Covenant (NSFW)

Taking control of the situation as always.

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  1. That that is a sight for sore eyes indeed.

    1. Meh, The Negro Guy has seen better.

      1. TNG lives with better, but still an enjoyable view regardless

        1. How would you know?

        2. Because you just said you have seen better >.>

        3. The Negro Guy knew that.

      2. As the saying goes, “Seen one pair of boobs, wanna see ’em all”.

        1. The Negro Guy says that’s not always true. You ever seen the old saggy boobs.

        2. Still want to see them, even they now resemble high octance nightmare fuel.

  2. Hooray! Best outcome ever! I was thinking for a sec that the crazy negro guy would walk in, or else the vampire. But you do not disappoint man!

    1. Negro Guy? That derelict do-gooder had best not show his face around here, or else he’ll have to tangle with the malicious malevolent might of NotTheNegroGuy!!!!!

      1. I believe he was referring to Purvous.

        1. Baron is starting to think they are one in the same

        2. The Negro Guy says The Negro Guy ain’t that dumbass.

        3. The Inner Asshole

          The Inner Asshole mockingly points out the irony of a person, negro or otherwise, who defends his intelligence with the use of the word ‘ain’t’…. as in “That word still ain’t in any dictionary” (and urbandictionary.com ‘don’t’ count.

        4. The Negro Guy laughs with the inner asshole, finally noticing his error in word choice. The Negro Guy was to tired to remember not to be black.

        5. toO tired

        6. I believe he was using irony – because he is, in fact, black.

        7. Exactly.

        8. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ain't begs to differ, with sources including Random House Dictionary and Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition

        9. Gee, did someone get tol’?

          *checks flow chart*

          Well, it’s got to be said:

          Aw, SNAP!

          (I guess this is just more proof that assholes are just full of shit? πŸ˜‰ )

        10. If it is not in the Oxford, then it is not a real word. πŸ˜›

        11. Actually, “ain’t” was a proper spoken English contraction about 200 years ago. The American founding fathers – Washington, Jefferson, et al. would have used “ain’t” in their daily conversations.

        12. Actually, the word “ain’t” is both an American colloquialism and contraction. AMERICAN colloquialism, meaning the only place the word “ain’t” is correct English is in the United States of America. Everywhere else in the world it is bastardized English.

          Remember, kids, it’s Care-ah-mel, not Car-mul.

        13. The English language is a bastard with many fathers. according to your point it’d all be incorrect no matter the dialect or culture it’s spoken through. To say ain’t isn’t correct is more of a classist culture thing. The logic in it’s use follows the norm for all other contractions. And When in Rome, do as Romans do.

        14. Ain’t is considered poor English now, but I’m really not sure why… it is a contraction of “am not”, and its derivation is “amn’t”…a word that has dropped out of existence in standard English. It was once equally as correct to say “I ain’t” for “I am not” like one would say “I’m not” for “I am not”.

          Just like we would continue to say, for example “He hadn’t gotten far” OR “He’d not gotten far” for “He had not gotten far”.

          Basically, we’ve decided on ‘good’ English based on how it sounds :p

        15. Sorry but “ain’t” HAS become recognized by at least one main-stream dictionary.

          From dictionary.com

          World English Dictionary
          ain’t (eΙͺnt) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

          β€”contraction of
          am not, is not, are not, have not, or has not: I ain’t seen it

          Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
          2009 Β© William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 Β© HarperCollins
          Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
          Cite This Source

  3. She has some excellent negotiation skills.

    1. She could be the new manager with those skills.

      Wonder if Miranda’s about to walk in?

      1. Seeing as Arne has the Sudafed box in his hand, I doubt it.

        1. *AND* he locked the door

    2. I would agree there good but my first thought would be I want some too not that’s excellent.

  4. The hell with watching if I had that blackmail opportunity.
    Then again, who knows what you’d catch from that bitch.

    1. The Negro Guy agrees. That bitch needs to go down, and not in that sense.

      1. Oh come on! She’s only been with two guys we know of! Thats what, two less than Rose. She uses sex for power. That makes her a bitch, not a whore, especially a dirty whore. Mind you, shes not sucking Arne too, just allowing him to watch. If she was a whore, she’d actualy had done the former.

