Interposition (NSFW-ish)

Quick! Start thinking of hilariously ineffective excuses!

I vote "snake bite."

136 thoughts on “Interposition (NSFW-ish)

  1. The Negro Guy says it’s someone else.

    1. Michaela agrees with you.

      1. David also agrees.

        1. Zeper X puts his money on Purvous.

        2. Dan Genesis would like to place his money on Purvous as well.

        3. It’s been far too long since Purvous showed up around these parts…or THOSE parts, I suppose…

        4. oh yeah i think it will be purvous and i also think he will see and go crazy(er)

        5. i agree it could definitly be purvous
          or his boss.

  2. Here’s one: She tripped, fell, and her mouth landed on my d**k

    1. Eminem: Guilty Conscience. Funny ass ending.

      1. Foolish The Negro Guy! Little do you know that when you bought the album, my nanomachines laced it with c4! Try getting out of that one, Negro Guy!

        1. yay reference to MGS4

        2. Unlike some people, The Negro Guy has a life. Get one. And I went to youtube, like the rest of the world.

        3. Negro Guy! You will pay for your insolence!!!

        4. The Negro guy says chill the fuck out and smoke herb. You’ll be fine.

        5. Herb… that… actually sounds kind of nice. *lights up*
          I’ll get you next time Negro Guy!!!!

        6. Not smokin’ that shit you won’t, says The Negro Guy.

        7. not the tarragon stupid jesus! not the herb were talkin bout

        8. The Negro Guy is talkin’ bout weed. Naturally grown, 100% weed.

  3. And so it begins. This should be interesting indeed.

    1. Not too much 😛 My prediction; She gos QQ about it, and all chances between them are spoiled, which creates enough of a break for him n rose to meet up n talk furtherly before he trys anything with melinda. Unless: Twist, and its someone else walking in, possibly jimi going “GROOOAAAR!”… Thats just my guess 😛

  4. Small known fact that dick in mouth impairs hearing. Can also lead to slack jaw, enlarged tonsils, and sticky lips.

    1. The Negro Guy says and that’s if you don’t deep throat.

  5. This is Minty-Phresh reporting live from the Food Baron. It looks like the shit-storm just hit! I repeat the shit-storm has just hit. Viewers will be advised to stay indoors and away from windows. We are getting word that rescue effort for those trapped inside of the storm are being considered, however it will take time to wade through all that shit. Back to you, Tom.

    1. Thank you Minty, and now for the weather. it’s going to be bright and sunny around Philadelphia for the rest of the week, with only mild cloud sightings predicted later on.

      A huge storm has just encompassed the food baron as Minty just said, we expect low sunlight within a three mile radius, and the scent of sewage all the way to the new-York area.

      Texans, better get your rain boots on, we are predicting a three week long rain coming in, perfect for those crops you farmers are always complaining about.

      As for the rest of the country, you can expect high cloud cover in the southwest, and warm winds all along the north. Thank you.

      And now over to Cathy with the sports.

      1. Thank you, Tom. Unfortunately, all major sporting events in the Philadelphia area have been either delayed or canceled. No doubt due to the shitstorm causing chaos throughout the city. And now to Diane with the local school closings.

  6. “Uh…we’re just practicing for a play!”

    1. Talk about taking oral auditions too far, says The Negro Guy.

  7. “You’re welcome to join in, I assure you he hasn’t jizzed yet.”

    1. She says this to Purvous, I take it?

  8. I just realized that 40% of the fun of this site is participating in the comment bonanza. I’d do it on my site but I believe I’d be talking to myself…

    1. I would add a word or two in just for shits and giggles.

      1. o.O OMFG The Negro Guy Spoke about himself in the 1st Person!!!!!! Hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo husband cuz the world is fixin to end out here!

        1. Sorry! The Negro Guy just got finished with sex and is kind of dazed.

        2. Know the feeling as does the Mrs. as of about two hours ago… that means its time to go again.

        3. The Negro guy says power too you. Mine is asleep right now, and there is no way The Negro Guy is waking her up.

        4. That Special Prostitute

          That Special Prostitute Wonders why the hell The Negro Guy was being so damn loud, woke my ass up.

        5. The Negro Guy is wondering why you hallucinate so much. The Negro Guy doesn’t even know you.

        6. That and he’s mine, bitch!

  9. “Hey…Tracy thanks for proving my new lolipop scented wash did NOT turn my dick into a lolipop!

  10. The Negro Guy quotes, “Suck the filling out my twinky!!!”

  11. “Oh no! My penis was freezing solid in the cool room! Good thing Tracy was here, she saved it just in time!”

  12. Hands go up as Tracy goes down. Nate quickly looks around. To his disbelief his jizz did not stay, and in Tracy’s pool of blood it lay. Miranda screams, Nate pulls up his jeans. The police didn’t ask much, just his name, address, loved ones and such. Nate was escorted in to a cell, but not without an “I’m Innocent” yell. Next thing he knew, his throat was filled with goo, much the same way Tracy’s was that day. XD

    1. Yeah, The Negro Guy doesn’t think that will happen.

      1. I know, i was just being creative, writing a poem, it sated my boredom for a bit… ^-^
        Still waiting for that knee to the face, even if it’s accidental….

