There’s Always Room

Hey, you said to show some store spirit.

And to the gelatin cognoscenti out there, yes, he brought a lot of ice.

103 thoughts on “There’s Always Room

  1. First!

    1. At the very least, something clever would have been nice. Maybe even something mildly insulting. This? I am not amused.

      1. The Artist formerly known as Mint

        Don’t mess with the classics.

        1. I mess with everything. EVERYthing.

  2. Is…is that a REAL THING? You know, that we could DO? O_O

    1. Yes RotSman….the principal is true. It works in many situations with many different options to replace the pole

      1. It makes The White Guy think, that it does.

    2. lol ur joking please tell me ur joking! xD

      1. Is this your first day on the internet?

    3. The jelly pool? yeah. it works better with water storage crystals (do google image search) $30 worth will fill an entire paddling pool in a few hours. it’s not safe to eat it, but it won’t stain clothes or skin and it’s good for the lawn if any spills.

  3. Second!

  4. DamnItMinty&RotSman

    Third then -,-‘

    1. lol, technically that’s the fourth comment.

  5. Doesn’t it need to be refrigerated?

    1. He brought plenty of ice, but having it fully set for this kind of thing isn’t a necessity anyway.

    2. Well as long as we’re coming back to science…what about sand that gets tracked in there? Gritty = not sexy.

      1. Your opinion.

  6. You have to admit the logic is infallable

    1. create pool of jello
    2. ?
    3. Profit

    1. Underpants gnome FTW

      1. The White Guy demands panties.

        1. The Fat Anorexic

          The Fat Anorexic demands a stripper pole IN the Jell-O pool.

        2. No, no, no. Stripper pole near the picnic table; jell-o pool in the middle of the yard. Visits from the local paramedics ARE NOT sexy.

        3. That depends on the Paramedics, we had some extremely hot female paramedics when i was in college! Those tight uniforms are extremely sexy on the right people!

  7. What corporate doesn’t know what hurt them. After working in a grocery store for many a year, trust me on that one… 😛

    Works the other way around too. We got our store manager forced out of our store because we all hated him and he didn’t actually do any work. 90% of the employees pointed a blaming finger at him during the anonymous surveys for employees. The results were hilarious.

    1. How does everyone get the non-generic pics?

      1. I registered on for commenting on a different site first and changed my profile stuff there. Any site’s comment board that uses gravatar the info will carry over to.

        …I think, anyways.

      2. Head over to and make an account. It works in a lot of places.

        1. Muchos Gratzi everybody. Now to make an account that rocks.

        2. It worked! My signature avatar is finally on here. Thank you Nick I am once again in your debt.

        3. And so it begins, the legend of Soylent Grey will be told for decades to come.

        4. Dammit, it didnt work. I came up with a cool name and everything!

        5. oh, nm, there it is.

        6. Wait, why change your name? Me confused.

        7. Don’t do name changes, what if The Negro Guy decided to change his name? We would think he were some imposter. Just go with the same name you’ve been calling yourself since you’re gotten here.

        8. The White Guy agrees.

        9. …what happened to The Black Guy?

        10. The Negro Guy’s name is The Negro Guy! Get it right.

    2. Also, I think this is the first time in a long time where the comic title wasn’t a single word! :O

      1. Actually, #205 was called SPF 1000- technically two “words”.

  8. Well as long as it’s the Food Baron brand, it makes it all right I suppose. I wonder what color the jello it is? I am going to guess standardized green or yellow or something.

    More to the point though, where did Nate get a hose to begin with? It would be have to be a pretty long hose to fill a pool that far away.

    1. It’s Arne, and they have water hookups at the beach near the showers.

      Also, look closely and you’ll see a lovely lime hue.

      1. That’s more a sickly hue, surely?

        1. The White Agrees, and don’t call The White Guy Surely.

    2. That and the boxes of Jello are green.

      1. If it is store brand, why do the boxes infringe on the Jell-O brand? No one can use Jell for gelatin. I’m just being a prick on technicalities. I do think the store brand should have some interesting staining effect, possibly on hair.

        1. Correct me with some linkage on this if I’m wrong, but my impression is that “Jell” without the “o” is not protected. Trademark laws are very specific, and store brands do this type of thing all the time. Diet Dr. Perky, anyone?

