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  1. Even I’m distracted by that ass.

    1. *dat :p…it’s only right

      1. Somebody had to do it, may as well be me.

        1. Welp, The comic is compleate now. We can all go home.

        2. nooneinparticular


    2. In Soviet Russia ass distracted by you.

  2. FIRST!

    1. ..and this is why the Soviet Union lost the Cold War.

      1. Shut up and suck my sickle and hammer.

      2. I don’t think they lost the war, I do believe the Soviet Union fell and the cold war just never escalated.

    2. First to fail you mean

      1. Uhh… If you didn’t notice, mate, he is the first person to comment. Look at the names. ‘Russian Man’ and… Wait, oh shit! Look at that,’Russian Man’!

  3. SECOND!!!!!!!!!! Not the same as first.


    1. Second is just code for ‘first loser’ you know 🙂

  4. Munchin on dem buns

  5. I COULD yell out a number… and I will. THIRD!!!!

    1. All three have failed.

  6. Nate says that like the voice of experience.

    1. about what? the pit trap or the crotch stains? XD

      1. Probably the crotch stains.


  7. a place after first!!

    1. The place after a place after first!

  8. So, they’re talking in a civilised manner now? Hooray for no drama.

    1. I give it till Monday

    2. Are you familiar with any of mister Wrights past work? Drama wil ensue.. I ensure you.

      1. Hey can I get a nutrient shake as well?

  9. I’m literally having to tear my eyes away from Rose’s mom’s ass to read the bubbles. Must… read… comic…

    1. I know I stared at it for a good few minutes before I decided I needed to move on to the comic, very nice job Nick I applaud you.

  10. Maybe he is looking for a family resemblance?

    1. HA!! Good one.


  11. When I was a kid, my parents seriously didn’t understand why I was weirded out to wear swimming trunks from a Salvation Army store.

  12. Eleventh! (Or twelfth if you count comments, not people)

  13. It’s hard to find one pieces. Especially ones that aren’t for old ladies. But I actually prefer them.
    I love the second panel.

  14. Twelveth!

    1. neverremembersthenameheusedbeforeguy


      And please don’t tell me that Trevor nails Rose’s mom… She’s horny,a cougar, drunk, and scantily clad, but even she must have standards…

      1. Um um….SIX HUNDRED AND NINE!

        Oh and Nick can draw a well firm ass. I’ll give credit when credit is due. Also, That Negro guy isn’t here…so I’m the only black guy here tonight!

        1. I seem to recall both FWATANG and Minty mentioning they were black at some point.

        2. Now you made me a sad panda. No lolipop for you.

        3. Don’t worry, Doc. It’ll be our little secret.

        4. What? Black? No dude. I’m a giant mint. We don’t have your… human ethnicities *shudder*

        5. You a peppermint? spearmint? double mint?

        6. So egalitarian. I’m sure you don’t see gender either :-).

          “Hey, were you partying with terry earlier?… you know the person of indeterminate gender and ethnicity… NO I CAN’T BE MORE SPECIFIC, I DON’T SEE THOSE TYPES OF DIFFERENCES”

      2. Somehow, I doubt it. Something tells me she’s drunk enough not to care. And also,


      3. She DOES have “standards” —
        it’s her ‘extras’ that are eyecatching!:

        She DOES have “standards” —
        Living and BREATHING are ”standard”;

        She DOES have “standards” —
        you MUST be tall enough to play “reach the bottle”;

        1. Even low standards are still standards…

    2. Let us not forget her current conquest Steve, is still there. My guess is he’ll defend his cougar if the need arises. :]

  15. This was a great issue I loved the build up to a puch line it feels like it went back to it’s old form and I approve

  16. Im guessing second hand crotch stains are generally a bad thing

    1. neverremembersthenameheusedbeforeguy

      Generally, although, I’m sure some people have made an opposing argument somewhere, sometime, for some various reason unbeknownst (spelling?) To ourselves.

      1. Google “japan used panty vending”.

        1. I saw a vid of this guy sitting in an office when a package arrives 😮 It was a pair of girl’s panties and a profile of “the girl” who wore them. He lifts the panties in wonder…

          Shift to a dimly lit room of a bunch of japanese guys sitting around, swigging beer and laughing as some fat dude wearing only a pair of girl’s panties gets sweaty from playing DDR. He takes them off, puts on a new pair and tosses the old to a guy at a table. HE puts it in an evelope with a girl’s profile and seals the envelope.

          Back to the office.. the dude puts the panties to his nose and inhales deeply… :p

        2. Oh lordy, I can see forever!

        3. The scourge of Buenos Aires

          Yeah i remember that video, it was an ad made by mtv in the 90’s funny stuff

        4. I so wanted to go to Japan and do my christmas shopping out of that machine. I figured it’d be good for a laugh.

  17. Her ASS has finally decided to eat… HER BIKINI BOTTOM!! *crunch* IT HUNGERS!!!! …for more…. *Mom’s g-string dissappears*

  18. Showing Aya in her one-piece will only lead others into asking for more risque pictures of her. Or was that the plan all along?