        1. You sir, are awesome

  13. oh no she didnt!

    1. Really? She’s not even black, says The Negro Guy.

  14. “This isn’t what it….okay…this is what it looks like.”

  15. “Don’t come in, we’re filming a music video clip!”

  16. “See I got it caught in the zipper and she was just blowing…Err..nevermind.”

  17. Not The Negro Guy

    Don’t worry. It’s just the manager.

    1. Impostor! Theres only one NotTheNegroGuy here and he does not use spaces in his name! Educate yourself, Not-NotTheNegroGuy!

      1. The Negro Guy says, “Life! Get one.”

        1. Well if it isn’t The Negro Guy. Come to foil yet another one of my dastardly plans?

        2. You’re not very good in the planning department are you?

        3. Curses! He knows my one weakness!

  18. “This isn’t what you think it is. Tracy is bulimic and her fingers have a hard time going down her throat.”

  19. Better name than yours

    I don’t think it’s Miranda coming into the room, with any luck it’s poor purvous and he’ll go all coocoo. No one would believe him anyways, and then Nate gets off clean and hopefully manages to finally break it off with temptress Tracy.

  20. “My dick stopped breathing, she’s just performing CPR.”
    Now THAT would be an excuse.
    As always, great episode. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

  21. She was giving me mouth to mouth!

    1. …and missed!

  22. Just throwing it out there, but what if it’s Le’stat?

    1. The Negro Guy says good point.

    2. Here is a what if….What if it is Aya? She did leave the house after the “who would be going down on who” talk. May be she is coming to tell Nate that Rose is a little nutty (a little? *quiet you!*), Jimi tells Aya where he last saw him and…..BOOM goes the Aya!

  23. Well, this can’t possibly end well.

  24. 1st panel: Aww sweet a putback!

    1. Miranda stays cheerful even as she performs the most menial of tasks!

      1. The Negro Guy could say something…

  25. This made me want to listen to Shaggy, while it may not be a perfect comparison it’s certainly enough for me. Excuse: It wasn’t me…

    1. Ah, good, somebody else was thinking of the same song I was. Considering he’s caught red-handed (or red-dicked, or whatever), what the hell else can he do?

      1. didn’t somebody make this this joke like 5 days ago

        1. Couldn’t tell ya, I looked through the comments of the last two strips (skimming) and I couldn’t find anything, except for a pretty hilarious “tempted by the fruit of another” bit. The better question that may be asked is why there aren’t more people making the joke, or at the very least referencing the song?

  26. Tracy’s dialogue is even funnier at 1:15am…and whatever happened to Black Mandango? I was rather enjoying TNG berating him…

    1. I’m too busy with studying to pay much attention….there’s a hell of a lot to study!

      1. I didn’t say you were finished. Get back down there.

        1. Okay, ask-and-answer!

  27. *waves hand in front of face* This is not the blowjob you were looking for!

  28. Jimmy, or if Nick is feeling cruel, Arne.

  29. “I got caught in my zipper, and she was trying to kiss it to make it feel better!”
    Might’ve been funnier if Nate said “Oh Balls!” in the last panel. (^^)

  30. Excuses, excuses… erm…

    Tracy: And that is how I got the CSM post. Understand?

    Nate: Geez, ok… you were the best qualified. There, I’ve said it – can I go now?

    Miranda: No! Not until you’ve assessed my qualifications. (kneels) I wanna know if I’m in with a chance.

    Nate: Wuh?! Hold on!

    Tracy: Oh relax, Nate, she ain’t got no skills!

    (porno music resumes)


    Aaah, who am I kidding – it’s probably going to be Purvous, like everyone else has suggested. He’ll suffer some sort of sex-induced breakdown as a result and be found at the end of the day, curled up in the trash compactor, muttering “Work the shaft” over and over to himself.

    1. I vote for a “dark horse”; namely, Jimi. 😉 What do you think, The Negro Guy?

      1. The Negro Guy is sleeping. giggity…

      2. The Negro Guy thinks that this will end badly. That and I disagree with the first guy.

  31. I can’t help but wonder if Tracy is the type to clench her teeth when surprised.

    1. Ouch, that doesn’t sound good at all. RUN NATE! OR ACTUALLY, PULL IT OUT! POP HER IN THE FACE!

      1. eitherway, Tracy is still naked. He’s boned, regardless.

  32. “Miranda…it’s not what you think. Tracy got turned into a Zombie and was about to eat my brain when you came in,,,, What?….well, everyone knows that a guy’s brain is in his penis…left testicle, really”

    1. someones been reading “PronQuest”.

      1. never heard of it

  33. How about the truth if it is Miranda…. He pulls himself out and is about to follow, but she waits for him instead. He tries to explain that he told her no, that he told her to stop. I mean, I know that won’t work, but it is the truth.

