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  1. First!

    1. Damn, I’ve been waiting to do that. 😉

      1. Did you obtain the wisdom of the ancients?

        1. Alas, no. I still feel like Clueless Jones in panel 4. Here’s hoping that Rose gives him a good swift kick in the balls (and not me!). 😀

        2. 2 things
          1. i think nate will give him a kick in the balls
          2. only morons hang around just to post up first its quite sad really its how you notice the absence of your life

        3. u jelly?

        4. he jelly.

        5. Easy-to-Amuse Joe

          I am replying inside the bold box

  2. wow is that who i think that is?

    1. No, it’s not Barney the Dinosaur. And get your head out of the gutter.

  3. Will he attack Rose, causing Nate to jump in and defend her honour? Will that result in Nate getting the shit kicked out of him?

    1. nah, Nate would totally go super Saiyan on his ass. this is the guy who would probably fall for the “gullible on the ceiling” joke. outside.

  4. Guess what time it is?


    And here’s the biggest tool there is.

    1. You, sir, win a cookie

      1. But I eated it.

  5. Who invited him?

    1. Maybe he came with Aya?

      1. i think he works for food baron or something like the managers son i think is what was mentioned in a past strip

        1. no that was the dark haired kid talking to Arne in the previous strip.

    2. It’s Trevor we’re talking about here. He’s enough of a tool to just crash a work party.

  6. Yeah, I think I see where this is going. The path, at least, even if I don’t know the exact direction it’s going in.

    That said, SOMEONE KICK THAT BASTARDS ASS! Oh come on, we all know he’s gonna do/say something stupid, so might as well get the obligatory beatdown out of the way so we can enjoy the jell-o fights.

    1. I can’t wait to see him in the jello fight!

  7. aww… someone’s trouser snake hasn’t been massaged lately, now it’s sad… Money says he ends up with the mom or the sister

    1. Nah, Rose’s sis only likes Black guys, while her mom has a thing for Steve

      1. Besides, Rose’s mom isn’t even there

        1. As far as we know. I wouldn’t think Rose would be there. Maybe a flow chart would be helpful in times like this.

        2. Thanks Nick, I had planned on posting the second link, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember how to

          Btw, I think the second works best

        3. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a link here

  8. Come on nut shot!

  9. Wow. I feel like Trevor’s balls and voice just dropped 3 octaves.
    I’ll wait till Nate comes over before I say the other line I want to say.
    I’m also guessing Aya didn’t hear her?

  10. In the name of all that is holy. . .let Nate beat the fuck out of that kid in the near future, then taking Rose back to his place to make good use of that age of consent law he recently found out about lol

    1. AMEN!!!

      1. HALLELUJAH!!!


      1. It’s spelled OO-RAH!

        1. No, it’s MUMM-RAH!

        2. RAH, RAH, SIS-BOOM-BAH!

      2. Hoo raw! Hoo raw! I’m raw!


  11. Wait wait wait.

    Weren’t they going to keep Captain Dipshit in the dark about this? What, did he stow away in the trunk or something?

    Rose, Nate, I don’t care who, someone needs to deck him and get it done.

    1. Le stat… er mr. imma vampire! he will be the one bringing the ass kicking

  12. I can’t wait to see what spillage emanates from Mayor McDouchebag’s sound hole now. I want to give him the credit of thinking he’ll say something emotionally insightful, since I imagine it has to do with his losing his source of booty, but I doubt it.

    1. Losing a source of booty can cause a man to leap buildings, deflect bullets, and melt things with his eyes. i’m sure it can affect intelligence in the same way, either that, or it caused him to grow the fuck up.

      1. I do believe it is superman you are thinking of and not emo-man, close though, emo-man tends to leap into a big scene, deflect logic and complain how she made his love-muscle melt.

        1. well yea, it has different effects on everyone…

  13. Trevor may be messed up in the head but he’s right about the talking. It’s not too cool of Rose to avoid him. If she wants to break up, she should just come out with it.

    1. Ya but if I remember right she said she has tried to break things off with him before and he just didn’t take the hint I guess. This may lead to something good for Rose.

  14. there are some coincidences between this comic and another one I read called The Lounge. Yours and The Lounge both feature a red haired hottie. Also, both have a female character named Aya, who has a relationship with aforementioned hottie, only The Lounge’s Aya has a more serious relationship (can anyone say lesbian girlfriend?).

