Hair of the Dog

Clearly she has mistaken this for a classier gathering.

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  1. FIRST!!!

    1. YES!!! That Jewish Dude now rules over you all!!!!!!! At least until wednesday.


      1. P.S. Is it wrong that I think that Rose’s mom looks hot? ‘Cause I’m worried about that.

        1. Jewish Dude … just HOW LONG have you had these “Momma issues”?

        2. That Jewish Dude

          Since That Jewish Dude saw hew in that swimsuit.


        3. I’ve gotta say, I agree >.>

        4. She -does- look rather physically impressive in that bikini, and we all know she has a rather active libido, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, TJD.

          I’m impressed she’s this mobile after all the boozing Rose says she did the last night.

        5. i’d actually say she’s still mostly drunk…

        6. i would also say that the best cure for a hangover is more booze. At least that is what Beth is thinking.

        7. There’s noting wrong with that, because Rose’s Mom is ONE HOT MOMMA! ‘Nuff said. 😀

        8. Nothing to be worried about. If Nick meant Beth to look horrifying rather than hot here, he needed to add a bucketful of wrinkles and stretch marks, ’cause she just looks voluptuous 😉

        9. Hmm, now that you mention it… A stretch mark or two would be excellent realism. Having two babies should leave a few traces, even if the mother works out and gets her old figure mostly back.

        10. I’m not really going for explicit realism here anyway, but it’s been over 17 years since Beth had a baby. I’d imagine any stretch marks would be faded to scar tissue very close to the color of her skin at this point.

        11. Speaking of which, how old was she when she had her kids? I’m guessing young.

        12. Both she and Arne had kids young. I’d say she’s around 36 (kids at 17 and 19,) Arne 35 (had Alex at 18).

        13. Arne must have been exhausted pushing out Alex at 18.

    2. Leave it to the Jewish Dude to hoard the first comment to himself.

      1. Damnit Kartman!

        1. Goddamnit Kyle…

        2. Sir Dude Man Guy

          haha <3ing the richard pic! He's my god! errr demon? Grand Warlock lord of the bones!

  2. It appears some more life will be injected into this party. Also, more booze.

    1. Well, I assume something will be injected at this party, but I think that Beth would be against any life coming from it… of course Bill missed out on a great opportunity for stress relief by darkening both o’s. Had he not done anything, or had Les kept his mouth shut, I’m sure Beth would’ve gladly obeyed his apron.

  3. Jello fight in 3…..2…….

  4. Allow me to be the one to say what I’m sure a good deal of us are thinking.

    “…Awwwww, shit…this won’t end well.”

    1. *I’m* thinkin more like ‘Heres where its gonna get INTERESTING!’

      1. Or possibly… “Here’s where it’s going to incredible interesting by not going very well and making the situation incredibly awkward.”?

        1. There’s an old Chinese curse, it goes like this:

          May you live in interesting times.

          Judging by the barrels of drama that just showed up, I’d say we’re in for some very interesting times.

        2. -_^ someon’s been reading his Pratchett…

        3. Hey! That’s my mantra! Give it back!

        4. Pratchett for the win!

    2. I think it’s more, “Fan, this is excrement. Excrement, this is fan.”

  5. EIGHTH !! — (a personal best!)

    Oh shit! – Here’s Momma!

  6. What in the world did someone do to the apron??

    And remember, for tapping Rose’s mom, remember to use the full-body condom. Maybe a few dental dams just to be on the safe side.

    While the Christian God is said to see each sparrow that falls, even He draws a complete and total blank when it comes to where Rose’s mom has been…

    1. I expect Bill did the only thing he could to eliminate the unintended (by him) meaning…

      1. It seems he did it just in time too.
        or by that look on his face, he may want to wipe it off while it’s still wet…

    2. Monty Python may well believe t hat every Sperm is Sacred, but in Beth’s case…. I think he’ll heave a huge sigh of relief

  7. How is kiss the c k better than kiss the cock?

    1. Maybe he’s a huge fan of the comedy stylings of Louis C.K.? Actually, if you look closely, it looks like he’s used a Sharpie to make it a couple of “O”s.

  8. I knew she would show up. Now anyone want to lay bets on Rose’s mom putting the moves on Nate?

    1. burketheexecutioner

      25% chance of nate fighting trveor over rosa 25% chance of rosa telling treveor off or punching him to get him to leave her alone 25% chance of nate telling rosa that they can have sex and maybe they should give it another go 24% tracy and rose fight over nate and end up in the jello 1% chance that when rose and tracyt are fighting in the jello that rose’s mom gets involved (these all have a chance of happing over the next 5comics)

  9. *picks his jaw up off the floor and puts his eyes back in his head*

  10. May I just say that for a well rounded woman, Beth has remarkably pert breasts. Should I suspect her of surgery, or is she just fortunate as to their condition?

