Aw shit, son.

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  1. FIRST!!!! awww yeaah! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Yay! Now you have time to read the comic.

      1. yea i did kinda rush on the 1st there but hey i usually dont get home from work till later and was pumped id have a chance ๐Ÿ˜›
        been loving the comic for quite sometime, cant wait for the next segment of the epic saga that is nates love life

        1. I really wish you did daily updates for this. I must have more!

        2. Not where I meant to put this…oops

        3. If I had the time, I’d love to make that happen! As it stands, I still have to spend 8 hours a day in a cubicle for my day job.

        4. You should have a “donate” link… You might make enough to make a living ๐Ÿ™‚

        5. A mere 8 hours? Luxury! I get up before dawn, go to bed when the sun is rising, commute for 90 minutes each way, and spend 25 hours a day at the office. And if you tell that to kids these days, they don’t believe you…

        6. Maybe they don’t believe you due the fact that you apparently work 25 hours a day, even though there are only 24 hours in one day.

        7. Sarcasm, and Humour… nobody gets it, these days… I tell you, when I were a lad, they made us eat coal, get up before we went to bed, and our Dad would kill us at t’end of every’ day

        8. HA! When I was a lad we had to wake up before the sun went down. We begged for hot coal to eat for breakfast but had to make down with a knuckle sandwhich. Then we had to hike 30 miles to school uphill both ways through brocken glass!

  2. I predict there will be yelling next week.

    1. Either that, or vigorous make-outs! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. The Negro Guy highly doubts it.

        1. I had been wondering where you had disappeared to…

        2. The Negro Guy says he has been flying kites on the moon.

        3. What is said doesn’t answer the question.

        4. Those kites aren’t going to fly themselves. Particularly with the whole lack of an atmosphere.

        5. A couple of couches, some ferns and a piano can help solve that problem.

        6. This is sooooooo…. going to be my sig

        7. A Ghost? Wondering where someone disappeared to?

          I see what you did there.

        8. Not a ghost, just named Ghost. There’s an explaination on my dA page

        9. ThatGuy is pleased to see that The Negro Guy has returned. The Negro guy’s comments brings a smile to ThatGuy’s face ๐Ÿ™‚

        10. The Negro Guy says ThatGuy go nom!

        11. ahaha i missed you negroguy. the comment sections just arent as fun to read without you.

  3. Oh man. It’s about to GO DOWN.

    1. Down like a blonde chick at a party. YEAH!!!

      1. Says The Negro Guy.

        1. Just….nice. How I chuckled…

  4. Now it get’s real so to say. I can’t imagine this ending well for Nate. Wish it were Monday already. Even though it’s Thursday.

    1. The Negro Guy is staring at his calender, noticing the fact that you’re wrong.

      1. The Negro Guy is assuming that Jello isn’t in a timezone further west than what the comment boards are set to.

        1. The Negro Guy says dammit!

  5. 1. Thank you for actually posting around midnight. That makes me happy on way too many levels.
    2. eh-hem…Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    1. Thanks! Can’t promise that will always be the case, but I do try.

      1. Still. It’s epic regardless. 3-Way Food Baron Brand Jello Wrestling Match…… t’would be fantastic. ^.^


    1. This isn’t going to be a fight. This is going to be a beating.

  7. oh god. shit is gonna smack the fan on this one.

    1. Shit being Miranda and Fan being Nate? Or Shit being Miranda and Fan being Tracy? Either way, there will be smacking.

      1. The Negro Guy says make sure Miranda doesn’t have a knife on her, we don’t need a stereotype.

        1. I’ll be happy to volunteer to frisk her.

        2. Which stereotype would that be?

        3. There’s a stereotype where black people kill with guns, Mexicans kill with blades, Arab’s kill with bombs, Asian use Kung-Fu, and whites call the Authorities, says The Negro Guy.

        4. Oberon says that there is a contrary stereotype where black people are assumed to be foolish (to use far milder terminology) for bringing knives to a gun fight.

          The only true stereotype is that stereotypes are always wrong. And that includes the former. What?

        5. And Native Americans use tomahawks. According to the stereotype at least.

  8. Awsome….

    1. It’s only awesome because you’re not the one in the middle of it.

  9. …Aw shit.

    Super-duper drama time!

    Nck, you never fail to deliver.

