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    1. and first 🙂

      1. Ah, yes, but it doesn’t count if someone said first before you.

        And why it still says 12:01 for you idk.

        1. it still says 12:01 because i said first at 12:01. its possible to have more thn one comment in a minute. so yes, mine was first.

        2. Lol, fag.

        3. Why do stupid people still insist on using the word fag as an insult? I have quite a few friends who consider themselves to be fags, it’s not an insult… it’s a source of pride. Grow up and step into the enlightened age.

        4. do you guys even read the comic before you put first on here?

        5. I think you need to watch some South Park to realize some words like fag are also slang terms with different context, so maybe it’s you who needs enlightenment.

  2. The sad part is, he’s right. He is more real then people can handle.

    Even more real then this first.

    1. but this first isnt real… 😀

  3. And that was the last time he ever felt a woman’s touch.

    1. Me thinks it was the first, as well.

      1. Meh, negative. He was too blase about his sexcapades with Rose for it to have been his first. Also, she would probably have commented on his inexperienced gropings if he was clueless in the sack. Face it, the douche-bag is a playa’.

    2. Sadly, women don’t work like that.

  4. Ninja’d for the win! Unless, of course, first goes to the person that called it.

  5. Oh the denial is strong with this one

  6. The last panel is a clear indicator of why he’s “bad for her.” It’s not The Shocker without “and one in the stink.”

    1. That’s not supposed to be the shocker, it’s supposed to be a gang sign indicating just how “Real” he thinks he is.

      1. Someone needs to catch up on their Jimmy Carr…..

  7. Bah, Five dollar bet he going to be crying behind the picnic table.

    1. I’d LOVE to see that.

    2. I just hope someone punches this idiot in the face.

  8. Odd, on that last line he sounded like Fry in my head.

    1. I hope that’s not an actual line from the show. It does sound like something he’d say.

      1. Sonds like somthing the’d say on Jersey shore or some other crap reality TV show.

    2. lol, he did the Nasty in the Pasty.

  9. Austin Powers (Im serious thats my name)

    Hey Nick just wondering…would you mind too much if I broke the fourth wall and hit him in the face with a chair?

  10. I very much enjoy Futurama, and Bender…….. but mostly Bender

    1. LOL. That’s what she said!

  11. I would say he does not understand the concept of “breaking up”, but I know several people who continued in that kind of relationship. They never spoke to each other except to arrange their next booty call.

  12. Lack of boobies… make me sad.


    1. The Negro Guy says suck it up.

      1. I agree. I also have to ask why you started talking in the third person.

        1. Um, far better to ask “when”. Or to ask where the hell have you been…

  13. I dunno, I kinda imagine Trevor acting like this is no big deal, then getting wasted from all the alcohol around, then whilst drunk, Arne tries getting him together with Alex. But that is just something I would find humorous for a drunken Trevor, at the urging of Arne, try to hit on Alex, and then Alex turning him down (I wouldn’t wish a Trevor on anybody) only to have Trevor so shattered he starts sobbing in the jello pool. Just my two bits.

    1. Who wants to bet, “Momma” gets some???

      SHE’D be “happy” – Trev “keeps it in the “family” and Rose gets to talk NATE into getting together again, moving in with HIM!

  14. Alrighty, glad that’s said and done! Now all we need to worry about is Tracy!

    ……Crap! We still need to worry about Tracy!

    1. The Negro Guy says she is a parasitic problem in this storyline.

      1. As long as your fellow negro Jimi takes cre of her, I don’t anticipate a problem.

  15. He could have a great future in reality TV with that attitude

  16. It’s weird. Now that we’re headed toward the big conclusion, I find myself almost hoping for a Chasing Amy situation, wherein everyone comes out of it wiser if not together.

    And honestly, it’s starting to feel like Rose and Nate aren’t really good for each other either.

    I’m really kinda anxious to see how this story’s going to wrap up.

  17. Man, he keeps achieving greater and greater levels of toolishness.

    1. “Ya CAIN’T fix STUPID!” – Ron White

      1. Damn right man……. damn right

    2. and douchiness. don’t forget douchiness

  18. The Caucasian Guy

    am I the only one who thought he sounded like something off the jersey shore in the last panel. interesting side note I haven’t watched the jersey shore but I imagine that’s what it’s like.

