Jut (NSFW)

...yeah, with seduction lines like that she's not really putting any distance between herself and those accusations.

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  1. Seriously, I don’t see what’s so bad about her. Safety first!

  2. Much as this will not end well, that was a hilarious line. “Must address this hazard”. Great job, man.

    1. Ya’know putting a cone around that would just make it worse

      1. Hey, at least she didn’t volunteer to hang an “oversized load” sign on it!

    2. A responsible manager is a boon to all. Also: Breakup sex! 😮

  3. ACHIEVEMENT: Reach A New Low. Says The Negro Guy.

    1. Nothing wrong with that. 😉

    2. I don’t know, TNG. Most of these lows are pretty well established.

      1. The Negro Guy says you get an achievement for each Low.

        1. With each achievement, your e-peen increases, Nick. It’s just like Xbox Live!

        2. I would wait on that TNG, he hasn’t made Nate agree to it yet. he could always make him knee her in the face if she goes for it.

        3. The Negro Guy says true…GET OVER HERE!!!!!! (BAM)

        4. Ha Excellant mortal combat reffreance TNG with epic post like yours i think you should run for president of the internet but if you had truely lofty goals and i think you do you should settle for now less then supreme overlord of the interwebs

        5. thats kinda random, but i agree whole heartedly.

  4. Still say this is a setup by Tracey so she can have Nate to herself……I like it this comic! Keep up the good work Nick.

  5. Nice callback.

    Didn’t staring at her work last time?

    1. she wasn’t naked then.

      1. It’s the subtle differences.

  6. “im not decent!” “like you care.” TOM says good job on the jokes, and jugs. TOM cant wait for caremal to drop in on Tracy dropping Nate.

    1. With such a good opportunity for NSFW, why are the good bits still hidden?

      1. Stay strong.

        1. Let me guess, Wednesday we get nothing but tits?

        2. Two big panels, one for each.

        3. Not gonna lie, this comment made me laugh so hard I woke both my roommates up.

        4. Definetly made me glad that i read the comments today. I can see where the comic gets its wit from 😛

    2. That Jewish dude would like to point out to That One Mexican that he spelled his name wrong.


  7. Nate, just leave. If you stay and boink her, she’ll have you stuck where she wants you, and you’ll just be that little boy who clings to the past and takes the easy way out forever. This is your chance to grow up. For the love of God, take it. This isn’t about sex anymore. It’s mental domination. She’s using sex as a way of getting you to do as she pleases. Sure, you get laid and feel awesome, but in the end, you’re her little toy; her little lapdog, lured in with the promise of dog treats. Staying like this will keep you from real happiness for God knows how long. Get out now before she can hold it over your head for the rest of your life.

    1. The Negro Guy agrees.

    2. She uses sex to get what she wants from anuone who is in a “place” to GIVE it to her!

      She’s got Nate as a ‘sympathy-stick’ … she’s boffed the Store Manager (Bill) to get the ‘slot’ she now has (and I’d bet a GOOD raise with it!)

      Come-on guys, we KNOW “what” she is, we’re just haggeling PRICE!

      1. She is whore? GASP!!!!! I didn’t know that!!

      2. She never boffed Bill. The Store Manager at the time was a guy named Richard.


    1. The Negro Guy says Nate’s willpower is slowly depleting. That awkward bomb needs to get here NOW!!!

      1. THis is Krispy-9ner 9er, awkward bomb is en route, t-minus 30 minutes. wait are those boobs down there? Return to base! Return to base! Forget the awkward bomb, we need the WMA!
        Base: Weapon of Massive Awkwardness launched, prepare for awkward annihilation! XD
        wow, awkward sounds weird after reading it so many times. Awkward awkward, awwwkwwwaaard…. =P

  9. He needs to yank it out, come in her eye, and then just leave. That’s what I would do, if I was a dude and had a penis.

    and as I am a female woman kind of person, I would find that both humiliating and disgusting, but it would take care of the aforementioned safety hazard.

    1. The Negro Guy says that or cock-slap her. Either way you feel like shit afterwards.

      1. The Negro Guy’s computer is down…heheheh…

        1. Son of a bitch put a virus on The Negro Guy’s computer…ugh…

    2. Some build up is required.

      Most penises (peni?) don’t work that fast.

  10. Abort Nate, abort! If you leave now, you not only will you have your dignity intact, but also you might be able to avoid that storm that is about to occur.

    But I’ve got to say though, I wonder what would happen if “safety” issues like this were handled realistically. Might “boost” employee morale.

    None the less, it’s going to be an exciting next comic. Will Nate’s succeed in escaping the potential storm or will he blow it big time? It’s all happening Wednesday on Trending Grounds!

    C Crest out!