  10. Well I got nothin.

    1. Wait wheres the picture?

      1. You mistyped your email address the first time.

      2. Dare i ask how you got the picture in the first place?

        1. nevermind, i actually fixed it right with posting this comment.

  11. My friend recently showed me this comic and I stayed up half the night reading it straight through ๐Ÿ™‚ Fantastic job Nick. Personally I think Nate handles most everything quit calmly. I think the only one truly in danger of losing face is Tracy since she’s in a managerial position. Also, I hate to say it but Miranda doesn’t have a whole lot of room to be upset about this. Sure what Nate did was pretty low, but she never really showed an interest in having an actual relationship.

    1. Agreed. Didn’t she say the two of them had gone to the carnival together as FRIENDS? Or am I misremembering that? She didn’t exactly make it obvious, unless she was just being subtle. Usually girls in this comic show their interest by removing their clothes.

      1. Thats what I like most bout Miranda though. Of all the female characters she seems the most real, and the one i’d be most interested in if I were in Nates position. I think what Miranda wanted to do was be friends and test the waters since Nate was kinda a mystery to her. She didn’t want to jump straight into anything. Also, she kissed him on the cheek afterwards, which leads me to believe she was starting to like him.

        1. Yup, didn’t help that he ruined that chance by blurting out his deeds. Nate’s been dealt a shitty hand.

    2. Glad you’re enjoying it! And thanks to your friend for sharing it.

      And you’ll find out more about Miranda’s position next week.

      1. Hopefully *several* positions.

  12. Tracy’s looking GOOD, though. ^_^

    1. I have yet to see a swimsuit-clad treading ground girl I didn’t like.

  13. Maaaan, this is gonna be great.. though, I totally confused Miranda for Aya for some reason. Keep it up Nick, great comic. Never miss an update.

    1. I did for a second, too, but then I noticed the eye colour and figured it out.

      1. She also has way longer hair, purplish highlights, slightly darker skin, and hockey-stick shaped bottom eye-lines.

        1. and the one I noticed, a different colour swim suit

        2. dont forget the earring(s)

  14. She needs a word? How about ‘apple?’
    Apple is a good word.

    1. Portal 2 reference? Well, this is the part where she kills you! Run Nate Run!!!

  15. First read through I thought that was Aya… XP
    Monday’s forecast… Drama, with chance of a fire breathing Latina. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Also, I believe she set the record straight by saying she wasn’t looking for a relationship while out on their first date, so really she can’t be mad? can she? maybe she’s mad at “meaningless sex.”
    Lol either way can’t wait for Monday!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. She shouldn’t be THAT pissed.

      1. Remember the golden rules: 1. regardless of whether we as men are right or wrong, we are wrong. 2. Women are strange creatures who will snap at the most random things. 3. Leave the toilet seat down. Live by these rules gentlemen, and you shall survive the raging force known as woman.

        1. Says The Negro Guy. Again with this shit.

        2. No you won’t. Following those rules might buy you some time but sooner or later the Y chromosome will bring about your doom at the hands of the double X

  16. May I point out that Rose looks ready to smack a bitch?

    1. The Negro Guy says nah, Miranda does.

      1. Either way, bitches will be smacked. Well, at least a certain bitch in a red bikini.

  17. I’ve been waiting WEEEKS for this! So excited to finally see the drama and especially Miranda. Don’t know what to expect, but I’m hoping for good things between him and Miranda. She’s sweet and shouldn’t be pushed around, and it looks like she’s firey. Can’t wait til monday to see what unfolds.

    1. NoNameInParticular

      I think that “what unfolds” will be Miranda’s knee right into Nate’s crotch.

  18. I think I’m just sad for Tracy here. Yes, she’s a ho… but she’s got a very committed sex thing going on with Nate, and he’s leaving her proverbial heart out to dry. And by heart, I mean, I mean vag.

    It’s so sad how desperately she wants to save their sex relationship. Nate just keeps denying her power.

  19. *And by heart, I mean vag.

    Just one I mean there.

    1. sounds better with two…

    2. Lexy, you HAVE to remember, Nate and Tracy WERE an “item” at the store, BEFORE she became a Manager! — SHE took up with Bill (the store Manager) to GET her ‘spot’!

      So, Nate ( IMO ) has just gave HER a taste of her own medicine!

