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  1. The Negro Guy remembers Two Girls One Cup well. Good times, good times.

    1. Oh, almost forgot. The Negro Guy is first. Haha

      1. The Negro Guy, hey. You want a bite of this fried chicken? It’s finger-lickin’ good.

        1. The Negro Guy is not interested with your fried chicken. The Negro Guy is going to go back to his beautiful blonde haired, brown eye, white lady of distinction and eat her out like there’s no tomorrow.

        2. What? No! Damnit! You saw through my trap you know-it-all Negro! You knew all along that this piece of chicken was laced with Negronite! But no matter, I’ll be back. And when I do, you and the rest of the league will cease to exist! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. The Negro Guy wonders why his enemy has to have such an insipid name.

        4. This anti-The-Negro-Guy shit was amusing at first, but it’s getting way overplayed.

          You’re creative. I’m sure you can find a new way to participate.

        5. The Negro Guy says thank you!

        6. oh silly negro guy … we all know you don’t eat pussy. That requires work.

        7. The Negro Guy says pussy is the exception to the work rule.

        8. So The Negro Guy prefers tacos over chicken. Had a feeling.

        9. The Negro Guy says not the blue ones.

        10. I thought those were waffles?

        11. Hey! The Negro Guy will not go near any taco or waffle that is blue.

        12. this kittycat likes tacos AND burritos!

        13. I trust that your white lady of distinction is also finger lickin’ good?

        14. The Negro Guy says yes she is. Yes she is indeed.

    2. You know oddly enough I wasn’t that put off by two girls one cup so either I have the instinal fortitude of a god or I’m a sick bastard seeing as I never get sick I’m going to go with the first option.

      1. The Negro Guy says you are not sick, you just have a high tolerance of the nasty.

  2. LOL!

    1. That it?

      1. I do believe that that was all he could think of. Sadly, the world we live in has degenerated to many people that can only reply with moronic abbreviations due to the lack of thought process.

        I blame Bunnies.

        I fucking hate Bunnies.

        1. The Negro Guy agrees.

        2. I will admit, I am mildly confounded by this statement. All I can think of is that one woman from Buffy.

        3. She shared your anti-bunny sentiment.

        4. hey. even vengeance demon’s gotta have a phobia or two. i share your hatred,
          SirBouncealot, except when said bunny is skinned, gutted and baked in delicious shortcrust pastry. mmm, bunny pie…

        5. I see. I’ll be among the first to say that I wasn’t all that big on Buffy. In fact, my knowledge of the show is delegated to a few episodes my friends were watching while I was around. But, I suppose this is a character I could connect with.

          Floppy Eared Little Bastards. With their twitchy noses, and their big, cuddly cute eyes, their adorable little hop, and their ability to procreate. Fuckers are trying to rule the world is what their up to. I don’t trust those damn Bunnies. Not for a moment.

        6. I believe there’s a song you should see. Particularly around the :30 mark.


        7. Was it bunnies?

        8. Or maybe midgets…..

        9. What do they need such good eyesight for, anyway?

        10. word

        11. Want a hug?

  3. Good times indeed, that just sounds like it would be hilarious moment.

    But I swear, Aya almost looks like Kagura from Azumanga daioh. But that just means Nick is an exceptional and talented artist.

    1. The Negro Guy says that and we all probably watch way to much Anime.

      1. Random white chick

        I would have to agree

        1. The Negro Guy wants to say something, but it’s probably best if The Negro Guy doesn’t.

        2. The Dutch Devil

          The Dutch Devils thinks you can never watch to much anime

        3. The Dutch Devil

          unless it’s dbz. talk about fillertastic. a five minute plante doom timer takes 5 episodes!

    2. Hmm, never thought about that. They do have sort of similar hair.

      Color it grey and it looks a bit like Rei Ayanami’s. There are only so many hairstyles, I guess.

      1. Hmm, always hated Rei. She creeped me the FUCK out,

        And Aya in a swimsuit…Fuck yes.