    1. Personally, I think Aya’s the best looking girl there in her one piece. But then again, it could just be that she’s actually showing some skin and she seems to be very reserved in that arena.

  19. One more item of evidence – as if any were needed – that Trevor is a douche. Admiring a woman’s posterior in a thong? Okay; she put it on knowing she’d be showing, so it’s not a crime. Standing over her leering at it? LAME. If the posterior in question belongs to the mother of a girl you were sleeping with but a short while ago? … Good grief.

    On a sidenote: is Rose’s mom actually eating something, or at least checking out the food? I hope she is; she needs some padding in her stomach before all the booze kills her. ^^;

    1. Well, since Bill’s last know position was right about to the left of where Beth is leaning, i’m going to go ahead and say she is enjoying a nice bit of tongue right about now…. though i could be wrong…

    2. Guess it (sadly) says a lot that Rose not only sees it and it doesn’t really register, but that the conversation goes from talking about Captain FDS, to watching him ogle her mom’s ass …dot dot dot… to Aya’s one piece.

      1. Emotional callous (sp?), anyone?

        1. I know I’d be desensitized at this point.

      2. I’m using a direction trick to show it going on concurrently. It doesn’t indicate whether or not Rose can see Trevor.

    3. Ahem…

      Wearing a thong is indeed asking to have your ass leered at. (and yes, I’ll defend this position to any extreme. Wear flannel and you might titillate some viewer. Is this your fault, whether it is a thong or flannel? Nope. Is it natural behavior? Yep. Rule 34) I will fully defend a woman’s right to say ‘no’ and have it be accepted at face value despite her attire and/or behavior, but if feminists expect that a woman in a thong should be ignored by men, this is the point at which I call lame.

      And, being the ass of the girl you’ve been banging doesn’t neuter it, by a long shot. Trevor may be a douche, but don’t pin the crime of admiring Beth’s exposed flesh to his list of crimes. Beth wanted it, and by that I do not mean rape, but the viewing want cannot be denied.

      1. You know, I’ve always wanted to take the piss out of those girls who where the shirts with slogans or memes or sayings on them and then get offended when you stare in the general direction of their chest. I even read a Dear Abby article where a writer wrote in about how he couldn’t understand that exact phenomenon. “Abby” actually told the writer that it was in fact quite rude to read whats written on some ones shirt. I called bull shit on this. When you where a shirt with a slogan or silly saying you best damn well expect people to look and read, regardless of how big your tits are.

        /rant. Sorry.

        1. *wear

          damn Absinthe

        2. I once had a T-shirt that had very fine print right across my breasts… I thought the reactions that it got were funny. It said “Stop staring at my tits”. I personally love t-shirts that get attention for what is written on them, especially if they make people think.

          My favorite by far though was a black t-shirt that had big block lettering in white. All it said was “I Bite” I got some of the greatest reactions from that shirt. Though I think the best reaction to that one was while I was standing in line at a Fat Burger restaurant. The guy in front of me had glanced back at some point and read my shirt, then he asked me if I did indeed bite.

          I nodded to my husband and said ask him, to which my husband simply grinned and said “Yes, yes she does”. The guy then turned to the lady that he was with and said, “I find myself both strangely frightened and excited, and I have no idea why”. The lady just laughed and shook her head while my husband and I just about busted a gut trying to not cause a scene by laughing too loud.

          I think that people who where t-shirts with things written on them and then get upset at folks for actually reading them are stupid and asinine. If you don’t want people to read what’s there, then don’t wear the shirt in the first place.

          I’m still trying to figure out where I can get a t-shirt that says “You’re just mad because your girlfriend says I’m better in bed than you.” I would love to see the reactions to that shirt.

  20. Dat ass! Back it up!

  21. ‘Dat trevor’s face.

  22. No need for a pit trap. Just sneak up behind Trevor and crouch down behind him. Rose is fast on the uptake and will know exactly what to do. For extra points, when she does give him the light shove to the chest, stand up fast. If you time it just right, you’ll give him some extra loft and spin, so he’ll really go arse over tit. You might even have the opportunity to “stagger” and stamp on his head. Just remember to blurt something about tying your laces and ask if everyone’s ok.

