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  1. FIRST!!!

    1. YEAH!!! Back on top!!


      1. Now, What the fuck is up with Steve’s hair?


        1. I felt he should get to take it out of that ponytail at least once before the comic was over.

        2. @Nick, epic foreshadowing?

        3. That sounds ominous…it’s not going to be over for a while yet, n’est-ce pas?


    1. LOL! soooooooooooooo not first. xD

    2. Shoot, not first. But yes, I’m looking at you, Steve. ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. As usual people look dumb as hell trying to be all important on one little page on a small site. You are retarded.

    4. Premature first. Awww….good for you.

      1. They say it happens to all guys at some point in thier lives.

  3. That’s classy

    1. Thank you, I try. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love your name, BTW; it’s very popular over at TWOP.

  4. Hold the phone! Rose’s sister couldn’t use a knife and fork??

    1. Not at the same time…

  5. Naah. Call me when you teach her how to use a napkin properly and that her shirt dosen’t need to be used to blow her nose or wipe her face…

  6. Why is it when I heard about her being able to use utensils, I immediately thought “With her jag”?

    1. *Vag

      1. I was going to correct that for you, but I thought it might be some kind of weird Aussie slang.

        1. I thought by use of the word Jag that maybe Nina had a whopping case of vagina dentata.

  7. Great attributes: She has great hair.

  8. All Jimi has to do now is teach her to talk properly and play the bassoon and she’ll be more attractive than Rose ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You take that back. lol

  9. Heh, a guy trying to fix a girl. Don’t see that every day. I applaud you good sir. Let us all dedicate our time to transforming the whores of today into the respectable, but sexually open women of tomorrow.

    1. Seriously? That’s like my personal specialty. It’s like Jimi and Steve are my superego and id.

  10. only one thing to say: TITS

  11. where, oh where, have steve’s nipples gone? oh where, oh where can they beeeeeeeeeee

    1. The same place Nate’s and Trevor’s went.

      1. silly nick, men don’t have nipples.

        1. Men do have nipples…juuuuust not as sought after as women’s nipples though

        2. Wait, what? The doctor told me I was normal!

        3. “Mr Griffin, those look like pepperoni..”
          *Peter pulls one off Chris and eats it* “Yeah, and they’re not supposed to come off like this too…”

  12. I thought Nina was a college student? By the way how old is Nina’s and Rose’s mother? Older than 36 I imagine. Also, how old is Steve?

    Also, nice to see Steve with out a pony tail. But I am really curious about how old Rose’s Mom (does she even have a name?) is.

    1. She has a name. It’s in the comic you just read.

      She’s 36. Nina is 19 (yes, Beth was a mother at 17) and I’ll stifle a chuckle as I report that she is not, in fact, in college.

      1. But how old is Steve?

        1. Steve just turned 21. He was still unable to buy beer as of Rose’s 18th birthday.

        2. Beth is only 15 years older. My Gods Steve! Get nasty with the MILF or I will!!!

        3. He already has… and should definitely go for it again. Personally, I’ve been with a 45 year old when I was 25… and it was fantastic :3 I’d so do it again if I had the chance.

  13. Yes, she has a name, it’s Beth. Even if you missed it in today’s comic that you commented on, it’s there on the Cast Page as well.

  14. I have yet to get past “negrophile”, hahahahaha

  15. Calling it now. MALF = a mother Arne would luv to f&ยค%

  16. is it me or Jimi has sunscreen on? great comic, greetings from Mexico.

  17. TheWheelchairWonder

    Is it just me or do Beth and Steve have almost the same exact hairstyle now with Steve’s hair down?

  18. Why no nipples on the guys? That seems kinda weird…

  19. now till Wednesday

  20. Awww, it’s a trailer trash version of My Fair Lady.

    – “Now, remember to curl your pinkie round as you grip the handle, then raise and DOWN IN ONE! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! YEAAAAHHH!!

    I wonder if Nina says “How kind of you to let me cum” when Jimi gets her off? >:=)>

    As for Steve and Beth, that would be a trailer trash version of, er, The Didn’t Graduate (tag line: “This is Steve. He’s not a bit worried about his lack of a future”).

    Steve: So old Nina Crowley got started in a Ford.
    Beth: Yup. And I got started in a VW Camper. You?
    Steve: Back of a jeep. We think. How about Rose?
    Beth: Bed, in the apartment. But she’s still family.
    Steve: Heh, well Nate got started in the back room of a Zippy Mart…
    Beth: ‘Splains everything. Fuck some more?

  21. I’m with Jimmy 110% on this one too, especially with pannel 3 going on? Milf material, anyone? Gotta admit, Steve is being a little off on this one, he should take Jimmy’s advice on this one and just roll with it, the guy is obviously a demi-god at these things.

  22. Awesome Steve and I have the exact same hair… same length even… WIN

  23. It’s actually sort of interesting to see characters like Jimmy and Steve dealing with their “relationship” issues in a way more straightforward manner than Nate, especially since Nina and Beth are each way more of a handful than Rose. It’s just more evidence that Nate’s hang-ups are less about Rose and more about himself.

  24. Nice detail on Beth’s Camel Toe.

  25. I don’t know why I find it extremely hilarious that Nate is “training” Nina to become a “normal” person. Hahahaa.

    1. That’s not Nate. Black guy is Jimmy, ye get that in ye head?

  26. She is a grade-A milf. Why must all the girls I lust after be fictional?

    Sister: Because you’re a nerd?

    Me: Oh, yeah…

    1. *Sigh* I’m right there with ya, buddy. Except that I don’t share my taste in webcomics/fictional MILFs with my sister. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Hee hee. Well, my sis and I share an office at home, so even I wanted it to be a secret, it can’t be. XD

  27. This comic is made of fucking gold.

    1. Gold which reproduces would be valuable indeed, given today’s market rates!

  28. What confuses me about this is in panel 4 when jimi says “nah. I’m straight”

    Is this slang I’m unfamiliar with or is she just really really good at hiding stuff (considering the daughters)

    1. It’s a black guy thing. Not to be racist, but I literally have been around both black folks and white folks my entire life and we’re the only one’s who say that. It basically means, “No thanks, I’m fine.” Although, I did hear an asian use it… once…

  29. Is it just me, or are Beth’s breasts glistening?

    1. Well, she is in the water, so I would assume they (and every other part of her) are wet.

  30. meowmix

  31. can’t look away….

  32. The first time I started reading this strip, I saw this
    on the way to number 1. I thought “Is that black guy fucking a handicapped person?!”

    Now it makes sense

    1. That’s hilarious! (And some would say you’re not totally wrong there.)

      Glad you stuck with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Wait a minute, is Steve showing *gasp* some kind of humanity, here? I am shocked and appalled.

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