More fun than How Was Your Day Sex, but lacking that special spark of Hello Sex.

139 thoughts on “Cloture

  1. Boom. Headshot!

    1. I believe it is more money shot that we are looking for

      1. I’d settle for another chest shot. πŸ˜€

  2. 3… 2… 1… *Miranda shows up

    1. And they threesome. Comic ends. Hooray for happy endings.

      1. That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. There’s no money in threesomes. Only bitch fights.

        1. There can be big money in threesomes if you know how to market it correctly.

        2. Gisele seems to be doing okay for herself.

        3. And it’s because of her site that I found yours.

        4. The keyword being if. Besides, how many people are gonna throw money at a threesome? They would be too busy beating off.

        5. No, no, no… You charge at the gate…

        6. …True…

        7. The Negro Guy is slipping up

        8. There can be money in bitch fights though.

        9. yeah there can be just gotta market it right but theres more money in threesomes depending on the format 2 guys or 2 girls with the 1 sometimes you can go 3 of one sex but that leads to too many of the same thing

  3. aaaaaaaaaand Melissa.

    1. I can’t wait to meet that character!

    2. lmao I would like to meet this character too

  4. I expect the next comic to be NSFW. would The Negro Guy agree?

    1. RotSman agrees.

      1. The Negro Guy agrees. The Negro Guy is also kicking Black Mandango while his tranny ass is unconcious.

        1. That Special Prostitute

          That Special Prostitute demans her money from The Negro Guy or she’s gonna have her pimp ‘dilute’ The Negro Guy’s ‘inner sanctum’

        2. The Negro Guy says he doesn’t know you, and even if The Negro Guy did you would be dead.

        3. That Special Prostitute

          That Special Prostitute warns The Negro Guy that making threats to White Mandango’s ho is a good way to get ‘purified’.

    2. Not The Negro Guy would disagree, but then again he IS Not The Negro Guy.

      1. Woy NTNG? Dont you like boobs?

        1. Flammable Hippie

          stupid auto-correct. WOY IS NOT A WORD!

        2. Well, I’m Not The Negro Guy so I suppose not. At least if The Negro Guy likes them.

        3. Flammable Hippie

          Well i see the logic but just because you’re NotTheNegroGuy doesnt mean you cant like the same things. Especially boobs.

        4. The Negro Guy is trying to hold back Black Mandango while typing. Apparently, he despises Tracy.

        5. Damn straight. Bitch need to learn when to stop humping his leg! …I think I nocked him out…

        6. …This nigga out cold…heheheh…

        7. Black Mandango got nuthin on The Negro Guy

  5. We all seem to know where this is going.

    But what if we are about to see the first MΓ©nage Γ  trois on TG?

    1. ^This.
      Or at least hoping.

    2. I thought we already had. Either Rose’s house – with her mom and sister or This main hero guy with a retarded friend and supposedly ex-faggot. Both of them are ‘Household has 3’

  6. This…. Is not going to end well.

    1. It neva’ does.

  7. Man, this is going to be good! I got the hot wings, who’s got the booze?

    1. I have the chips that nobody eats.

      1. Nigga’s always got the booze!!!!

        1. But who’s got the blunts?

        2. That would be me

        3. Well pass it then, man.

  8. get in line snowfire, i called that one yesterday ^_^

    1. So you did I see, I bow before your wisdom.

      1. Not widsom just an epic desire for threesomes in any capacity… as long as two of the fairer sex are involved

        1. Foursome.
          Sex like dinner should be balanced.

  9. Well people, prepare for lift off. This isn’t going to go well, but I dare say it will be an epic tornado.

    I look forward to seeing what will happen Monday. Will Nate succeed in ending the relationship with Tracy? What will become of Tracy? Will Melisa walk in at a bad time? And most importantly, what will happen between all three?

    Tune in next week for the next segment of Trending Ground!!

    1. Chica name is Miranda, HELLO?

    2. Tune in next week for the next segment of Treading* Ground!!

    3. Here is what will happen:

      1) Like most Food Lions: the HBA section is at the opposite side of the store from the Bakery / Deli

      2) Miranda, like most minimum wage grocery people is basically unmotivated and lazy.

      3) Before she can make it all the way across the store to her destination a customer is going to latch on to her in desperation about some banal item she desperately needs (or maybe is being chased by purvous because the customer asked him first)

      4) By the time Miranda gets rid of said customer, she has lost all will to live, let alone be conscientious about her duties, say’s ‘Fuck It”, and tosses the box down where ever she happens to be standing, making the shrinkage discovery someone else’s problem.

      5) Meanwhile, Nate and Tracy say their fondling farewells in peaceful ignorance, never knowing how the laws of the grocery store universe saved them from years of office gossip.

      1. Maybe…or maybe they get caught and Miranda understand the misunderstanding and accepts that he and tracy had been bumping uglies. PFFFTTT LOLS she wouldnt be female if she thought like that and Nate could move on :]

  10. A smart man would turn around and walk away. Leave her hanging. Goodbye sex is never goodbye. It’s just a lure to keep you around a bit longer.