        Also, You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means….

  5. And how does Nate feel about this proposition? Or does he have no say in the matter? (I imagine he does not)

    1. I was just wondering exactly the same thing.

      1. Ladies, you are clearly underestimating the power of fellatio to disengage a man’s willpower.

        1. I would agree with the Elf.

        2. No sir, Elf, I fully understand and often use the powerful fellatio to disengage the male willpower. It is quite an effective thing.

        3. The Negro Guy agrees.

        4. Indeed, many women throughout history have used fellatio to not only disengage a man’s willpower, but also to make him do her bidding. Behind every great man, is a great woman…wiping off her mouth.

    2. If Nate can still get it up–and finish the job–with Arne watching, then he is THE MAN! πŸ˜‰ [Also, he doesn’t get fired. :D]


    1. Yeah, didn’t we? *high fives*

      This has turned out a little better than *I* expected it to…then again Arne has NOT yet deleted/let Tracy delete the pics.

      I foresee him reneging on the deal.

  7. FIVE panels? Holy crap…

  8. Tracy FTW!

    Seriously, talk about calm during a stressful situation! Makes me wonder if this is the first time she’s been caught and had to negotiate her way out of it…

    1. Negotiate? No, Tracy will find a way to leverage this.

    2. She probably had to deal with it after fucking that old guy.

  9. Was that a click of the door closing after Arne left, or the click of Arne locking the door?

    1. He’s locking the door. If I wanted him to suddenly get some principles or something, I’d have shown him walking away.

      Also, only Managers and the HBA clerk have the key to the HBA Room. That’s why Miranda handed off the Sudafed box to Arne.

      (Note how I deftly neglected to mention that until now…)

      1. You sir are a smooth operator.

        1. Well ‘PLAYED’ Sir!

          To which I’ll add … BQQBIES!

        2. your nipples are off-center, but who am I to complain about trivialities in the face of such awesomeness

        3. Maybe she has implants and they’re really perky…or she needed to find a better plastic surgeon.

        4. No, Pinky had a solid point. I just edited and it should be better now.

          Clearly I just need to spend more time drawing naked women.

        5. Never anything wrong with doing that, and now you’ve got a perfectly valid and not-perverted reason: professional practice. ^_^

        6. Nick, that comment was not aimed at your. I was referring to Jim’s use of ‘Q’s in BQQbies: pointing out that while using the tips of the “Q” as a nipple was something I have not seen before (and therefore awesome)… it was still a bit lopsided

        7. Ha! Ah well, no harm done.

        8. Actually nipples are very rarely placed in the center of the breast, as a bisexual woman I know where of I speak. Mine are not in the direct center and neither are any of the other nipples that I’ve seen throughout my life.

  10. So we get the 3sum and then pervus walks in.
    Well played sir! Well played indeed!

  11. dem nips

  12. Better name than yours

    oh shit..you sir just made my smile go ear to ear. as soon as I tuned in I seen Arne I had a smile, as the strip progressed it got longer. a pretty win update.

    1. You saw Arne’s smile first?

      Damn, my eyes went straight to the breasts before my brain even engaged.

      1. Better name than yours

        oh no, not Arne’s smile. As soon as I looked at the first panel and seen him my smile began to sprout, then over time as I slowly went from panel to panel my smile much like a great oak tree grew to epic proportions to the point where I could run around asking people why they where so srs.

  13. Wow, was not what I was expecting. Awsome twist. I love this comic and eagerly wait for each new page.

  14. For a skank, Tracy has some nice tits. *wolf whistles*

    1. Define “skank”. We’ve only had proof that she’s had sex with two guys (Nate and Richard, former Store Manager.)

      She knows what she wants and she goes after it. Nothing wrong with that.