        2. You’re probably right, otherwise Sure Jell wouldn’t exist.

  9. lol thats win….a pool of win… unless Pervis (was it Purvis…is that even his name..) goes in it… if he even makes it there

    1. It showed him working at the Food Baron with the manager babysitting the store a few strips back, so unless he hijacks a car and drives there in the middle of his shift, I doubt that will happen.

    2. No, his name is quite definitely NOT Purvis. That’s me.

  10. I have seen evidence of this principle first-hand: I was attending a friend’s 18th birthday party, which was being held in the bard behind her house. There happened to be a row of metal poles holding up the front of the barn, and all except two of the girls started swinging and dancing around them. It was, of course, aided by the fact it was a rave party (and therefore had brightly coloured flashing lights), and half of them were drunk.

    It was not the best party for me: raves are not of any interest to me because of the style of music, the lights and the drunk people everywhere (I was one of the two NOT pole-dancing or drunk). I would much prefer a tea party where the people attending were able to remember what happened on the night.

    1. NOOOOOOOO! Not the TEA PARTY!!!

      Oh, you meant an *actual* tea party, didn’t you? *^_^*

      1. Yes, an *actual* tea party, with various forms of tea, cakes, biscuits and sandwiches, all laid out in porcelain dishes and silver trays on a tablecloth spread out on the lawn.

        1. Chester would approve. 😉


          NSFW, so adults only please! Done with taste in my opinion.

          If anybody objects to reading the comic (thought i doubt the viewership here would) than i guess you’re not gunna get my joke cause I’m not explaining it.

        3. Not exactly the tea party I had in mind, but that is a very well drawn comic…

        4. The Negro Guy likes your avatar. Nicely drawn!

        5. Thanks! It took a while. It’s done in ink and watercolours.

        6. Oho! A Tea Party! You should invite myself to your next one. I’m a perfect Gentleman. Unless you have bunnies.

        7. I will certainly keep you in mind when I plan my next one. And don’t worry – there are no bunnies, only a few mice.

  11. Question: Does Bill’s apron really say “Kiss the cock”?

    1. Yes that was established a couple comic strips ago. Check out comic 208.

    2. No. The latter ‘o’ is partly smeared in grease and/or charcoal.

      Arne gets creepier by the strip. Betcha he ends up in the jello.

      1. True, but here’s hoping Aya does instead.

        1. Something we can all hope for.

        2. Oh the beautiful picture that just formed in my head.. mmm 🙂

        3. And this is where I belive I say: You seriously need to find a real woman.

          Oh, and fuck you and your bunny. *Death Glare*

  12. hehe…. I loved that one!

  13. I thought you had to dissolve the gelatin in hot/boiling water before chilling it to set.

    1. The water doesn’t have to be boiling – it’s just recommended so that the gelatin dissolves faster.

      Also, it doesn’t have to set perfectly for these purposes. In fact, a soft set is much more preferred.

      Am I the only one who feels that this is foreshadowing for a catfight that will invariably end up in the “Food Baron-brand gelatin” pool?

    2. I think if it’s instant jello you don’t have to. I really don’t know though I haven’t made jello in a while.

  14. Well, well, well.

    Paddling pool: check.

    Jello: check. All right, it was own brand rather than out of date (not necessarily a good thing for the participants!).

    Arne instigating: check.

    All we need now is for Miranda and Tracy to be the first to get it on (concerning Nate), and all my predictions will be verified!

    I hope you brought enough beer and natchos, Kessog. >:=)>

    On that note, I will admit that I was envisioning a more intimate event, but we shouldn’t think small, and this way is better.

    (cue Ride of the Valkyries)

    Miranda and Tracy and Rose and Nina and Beth: Grunt! Glop! Squelch!

    Paddling pool: Rrriipp!

    Jello: Splurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp…..

    Arne: Shit!

    Rose: Damn!

    Tracy: Draw?

    Miranda: Shares?

    Tracy and Rose and Nina and Beth: Sure! (they all look at Nate, cut to porno music)

    Nate: No!

    Miranda and Tracy and Rose and Nina and Beth: Glomp!

