds sloppy you!

  33. CLANG!!

    Unforced error – 20 points off. Foul; and a miss. Fweeep! Red card – player sent off. There may be a penalty kick involved as well.

    However, I didn’t get where I am by being pessimistic, so what’s the most optimistic outcome?

    Miranda: You… hold on. (walks off) … Tracy? Have you been having sex with Nate?

    Tracy: Yes… uh..

    Miranda: What’s he like?

    Tracy: Well, good – obviously. Reckon you’ve got what it takes?

    Miranda: (squares up to her) I reckon.


    Nate: Miranda, Tracy, this isn’t the way to deal with this! It’s such a waste!

    Miranda: Come on, this’ll be just like on TV!

    Tracy: And those cases of Jello were out of date, the deluxe paddling pool is a recall, and Arne was just going to throw them away.

    Arne: Yeah… I was. Alright, ladies, let’s get it on! And remember, I get the loser, right?

    1. Kessog will bring the case of beer and the nachos.

  34. In any event; I’d say Nate just stuffed his chances of a “good weekend with Miranda” in a white, plastic Food Baron shopping bag, and it’s about to go to the curb!

    A “little” honesty is a good thing – TOO MUCH honesty leaves a dazed and depressed look on ya!

  35. Brit in Norrbotten

    At the very exact moment I was reading the last panel of this comic, I heard the BBC interviewer say, “You’ve used quite a few formations this season…”

    Although referring to a football match, this seemed oddly appropriate, and itbrought an extra smile to this comic.

  36. He conveniently forgot to mention some guy watched during the most recent moment. Or he’s in shock that he let it happen. Naked woman induced loss of inhibitions.

  37. Um…..Dayum. Home boy done dropped the bomb. Now lets see if she lets him take refuge in her shelter, or kicks him in the nuts and runs for safety.

  38. Notthebowl says too much honesty is not a good thing. It’s not exactly good to tell a woman that. Women are one of the hardest creatures to deal with in life. Some of them are next to impossible to be friends with due to their explosive angers and “feelings.”

    Great comic Nick, though the comments are also always a plus as well.

  39. I know this feeling all too well–a secret goes septic inside you, and rather than risk losing parts of yourself to secret-gangrene, you have to just spit it out–“I didn’t actually stab myself with a pen by mistake. It’s a bite mark. From your brother”

    Oh yes, we’ve all been there.

    1. I believe I want that story.

  40. He effed up, and deserves what he gets. If I fell for womanly wiles and I was seeing somebody else at the time, my nuts would be knocked in my ocular sockets via some route through my body. Great comic as always, Nick.

  41. Call me crazy, but I’m a little proud of Nate. Granted, he’s screwed up royally of late, ever since he let Tracy pull him back into their old ‘arrangement’, but it looks to me like he realizes he’s hit rock bottom. He’s owning up to what he did wrong.

    Now, I fully expect him to lose the comforting relationship he had going as well as the sex, but at least he’s done slinking around, trying to have it both ways. Yes, he is going to suffer for this, but at least he’s ending things on his own terms, rather than be caught by one woman while being sexually attacked by the other.

    Rock bottom has been achieved. Now, it’s time for Nate to start climbing upwards again.

  42. Deliberate or not, well played, Nate!

    Now Miranda knows the truth, so if she decides to stick around you don’t have to worry about her finding out about it later, when you might have invested in some kind of relationship. And if this causes her to not stick around, which I suspect is what you’re really going for, then you’ll be free to go back to Rose, now that you know that 1) it’s legal for you to have sex with her, and 2) her current boyfriend wouldn’t stand a chance against you in any kind of contest.

  43. Well I would have called it rape.

    1. Only that last act. Nate was more-or-less willing all the times before. And it might be a stretch to convince a jury of his peers it was rape if it came to that.

  44. Well, let’s see how this is taken. Maybe the somber expression will be enough to spare Nate her wrath.

  45. Omg! The comments on this are even better than the comic! Especially from the Negro Guy and Wyatt! lol 🙂 Not saying I don’t like the strip but damn! lol I know I’m all late with this but Wyatt. I know ow you feel. Being single sucks. At least you’re a guy though. Its harder for us females though. We get insecure and think we’re ugly when we are single for too long.. At least that’s how it is with me and my friends….

    Correct me if I’m wrong with anything in this comment..

    1. The Negro guy says that’s the same way guys feel when they’re single for too long. Then it impacts their health and emotional status. Then we start to hate and despise all those that are couples or have significant others. There’s no difference.

      1. This is one reason my wife and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day. I have single friends, and I’m not going to rub it in.