    1. The Negro Guy says she’s had two kids, so fortunate?

      1. Fortunate in that respect perhaps, although by looking through some of the other comments here, no one seems to know what her name is. They keep calling her “Rose’s mom”.

        Check the Cast list – it’s right there.

  11. One of these days, I’m gonna want to know why Rose’s mom drinks so much and where she gets the money to be so hammered all the time…………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    ….Today is not one of those days.

  12. And the milf returns. In a bikini! Oh Joyous day!

    1. It’s a thong, right? Or better yet, a G-string–oh please, let it be a a G-string! XD

  13. MILF-tastic!

  14. Arne: Courvoisier? I think it’s at the bottom of that green pool.

    (what else?!) >:=)>

    Rose: So, you called at my place, but how did you get any sense out of mom?

    Trevor: I…. (turns pale, sweats) I don’t… I just remember stale booze and sweat and smothering… I don’t know what I said or did, but… (begins to shake violently)

    Bill: (grabs Trevor from behind, commences strangling) This is the final straw! You brought this abomination here! This is the worst company picnic ever! I’m freaking out! And you’re coming to Hell with me, HAAHHAAHAAAA!

    Trevor: Ack! Horrible, repressed memories fading …yay…


    Arne: And is that the sound of dead men’s shoes I hear opening up? (to Nate) Can I press you to reconsider your decision? As new store manager, I can guarantee you promotion. And pussy.

    Aaand I think I’ll stop there. Still, there’s decent odds that Mr. Wright will come up with something even further off the wall. >:=)> And isn’t that one of those bikinis that tends to “malfunction” at the drop of a hat – especially if the wearer is particularly uncoordinated? We can but hope.

  15. MILF! Or is it Cougar? which term are we using these days?

    1. I believe the term ‘slut’ remains timeless….

  16. Brazilian even?


    1. That appears to be the full Hollywood

  17. Rose’s mom = instantaneous party foul.

  18. Aah I love, that wait a minute, that can be found so abundantly in web-comics. tis pure gold.

    1. god dammit why do i keep screwing my italics up? it worked the first time!

      test >

  19. I HATE THIS… Not the comic the comic is amazing, I started reading it today and I already caught up T_T. I need MORE!!!! Seriously thought I love this comic, Also I swear to god I worked with Purvous at my last job (restaurant not a store though).

    1. Sometimes i think every shop, restaurant, gasoline station or any other kind of service has one Purvous. And all Purvouses has account in bank i work for.

    2. Purvous is based on a real guy, so maybe you did!

      1. I know a couple of people that seem incredibly like Purvous. My personal favourite is one called Peebs (I am unsure as to whether this is his real name or not). He is an incredibly nice guy – the type who would never hurt a fly – but is unfortunately picked on a lot because of his condition.

        1. Like Purvous, my muse did get a little wild at times, but nobody ever picked on him. We all found him rather enriching to be around, and he had a great self-aware humor about him. I think he also may have avoided any antagonism because he was packing some serious muscle under that Food Baron shirt.

  20. Oh yoikes, she just brings a special something to a party doesn’t she?
    What random 20 year old is she going to bang this time?

  21. Rose’s mom is hawt. There. Glad I got that off my chest.

    1. greenplasticarmyguy

      And I do believe that it is high time she gets something off hers as well.

      1. Agreed!

    2. I second that emotion. 😉

  22. Just take consolation in the fact that you are not your Mother, Rose. For one thing, you know the meaning of the word subtle.

  23. As Beth is 7 years younger than me, pass her this way. She is obviously too much woman for you whipper-snappers.

  24. I’m with the toasty one. Started this comic today, became up to date on this comic today. It’s a good read.

  25. Pass the fanservice!

  26. Love Bill’s new apron. Such a nice touch. Although took me about three times to notice it…heh

  27. I just spent two work days dodging from people and reading your entire comic, and I have so many things i want to say, but you’ve cleared most of it by just continuing the story! like all the people scream Captin Planet in the early days for no reason! but i must say of the 12-15 comics i follow regularly, this is by far the most entertaining! i love it and i wish you would do daily’s!

    1. Thanks, Kain! I’d totally do daily if I had the time for it.

      I like how you point out that lingering questions get answered if you keep reading. That kind of logic is under-appreciated!

      1. I find that most logic is under-appreciate in todays world. Kind of like common sense…..

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