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  1. and in comes the kid. bout time

    1. woot! First!

  2. Sound advice, if you take out the misogyny.

    1. That doesn’t leave much advice.

  3. Sage advice from a noble master.

  4. Sound advice if you leave in the misogyny aswell πŸ˜€

  5. Dude makes a ton of sense. More people should remember this.

  6. HA! I get it!

  7. you’ve teased us for too long now. let something interesting happen or show us some ta-tas!

    1. ( o ) ( o )

      1. 8====o~~

        1. {()}

          Now that I have demonstrated my mental age…

          Love your Comic. I know so many of these people.


          And thanks. πŸ™‚

        3. I wonder if that summons a sexy parody of Captain Planet or something….

        4. how teh hell can you possible say the words “sexy” and “captain planet” in the same sentence? Γ΄.o

        5. Crimson Incubus

          Dude I saw captain planet want to see some porn of Gi (the girl with ‘water’ ring)

          and in so That girl from Captain planet is sexy. πŸ˜›

        6. Rule #34 no exceptions.

        7. im oh so glad my comment spawned a pornfecta. i was just messin around by the way, i love your comic and i check here at least once a day just to re-read.

        8. Oh look, its a lampshade!

    2. If you really want to see some tits go to a different website. For now just sit back and enjoy the story. It can’t all be climatic suspense scenses.

  8. Arne may be the smartest man in the world cause I have no idea what that means. I’m not an imbecile but I can’t find the logic anywhere.

    1. Really, the logic seems pretty obvious to me…

    2. Alright here might be another analogy that can be somewhat related but in a more dumbed down sense. “Keep your personal life seperated from your work life.”

      1. A better version:
        “Don’t increase the stress of work by adding relationship drama.” (Hello, Nate? Arne’s gay teen-aged son is more emotionally healthy than you!)

  9. Looks like he’s a bit of a charlie sheen….

    Without the dugs, of course.

    1. Yeah, but i get the feeling Arne’s more than just BI-winning

  10. Dr. Wonderful approves (20+)

  11. Hey! Arne IS a good parent!

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of interested to see more of these two interacting!

  12. I’ve got to say I really think Arne is a genius…

  13. better name than yours

    NOT FIRST! :O ha no one ever calls that! Arne is pro, this update just proves what has already been established!

  14. Truer words have never been spoken.

  15. Flawless logic from a man that is above most others. I salute you Arne.

  16. Ok, is it sad that my dad gave me advice that was pretty much verbatim when I was growing up?

    1. Not at all. I think any guy who has been through the cluster-fuck that is work related relationships know to advise against them. It just isn’t worth it.

      Also, Nick;

      Lovin’ the comic, man. πŸ™‚

    2. hell i tell the kids i work with this, that and always, ALWAYS use a condom. They don’t listen…sigh.

  17. One of the all time greats on the list of dadvice. That’s right up there with “well turn it off you idiot” and “son, shampoo is not a lubricant”.

    1. Very well said, and I have to add in one I overheard my sister say: “Zombies aren’t good for religion.”

      1. Jesus begs to differ. <:D

        1. Perhaps some context is needed: She was talking to her boyfriend about Dungeons and Dragons, and was going on about her Cleric character fighting zombies. Although maybe the whole “Jesus rising from the grave” thing was the point. Some could argue he was bad for every religion – including Christianity, if you consider that they are constantly arguing over miniscule details).

  18. Good advice, if only I had knew that 4 months ago before my office christmas party!

    1. Sometimes this lesson is learned the hard way unfortunately.

      1. “the hard way” – I see what you did there.

        …and I LIKE IT!

  19. Alex: What about the redhead and the one with the star on her tit?

    Arne: Star girl doesn’t do white guys and redhead might not be legal-

    Alex: -Like that would stop you!-

    Arne: -and ‘sides, even I have places I ain’t going. Some locales are too much trouble to want to eat or shit in, son, and that’s whichever way you swing.

    Alex: (stunned) …Thanks, dad.

    Arne: Pleasure to help, son. (waves and calls to Nina) Hey there, Madam, wanna see how that red star looks up against this green jello? Just pile your clothes up here and I’ll fetch you another beer.

    Nina: Sure! Don’t mind if I do! (walks over, commences disrobing)

    1. Awesome.
      Cut, print.

      Nick, I think this script needs to happen.

      Who’s with me?

      1. You’ve got my vote! πŸ˜‰

        1. Crazy White Man Boy

          my vote is added that the red star titted chick needs to get naked with other women in the lime Jello.

  20. truer words have never been spoken.

  21. Awww….this is like an after-school special.

    1. All we need is a star trailing a rainbow.

      1. The More You Know!

  22. How about “Don’t get your honey where you make your money”?

  23. Great comic i’m enjoying it

  24. Jonny The Eyepatch

    So…which one’s shitting, and which one’s eating? This is especially confusing because he -does- work at Food Baron, an eatery that – thus far – has seemed like kind of a shitty place to work.

    1. Maybe so, but it’s a paycheck. Gotta put food on the table.

    2. eat= work shit= things that could cause negative shit at work, like fucking a coworker

  25. ZombiePlasticClock

    Just finished running the Treading Ground gamut. I gotta say, I really like this comic. It’s got a somewhat realistic spin on the clichΓ¨ romance manga style, and hilarious moments. And the “NSFW” bits at least pertain to the story, and isn’t just “OMG T&A!!1”.

    So yeah. Cool comic, hope to see more of it

  26. Part of me wants to see Rose and Tracy get in a fight and end up in the jello. But another part thinks it might be funnier if nothing actually happens involving the jello.


    1. Or go for the ironic and have couple of the guys fall in and the girls start cheering and whistling.

  27. Nice advice from Arne, but still waiting to see Rose in a bathing suit

    1. I’m righ there with ya, buddy. πŸ˜€

  28. I did listen to that advice (no Trash where you make Cash) and I probably wouldn’t be married to my awesome she-geek. Really worth it to let someone else screw up and fantasize vicariously.

  29. The best advice a father can give to his son.

    1. Nope. That’d be use a rubber, or maybe don’t climb into bed with someone crazier than you. I’m sure there are other contenders as well.

  30. Where’s TNG? Getting it on? The comments section suffers without him.

  31. Arne has a son?!!

  32. 69th!!!!

  33. ARNIE: “Son, they are NOT ‘random floozies’! I sort those floozies by cup size, then age!”

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