        1. Um, you can’t just celebrate it together, and refrain from all of that rubbing in stuff?

          Kinda reminds me of Sara Palin’s reason for abandoning the job she campaigned for as Governor of Alaska… “Some lame duck Governors, they go on foreign tours and kind of milk it at the expense of their constituents.”

          Hey, Sara? I have a real simple solution for you:
          Don’t do that.

          Don’t use state funds to go on overseas tours. Don’t “milk it.” Instead *gasp* do the job you were elected to do: Govern Alaska.

          But don’t abandon your post and then claim that it was all done to prevent gubernatorial milking. Because, you must realize, that option is a choice you could simply not exercise, rather than resigning (in order to profit from your book deal).

          So yeah, Nick… Don’t rub your marriage in to your single friends. Just treasure it between yourselves, without any gloating or rubbing in needed. And this doesn’t have to mean not celebrating St. V’s Day.

        2. I agree with your overall point, but note that I said it’s ONE reason we’re not big on it. We have plenty of others.

  46. Hey Miranda. Oh, I’ve got this primed hand grenade here, hold onto it, okay?

    Probably would have been less of a shock.

  47. Perhaps Miranda will think it’s not the big deal that Nate’s making it. It’s not like Nate’s currently in a monogamous relationship. Then again, having sex with a manager probably looks bad automatically.

  48. NATE!!!!!! What’s wrong with you!?!? You are always supposed to be gentle with the girl when you tell her that you’ve been fucking someone else!! Everyone knows that!!!!!


    1. The Negro Guy says sometimes being brutally honest can get you places. That’s how I make most of my friends.

  49. well i guess …-puts on sunglasses- …this sucks for them.


      1. you sir win the internet

  50. Alright, could everyone please stop speaking in third person just to imitate The Negro Guy? It’s rediculous, whether you’re trying to ride his coattails through imitation or trying to spite him, it just shows weakness either way. Sad really. All respect to you though, The Negro Guy, all respect.

    1. ridiculous**

    2. Are you that opposed to the notion of a running joke?

    3. And who is the Negro Guy imitating? >:=)> Check out the Wikipedia page on illeism, as referring to oneself in the third person is also known. Simply put, it’s a linguistic device that people can employ, to better or worse effect. Used persistently, it becomes a verbal tic that can be annoying or endearing according to one’s taste. I doubt if anyone here is going to achieve the crowning pathos of the nameless Ed from Digger by employing it. Personally, I don’t like to see it overused (for an indeterminate and mutable value of “over-“), but this comes way, way down on the scale of annoyances, round about people grinding their teeth or having nostrils that whistle.

      So, regardless of who brought this meme here, they didn’t originate it or rescue it from (possibly well deserved) obscurity. Personally, I’d say that the amount of merit the latecomers forfeit through derivative work is reduced because the original idea (whenever that occurred) wasn’t that brilliant in and of itself, and that nobody here has really made it shine.

      Also, this is the internet, dear boy/girl/thing/other/whatever. While we all should aspire to greater things, we should also be thankful for our relatively high standards of discourse and language, and relatively low levels of l33t speak, flames and trolling. Not to mention our gracious host, Nick Wright, who provides the armature around which this (relatively) happy community has built itself. Cheers to one and all! Hooray for Treading Ground! >:=)=)>

    4. Indeed. We are not amused.

      Oh BS, we are QUITE amused, which is why we’re doing it. Sure, we’re running it into the ground, but sometimes that’s the hilarity of a tedious meme. And sometimes it’s just tedious.

      Either way, we have more important things to occupy our minds. Like what’s next for Lucky Nate?

      1. nooneinparticular

        speaking of tedious internet memes, the game has been lost

  51. At least, Nate is honest.

    It seems he doesn’t want this potential relationship to start with a lie. She might not like it, but she could admire his honesty…and his courage! 😉

    1. The Negro Guy says if that were true, we’d all be getting some right about now.

    2. You can’t be serios, I mean how well has that ever happend as fare as continuing things?!
      I think that Nate is just scared of actually getting into a relationship after what hapand with the last. He put it off with Rose, now with Maranda, he just seams like just when things are getting good in the relationship Nate does somthing to total it.
      Expect high impact slape to the face.

  52. And now the healing can begin (or the hurting depending on Miranda).

  53. voice of what might be reason

    I think Nate is suffering from some form of Post Tramatic Stress. He didn’t want his dick to be sucked by Tracy, so in a sense, he just got raped. So Miranda should take pity on him and kick Tracy’s ass for manstealing. Preferably while Tracy is still nude, she may be a slut, but I don’t mind staring at those boobs. Also, being defeated while nude would make Tracy feel worse as her power comes mostly from nudity.

  54. Wu-Tang Corporate Finacial Investers Group

    Out of all the Web-comics I read(And I read a lot of them), I always keep 3 of them open in Tabs. This is one of them. I love this comic.

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