    Huh, I guess it’s only two. Whatever, I felt like pointing it out.

    1. And a fist bump to you, fellow Lounge reader!

      1. Its been years since I read on that. It really slowed down so I stopped. Is it still going? Though there’s quite abit more characters in that one.

  15. I am hoping Rose does something mature and smart, tell the little moron to move the hell on and go find some one else. Then she can try to fix things with Nate.

  16. Trevor : “Why haven’t I seen you around in the last week? I’ve wanted somebody to suck my dick and Aya wouldn’t do it. I tried for an hour and I Couldn’t do it either. So will you suck my dick?”
    Rose : “No.”
    Trevor : “You never said ‘no’ before. Why are you saying it now?”

    1. LOL you sir….haha let me stop laughing first…

      1. Okay, I almost forgot to really say something lol
        I can see him saying something like that haha .. I kinda want that to really be what he says now lol but I think it’ll go something like..

        Trevor: “You haven’t been coming over at all lately, didn’t you get my romantic text saying – Im so horny, lets go do it behind the grocery store babe- ? ”
        Rose: “What’s romantic about that?!”
        Trevor: “I called you “Babe”! That’s GOLD”
        Rose: -insert comical face that looks highly angry-
        *Nate sees them as he goes to get a drink or w.e*

  17. To quote Nate we may get to see some tae kwon douche skills soon.

  18. I don’t have any great faith in his conversational skills.

    1. I think his “conversational abilities” START with;
      “On your knees” and END with;
      “Bitch!” …

      But y’all DO feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

  19. I knew my douchebag senses were tingling…

  20. “..Talk or some shit.”

    “Or” implies there is a choice. I’m pretty sure you want to talk, because I don’t want to get involved in any “some shit”. I don’t even know what that means!

    But alas, the character is not meant to L2English. ^^

  21. Maybe he heard about Rose’s rep and just found out he wasn’t her first or he (and Mr. Happy) have been feeling neglected.

    Either way…this is going to be good.

    -runs and grabs popcorn and Mt. Dew-

  22. cue the dramatic music … I’m coming late to the party – this guy’s a jerk right?

    1. He’s somewhere BETWEEN a moron and a smart box-a-rocks!

      (The previous comment was and IS not meant, by it’s author, to offend ANY boxes-of-rockes that may be reading or following this strip. If such be the case, I DEEPLY apologize!)

  23. Calling it – Trevor’s deeper than he seems, and he is going to surprise everyone, making us feel somewhat bad for him. Until we remember what a douche he was previously.

    1. I would not be shocked at all of this were the case.

  24. … And of course, this is posted on a Friday, meaning we have to hang on this particular cliff for 72 hours. Damn you and everyone who looks like you.

    1. Well, there’s ALWAYS “working on the Taxes” to pass the time!

  25. WHat THat Jewish Dude wants to know is how Trevor got six-pack abs! And what is up with him always ‘and shit’ or ‘or shit’?


    1. I was wondering about the abs too. Maybe he’s a douche-pretty-boy. High school jock sorta thing.

    2. I heard that if you, like, do a bunch of exercises or something, they magically appear. I will caution you that this is secondhand information.

      1. Rumors and Lies!

    3. I’m guessing the sex. sex counts as an exercise.

  26. Rose: Talk…?

    Trevor: I’ve got blueballs now. What are you going to do about it?

    Rose: Er, fetch you a tissue?

    Trevor: No! I know you’re not doing anyone else, so you’ve got to help me out, here!

    Rose: Got to? Ah, right, no. See, I’m Rose Crowley. You want to look up your old friend Rosie Palms.

    Trevor: Listen to me you b-

    Rose: *NARDS*

    Trevor: *huk!* (ROFP)

    We already know that Trevor has difficulty coming to terms with such things. Perhaps this would get through to him. >:=)> Though that does remind me, for a belt and braces approach…

    Rose: Uh, anyone got a Sharpie? And how does “Fuck off. -Rose” go in mirror writing?

    Arne: I’ve got a Food Baron corporate supply permanent black marker of indeterminate brand here. Who’s the patient?

    Rose: Follow me.

    Arne: (kisses marker) Come on, pardner. To mischief!

  27. a wild dickweed appeared!

  28. The Negro Guy is hoping Rose will do the right thing…that being shoving her foot so far up his ass it’s not even funny.