  11. Man-up and pull out, man-up and PULL OUT!

    After that get tested, like he knows where the bitch has been!

    Funny though, if he doesn’t he wrecks his chances at more sex, huh?

  12. A lot of people think this will turn out bad myself included, but I want to keep an optimistic opinion on this. Hopefully Miranda is bi or lesbian or something and when she walks into the room instead of causing problems she just decides to join in.

    1. The Negro Guy says you and every other straight guy sadly.

      1. That Jewish Dude agrees with Both The Negro Guy and Mike. We need more Lez in this comic!


        1. That’s not what I meant. Don’t jinx that either, or we might get the true side of lesbian rather than what we want to see.

      2. Not every straight guy.

  13. She has a nice ass… just saying.

    1. Among other fine attributes…many will-power sapping attributes.

  14. I think some would like to see maybe some pin up’s or maybe a calendar of Miss Tracy Winters.
    Some nudity, but tasteful you know!

    1. Tasteful…tasty, whatever.

  15. “And we rejoin Dr. Homophobe McMilfhunter as things come to a head in The Liberation of Jutland.”

    – “Nurse! We must relieve that swelling urgently! Fetch the screens! And the titty lube!”

    – “Yes, Doctor McMilfhunter!” (giggle)

  16. I must say, in panel 3 she’s very cute :3

    I don’t know. For some reason Tracy has failed to come across like a rampaging slut to me. There’s just something about her that makes her sympathetic, like most other characters in the comic. I think I have gotten to know her too much to not see stuff her way too.

    1. Shes not a slut (as far as we know.) She seems to be very choosy about who she shares her…assets with. Cold and calculating, yes. Vindictive, we may learn soon. So far I can only think of 3-4 guys shes had sex with and usually for a better position (so to speak).

      1. But the only positions she gains with Nate are sexual ones. Something she could easily achieve with other men, so what gives?

  17. DAMMIT NATE!!!!!!! You can never let the girl you’re trying to break up with that their body arouses you!!! That Jewish Dude is disappointed in you. But impressed that Tracy got her clothes off so fast.


  18. The Negro Guy wonders how long Tracy can keep a man between her legs.

    1. Look how she got Nate. Proof.

    2. Right up until she’s done with him, I suspect.

  19. This is Dramatic Irony at it’s best. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen the next comic.

  20. While I imagine some readers won’t be able to see past the courtesy breasts, the real prize here is Nate’s completely disinterested expression in panel 2. *^_^*

  21. Wow. She got naked REAL fast.

    1. Tracy doesn’t fuck around.

      …wait, let me rephrase that.

      1. Epic win for the win.

  22. meltedplasticarmyguy

    Just walk out, its not worth it. If someone sees they could cry foul… Stacy is fired, Ethan is promoted. Win for Nate, he needs a win. Throw that guy a bone.

    not that kind of bone you perverted people

    1. Wow, man. I think many comic universes just collapsed into one in that comment.

      1. With his penis.

  23. I think that Rose should be shown (in another comic) looking for Nate, and walk in on them. I just love a good plot twist >.<

    1. better plot twist: Miranda walks in, but Rose dives over her, tackling Miss Winters. While they fight it out, Miranda asks Nate if he wants to grab coffee. They have a deep philosophical conversation about their relationship, then walk, holding each others butts, into the sunset. End comic. Meanwhile, during their conversation, Rose and Tracy could be seen cat fighting, wrecking the Food Baron, whilst fully naked. Leaving poor little Jimmy Bolophogus (a five year old from Nate’s apartment building), the true hero of this entire comic, with a tainted image of supermarkets everywhere.

      1. before you ask, yes i just made up a character, but it would make quite the twist wouldn’t it?

        (Gosh I feel like Shyamalan right now ) XD

  24. Tracy Winters: Aspiring Porn Star on the Front Lines! Protecting Your Package!

    1. I think that would make a great spin-off series, for a time.

  25. The suspense rises.
    Poor guy doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.

    1. He should threaten to start screaming, then start screaming.
      It works wonders.

    2. According to Tracy, not the only thing that rises.

  26. He should back out saying something like” Oh crap, I have a girlfriend….That’s sexual harassment and I don’t have to take it!” Or something equally as trite and then he’d (maybe) get out of it.

  27. I like this woman.

  28. If he is smart he will ‘member how she got the job. Really Nate, just scream “NO”, open the door and walk out. Even if you get some back lash from it, Kinda hard (sorry about the pun) for her to talk her way out of that one.

  29. And here I was hoping to see skank pubes.
    Nate you must try harder next time.

    1. And Nick, what do we have to do to get more bush into the comic?

      1. Do you remember that silent, elegant scene in Stand By Me where Gordie saw the deer?

        The bush is your deer, Bubbaclaw.

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