      1. The Negro Guy says there is when you use your sexuality to keep others down.

        1. I thought it was the man that kept everyone down.

        2. The Negro Guy says not always.

      2. True but look at how much drama she caused. She pretty much (then/now) saw Nate as nothing more than dick. She uses sex to do what? Move up the grocery corporate ladder? You’re right she isn’t a skank…..she is a down right whore.

        1. The Negro Guy agrees. Dammit!

  15. Now I know why she gets away with so much. She can play Arne without any problems.

    1. The Negro Guy says who can’t?

  16. b/c i’ve seen a lot of pokemon-related posts on websites, this popped into my head (and yes it doesnt really work well, is bad, but w/e):
    Tracy used Lust
    its super effective
    wild Arne is in Lust with Tracy

  17. I so called it, everyone else was thinking Purvous or Miranda. No even though I never commented it I knew all along that wouldn’t happen and it would end up being Arne.

  18. I’m only now realizing this. Where’s Nate?

    1. Probably semi-conscious on the floor.

    2. He’s there, I just chose to zoom in on Tracy instead.

      It’s funny if you imagine him frozen in the same position he was in on the last comic.

      1. Something to throw into Monday’s comic! πŸ˜€

  19. If Nate is still there on Monday, I’m gonna like lose all hope in him and stuff.

    Because he just got a bloody out and wouldn’t take it.

    For shame, I would say. For shame!

    1. The Negro Guy agrees..

    2. He’s in Arne’s pictures too. He probably has the same motivation as Tracy to go through with this… arrangement. I’m sure she’d get in more trouble, but Nate’s paranoid.

    3. I will go as far as saying that I will lose respect for him! Get out dude! Let Arne take the hit.

    4. You’re kidding, I hope.
      Nate has a stiffie, and it is now wet. He pretty much has no choice but to stay until Tracy is finished. It’s like, a rule or something.

      1. You’re assuming that Nate didn’t lose his stiffie the moment that Arne walked in.

        1. The Negro Guy says good point.

        2. I would have lost hardness when Arne walked in. Would tell Tracy bye when she said it was okay for some guy to stare at my cock! And to be on the safe side I would have socked Arne in the nose. 1) for ruining my hard on. and 2) when he locked the door. That is intent to see my cock.

        3. Yeah, I heard that if a guy sees your cock, it turns you gay, like, instantly.

        4. Yeah, of course. Why do you think there are so many straight guys in gay porn?

        5. But I’m not in porn so *poof* hard on be gone!

  20. Dammit, she is effing DIRTY. Almost but not quite nearly respectably so.

    1. Also, that may be the first time I actually went to a comic instead of checking the RSS in mail because I didn’t wanna spoil it for myself. The day is yours, Mr. Wright.

  21. Tracey got skills.


    *aHEM* I’m done.

  22. I bet Arne already sent those to his email. Just in case. XD

    1. Yeah, good point – she may be cunning, but he’s a fucking supermarket survivor. Hell, he THRIVES in this slightly byzantine environment; I’d already posed that he’d renege on Tracy’s proposed deal (*after* he’d gotten what he can from the situation), and this gives him the perfect means – he DOES let her delete the pics…off of his *phone*. But she doesn’t realize he reflexively mailed the pictures to himself on some other device/location, so he still holds the clout over her after, and without actually breaking the wording of their deal. πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, thanks for explaining my joke. Now its not funny. X.X

  23. It was not Purvous, though this is almost as good.

    Still…we need more Purvous.

  24. Achievement: You A Ho Now.
    Achievement: Missed Chance.
    Achievement: Voyeur.
    Achievement: Shitty-Spidy-Sense.
    Achievement: Cum-Bucket.
    Achievement: Morality Killer.
    Achievement: Vacuum.
    Achievement: Pathetic Attempts to Keep Your Man 101.

    The Negro Guy hopes Nate grows some balls and storms out of there. I don’t have a enough achievements for them.

    1. Achievement: Cock toy.

      You missed one.

  25. I wonder if Arne knows how file deletion works, and that if he removes the memory card, the “deleted” pictures will be recoverable. I wonder if he has a PC at home, and the necessary skills, and Photoshop, and the necessary skills for that. Or if he has an even more reprehensible friend with same, and a 4chan account. Then again, I wonder whether Nate or Tracy know the inner workings of file deletion too.