      2. And here I was under the impression Rei’s hair was blue.

        1. It was blue, I remember because i liked the contrast with her red eyes…

        2. I stand corrected. Been a while since I’ve seen the actual show.

  4. Nick, I hadn’t noticed before with Aya, but its nice to see a cute girl with realistic curves. Good work man.

    I think I’m one of the few people left who hasn’t seen that video.
    No, no need for links. I’m good thanks.

    1. The Negro Guy says it’s on every porn site you could find. Like this one: http://www.slutload.com

    2. I struggle to portray that properly… one of the areas where I’m still waiting for my art to catch up. I’m glad it came through enough to notice.

      1. The Negro Guy likes the way you show differences between teens and adults with their appearances and the clothes they wear. Very well thought out and pieced together.

        1. Thanks TNG. Glad to see you back in the game!

        2. The Negro Guy was waiting for the moments where the voice of reason would need to be implemented.

        3. Just havn’t had anything to say in my case. If anyone was wondering.

        4. The Negro Guy also agrees.

    3. I still have not seen it, and dam well proud of that

      1. The Negro Guy says you should feel very lucky.

    4. Right there with you. *High Five*

  5. I haven’t seen a one piece bathing suit since 1999.

    1. I know, right? Anyway…

      So if Nate’s realized that what happened back then wasn’t a setup, does that mean he’s possibly aware that Rose’s little stunt was just that? A stunt?

      1. The Negro Guy says yes. It was actually confirmed when he met Rose and Sir Douche-a-lot at the carnival. He bashed Sir Douche-a-lot with Roses help.

      2. I think what it means for me is that She didn’t set it up, which makes Rose’s action not a stunt, but her own teenage self.

  6. Better name than yours

    Ha I knew Nate was just looking for a wake up call, I could kinda tell he was zoned out by the shape of the speech bubbles last update. I’d do that if I was him too, probably the easiest way to wake up and get ready for a few hours of fun / misery.



      1. big ups to CAPS RESPONSE


  8. Aya rocks that gear, though…

  9. I’m I the only one that kinda wants to see a Aya/Nate hookup? It would be interesting to say the least.

    1. No, no you’re not.

    2. No, you are not the only one.

    3. YES! these two should totally hook up. They both seem to have equal personalities and attitudes.

    4. NoNameInParticular

      No Name In Particular says “nothing says ‘revenge’ like fucking your ex’s best friend.”

      The bonus with Aya would be that revenge wouldn’t be the only motivating factor.

      1. The people have spoken! Nate must now go forth and hit it like the first of a million angry gods.

    5. Sorry, no AyaxNate-shipping here. I’m hoping Aya holds out for a man of substance.

      Like, say, Jimmy’s little brother.

      You gotta admit, Jimmy gets the best lines without needing to be set up for a week for them.

  10. You did good Nick. Aya looks great in a suit.

  11. Curses. My hopes for Aya in a two piece goes down in flames. Now I’m merely left with more for my imagination.

    Waittasec. Thanks, Nick!

  12. Ah, I remember 2 girls, 1 cup. I remember questioning why my friend insisted that we have ice cream while watching it.

    I only paused a second, then continued eating my ice cream.

    What? I had already seen Lemon Party, Sandbox, and Tubgirl the day before.

    1. Oh god…Tubgirl. The day I saw Tubgirl is the day I lost my innocence. Figuratively, of course…I never forgave the guy who gave me the link. Ever. Lemon Party made me laugh, and I’ve never heard of Sandbox.

      1. The Negro Guy has only seen two girls one cup, but could probably describe tub girl and lemon party. Sand box on the other hand, I just don’t know.

        1. The full title is “Kids in a SandBox”. I lost my innocence to lolomg.com and tubgirl was shortly after….*shudders*

        2. thank you sir … because of you i watched kids in a sandbox… i watched 2 girls 1 cup before and i thought there wouldn’t be anything more disgusting. but kids in a sandbox … damn … if your a guy – DON’T WATCH IT … i think it won’t freak women so much … but seriously DON’T WATCH IT just keep on going you don’t have to see this.. god dammit why am i so curious? … kramegame you traumatized me.. .. DAMN .. just DON’T WATCH IT

        3. In the end it’s my own fault, so don’t take it personal. I was still, well, confused from that video. I mean, damn, I didn’t even know this was possible.