      1. The Negro Guy says the bitch deserves her punishment.

      2. Bill was being promoted to CSM at the time. The Store Manager Tracy slept with was named Richard.

        As I’ve said before, there is no evidence Bill has ever slept with anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I like the look of “oh shit” tracy gives as she realizes that Nate might have been screwing around more than she thought

    1. Either that or she’s just in shock that she was just teleported 3 ft away by Miranda’s sheer rage. =P

  21. Notice how Tracy just can’t seem to get off his dick. Especially for someone who supposedly dislikes him. Add to that the fact that she isn’t having sex with ANYONE ELSE, we are led to one simple conclusion…

    Tracy is in love with Nate. She doesn’t want to admit it to herself, so she hides behind a mask of carnal desire to get close to him without having to lower herself to his perceived level. Tsundere slut. Don’t see those every day.

    1. Well remember, Tracy *did* say Nate had gotten some serious skills since they broke up. Maybe she’s not in love with Big Nate so much as Little Nate.

  22. Shit is going to hit the motha-fuckin fan son!!!!!!!!!!

    1. also this is my first post and i must say that i love this comic ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Not first. And proud of it.

    1. Also, please tell me this comic works in conjunction with this one:

  24. All I can say is the players in this game are getting far too numerous for a simple storyline…Who’s sequitur are we supposed to follow?

  25. You know, I honestly don’t think it’ll be that bad. Nate already told Miranda that he was having sex with Tracy awhile back, and Miranda could’ve had a -word- with him anytime between then and now. We don’t know if they did, but all we know is that Nate gave up on Miranda due to feeling guilty about the situation.

    Personally I think Miranda is doing Nate a favor by pulling him out of there by pretending to be angry and wanting a word, plus it’s a way to get him away from Tracy – whom Nate was guilty of having sex with while “dating” Miranda. So it’s alittle payback to interrupt Tracy’s good time considering how Tracy interrupted her potential good time with Nate.

    1. NoNameInParticular

      I’d say it was more like “Miranda got a few drinks under her belt, and has decided it’s time to give Nate a piece of her mind (or, as I said earlier, a piece of her knee in his crotch) for everything that’s happened.”

    2. The Negro Guy says Miranda and Nate never “dated” per se. Just went out as “friends.”

      1. To add to your list of rules:
        4) You are friends until the woman informs you that you are more than friends. The woman is within her rights to make this announcement retroactive to as far back as before you were born.

  26. So.. and .. and.. but now..?

    What the hell is going on?
    When did Miranda even get here?

    1. Makes more sense her being there then Beth and Trever the douchewaffle.

    2. Its a company picnic, remember? Miranda is an employee of Food Baron.

      Personally, my (most likely wrong) theory is that Miranda is getting her drama queen on because she sees all this as Nate hooking back up with Rose. Which would leave all us readers feeling vindicated, but makes for one lonely Latina.

      1. Yeah I know it’s a company picnic, but I do believe we haven’t seen her at the picnic yet, untill now that is.

        Also, I would actually like miranda to hook up with nate, but that might just be me.

        1. There are a lot of FB employees at the picnic that we haven’t been focusing on. If I’d shown Miranda standing around before doing nothing, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much of an impact when she showed up now.

  27. Duhn duhnnnnnn!

  28. Why is it that when I think things couldn’t get much worse all of a sudden some plot detail I forgot comes out of nowhere and hits me in the head like a razor blade-filled meteor?

    1. life? yep pretty much life.

      1. Comic life?

        1. Well, I don’t think meteorites have razor blades in them in real life…

  29. Always a pleasure man.

  30. GAH I have to wait till monday for what happens. OH NOES!!!!

  31. I’m not sure what I love the most, the comic,
    Or that our favorite author/artist ACTUALLY replies to comments.

    1. I’d respond to more of them, but I wouldn’t want to give stuff away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. OH SNAP! didnt see that one coming.

  33. How can Nate be so fucking popular with the girls from one day to another? i mean, there are 3 girls practically fighting for him and he just doesnt care

    feels like a boss

  34. Never have I loved StumbleUpon more than right now. It brought me to the first page and I’ve been reading through since yesterday.

    1. This your first webcomic? Cause if it is I’ve got some suggestions for while you wait for this one to update…

      1. Not my first webcomic, but I’m always on the lookout for good ones. Fire away. There may be some new ones in your suggestions.