    1. Hey, it works.

      1. The Negro Guy says and it’s a pathetic attempt to keep a man interested in you. Also, Black Mandango. You can go to hell. HOW’S MY RIGHT HOOK, BITCH?

        1. I come here for the comic, but I stay for the commentators.

        2. Special little gem, this ”forum” is.

        3. As much fun as reading the comic itself :]

        4. Hey TNG: What happened the that Tall Blond Scandinavian you were banging? Seems you are suddenly spending a lot of time with midnight-hued man-whore of a Trannie (I grant you, if he looks anything like the Frank-N-Furter from Lips Down on Dixie, it may still be considered a trade-up)

        5. The Negro Guy says The Negro Guy is still dating her, she’s German, and the only reason Black Mandango is around is because he’s my roommate. Dudes a dick though, so The Negro Guy tries to make fun of Black Mandango on a daily basis. We good friends though, so no biggy.

        6. I’m only a dick because it turns you on. By the way you can go fuck yourself with that right hook.

        7. Ugh…

        8. Besides, you weren’t complaining that time after class.

        9. Shut up. You’re not supposed to talk about that.

        10. Never seen a man blow so hard.

        11. I fucking hate you.

        12. Nyeh heh heh! With this information, I’ll be able to destroy The Negro Guy once and for all!!!!

        13. Don’t see why you won’t convert. You seemed to enjoy it.

        14. Man… there is nothing ol’ Pinky likes better then stirring the shit. nice to know he’s still got it.

        15. The Negro Guy says thanks, ya dick.

        16. You’re quite welcome. Watching the ensuing chaos with a huge shit-eating grin on my face has always been a Pink Freud specialty, especially as I can [usually] dodge the crossfire when it comes my way.

  11. Here’s the test though, will Nate succumb to her wiles and have Goodbye Sex, or will he be resisting when she bursts in on them?

    1. Hopefully, the latter. But knowing how the hetero-male mind works, it’s more than likely the former.

      1. Poor bastard is screwed….

        1. Not yet…

  12. Don’t do it, man! It’s a trap!

    1. A trap. with BOOBS!! BOOBS!!! DONT DENY THE BOOBS!

      1. There are times where you must deny such things. Apparently, you ain’t reach that yet.

      2. A trap…with Boobs, you say…


        One would almost posit that it was….

        A Boobie Trap

        1. Ha! thats great! here’s 2 internets. and a cookie…

        2. Oh, I grant you it was a cheap shot , but someone had to go for the obvious pun. Most often, that someone is me.

        3. A Boobie Trap…would that be a halter or a brassiere?

    2. Did you mean for Trap to be a double Entandre there? I think Nate would have noticed if she was one by now, but I still spit coke all over my PC.

  13. Well if it’s going to be a Menage a Trois, might as well go meta and get Giselle Lagace to draw it.

    1. I second!!!

    2. second reference to Giselle in the forum today. Someone please link one of her comics so I can check it out.


        I don’t link it because it’s really popular already, and a good chunk of my readers came from there anyway. πŸ™‚

        1. You’re just jealous because you didn’t introduce a bisexual transgender character first. πŸ˜‰

    3. Maybe if she wasn’t already drawing a zillion other comics. πŸ™‚

  14. his luck Miranda will walk in as he pulls out (just in time to get the face full of surprise jizz) she gets piss and tracy laugh. leading the story back to rose

    (well this is just my guess)

    1. TOM likes the wah you think, TOM would like to change TOM’s prediction but cannot…….. *teardrop*

  15. TOM says this shit bout to go down, caremal baby aint goin to be happy when she walks in on Tracy screaming “AY PAPI NATE, DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! Why the fuck did you stop? *turns and sees caremal walk in* Oh…… Let me take that box for you.”…….. THUS IS THE PREDICTION OF THAT ONE MEXICAN.
    P.S. TOM’s thoughts on day 2 of storyline “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh- oooooooooooo nakedness………..BOOBS!!!”

    1. Need a tissue?

      1. Give him the whole box. The Negro Guy thinks this is gonna be a long day…

        1. That One Mexican

          TOM Laughs at your jokes, check TOM’s post frome yesterday, he is posting his thoughts as he waits for the next part to be put up and is saying “oh shit” becuase he is waiting for caremal to walk in…..but TOM got distracted by the nakedness

  16. By the way is the title suppose to say “Closure” instead of “Cloture”? Cause I don’t get what cloture means.


      I’m something of a political junkie.

      1. Learn something new every day.

  17. *Fairly* certain that this is a setup by the bitch with the glasses. I think she wants Nate to herself and yet is denying any sort of emotional connection to him, so…

    : the closing or limitation of debate in a legislative body especially by calling for a vote

    – Merriam-Webster

    So yeah, no more talk, let’s get it over with:)

    1. Puts me in mind of a related procedural measure, whereby a debating session is forced to close at a given time, and all undebated motions on the agenda default, either being struck down or passed unopposed, depending on the rules adopted by that chamber. It’s referred to as… the guillotine. Dun Dun Duuuunn! >:=)>

      1. Even better, Cloture is used to end filibusters….and I think we all know who’s buster is about to get filled here, do we not?