    2. you should look for “Necromantic”. Saw it about 15 years ago. Nightmares. I still shudder at the thought. I will give 1 warning. REAL CORPSES.

      1. That’s a new one on me. Never heard of it before. Something to do with Necrophilia, I presume?

        Then again, when you find out when you’re 6 that a family member is a necrophiliac, and you find him, well… fulfilling his desires, shall we say, things tend to have less of an ability to mentally scar you.

        That poor iguana.

        1. The Negro Guy is partially disgusted.

        2. Necrophilia and bestiality all rolled into one… Almost sounds like the plot of Twilight.

        3. Oh god. Oh god. I didn’t need that image in my head.

  13. Aya’s kind of hot. There, I said it.
    Oh, Two Girls One Cup. I’ve never actually seen it, but I’ve seen screenshots and I think that’s enough.

    1. The Negro Guy says you’re probably one of the lucky ones.

      1. Yes. Yes, I imagine I am. A couple of screenshots, and a synopsis from some emo kids was all I needed.

  14. All these strange porn websites… I know a couple of people who left their open laptops in the care of “trusted friends” only to find their browser homepage had been set to LemonParty.

    Honestly, I don’t get how people are into them, and that’s even after being encouraged by an Art lecturer to “study porn” as a comparison to the many paintings of Venus. I did so, and don’t see the point.

    1. The Negro Guy says the reason porn is so popular is because people can see things they want to try out or people they know are unattainable to them, and be able to fap off to them in the safety of their home. That and rubbing one out feels good apparently.

      1. Maybe the reason I didn’t see the point is I was looking at nude women (all in the name of “art”, of course…) and I’m not a lesbian. Just be glad I’m not one of those prudish girls who thinks that anyone who looks at porn is disgusting or degrading to women.

        For the most part, what annoys me the most about porn is that in general, the quality of the photography is terrible. While “studying”, I did see some fantastic exceptions with absolutely stunning photos, but they were few and far between.

        Also note: When you get caught by your mother doing a Google image search for “porn” or “nude women”, it becomes very difficult to convince her it’s for homework and that “the lecturer told me to”. If you’re a girl, she’s likely to assume that you’re a perverted lesbian; if you’re a guy, she’ll just think you’re a pervert.

  15. Aya looks hot in that swimsui- Wait, how old is she again?

    1. NoNameInParticular

      No Name In Particular says “almost certainly not younger than Rose…and, remember, Nate just found out that Rose was ‘legal’ more than a year ago.”

      1. The Negro Guy says even though she’s legal in that state, Nate still has his morals.

  16. well, thats a great way to start a friday, she is quite curvy under all those baggy clothes isn’t she….

  17. Less with the talky, more with the wardrobe malfunction-y.

  18. Crazy White Man Boy

    I believe that Nate and Aya would make a decent couple and Aya is not a whore or a slut and i believe the first non slut female character you have and Nate deserves a little Aya Action she is Beautiful and she comploments him in a way that is underplayed in the comic.

    1. You have a low ceiling for sluttitude. Rose has only been with 4 guys total, which to me seems to be a pretty healthy number. Everyone else is undetermined, and we’ve only got official word that Nina, Tracy and even Rose’s Mom have been with two each.

      And don’t forget Miranda!

      1. Crazy White Man Boy

        Read deeper into the comics there are many clues but i forgot about Miranda Sorry.

      2. Uh, she had sex with two guys on the side of an interstate while everyone driving by could see, she stripped naked at her birthday party hoping to get Nate to sleep with her, she flashed her cunt to everyone at the Food Baron….

        Sounds pretty slutty to me.

        As for Nina, we know she’s a whore for black people, she’s a negrophile. Beth, Rose’s mom, while it is never explicitlyy stated that she is one, we all know Rose and Nina’s genes came from her. Tracy slept with an old guy to get her position even though she suspected Nate would have been all too happy to give her that job.

        Again with the slutty soudingness.

        Miranda and Aya are the only two non-sluts in this story, though Aya and Nate have been influencing Rose to changer her ways.

  19. All i can say is Dat Ass

    1. I concur.

      Dat Ass.

  20. are the two of them going to hook up?
    they might actually make a good couple.

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