  34. Okay, had to post about this. She said she couldn’t because she had a mouth full, that’s hilarious and would just figure from her. Nate, knock her away and pull up those pants before the door to social suicide opens up.

  35. Doesn’t Nate need to be told his Miranda rights before he incriminates himself?

    1. *rimshot*

      1. So, did that influence your choice of name for the character?

        1. Nope. Just liked the name.

    2. WiN, pure win.

  36. It’s like a train, a plane and a third wreckable thing all converging on the same point.

    1. What is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?

      1. Way to make that a true Daily Double. *^_~*

        1. meh. Watson had the answer first


  38. “I’m just obeying orders from my boss. I didn’t wanted anything of this really.”

  39. This setup is taking too long.

  40. i assume its other then miranda. i agree it may be purvous.

  41. Well SHIT!!! but we all knew it was coming.

  42. Well, he brought this on himself. Seriously, he pretty much just let Tracy get that far in the first place…

    But how come so many of you think it’ll be someone other than Miranda?

    I thought it could be because she’s not all that close to the area where the room is but I wouldn’t really know that from what I saw. Most every part looks about the same to me.

    1. If it was Miranda it wouldn’t have taken this long, and it wouldn’t have been obviously pointed out to the reader. Like when Rose was fucking Sir Douche-A-Lot.

  43. “Okay Tracy nice try, but that isn’t how you do CPR. Although its an interesting idea.”

  44. My money is that nate pulls out this gem of an excuse “oh hey Um travey here is…. she is just helping me tune my magical pink flute.”

  45. The Overlord says this: It wasn’t me, it was the one-armed man!

    1. The Negro Guy thinks you lie!!!!!

  46. -If they’re in a freezer-

    (door opens)
    Nate: Oh thank God someone opened the door. Hey! Tracy, I told you already; this isn’t what the ‘Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook’ said about sharing body heat!
    Tracy: Iff mot?!
    Nate: No! Now put your clothes back on.

    At the very least it’ll make for a damn funny story at the picnic.

    Anywhere else and I’ve got nothin’ so they’re pretty much screwed.

  47. LOL >.< I THOUGHT SO.

  48. So help me, if Nate cries rape…

    1. “She pointed a tit at me and said if I didn’t let her go down on me that she would use it on me!”

  49. My money’s on Arne; while he’s taking digs at Nate & Tracy, and their guard is down (T is dressing), Miranda shows up behind Arne and while she doesn’t get proof positive, she *does* get enough to start worrying…

    Y’all be forgettin’ that bringing this whole ‘sneaking around’ storyline to a climax (HA!) will also END it – there’s no tension or excitement for Tracy if everyone *KNOWS* she’s boinking Nate anywhere she can; the thrill AND THE SATISFACTION OF GETTING AWAY WITH IT is likely contributing to her continuing this.

    Arne could probably be talked into keeping his mouth shut, but he’s probably going to have a LOT of fun at Tracy’s expense (and probably enjoy a little collateral damage onto Nate).

    1. The Negro Guy agrees.

  50. That Jewish dude seems to remember Nate promising some dude two panels with boobies in them. Where are the boobies?


    1. “Nate” didn’t promise you anything, being fictional and all.

  51. What if it turns out to be Rose somehow coming to try and talk to him and finding him like this in some bizarre twist? Talk about coffee shop payback,

    1. now im afraid to click on “next” page XD

  52. Nate: You’re ‘sure’ this will help with my public speaking?

    1. Or how about…?

      Nate: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! I come not to praise Caesar but to bury him. The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones, so let it be with Caesar.” So y’see, Trace, that scene in Police Academy, with the prostitute in the speaker’s podium, was written for comic effect, not accuracy.

      Tracy: Fine, I stand corrected.

      Miranda: Hang on – boners? burying? interrment? I’d say she was having some effect. Move aside, Ms Whitebread, let’s see if this girl can’t make him squeak!

  53. yes that is true, but I do remember you nick, saying “Two big panels, one for each.” as an answer to the question “Let me guess, Wednesday we get nothing but tits?” granted it wasn’t a promise, but its still your comic, and this the internet, so you should be more careful when tossing around words like boobs or nudity… In any case. I find this way more interesting than two panels of boobs. so i’ll let it go. XD
    Seriously. the suspense is killing me. I got a headache from thinking about it all day.

    1. Keep in mind that a not-insignificant number of my comments are going to be dripping with sarcasm in the classical style of the Internets.

      I’m glad I can hog your mentalspace though. 🙂

      1. Don’t be … it’s a dirty place in there, I’m sure. 😀

        1. The Negro Guy agrees with Sheela.

        2. nah, I’m not that bad…at least I don’t think so. I mean, I know where the line is…and I don’t intend to cross it. Besides, Nick is the one drawing the boobs here. XD

  54. lol something funny is gonna happen, cause its not her, you have the hand blacked out!!!


      The negro guy walks in.

  55. And Purvous is about to get more time off of work.

    1. I second this.

      He’ll wanna try making babies again.

  56. three way imminent?

  57. It better be Purvous walking in, or else…

    …I’ll be very sad 🙁

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