  19. There is a theory that just popped in my head, Nate wants to be with rose again now that he doesn’t have to worry about jail. Play Tracy into asking for sex then have Miranda with one of the Many box Nate emptied

  20. Now that I have gotten all the sex humor out of my system, I really have to point this out:

    “Way to man-up and go for it, Nate!!!’

    He was firm, he was mostly nice about it, he did not drag his heals. One of the better “non-fighting” breakup attempts I have seen over the years.

  21. It’s a trap!

  22. You know, there are times when I really hate being right in my predictions. Nick, are we going to be seeing brunette-bimbo bush again? {Hehehehehe pubic hair rules! “Settle down Bevis”.}

  23. Calvin said it best. A good compromise leaves everybody mad.

  24. Good Bye sex is as sad as it is awesome.

    1. The Negro Guy says then you feel stupid because you never actually left.

    2. I prefer the “Make-up-after-a-fight-but-you;re-still-angry-so-you-pound-that-wench-extra-hard-to-work-out-your-frustration” sex

  25. Miranda’s going to walk in on them in mid-coitus, and flee, embarrassed. She herein avoids Nate.

    Tracy’s going to be her usual callous self, and then end it with Nate on her terms (having just gotten ‘satisfaction’).

    Nate’s going to be depressive and self-abusive (verbally) for the next week or so, with little assistance from his buds.

    …and at some point, Rose is going to run into Nate.

    What goes on from that point is beyond me.


    1. GREAT ENDING!!!!!

      1. We’d have to go out Zombie Apocalypse style. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… NATE OF THE LIVING DEAD

        1. Simon Pegg in a goatee?

          Pure awesomeness.

  27. You say goodbye, and I say hello…

    Hello, HELLO! πŸ˜‰

  28. If TG was a manga, it would be a “harem” type, where an unlikely Romeo is lusted after by a bevy of nubile beauties. While I’m sure it helps ordinary readers identify with the protagonist, and at the same time have hope that they too can someday be lucky in love, my own suspension of disbelief lacks the tensile strength to withstand much of this. With three ladies in his orbital field now, he is approaching critical mass. Hopefully, he will still be able to salvage at least one relationship out of this mess. β€œThe hunter who chases two rabbits, catches neither one”.

    1. Lord Omikron ask, are you, somehow, a clone of me?

      1. *asks

    2. unless the hunter works with a team and traps.

      1. That would imply tag-teams and roofies… I am so proud :,)

  29. Though I’d like to think otherwise the fact remains… This can’t end well.

  30. annnd cue miranda walking into or atleist up to the room……wait for it……..NOW!

    (either hears stops drops pills and runs or walks in on them screwing orrr mabe about to screw orrrrr! hes trying to break up and tracy does some stuff and nate cant explane cause she maaaad)

  31. Nate, The Overlord would hate to repeat what has already been said, but he feels it must be said anyway:

    IT’S A TRAP!!

  32. It’s not goodbye… it’s “thank you, come again.”

    Hmm, that line works on two levels.

  33. And girls tell us guys to ‘keep it in our pants.’ BTW Nice detail on tracy’s nametag That Jewish Dude approves.


  34. Tempted by the fruuuuit of anoooother! Tempted but the truth is discooovered! What’s been goin’ on! Now that you have gone! There’s no ooother! Tempted by the fruit of anooother!

  35. Better name than yours

    I think nate should just stay true to the reason he needed to talk to her and be all like. Bam rejected, and instead of the other chick walking in, he should walk out while tracy is all like half naked. Then the other chick could walk in, and hilarity would ensue.

  36. Goddamn this woman’s libido has no limits. “I’m done with this.” “Not until we do it one more time.”

  37. Betcha before Miranda walks in, Nate escapes with the excuse of having to go get a condom before goodbye sex. While he’s out the darkened room, the door opens and in pops a mysterious figure… Our resident vampire, to take a quick nap. He lays down on the couch and Tracy attacks him thinking he’s Nate. Nate arrives, running into Miranda in the hallway outside the door, and they pop the door open and find Tracy and Vamp-boy in post-passion. 90-degree curve thrown, Nate escapes one hassle and finds himself in a date with Miranda… When he really wants to be with Rose. :). That’s my guess anyway πŸ™‚

    1. Won’t work – The “HBA” room stands for “Health and Beauty Aids” – It’s the room where the condoms are stored when they are not on a shelf. That’s why Nate & Tracy are using that particular room to being with.

      1. Curses! Foiled again!

  38. I really wonder how this will turn out. Will the combined anger of Miranda and Tracy powers reach over 9000? Will it truly be over 9000?

    The epic show down will commence next week. And it will be epic and really awesome. Mainly awesome because Nick’s comic is easily one of the best web comic’s ever to be made.

  39. Anyone notice that the bottom half of the right frame of her glasses are missing from friday’s update? Just sayin’.

    1. You found the Easter Egg, I guess?


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