On the plus side, it did kind of resemble him.

You may not quite be able to make it out, but hanging on Nate's wall is fine art of a certain bat-influenced girl from my friend JS Staedtler.

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  1. first?

    1. woot!!

      1. Congratulations are in order, Fwatang. You have now joined the ranks of those who have been first. Revel in your badassery while you can, for it will be all but forgotten come Wednesday.

        1. Wait what are we congratulating? I forgot 🙂

    2. 4th reply to first

  2. If my ‘friend’ woke me up while I was sleeping in on the weekend, I’d say he deserves a punch to the dick. Just one, can’t be mean.

    1. I’d generally agree, but free food and scantily clad women might coax me to rise from my weekend coma.

      1. Then there’s that whole giant cock/facebook thing…

      2. It’s in the Bro Code: “If there’s beer and tits, wake my ass up.”

    2. i have a friend that has woken me up before 9am on a Saturday >.< fell asleep while she kept talking to me about where our other friend was

      1. True story: Friend of mine was trying to wake me, (I’m an incredibly deep sleeper) and so ingenuity struck. he stuck me in the ”backside” with a kendo stick. THAT woke me up.

  3. I’d friend Steve, but I’m pretty sure we’re related somehow.

  4. My best friend and I agree: This sounds just like an interaction we might have with one another.

    Also I predict that they won’t arrive until shit starts getting out of control.

  5. At least Steve gave Nate the option to pre-emptively cock-block.

    And please tell Josh, awesome batgirl.

  6. awesome, this’ll be some funny coflict….hopefully resolution everybody can agree on afterwards.

  7. He would have had me at “free food”.

    1. Me, too! BTW, I *heart* Steve for kicking Nate’s lazy ass out of bed; otherwise, the picnic would be no fun at all. 😉

  8. It’s amazing how easy it is to “hack” someone’s facebook account – so easy, it hardly deserves to be called hacking. So many people have such terrible choices for passwords. For instance – my friend’s password is “shopping”. Even after being hacked several times, she refused to change it because “it was easy to remember”.

    1. I almost went for something like that with the blurb. “Hacking” is a bit of an overstatement.

      It’s even easier if you leave your computer on 24/7 like so many of us do these days.

      1. Even easier if their passwords is “password”, “qwerty”, or their own name. I know plenty of people who do that.

    2. What’s her email? *goes to hack her facebook account* and you’re such a great friend… giving out passwords on the internets lol

      1. Yes, I really am a good friend because I ONLY gave her password, and no indication as to her name or email. Though admittedly, I’ve hacked her account a couple of times myself.

        1. Quick, try to log into every Facebook account with “shopping” as the password.

  9. Hilarious. XD
    Also, awesome to know Josh Phillips is still drawing too, i was thinking about Avalon High again recently and missed reading his stuff too.

  10. Wouldn’t that just get him banned?

    Nate Ashborne.

    User banned: Thinks he’s too cool for Facebook. ‘Oh ha ha, I’ll just make my pic a giant cock and show how cool I am, and that I’m too cool for all this and I don’t take it seriously.’ Except you’re not cool, and mine’s bigger. Bitch.


    Or something like that.

    But I digress. There must be some sort of clusterfuck brewing at the party, and Nate must be there to catch his share of it. So get your clothes on already, Nate. Ones that you stand to lose, for preference.

  11. If you’re friends with Josh, kindly tell him that he still has fans and we would dearly love for him to do a regular comic once more. I haven’t seen anything from him since “Avalon” ended except once-a-year postings on his Livejournal.


    1. He is also active on The Twitters.

      1. Thanks, but I find Twitter more annoying than useful. Just my opinion. 🙂

        It also occurred to me that just leaving a comment with “hey, tell Josh to start a comic again” while ignoring your own is somewhat rude. So, to remedy this, I should also remark how much I love “Treading Ground”. 🙂 Love the art, love the characters, love the twisty storylines. Looking forward to seeing more in future.


        1. I appreciate it!

          And yeah, we’d all love to see more from Josh. It’s not widely known anymore, but the first art I published on the internet was naughty Avalon fanart. And aside from the realization that I can draw boobs and be well-liked for it, I also drew a lot of inspiration from Josh’s art and storytelling, which I hope has helped to make TG a strong comic.

    2. Yo. Thanks! It’s been impossible for me to do any substantial work in the last near-decade, but I just refuse to give up completely on the hope of resuming webcomics (and maybe even properly completing Avalon). I created grassfire.ca to give me an excuse for drawing random shit every few weeks, so keep an eye on it.

      Plus, Nick will keep whoring my work for me. Thanks, Nick! 😉

  12. The Negro Guy is waiting for the moments of learning.

  13. This is just one of the may reasons that That Jewish Dude doesn’t like Facebook. FACEBOOK SUCKS!!!


  14. Cassie was my favorite batgirl. Just sayin.

  15. I know the story has to be shown from all the different angles but I am so tensed up waiting for what is to come next. I have a hunch but usually what I come up with is nothing compared to what Nick is able to show. I eagerly await the next part/s of your story. =)

  16. Yeah, wake up Nate! The plot’s not going to wait all day!

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