    1. Austin Powers (Im serious thats my name)

      Austin Powers says its not far enough till there is a foot print on his forehead…Dose The Negro Guy agree?

      1. Perhaps The Negro Guy would be more inclined to agree if the word”does” was spelled correctly. Unless, of course, you were in fact intending to “dose The Negro Guy”, by which I can only assume you mean “drug him”.

        1. Austin Powers (Im serious thats my name)

          Oops…damn typos….and whats with the spelling Nazi thing

    2. But… That would be funny. Perhaps it’s so not funny it’s funny?

  29. <_< This guy needs a visit from the king of all bastards…

    Mike, from the Walkyverse.

    1. Not a bad thought, but we’ve already got Steve, Arne and an unused pool of lime jell-o. I’m confident Nick can figure out something suitably evil for them to do to Trevor.

  30. I think the master of douche fu may be about to come outta the closet. My guess would be Arne’s kid invited him. Arne did say something about bringing someone home. I dunno how to link pages yet.

  31. NOOOO!!! I’m afraid the Jello pool will be wasted in this douche.

  32. Ah god! My douche alert is going of so loud I think my ears may explode!

  33. Oh hell. This is going to end with Douchemaster Zero in a headlock in the gelatin pool. Arne is going to say “Well I was half-right. Unless… Hey son, your gaydar going off?”

    1. That would be pretty darned funny.

      I wonder if Nate has his “Power of Punch.”

  34. Talk? Sure. You’re an idiot. I banged you to get my freak on and deal with frustration. I’m bored of you and done with you, go away.

    That was a great talk, glad we had it, we should never do it again.

  35. Wow.

    Nick, why do you have to leave it hanging like that for the weekend?!?

    I’d hoped my weekend would be filled with jell-o wrestling and the possibility of Rose’s sister losing her top during it, but now, I have to wonder whether the Earl of Doucheville will be involved with a prison smackdown with someone when Rose says, “No means No!”

    1. Yeah, the story doesn’t always come to me in Monday through Friday chunks. If it did, we wouldn’t have had the end of that Les bit on Monday.

      1. Ooh, and I like a ‘Les bit’!

  36. That is his “serious” face.

  37. Here’s an idea.. as it’s been shown before, their relationship is history. This beach comic will show the unfortunately permanent breach between them and the regret that surrounds the whole dang thing. Eventually, they’ll screw because they both know now that they can and they should have, but everything is way too awkward now to start anew.

    Face it guys, it’s done.

  38. Is it just me, or did everyone else think that Nina told Rose to shit herself first time they looked at this?

    1. I did a couple of double-takes at it when it was in Photoshop to make sure I hadn’t typoed. “Shit yourself”, “slut yourself”, “slit yourself”.. Guess it’s just a side-effect of the font I’m using. 🙂

      1. I read it correctly but thought it looked totally odd and/or probably contained a double entendre,,,

    2. Well, it is Nina. She’s into all kinds of weird shit.

    3. Cool. So it was not just me.

  39. Nothing new to add to the “Trevor needs BAD stuff to happen to him” lines, but wanted to call him ‘Captain Douchetar of the Space Cruiser Douchemoto.’
    Strictly comparing the two on a level of how far up their respective scales they are (Badass V. Douchy)

    Hmm. Now wondering who will get the ref…

  40. A lot of callings for ass woopings and kung fu mu shu madness on the boy. No offense to trouble, but I think this is definitely best left to Rose and Aya to handle. In the jello pool. Naked and beating the shit out of him.

    You know, skip the beating the shit out of him and get them in that jello. Important work always comes first after all.

    1. PS. The poll results speak for themselves in this matter.

  41. Just found this comic! Love it so far! Caught up today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. So went back through to when Rose and Trevor first kissed, and even though she says she “Doesn’t know how to deal with him anymore” she never officially said she tried to break it off. In fact it was actually Aya’s idea to simply stop talking to him. So really this means that sir Douche-a-lot has every right to be mad, and until he does something else stupid, he actually deserves a chance to talk things out.

  43. Dang.. I think it shoulda been Purvous wastin his ass… on his way to get to Red of course!

  44. …Nate and Trevor are going to end up in the Jello pool, aren’t they?

    1. I think Trevor will just end up buried up to his neck in sand, with the tide coming in and a crab about to bite his nose.

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