        1. Questionable Content, Pictures of You, Megatokyo, Flipside, Menage a 3, Between Failures, and The Space Between are good ones, says The Negro Guy.

        2. Yes I would like to put an emphasis on Questionable Content, I friking love that comic, and treading ground too. Also if you like some comic, you should check out the Keenspot site.

        3. To that list I’ll have to add TwoKinds, Grim Tales, and Powerpuff Girls D (actually A LOT more badass than it sounds, trust me)

        4. Twokinds is on Keenspot, and yes it’s awesome. And i do believe Grim Tales is also on Keenspot. and powerpuff girls d, sound pretty badass to me. GO POWERPUFF GIRLS

        5. QC is a must! Also check out Shortpacked, Something Positive, Girls with Slingshots and for superhero weirdness Atomic Laundromat.

        6. Also for superhero weirdness, Love and Capes.

        7. Least I Could Do is an amazing comic as well.

        8. Try Avalon. It’s over now, but it had a great run, and it was the biggest influence on TG of any comic out there.

        9. Let’s see…Wapsi Square, Sequential Art, Dumbing of Age and Sockpuppet Army to name a few.

        10. The Katbox webcomix are good, Dominic Deegan, if you’re into fantasy and puns, Devilbear, Peter is the Wolf (Definitely NSFW), Rascals- Petite Symphony, and for fans of the SatAM Sonic, Sea3on (yes, there is a three in the place of the s, it is meant to be the missing third season of Sonic SatAM.), among others.

  35. Aw man shit just got real!

  36. Shit just got real…

  37. Fact: nate’s dumb ass does not deserve multiple women.

    1. Fact: Rarely do men get what they deserve, or be denied what they do not deserve.

      Let the lucky slob have women fight over him. You’re just jealous.

    2. To be fair, he doesn’t really “have” any of them.

      Except maybe Tracy, and that’s more pitiable than enviable.

  38. Oh come the hell on. What does she have to be pissed about? At that same time Tracy was banging Captain McAsshole. I doubt it impacts Tracy’s view of him one way or the other, give or take capriciousness. Gonna need to see where this goes cause normally Aya is “the good one” in my eyes.

  39. Not that I’m complaining, but I’ve got no freaking idea why Tracy wants to bang Nate all the time. It’s kind of strange. And creepy. Yet still hot. Not sure why any of these chicks have/had a thing for him. I mean look at them, and look at the fact that his life is going nowhere. I don’t understand.

  40. Much as I try to avoid boring suggestions, perhaps Miranda has just recovered from Nate’s bombshell, and wants some answers.

    Miranda: … So you wanted to get away from Tracy, and just felt low, and tired of all the sneaking around. Good. Now who else were you screwing? Her? Her? Or her?

    Beth: Alash, no.

    Rose: Nope. (air quotes) “Not legal.” (rolls eyes)

    Aya: Not even part of this.

    Nate: Nope, just Tracy.

    Miranda: Well, I’m not going to put up with any more secrets and lies, okay? ‘Cause I’d rather know in advance if my man is going to cheat on me, so I can do something about it.

    Nate: Like…?

    Miranda: Keep you disease-free. Find out what they have that I haven’t! Or just establish rotas.

    Tracy: For sex?

    Miranda: And housework. You wanna come in my house, you gotta work.

    Rose: House, as in house house? Sign me up!

    Tracy: Housework as in bending over to dust in a skimpy housemaid’s uniform when the master of the house notices that you’ve got no knickers on and…

    Miranda: Sure. Just so long as those surfaces get clean.

    Tracy: Mmmm! My oldest sex fantasy!

    Miranda: So, Nate, reckon you can handle that?

    Ack, I’ve done it again. I can only keep things boring for so long. (Not very long, really.)

    1. My thoughts as well. At least up until you started making things ‘interesting’. I’ll just call those parts a bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Austin Powers (Im serious thats my name)

    Ohhh damn that is all kinds of bad

  42. I was wondering when Miranda would throw her two cents in! *rubs hands together like a megalomaniac and gets out the popcorn and the lawn chair* I always liked her as a character so it’ll be really cool to see her put someone in their place. Even if it’s Nate–I mean come on, all she did was be nice to him and want him to like her and it was like he couldn’t wait to throw a grenade into THAT. Go, Miranda, go!