    Arne: There, gone!

    Nate: Uh huh. Now we gotta overwrite the memory…

    Arne: Is that the time?! I gotta get back on duty!

    Tracy: (kneels) Titty bukkake?

    Arne: (hands over phone) Sigh. Do what you must.

    1. Arne has a shitty phone. It’s based on a Samsung SGH-E335. No memory card to recover from.

  26. Pardon me for asking but what the F*** is a HBA Room.
    By the way the comic is brill

    1. HBA: Health & Beauty Aids

      So, an HBA room would be where the overstock for such items are stored for safe keeping. I guess anyway- we had no such room where I worked.

      1. many thanks, i`m from the other side of the pond we call that a stock room

        1. Here they just refer to the entire back room of the store as the stock room. HBA is locked away presumably because of the drugs.

        2. Not just because of the drugs, but all the other high dollar merchandise. All those ointments, supplements, and other stuff costs a lot and is in tiny containers. Just one of the aisles in a store like theirs can easily have over two thousand dollars in merchandise, where as put food in the same amount of space, only a couple hundred dollars.

        3. Kind of what I implied.

    2. AAAAHHHH that would be V&A stores

  27. Kind of unrelated to this strip, but I’m sort of hoping that out of nowhere later on Trevor reveals all kinds of hidden depths of character and intelligence that no one could have ever predicted were there.

    …I’m very doubtful this will happen, however.

    1. Oh, it might happen, once Trevor hits 40, and he’s the one in Nate’s job.

  28. Roll for diplomacy!

  29. That Jewish dude was not expecting Arnie.


  30. o_o

    Once upon a time, I seem to recall having said it was unfair to call her a harlot without evidence. Here’s the evidence.

    I don’t like it; this is beyond harlotry and well into icky territory – by my tastes, anyway.

    1. It was always “purported harlot” or some such thing, wasn’t it?

      1. Originally her harlotry was only purported by Nate. Now that we know the backstory combined with the current events, readers can make a more informed judgement.

  31. Talk about an offer he couldn’t refuse.

  32. Fool!!! She was in no position to make negatiations after he took the pics of her, he could have had it any way he wanted it!
    At least that’s how I’v seen it be done in certain cinima.

    1. But, two things. 1. Arne is the jackass, which means he can be manipulative at times, but mostly just goes from distraction to distraction. 2. He said start the bidding. most girls would either go after the phone, hide in shame, or pretend said pictures were never taken, and deny them later. However, Tracy, actually put up an offer, and since Arne was too distracted by the tits to think, he agreed to the first offer given. Plus he knows what Tracy is like, and may try to jump in while watching.

  33. gotta say that was unexpected :O but good outcome

  34. I am paraphasing Family Guy here, but as they said

    “Arne what did I tell you about trading sexual favors for Sudafed?”

    1. The Negro Guy laughed.

  35. Oh yes, I like Tracy. She’s good at this.

  36. I take it he agreed to delete them, but he may not have agreed to refrain from discreetly sending those pictures elsewhere before giving Tracy the phone.

    1. He could always email them to himself…or Nate…or put them up on Facebook. πŸ˜‰

  37. I kind of look like that naked! lol πŸ˜› My tits are nicer though. πŸ˜€

    1. Of course you’d be willing to provide photographic evidence for your claim, right?

    2. The Negro Guy says wow, you judge your tit’s off of a comic?

      1. You know what they say: TITS OR GTFO!

        1. The Negro Guy agrees. Stupid duplicate content detector.

    3. I can’t believe i missed this before…
      1. i would hope so, otherwise you might not be human, much less female.
      2. Pics or GTFO
      3. ????
      4. Profit.

  38. just putting this out there, threesome, not gonna happen i know but a guy can dream right

  39. TOM has been dying all this week waiting for this, and TOM also loves how Nate has absoloutly no say in the matter.

  40. Tracy: “I’ll see your bet, and RAISE!”
    Arny: “All In!”

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