  19. The Negro guy says some people will never get it.

  20. despite the Jersey Shore attitude, he seems to be handling it pretty well. hmm, I expected more rage, but I guess he got kinda “shocked into submission” as they say…

    1. Trevor strike me as the kind of guy who has had a LOT of experiance with “rejection” … I just have that “feeling”, know what I mean?

      1. But is he dealing with rejection if he is so full of himself that if someone doesn’t like him there is something wrong with THEM?

    2. I don’t get why anyone would expect Trevor to become violent. The only ‘violent’ thing I remember him doing was telling Nate that he knew martial arts. And that doesn’t seem very violent. That just seems childish.

      In the same vein I don’t get why people want to beat him up, or see him beaten up. Sure, he’s a stupid douche who’s taken advantage of Rose’s behaviour, but she can take responsibility for her own choices. Beating people up just because they’re stupid douches seems like fascism to me.

      1. Think of it less as fascism and more as volunteering to be the agent of social darwinism.

        Trevor is quite accurate – he is more real them most people can handle. We all really know at least one dickweed of Trevor’s demeanor, and they are universally detested. So, we are only too eager to see Trevor get his comeuppance.

  21. In Australia, we’d call this guy a TOSSER

    1. In New Zealand, we would call him various things, ranging from the lower end of vulgarity through to the outright crude. Anything from “twat” to “prick” and far beyond.

      1. Please allow me to throw WANKER into the mix

        1. …And yet, I think the comments generated by his first appearance sums him up most aptly: Dickweed

        2. I prefer to call these guys Douchebags

        3. I like Schmuck myself.

        4. I like the term coined by a guy on my local radio station. Douche-waffle!

        5. Douche-waffle is certainly a new one, yet it somehow seems incredibly appropriate for the situation…

  22. the im more real comment was never said by fry but i do think it was said by some guy amy dumped. or maybe it was someone the one eye chick ditched.. i kinda remeber this…

  23. lil’ dickweed is gonna be begging for a fuck soon

    1. LOL. He aught to hook up with Tracy, their personalities would match rather well and it’s obvious that she could work him round to doing anything she wanted.

  24. As breakups go, I actually thought that went pretty well.

  25. I have the sense that Trevor is the kind of romantic sociopath who goes for quantity over quality, beds as many women as he can and has neither emotional involvement or regrets. Or at least wants to be.

  26. And… that little bit of respect for him sorta manning up just went right out the window.

    Still… with how many exes and shit do the casual romps now and again, can you blame him for wondering?

    1. You know, she DID tell him no the first time… and then slept with him anyway.

  27. Actually if you have to say youre “too real,” that’s a indicator that you arn’t, so no, no you arn’t.

  28. But… but… where is our glorious havoc? Our uninhibited carnage and mayhem?!

    1. Don’t worry, Tracy has yet to show up.

  29. I hate that guy with a passion.

  30. I love the way his mouth looks in the last panel, that is a priceless piece of drawing.

  31. Oh you poor imbecile. Claiming you keep things real doesn’t make everyone connected to Jersey Shore look like jackasses, it doesn’t save you either.

  32. Step 1: Close off poor idiot who thought they had a chance
    Step 2: Re-initialize the target
    Step 3: watch the hilarity of the target whomping the idiot who thought he was “Real”

  33. I kind of took Trevor’s “I’m more real” comment as irony — he thinks he’s “real”, and yet he’s so out of touch with the agreed-upon reality that it’s almost sad and pathetic.

    I really don’t wish it upon him to get beaten up, but it usually happens to guys like him, just because they’re so totally clueless. Someone tripping him to he lands face down in the Jello pool could be amusing, but something tells me he’ll just end up landing face down in Rose’s mom… lol!

  34. Reality Is A Troll

    Unfortunately, it’s people like him who seem to be everywhere, especially among the people I seem to make contact with. It’s those whom I have classes with, etc. that always find these people the most attractive, and make horrible decisions such as giving up their vriginity just to be with them and even getting back together with them after getting tossed to the side.

    Ranting aside, it’s people like him that I really hate. Chivalry is not dead, and people need to show it.

  35. Man, what a dumbass.

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