  43. Hmmmmmmm… wonder what that “word” might be… Nate, I do believe you’ve screwed up big time. Thankfully my life now isn’t as screwed up as his is right now.

  44. From this vantage point in the last panel, id much rather be with Miranda than the sperm whale. Even with her pissed, cause she went all the way there to talk AT him.

  45. Now this shit just got real.

  46. Tracy really can’t take a no for a no.

  47. Damn! This is gunna get goooood! Great job on the comic, Nick! Lookin’ forward to Monday!

  48. The British Person

    The British Person has just finished his viewing of the current entirety of this work of visual literature and one has to say that it is work of an exceptional calibre. The British Person cannot wait for the next installment, in which he believes that excrement will descend.

    1. So you believe that the next installment of this could have the fecal matter striking the rotational atmospheric circulation device?

      Do you also by any chance believe as I do that the vapid whore known as Tracy should take this opportunity to fornicate herself with a ferrous instrument?

  49. I bet Miranda’s gonna save Nate’s ass somehow.

    1. or kick it.

  50. As I recall, he already told her about what was, “going down” and that it had ended. So here, he can do one of two things about having that “word”. One, just be honest, about everything. She seems to be a good person, so will handle/deal with it. Two, take her by the hands and exclaim when they are away from the shrew, “TG that you got me away from the b***ch!” Or perhaps, but a bit more complex, a combo of both.

  51. Found this at random as a banner and quite happy I did. Welcome to the webcomics folder in my browser. <3

    1. *points up* Heisenberg first?

      1. ok…why did the comments button send me to the TOP of the SECOND page?

        1. Same thing happened to me… I was a bit confused by Lokitsu saying “Congratulations Nick on the number of comments today.”, because there seemed to be a very small number of comments, until your comment prompted me to look more closely.

    2. Glad you’re enjoying it. Welcome!

  52. umm……Miranda’s finger looks abnormally long…….

    1. …And pointy o.O

      1. It’s not pointy, it’s at an angle. Try to imagine the part that’s obscured by Nate. Same goes for the previous commenter. Don’t be fooled by the perspective.

        1. i try to imagine it, it just seems long, lol. but my mind likes to play tricks on me.

          (also, YAY nick commented on my post!!!! :D)

    2. Oh, it’s going to do some *serious* pointing, soon! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  53. Congratulations Nick on the number of comments today.

  54. Hell hath no fury like an Indian Woman scorned….

    1. Indian?

      1. random dude being random

        she’s obviously blaxicanjewtino!

        1. …what?

        2. black, mexican, jew, but whats the tino part?

  55. This just went from “Ooh boy” to “Oh, snap!” in a matter of seconds!

    – B

  56. I like Nate’s attitude towards Tracy; blandly owning up to what happened and not letting her blackmail him. But I shudder to think of what Mirandaโ€™s gonna do to him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Yeah I was just looking back at this comic again and thinking, “Wait… I think she wants a word with HIM, not her…” which I’m going to guess means he’s about to get his ass chewed out here in front of all three girls. This should be good…. :]

  57. This is either very good, or very bad.
    I’m leaning more towards very bad, but I’m an optimist.

  58. Why, oh, why did this have to be a Friday Strip??? I can’t take much more of this!!! *falls over*

  59. I saw miranda(?) and i said outloud “OH SHIT, SON!” and then i saw the caption for this one. ha thats awesome

  60. fyi, the hair highlights on Nate’s hair has found its way into the previous panel (panel 2) and mixed into Rose’s hair… just letting u know.

    and OH SHIT SON is right! XD

    1. Nice catch. Fixed!

      1. Yea, im an artist too (tho i could never do a web-comic.. im not that talented… or consistent) so i notice things and if ur like me, ud wanna be notified of small things like that… good fix.. the comic is now perfection! ^.^

  61. How unfavorable. I’ve managed to catch up to current in a matter of 24 hours. Either I’m obsessed or this web comic is nectar of the gods. I’m leaning towards the latter. I’ll probably meander for a while. Then I’ll come back and gorge myself with more awesome.

  62. is miranda kinky enough for a threesome? is that what she wants to talk about?

  63. Excellent comic!

    anyway, now i’m curious about how such situation will end…

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