    Enough of missed opportunities. Whither Trevor now? Will his trunks go bulge? Will the ketchup in his burger go squirt? Will this be an anime-type money-shot substitute, or will it just go all down his front and stain his trunks? (Yes, there is a difference between the two. No, really.) Or will his douchebaggery triumph and cause his free hand to go *slap*, and Beth’s backside to go red in a small patch. Would this also cause Beth’s wardrobe to malfunction? Read on:

    Beth: (turning) Sure!
    Trevor: (already retreating) Uh?
    Beth: You asked. The answer’s yes. Let’s go find somewhere.
    Trevor: Wait…
    Beth: Nuh uh! Your hand just promised me something, and – yeah – I’ve got a record of it. (shows handmark) Let’s go! (She yanks at her top. CUT TO: The Crowley Family trailer – Beth’s Bedroom. In one corner, a cheap laminated wardrobe collapses, spilling more clothes onto the floor.) >:=D>

    Aya, on the other hand, isn’t going to suffer any wardrobe malfunctions at all, not in that one-piece she’s wearing. It’s really difficult to get those to malfunction. So damn, damn difficult. Seriously. Unless one happens to have a jar full of clothes moths, specially bred to eat artificial fibres. Like this one here, on sale to the highest bidder…….. >;=)P>

  23. Looks like Aya got it from the Canadian Army… I got the same bathingsuit… Ugly

    1. Sporting goods store for a swim team?

  24. That half-naked girl better be careful standing so close to the barbeque – she could get hot oil on her funbags

  25. Man, how many sizes too small do you think Beth’s bikini is?

    1. Zero. I think she’s wearing the exact bikini she originally picked, for the exact effect it is having on most of the males present.

    2. Teeny-tiny thong FTW! YES!

  26. Ok sorry to be the only one to mention this. but……

    it looks like where the line of the shadow is on master dickweed’s swim trunks. there is a curved line that looks like he is “excited” if you know what i mean.

    sorry but it’s there.

    1. Kessog wasn’t looking there…

  27. I have been meaning to post for awhile. I discovered your comic strip recently and I LOVE it. I have worked in a grocery store my whole adult life (baking, then cake decorating for the last 9 years). I read the whole archives. I must however, express my 🙁 at the fact that we never get a glimpse into the Food Baron bakery. I would love to see that so much.

    I love everything about your work and look forward to the new strips all the time. Thanks for making me laugh so much!


    1. Hey Kirsti, really glad you’ve enjoyed it!

      I think the main reason we haven’t seen more of the Deli/Bakery is that it and the meat department are the only departments in the store that I didn’t actually work in. I just don’t have the experience base to draw from and still maintain authenticity.

      1. I have to agree with the original commenter (that looks weird, but spellcheck says it’s with an e, odd) about this comic being great. I had never heard of it until about a week ago, but when I started reading it, I couldn’t stop.

        Hilarity ensued, and it was great. Also, didn’t you draw the meat department with the vampire guy?

        1. Thanks and welcome!

          I know enough to feature each department in a kind of outside-looking-in perspective, as I’ve done with the deli from time to time.

  28. I’ve just browsed your comic very quickly, and from what I saw, the story line looks good. Tells about how sex really isn’t a big thing in society, mainly North American and western Europe. Saying that, sex isn’t so much a way to show you love someone now, as just a past time or enjoyment. That most people just have casually and treat just like hanging out or playing video games. (Well, this is the feeling I get from your comic and the message it’s trying to get across anyways).
    My objections to the comic is it’s style. The art is fine, and I believe any more detailed art would ruin the message/story by moving the audiences attention off the story and only onto the sexual portion of it. But I dislike the format of the art. It feels to heavy for a comic. To much text, which wouldn’t be bad if each slide/frame had more variation. Most of the time it’s just a medium shot of the characters talking. Maybe you did that to show the normality of the context, but I still don’t enjoy it. With comics of large story line and text more variation in the slide/frame helps keep the audiences attention on the comic. I found my self not wanting to read further after 10 or so strips out of my eyes being sore.
    Your comic seems great, but I believe if you added more variation in your strips you might get a higher audience. Such as changing the point of view from time to time. Thanks for reading my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the perspective, and welcome!

      TG is my first comic project, so it’s been a learning experience. I’ve actually worked to vary my perspectives quite a bit since the old days, which is probably what you saw as you browsed through quickly. Check out the newer stuff!

  29. The sea is very well drawn in the 2th panel, too bad nobody noticed it. I wonder why….

  30. I happened to see a add for this comic about a month ago, and i got to say i LOVE it every other strip is incredibly funny drama. great work cant wait to see what you have planned for monday, im counting on it to make my day so dont let me down ^_^.

    1. I’ll try not to disappoint!

  31. Looking at panel #2, I think the chick is looking at the gelatin pool, located near/next to the bbq grill… where Arne set it up. Are I could guess that he’d push her in, or she’d drag him in, but then we’d have to wait _all_ weekend long to find out…

  32. Once again all i can say is…Dat Ass

  33. Dat meme

    Is getting old 😐

    1. Dat Ass

  34. Aw, leave him alone to his grieving process! :p

  35. Bookmarked and checking, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

  36. LAST!!!!!1!!!!one!!!

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