    Nate: Help! (he wriggles out from between them, minus his trousers)

    Miranda and Tracy and Rose and Nina and Beth: Nate! (they run after him, Ride of the Valkyries resumes)

    (Or Yackety Sax if you prefer. I’m not fussy.)

    Hang on, what have I forgotten… ah, yes.

    Mermaid: Hey!

    All: Huh?!

    Nate: Saved! (dives in)

    (cut to underwater shot and La petite fille de la mer)

    1. It seems someone has too much free time on their hands.

      1. Whereas some only seem to have the time (and the inclination) to snipe and pick at the comments already made, don’t appear to have anything to say about, y’know, the cartoon strip at the top of the page and seem to contribute little that is amusing, diverting or original in the process. On which subject, Anya from the Buffy series, already did the whole leporiphobia schtick, and, IMHO, carried it off a lot better. Ah well, we can only strive to improve. >:=\>

        1. I don’t have leporiphobia, and I’ve seen all of about 3 episodes of Buffy. I actually, honestly, hate bunnies with a passion(Only Partially because of my belief that they will one day rule the world.). I actually have the same deep hatred of Squirrels, the fuzzy bastards eat EVERYTHING. I just want the fuckers to stop EATING MY HOUSE. Well, rented house anyway. I still have to pay for that shit. Смерть зайчики!!!

          Besides, I care not if I amuse you, I need only amuse myself.

        2. If that were truly the case, wouldn’t you be doing a lot less commenting and a lot more talking to yourself?

        3. Shhhh. People aren’t supposed to know about that.

        4. I didn’t say you had leporiphobia, I said that Anya from Buffy employed it to better comedic effect. >:=)> And now that you bring up the subject of sciuriphobia, I have to say that Amy Hardwood (AKA “The Shadow”) from the Blackadder the Third episode Amy and Amiability employed that to better comedic effect too.

          And the whole “random put-downs” schtick? It hardly needs saying: lots and lots of examples by a great many people, all deployed to better comic effect.

        5. You make me want to put a ‘Don’t feed the Troll’ sign on you, then poke you with a Kebab.

          Ah well, at least you proved my point.

        6. OK, I’ll stop feeding. No problem. Ciao!

    2. Found a bucket o’ salsa to go with the keg of beer and carton of chips.

  15. And hilarity, and hopefully, more sexiness ensues…but on to the more important question….why no TNG comment? Perhaps he is gone for the weekend?

    1. The Negro Guy is tired. The Negro Guy must rest the voices of reason for a while.

  16. Eagerly awaiting arrival of said strippers.

    1. The Negro Guy says you look like you are. Actually, scratch that, you look like you’re about to bust-a-nut.

  17. Anti-Semi- Er I Mean


  18. Yeah, but I’m betting the Food Baron gelatin doesn’t set as well as Jell-O. Like Hydrox cookies are never really as good as Oreos.

    1. ”Hydrox” cookies? What, they made with Hydroxy-cut? or something. Sounds like it’d be powerdy, dry, and bland. like trying to scarf down flower and asperin.

  19. Food Baron Brand Gelatin! Causing beachside babes to lose their inhibitions for over 50 years!

  20. I”m surprsised tp not see comments from the negro guy.. hmmm. Yea like I would strip on a pole….. for free. psshhh and jello? ewwwww I’m a vegetarian so I wouldn’t even touch the stuff.. Well I did today cause I was making fondant for cup cakes( which are for other people). Other than that though keep that shizz away from me.

    1. I’m sorry, did you say something? I was busy staring at your rack.

      1. The Negro Guy says you know that might not be her real rack, right? She could be smaller…or larger, but I doubt that turn of events.

  21. no one else sees the black tape over the 2nd “o” making it kiss the cock?

    1. The Negro Guy says we already saw it.

  22. The above stated principle is fact. I have seen it in effect with a vacant Twister mat. Exultation changed to revulsion as the clueless fat Christian guy came over and asked to play. Fucker.

  23. I think I can see where this is going. It goes hand-in-hand with an earlier prediction I made.

  24. Just as a word of warning – the dye from jello lasts a long time on the skin. A green tint, say from coloring used for Halloween, can last WEEKS…

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